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"You're old enough, why don't you just adopt him?"


"The waiter, Aaron. He's like nineteen, right? So why not just adopt him instead of trying to date him and then at least I'll have a grandchild."

"Mother!" God this woman could drive me crazy. "We don't even know he's gay."

"Oh please Michael! Grow up!"

"Okay, okay, it's like a ninety percent chance he's gay."

"Michael I'll bet you a thousand dollars he's gay."

"Okay, okay, no bet." I turned to her. "You think he likes me. I kinda get the feeling he likes me."

"Well let's see. I ordered breakfast and he stared at you. You ordered breakfast and he stared at you. He's made like, what, ten trips to our table that he didn't need to? Then there's the "Oh Mr. Collins that's a wonderful choice", and "Mr. Collins would you like more coffee" and never once looking at me. Like I didn't exist."

I was watching Aaron at the other side of the restaurant. "He probably does that with everyone." I already knew he didn't, it was just me.

"Mother do you know how much guys like to talk about sex with their mothers? Like not at all!"

"Okay Michael we won't talk but you know twenty-five is not so young anymore you need to settle down with a nice guy, somebody with a future."

"Mom I know!" God this woman! "I'll find somebody and twenty-five isn't that old."

"Mom I gotta use the john. I'll be right back."

I was in the middle of peeing when Aaron walked in and stood at the next urinal. We smiled at each other and finished peeing. As we washed our hands together I thought, what the fuck. I reached for Aaron very slowly and placed my hand on the back of his neck very gently and pulled him to me. I wanted him to be able to pull away if he wanted to. The kiss was very gentle, very soft, a whisper. Aaron made a little sound, his lips were soft and dry.

I wrote my address on the back of a business card and handed it to Aaron. "Why don't you come by?" Aaron smiled and nodded.

"Mom I gotta get going."

"You're gonna see him?"

"Maybe. Who knows?" Does this woman know everything?

"Fine! I'll pay the check. Since Aaron laid it in front of me."

"Bye Mom."

I don't know what it is about this guy. Aaron is about 5' 7" maybe 135 pounds with blondish brown hair and very blue eyes. He's a little effeminate, which is strange cause that's not usually the kind of guy I go for but there's this quality about him like he needs me. Besides he's not like wildly effeminate, just a little and he has a beautiful smile and an ass to die for, I mean world class, but also this ethereal quality, like he knows this really important secret that he's never told to anyone. Anyway from the first time that I saw him I haven't been able to get him out of my mind and then that kiss. It was so gentle, so magical, like Aaron was drawing from me the energy that he needed to go on, like I was feeding him.

He showed up about eight that night.

"Hi Aaron, come on in." I stood aside and he walked hesitantly into my house. He was dressed in shorts and tee shirt.

As he walked by me I took his hand and drew him to me. He didn't resist and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeply. It felt like he was merging with me. He made little sounds, not a moan, not a whimper but something like that. I lowered my hands until I was hanging onto his ass, his head on my chest.

I lifted Aaron's face. "You doing okay?"

"Oh yes...I mean...I'm happy." He smiled that smile.

"Come on." I took Aaron's hand and pulled him gently into the living room and sat him on the sofa. "Want a Coke, Pepsi, ginger ale?"

"Anything Michael, well maybe the Pepsi."

"Do you want to go into the bedroom?" I was looking into his eyes.

"Yes...if that's what you want." He smiled

"Well yeah, I mean I want to have sex with you but what do you want?"

Aaron looked up into my eyes. "I want whatever you want."

"You sure? We don't have to do this right away."

The Aaron smile. "Yes, I'm sure."

I put my left hand on the side of Aaron's face and lifted it to me. I kissed him and then pushed my tongue into his warm mouth. I took his hand and lead him into the bedroom.

As we stood by my bed I said gently. "Take your clothes off."

Aaron slowly peeled the tee shirt off over his head and then lowered his shorts, there was no underwear and his cock sprang up when it cleared the waistband. He was starring at the floor. There was an injured quality to the way that he stood, like a dog that's been beaten.

By this time I was naked too and walked over to Aaron and pulled his head to my chest. "Aaron has someone hurt you?" He gripped me tighter. I lifted his head. "Aaron....have they?" He nodded quickly. "You want to tell me about it?"

"I will if you want me to but.....well I'd rather not talk about." There were tears forming in his eyes.

