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--- Chapter 2 ---
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I slid out from under Joel's arm and made my way to the bathroom, a piss was an absolute necessity and a dose of mouthwash wouldn't hurt either. I finished and then padded back to Joel's bedroom and slid back under his arm, instinctively he tightened his arm around me and pushed his cock against my butt.

The sex last night had been fantastic, more than anything that I ever thought that sex could be, more fulfilling, more total but this was just as good but in a slightly different way, this closeness, the feeling of Joel wrapped around me, holding me. I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck and the hair on his chest felt wild against my back but best of all his cock nestled in the crack of my ass, where I now felt that it belonged.

Joel made little sounds while he slept, not talking, but just little animal sounds, grunts and quiet moans while his body adjusted itself to sleep. I thought about how it felt to have his cock in my ass, his balls slapping against me, the thought made me feel good, secure, cared for and I fell back to sleep.

When I next realized that I was awake I could feel Joel's cock, hard as steel, between my legs up tight against my perineum and slowly thrusting. Joel's cock had an upward curve and consequently fit this area of my body perfectly. His cock was producing enough precum that it's passage through my thighs was lubricated but I wanted it in me where it belonged.

I covered his hand with mine on my chest. "Joel?" I whispered.

He kissed the back of my neck and my shoulders. "You okay?"

" Yeah. Last night was wonderful." I squeezed his hand.

" For me too." He kept thrusting slowly.

" Would you think I was a slut if I wanted you to put your cock in me."

He laughed. "I guess you did like it." Then quietly. "No I wouldn't think that" He ran his hand up and down my thigh. "Being in you was something special for me too." His voice was soft and throaty. He kissed my neck, just behind my ear, it sent shock waves through me. "Being with you is, well, very different and a lot better than anything......well.....anything before.

Joel reached behind him and grabbed a condom and lube. I looked back at him and watched as he rolled the condom onto his cock and then gently applied the lube to my asshole. He positioned the tip of his cock at my ass.

" Okay, just like last night. My cock is right there all you have to do is press back against it." He put his hand firmly on my hip. "Do it at your own speed."

I started pushing back against him until I felt his dick starting to penetrate me. There was a little stab of pain and I stopped for a second. I turned my head to Joel. "Kiss me Joel." He leaned forward and we awkwardly managed to hold a kiss for about twenty seconds. "Oh yeah! That helps." I pressed back slowly but steadily and felt Joel's dick enter me completely. "Oh fuck yeah! Oh fuck you feel good in me!" I reached back and grabbed Joel's hip and pulled it to me. "Oh god fuck me!

" Oh shit Stephen your ass is unbelievable! Fucking great!" He was stroking short and fast.

" Oh god Joel! Yeah babe yeah!" The feeling of his big dick stretching my ass was fantastic. I felt completely his, my ass belonged to Joel.

I felt my orgasm starting and began to slam back into Joel's forward thrusts. "Man I'm fuckin cumming! Oh shit, fuckin shit!

I held my hand over the head of my dick so that my orgasm didn't go all over the sheets and as soon as I finished Joel pulled his dick out of my ass, whipped the condom off and beatoff onto my chest, his cum sprayed out covering me with his thick white load.

" Oh man! I haven't come like that......fuck I've never cum like that!" He looked at my handful of cum and laughed. He took my hand and wiped it on his chest and then laughed again. Then he looked down at me and slowly lowered himself until he completely covered me and shoved his tongue into my mouth.

" Thank you."

" Thank me? You did all the work." I wrapped my arm around his neck and drew him in for another kiss. "You're wonderful."

" Why don't we take a shower and then I'll buy you the best breakfast in Chicago."

" I get to wash your balls?"

" Yep."

" Then you got yourself a deal."

It was to be a day of sidelong looks, casual touches, and, well, assgrabbing. Yep, big time. Thank god the man just couldn't keep his hands off of my butt, from frontal embraces with two handed assgrabbing to the casual palming of it like he did several times in department stores Joel clearly liked my butt and I liked him liking it.