"It's okay baby, it's okay. As long as it's over." I was rubbing his back. "You know you don't have to do this?"

"I know. I want to." He looked up at me. "From the first time I saw's like I felt like I belonged with you. When I talked to you at the restaurant I got this nothing I've ever felt....I want to be yours. But if you don't......?"

I laughed. "Oh Aaron I do but we have to see how things turn out. Sometimes people aren't meant to be together."

"I'm pretty sure we are."

I kissed him again and pulled him down onto the bed. "Let's find out."

Aaron was lying on top of me and we were kissing, our hardon's pressed together between us. I ran my hands down his back until I reached his ass. I parted his cheeks and started rubbing my fingers around his asshole. The tiny puckered opening was soft and tight and he moaned softly when I rubbed it.

I rolled Aaron over so that I was partially laying on top of him. I spoke softly. "Have you ever been fucked babe?"

"No Michael, are you going to?" It was a simple statement of fact and a question.

"Yeah Aaron, I think that I am unless it's too painful for you. The first time is sometimes a little painful but we'll take our time and I'll be very gentle." I really wanted to ask his permission but something told me that it was a decision that he wanted to be mine alone.

"It's okay Michael, I'll be fine."

I kissed his forehead and said. "Okay babe."

Something occurred to me. "Aaron have you had sex before, gay sex?"

"Uh, well not actually but I know what you're suppose to do. I mean I've seen all the magazines."

"Tell me what you dream about when you're thinking of having sex. Tell me what turns you on." I was laying next to Aaron with my hand on his chest.

He giggled. "Well..sucking cock. I think about that a lot. And well fucking, I think about that a lot too and kissing, a lot about kissing. That stuffs not weird is it. I mean you think about that stuff too?"

I touched his nipple with my thumb and he jumped. "That feel good?"

"Oh yeah, I play with em a lot."

I run my hand down his body and wrap it around his hard cock. I kiss him. "Beat off a lot?"

Aaron's legs went rigid when I grabbed his cock. "Yeah, I do." It was almost a gasp.

I took Aaron's left hand and put it around my cock. He made an "Ohhh" sound.

I was now kneeling next to him. "How does my cock feel Aaron?" He was stroking it but I don't think he realized that he was.

"Oh god it feels good!"

"Okay now reach down and hold my balls." I cupped his so that he'd know exactly what I wanted him to do.

When the weight of my balls were in his hand he got an expression on his face like he was going to cum and I stopped moving his balls. Then he seemed to get himself under control.

"You okay?"

"Oh's just that it's so much better than I thought it would be....but it's okay now."

"Aaron I'm going to put your cock in my mouth now and when you get used to it just pull my cock over to you and suck it." I positioned myself so that I could suck Aaron's cock and mine was within a foot of his shoulder."

I took his cock in my mouth and just held it there for a moment. Like before his legs went rigid and I didn't start any movement until they relaxed. From this position I couldn't see his face but he looked like he had been fighting for control. When he calmed down I began to suck lightly on his cock and from time to time I took it out of my mouth and licked it. This went on for a few minutes and then I felt him moving to suck mine, and then the warm wet of his mouth on my dick. He made a long whimpering sound.

"Aaron, you liking that?" He was sucking my cock hard.

"Mmmm, oh god!" His voice was muffled by my dick.

"Aaron I'm gonna move around a little here and we'll get to do some other stuff. Just keep my cock in your mouth, it's fine there." I lifted my right leg over Aaron's head so that I was straddling it with my balls hanging in his eyes while he kept sucking my cock.
I then bend down and put his cock in my mouth again. I sucked on it for a while and then let it drop onto his stomach and I scooped up his balls and stuffed them both into my mouth. He was making sounds steadily now, they would move up and down the scale based on his level of excitement but they never stopped.

"Aaron I'm gonna lift you legs up now so just relax and keep my cock in your mouth." I put my hands under his legs and lifted them back behind my arms. This also had the effect of lifting his ass off of the bed and making it totally accessible to me. I licked and sucked on his balls for a while and then started wandering lower, licking and nipping at his perineum and working my way south.

I licked my finger and started rubbing it around the very outer edges Aaron's asshole. I didn't want him to cum when I hit it with my tongue and this seemed the best way to get him used to feeling things happening there. He still reacted though and the sound level increased markedly. I started following the course my finger had taken only with my tongue. By the time I reached the center of his asshole Aaron's body was vibrating and the sound level was reaching max.