Oh and kisses! Wow I was on dangerous ground here because as I soon discovered the excitement created by his kisses was a cumulative thing and by midafternoon I was ready to go off like like old dynamite.

Finally in Marshall Field's restroom we snuck into a stall together, he aimed my dick at the toilet and stuck his tongue down my throat. Whamo! His aim was really lousy and we spend five minutes laughing like idiots and wiping my cum off of the wall and floor.
Joel was hard as a rock during much of this and I asked him if he wanted to get off at Marshall Field's but he smiled and said that he had other plans for it. I sure hoped that I was right about where he wanted that cum to go.

We had stopped by my apartment early in the day so that I could change clothes but the place that I had considered home 24 hours before now just felt empty to me. It made me sad. Joel walked around it stopping to examine every little object. When I had finished dressing he said.

" Why don't you grab some other things too? I mean.......well, I mean......why don't you stay at my place again tonight?" He pulled me to him and kissed me quickly and then drew my head to his chest. "You know what we're gonna end up doing and you're not gonna want to go home then." His hand was massaging the back of my neck. Joel smelled so good, there was the smell of soap but more the smell of him which was so intoxicating, so male. Now his arms were around me, holding me tight, kissing me and my dick getting so hard again. I broke off the kiss.

" You keep doing that and I'll shoot again.....and I have other plans for it too." I smiled.
Then, "Well what do you think that I need. I mean are we eating in or do you want to go out someplace?"

" No. I thought that we'de eat in....but I mean....we could go out if you want to. Why not do this. Just grab a couple of pairs of underwear and maybe a suit, dress shirt, tie and shoes and then if we don't go out and if you end up staying over Sunday then you could leave for the office from my place. Unless you wanted to come back here. But Monday I have to go right past your bank on my way to this interview thing I gotta do and I could drop you right there." His hand was on my shoulder and he was using the cool headed explanation voice that he used so well in his reports. I was starring into his eyes and nodding like an idiot.

" Well okay but you're gonna have to help me take some of this stuff." I pointed at the closet. "Grab a suite, shirt and tie would ya and I'll get some of the other stuff." I went into the john to get some toiletries I needed and when I came back he had two suits a sportcoat, slacks and maybe four shirts and ties." I looked at him. "Will I need all that?"

" Well this way you've got a choice." He smiled. God I wanted him!

We lugged this stuff the five blocks to Joel's apartment and he pushed aside some of the clothes in his closet and hung my stuff up. "There ya go, everything ya need." He said smiling at me. He walked over to me and took my face in both of his hands and kissed me. "Well......I hope not everything you need." My arms were tight around his neck. He lowered me backwards down onto the bed his mouth pressed to mine and settled down with him between my legs still kissing me.

" Baby I need to fuck you!" He whispered. "I need to be in you so bad." His hands roamed over my body. "I've never "had" to have sex with someone like I do with you."
He starred into my eyes. "Man.....when I look into your eyes......I just don't understand, it's just crazy." He was speaking very softly his face just an inch from mine. Although we were still dressed I raised my legs and wrapped them around Joel. He dropped his head down so that his face was next to mine. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" His mouth was next to my ear. He turned his head slightly and kissed the side of my face. My arms were around his neck.

I pulled my shirt out of my pants and Joel pulled it off over my head and then lowered his lips to my nipples, licking and then pulling each one gently with his lips, while his hands undid my belt buckle. I unwrapped my legs from around Joel and he pulled my pants and underwear off together, then my socks. I was laying naked under him my erection pressed between him and my stomach.

Joel was kissing my shoulders, neck and mouth, moving around my body slowly, his tongue exploring every crevas. He was doing things to my nervous system that was causing me to whip my head back and forth and creating a need for him in me that was overwhelming. I was pulling on Joel's belt buckle but wasn't getting it and then he finally openned it himself and was starting to take his pants off.

" God Joel hurry!" He grabbed a condom and rolled it down as I lubed us both. I could never have imagined that I would have needed anything as bad as I needed Joel at this moment and when his cock touched my asshole I began pushing back against him and I was in indescribable bliss as he penetrated me and settled his cock all the way into me his balls laying against my perineum. I felt so full, so totally possessed, so owned by him and though I didn't yet say it, so loved by him. The look in his eyes as he took possession of me with his cock and possession of my mouth with his tongue was one of wild lust.. My legs were wrapped tightly around Joel's waist and I felt myself thrusting upward against him.