"You still okay Aaron"

"Uh huh."

I took a fingerfull of lube and started slowly pushing it into Aaron, very slowly. Naturally he was incredibly tight and I was taking things slowly because I didn't want to turn out to be just one more person who hurt him.

I had just the tip of my middle finger in his asshole, maybe a third of an inch and was making tiny circles with it. This didn't seem to phase Aaron at all and I increase the penetration to about a full inch and increased the size of the circles. When I was able to make full penetration with one finger I began to slowly add a second finger. At first I could feel Aaron freeze but then he relaxed. I had his cock in my mouth all during this process and either increased or decreased sucking it depending on his reaction to what was happening in his asshole.

Then I reached down and pulled my cock out of Aaron's mouth. He made a little whimpering sound but I moved his mouth to my asshole and after a seconds hesitation he dove right in while making a loud moaning sound. By now I had two fingers fully in him and was beginning to ream and stretch him pretty fully. I know that some of this must have hurt him a bit but we had gone slow and he was taking it like a trooper. I allowed Aaron a few minutes to get used to the idea of having things in his butt and then I pulled my fingers out of his ass and my ass off of his face while turning myself around so that I faced him from between his legs.

I was rubbing Aaron's legs to maintain contact with him and soothe him. "This isn't freaking you out is it? I mean I know the first time I did this stuff it seemed pretty strange."

"No Michael it feels good and I just want to be with you." He reached down and took my hand. "Whatever you think we should do." His hand was soft yet masculine and I got the feeling that there was an iron will inside this boy.

I laid down over Aaron's body and kissed him deeply, sucking long and hard on his tongue, he totally responded with soft little whimpers and moans. Still kissing him I reached down and pulled his legs up and let them drape over my thighs. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom and tour the foil off with my teeth and then rolled it down my cock.

I looked down at him. "You sure you wanna do this?"


"Okay but if it hurts too much or if you just change your mind tell me." I had the feeling that he wouldn't complain if I was exploding a hand grenade up his butt. "Aaron it's okay to tell me. I won't be mad." He just nodded. "And sweetheart, this is supposed to be making love, if it becomes something else I want you to tell me that too." I ran my hands down his legs to reassure him. "Okay?"

"Okay." Aaron's voice was very soft.

I pushed Aaron's knees up towards his chest and put his feet on my chest. I just set the head of my cock at his asshole with just enough pressure that he could feel it there but not enough that it would be painful.

"You feel my cock?" Aaron nodded.

"Put your hands on my legs." I made sure that he had them positioned correctly. "Now when you feel me push forward I want you to bear down, like you're tryin to take a dump. It'll open your butt up and make this hopefully not really painful at all. But I want your hands on my legs so that if it does get to hurt too much just push on my legs and I'll know to stop."

Aaron hadn't said anything put there was a slight cloud on his face. I smiled down at him. "Don't worry. Once we get past this part you're gonna really love it."

He laughed nervously. "I trust you Michael and I want you to do this. Really."

I began pushing forward and met with quite a bit of resistance and then I was afraid that I was going to hurt Aaron. I looked into his eyes. "Open up." His expression changed and my cock popped through the anal ring.

Aaron said. "Oh God, oh wow that hurt but it's good now."

"You sure?"

"Yeah Michael. I'm okay now." He smiled.

I began to fuck Aaron slowly, almost delicately. The movement of my cock within him was almost imperceptible; a half inch in and out, then more and after a few minutes much more. For the first time he began to loose that almost detached quality and to allow himself to feel. His expression changed completely and he began to get vocal.

"Oh fuck Michael, god that's good, oh god yes!"

"Baby your ass feels really good, so tight." I pushed his knees to his chest and slowly sank my cock all the way to the bottom.

Aaron turned his head all the way to the side and said. "Ahhhhhhhh!" He swallowed hard and made a gasping sound. Then whispered. "Oh fucking yes, yes." His eyes were shut. I let his legs ride on my shoulders and bent down and took his face in my hands. He opened his eyes.

My cock was completely buried in his ass. I spoke softly to him, intimately. "I want to kiss you, that's the best part." He made a small sound in the back of his throat and I gently touched my lips to his, barely any pressure at all and then I slowly touched his lips with my tongue. He opened his mouth and drew it in.

I began fucking him again but I never broke the kiss.

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