" Oh fuck baby, oh fuck!' His voice was hoarse with lust. My legs were over his arms and his hands were holding my head as he kissed me. "I need you so fucking bad, oh fuck, oh your fucking ass!" He was making short quick thrust into me and his balls were slapping against me.

There was a sheen of sweat over Joel's body as he worked at burying his cock as deeply as possible into me, his beautiful black hair hanging over his forehead and his breath coming in gasps as his lungs fought to provide his body with the oxygen it needed. I held on to his shoulders and upperarms as he fucked me, the muscles were as hard as stone, his butt, where my heels were resting was also rigid because he wasn't using his knees at all but was perched on his toes with his legs straight.

There was an intensity to this fuck that made the sex that I'd had before with Joel seem tame, as if some dam of self control had burst in him, it felt like something had changed.

" Oh fuck Joel, oh fuck!" I was getting so close but I wanted this orgasm to happen wth Joel's tongue in my mouth. I pulled his head down and he forced his tongue into my mouth and in seconds I was screaming into Joel's mouth. It felt like his cock was being jammed farther up into my body than anything I had yet experienced. Just as I was starting to cum Joel yelled. "I'm cumming in your fucking ass babe! Oh fuck! Filling you up babe!" I could feel his powerful body tensing and releasing several times as his orgasm was pumped into me. Then, finally, both of us, drenched in my cum collapsed into each other like imploding stars. Then, his face was next to mine, gasping for breath.

We turned our heads at the same time and kissed. "Could we do that like four times a day?" I laughed.

He groaned and laughed. "Yeah babe, I figure that I'd last maybe a week." I felt his cock coming slowly out of my ass. "Course it would be a wild fucking week." His voice was not a whisper but soft, a lovers voice.

I looked at him. "Geez! I was a good boy a couple of days ago. You've turned me into a wanton fucking slut!"

He looked down at me seriously. "Stephen, have we gone too fast? I mean I know that this is new to you......I really didn't want to push things."

" Do I look like I object?" I put my hands on the sides of his face and kissed him. "I want as much of you as I can get." I ran my finger tips through his damp hair. "Don't let me ask more of you than you're ready to give. I mean....... He stopped me.

" Stephen, I fucking love you!" The look on his face was intense, searching.

" don't have to say that to me."

" Yes Stephen I do. I can't wait any longer to tell you. "I've loved you from the first day." He laid his head next to mine. "I didn't want to say anything, anything to scare you away." He lifted his head and looked at me. "This isn't going to freak you out?"

" Joel the only thing that would freak me out is not being with you." I looked into his eyes. "I've never been interested in having sex with everyone on the planet. I want a partner, a lover. I want you." He smiled and lightly kissed my lips.

" Well Stephen, you've got me. I just hope......I just don't want to disappoint you....I want to be all that you want me to be." Joel rolled off of me to the side and propped his head on his right and while placing his left on my chest. "Baby this is new to me, this level of emotion, this feeling that I have for you is beyond anything that I've known." My eyes never left his. "I look at you lying there and all that I can think of is what I can do to keep you, to make you love me." Joel layed his head lightly on my chest.

Joel's cock was being pressed up against my left hand and I wrapped it around it, the condom was still on and I gently pulled it off. I spoke softly. "I already love you Joel, you don't have to work at that. I get a hardon if I get within fifty feet of you or hear your voice and know that when I see you on the tv I'm probably gonna have to go into the john and beatoff." I was stroking his hair. "But it's really not the sex Joel, or at least not only the sex, it's more just you. See.....I think that I see the real you, a caring involved guy that is totally aware of the world around him and just happens to be this incredibly sexy man who fucks me like an oversexed racehorse." I kissed his hair and inhaled Joel's smell. "I want to be yours, yours totally, yours alone. I belong to you and that's the way that I want it to be. Understand?"

He lifted his head and kissed me deeply. "What I understand is how fucking lucky I am."

I held up the condom. "What is this, like a quart? You could make a living selling this to fertility clinics." We both laughed.

We had sex twice more that night and finally collapsed exhausted around three in the morning but that night marked a sea change in our relationship. In the morning any reserve that we may have had with each other was gone, I was totally being allowed into Joel's mind and he into mine. We had started the second magical stage of becoming a couple.

The next morning around ten I woke up with Joel's tongue in my mouth, his arms wrapped around me and a very hard cock pressed against my leg.

" I know, I know." He said. "I should have let you sleep." His breath was fresh and warm on my face. "You're an angel when you sleep." His voice was husky and soft. "I just started to give you one light little kiss but honest to god even asleep you started to kiss back."

I turned my head away from him. "God Joel, my breath must be like fucking horrible!"

He laughed and then buried his face in the side of my neck where he started kissing just under my ear. "Nah, your breath is fine." He went back to my neck.

" Oh god Joel keep doing that! It wasn't so much a sexual feeling as it was physically comfortable feeling but I was still of course hard. Then he stuck his tongue in my ear and everything changed, apparently the inside of my ear is directly linked to my butt because I now needed him there.

I turned my head to him and kissed him deeply my arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

" Oh god fuck me!" I starred into his eyes. "God I love you! I want you in me!"

He pushed my legs apart and got between them and slowly pushed my legs up exposing my asshole. "Oh yeah Joel! Fucking cum in me, put your dick inside of me."

His tongue was working in my mouth steadily and he was pushing me to the edge even before his cock entered me. "Unnnghh, Joel!" I twisted my head away gasping for breath. "I'll fucking cum!"

Then I felt Joel beginning to penetrate me, he was starring into my eyes, watching my reaction. I was moaning and moving my head back and forth as his big cock worked its way into me, stretching me, finally I could feel his balls against my perineum. He slowly withdrew and then slammed back into me again and again, moving faster each time, his powerful body gathering itself and totally possessing me, the warmth created by the friction from his cock spreading out through my body. Joel seemed to surround me, envelope me, his lips and tongue were everywhere, the sensations pouring into my brain soon overloading it to the point were I was in a haze of lust responding only to the fact that I was being fucked by the person I loved. Finally when we were both soooo close Joel shoved his tongue deep into my throat providing the ultimate stimulus and sending us both over the edge, my cock pressed between our bodies was shooting up between us covering both of us with cum as his cock was exploding in my ass.

When you're a bottom, and I guess that I certainly am one, the most sublime feeling is to be well and frequently fucked. With Joel I certainly couldn't complain, he seemed to need to be in constant physical contact with me, spooning me in bed, grabbing me as I walked past him as he worked in his den and pulling me onto his lap, pulling me down to lay next to him on the sofa and holding me in his arms, draping his leg over me as we kissed. I was absolutely in total fucking heaven. Look I admit it, I'm in need of a lot of affection and Joel was my perfect match and the longer we're together the better he gets. He does things for me, little things, fetch and carry kind of things but things that tell me he loves me and needs me. It took me a while to understand, maybe because my need for his cock was so great, that his need for my ass was just as great.

We showered and went out for brunch at a neighborhood restaurant. It was fascinating to watch Joel interacting with other people, using his charm on them and watching them react to his physical presence. Joel is a really handsome guy and that has a big effect on people but it's more than that, he radiates a sexuality that nearly everyone seems to react to. Women and gay guys seem to nearly melt and straight guys seem to interpret it as a kind of jock thing that they respond to in a jock way. While this is interesting to watch it's also a little scary knowing that all these people want your guy to one degree or another. Joel on the other hand seems totally oblivious to the emotions he's stirring up and unbelievably concentrates on me. Sitting across the table from him I just want to reach over and touch his face, I mean I know there's no way I can do that but when he's that close it's something that keeps coming into my mind. It seems almost impossible to think that only a short time before that this gorgeous mans cock was buried inside of me.

Joel was playing with the fingers on my right hand. "You have beautiful hands." He looked up at me a little sheepishly. "No really, you do!" He smiled.

I looked into his dark eyes and whispered. "If you only knew what the fuck you do to me with those eyes."

" Whatdaya mean?" He put the tip of his index finger in the center of the palm of my hand and moved it in little circles.

" You know that I'm sitting here with a fucking hardon?"

He smiled. "Me too."

" Eat your food," I grinned at him. "You're gonna need your strength."

" Oh my god, I've created a monster!" He wrapped his little finger around mine. "What do you want to do when were done with lunch or brunch or whatever this is?'

I thought for a moment then said. "Why don't we just go home?"

Joel looked at me. Then he smiled. "That's what I'd like more than anything."

Once we walked into Joel's apartment building his hands were never off of me, kneading my shoulders, holding my hand, palming my butt. Geez I love that.

Once in the apartment we moved through various stages of being undressed from shirtless to underwear only to me at least, being totally naked. The condition that Joel seemed to react the most dramatically to was me walking around in just a tee shirt, no shorts at all, from the first moment that he saw me that way until his cock was inside of me couldn't have been more than a couple of minutes.

The sun was streaming in through the sliding glass doors that opened onto the balcony. Joel was sitting on the floor in his boxers leaning against the sofa and watching the Sunday morning news programs. He feels that he needs to see these to keep abreast of what the general media is talking about and it's true that these things usually end up affecting the stock market.

I was walking by him and he grabbed my hand and pulled me down to the floor with him. My back was pressed against his chest and his arms were wrapped around me. I can't tell you what the feel of that hairy chest against my back was doing to me. His chin was resting on my shoulder and he was nuzzling against the side of my neck while occasionally rubbing his thumbs over my nipples. I turned my head and kissed the side of his face, then he turned and shoved his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on his tongue. I'm not sure that anything could have made me feel better than I was feeling at that moment. It's like all the stars in heaven were in perfect alignment as I leaned my head back against him and the sun streamed in on us.

Joel turned his head and looked at me. Then in the softest possible voice. "Doin okay babe?"

"God yes!" I said as I snuggled even tighter to him. I could feel his cock, hard now, pressed up against my butt. I whispered very softly almost to myself. "I love you."

He rolled his head against the side of my face. "I love you too. I can't believe the last few days. I look in the mirror to see if it's really me." He kissed my ear. "You fucking enthrall me. I've gone from being an almost normal 27 year old guy to being this guy who thinks of you constantly, you're like in my mind every moment. When I'm not with you I'm waiting for the time when I will be, or wondering where you're at or what you'd think of whatever I'm doing." He laced his fingers through mine. "And the sex, I could cum just thinking about your ass and when you came from me kissing you. I couldn't fucking believe it.

I cuddled into Joel's body turning so that I was kind of sideways and laid my head on his chest just under his chin. His right arm was around my back and his left encircled my knees. "I love the sex too. Feeling you in's.....well it's just and incredible thing knowing that were together like that." I turned and straddled Joel's lap facing him. We kissed and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I broke the kiss. "What about tomorrow Joel? Geez I don't want to go to work. I'm gonna feel so alone."

"We gotta work babe but I know what you mean I'm so used to the touch of you." Then. "But I'll tell ya what I'd like to do next weekend if you'd be interested." Joel looked at me kind of hopefully and then he kissed me again. "I'd like you to come up to my cabin in Wisconsin for the weekend."

"You've got a cabin? What's it look like?"

Joel wrapped his arms more tightly around me. "Well, it's not big but it's got two bedrooms so if ya got tired of me you'd have someplace to go." He tilted his head and smiled. "And let's see, there's a kitchen, a great room, well a kind of a great room.......well maybe not all that great." He kissed my neck and almost made me cum. "But the best thing is the fireplace, it's fucking huge" He kissed my nose. "and we can light a fire at night and lay naked in front of it."

Joel put his hand on the side of my face and the back of my neck and pulled my face to his, he touched my lips lightly with his and then slowly pushed his tongue into my mouth. Then he pulled back from the kiss. "Stephen, you're beginning to mean a lot to me. So much more than I ever thought anyone would.

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