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--- Chapter 4 ---
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Joel in many ways is more like a straight guy than a gay guy. Like he's really hairy on his chest and his stomach and of course his legs and forearms but I'd bet about anything that he's never even thought about shaving anything other than his face. And another thing is that he always says what's on his mind. I mean I know that if he wants to fuck he'll say that or if he wants me to do something he'll tell me; and no hidden messages, you never have to guess at what he meant by something or if he's trying to tell you something. He just says it. It's not that he's rude or unkind, ever, just that he doesn't think in a roundabout way. He's direct, but kind.

I'm lying in bed and my head is resting on Joel's upper arm and my right hand is covering his right hand as it is pressed against my abdomen. I can feel the strength in his arm and the hair on it. It feels like a mans arm. Joel's cock is soft but pressed against my butt and his right leg is between my legs. His hairy chest and stomach are pressed up against my back and I can feel his breath rising and falling. His face is buried in the back of my head and I feel totally his. Not like a slave or anything, we don't always agree, but just that we're a couple now and I've given him the right to be in charge, I want him to make the decisions and that's something that comes naturally to him. He likes to take charge.

I don't mean to imply by this that I'm some kind of mindless twink. I've got a really good job with a major bank and I'm very good at it but in our personal life, our life as a couple, Joel is in charge.

Our room is still dark but the birds are beginning to make noise outside. Hmmm, not sure you would call it noise, well bird sounds anyway. Periodically Joel adjusts his position, usually by pulling me in tighter and him cramming his dick against my ass harder. When he wakes up he's gonna want to fuck me and he will even though I'm still a little swollen and sore from yesterday. We fucked six times yesterday and while I'm sure that's no world record I haven't been getting fucked for that long of a time and it kinda wore my butt out. Actually being swollen and a little sore feels good, kinda warm and a little throbbing but in a nice comfortable way. My butt feels used. Maybe I should feel like a slut but since the using was done by my boyfriend I don't think that it counts towards being a slut.

But right now I've got to pee, big time, so I slowly slide out from under Joel's arm.

"Where ya goin babe?" His voice is a half asleep mumble. He wraps his arm around me tighter.

"Joel I gotta pee!" I slide out again from under him.

"Okay, but come on back." He's just mumbling.

Again I slide out but this time I make it to the bathroom and unload a liter of pee, I also swish some mouthwash around cause I'm sure I've got like dog breath. When I'm setting the mouthwash back on the top of the cabinet I see my wedding ring on my right hand and I smile.

I climb back into bed and Joel again pulls me to him but he's more awake now and he runs his hand up the crack of my butt stopping to feel my asshole, I can feel his hardon pressing against me.

"You're kinda swollen. Does it hurt?"

The touch of his hand is indescribable. "No, just a little warm, it's fine." I reach behind me and hold his dick. "You're a little swollen too." He laughs and reaches behind him to the nightstand and grabs some lube.

"This'll make it feel better." He pours the lube onto the fingers of his right hand and then starts rubbing it into my asshole, around the outside and then finally shoving his fingers into me.

"Oh my god! Oh shit!"

Joel lifts himself up a bit. "That hurt babe?" He sounds surprised and concerned.

"God no! It feels fucking fantastic!"

He starts kissing the side of my neck and mumbles into it. "You had me scared for a second." His fingers are still playing with my asshole but gently, soothingly.

Joel positions his cock at my asshole and then just leaves it there, rock hard and just laying against it.

"Push back against it when you're ready hun. If it hurts, stop."

His body seems to be enveloping mine, his leg between mine becomes more rigid, his upper body is covering more of me and I can feel his muscles gathering themselves. If he wanted to rape me there's no way on earth that I could stop him but he's not that kinda guy and he doesn't need to rape me because I want his cock more than anything. In a way, he's trained me to want it. I push back until I feel the head pop in.

"Oh...............yeah, yeah!" It's not only the feeling of him penetrating me, which is fantastic, but it's also the idea of it, that it's my lover entering me, becoming one with me. His arms tighten around me, holding me secure, holding me the way that he wants me positioned while he fucks me.

I can feel his feet digging into the sheets to get the leverage he needs to plow me. It doesn't matter now that my asshole was swollen because now it's stretched well past that as eight and a half thick inches of cock gets pushed slowly into me.

"Oh babe I fuckin love your ass!" He's pushing my legs apart and now he's got both of his legs between mine as he drives his cock into my ass. I can feel his chest hair against my back and the muscles in his torso working as he begins to fuck me.

Joel is fucking me slowly, deliberately, and talking softly to me all the time he's fucking me. His voice is throaty, deep, as he tells me how much he loves me and what a great fuck I am and how much he loves fucking me. I'm barely capable of speech, his cock in my ass is on the borderline between pain and ecstasy and all that I can do is make little animal sounds while I roll my head back and forth. Actually I came a couple of minutes ago but I didn't tell Joel because for one thing I could barely talk and for another I didn't want this to end. And anyway I'll cum again before it's over.

Joel's hands are on either side of my head, the muscles in his arms like steel and I hold onto his forearms as I start to fuck back against him.

"Oh fuck Stephen! God I love fucking you!" Then he's licking the back of my neck and biting it.

"Oh man!" I twist my head and he bends down and we kiss. "I can feel your balls slapping against me. Geez you've got big balls." I drop my head to the mattress and give in to the sensations. I know that I'm moaning but it's not really words. I'm just feeling that big cock pushing open the walls of my asshole and going deep into me, making me sooooo his.

Suddenly he stops fucking and then slowly pulls out of me while he's rolling me over onto my back. The cum from my earlier orgasm has now spread everywhere and I'll have to wash the sheets before we leave this afternoon. Joel puts my feet on his chest and then positions his cock, stopping for a second he looks down at me and grins, then slowly enters me stretching me again. From his waist Joel's upper body flairs out in a v with powerful chest and shoulders, he turns his head and kisses my ankle, my hands are holding onto his knees. There's a tingling that begins I suppose at my prostate and runs up to the head of my cock and I know that I could cum again any time. I close my eyes because if I watch him I know that I will cum. That wild black hair, the powerful hands on my legs, those muscles bunching and releasing. Then I think for an instant about his cock being inside of me.

"Oh God Joel! Oh fuck I'm cumming!" I feel my ass clamp down like a vise on his cock, much harder than I would have thought possible. When I look up at Joel he's face is contorted.

"Fuck Stephen! Oh shit I'm cumming!" He pushes my knees to my chest and leans forward while he's cumming and kisses me hard, shoving his tongue into my mouth, his hands on the sides of my face, breathing into my mouth. I can feel the pulses of his cock as he cums in my ass and I want to scream with the joy of it.

"Oh fuck that was wonderful! God you were great babe!" He's panting like a racehorse his breath hitting my face as he speaks. I pull him down for another kiss his sweat is dripping off of his face and landing on mine. I pull him down again and lick the sweat off of his chin. He tastes good, salty, clean and very Joel. He laughs and licks my face in turn, where his sweat has fallen.

Joel is still holding my legs in his hands with my feet up high on his chest. He looks down as he very slowly pulls his softening cock out of my ass.

He grins at me again. "God were gonna have a fucking lot of cum on these sheets." He lowers my legs to the bed on either side of him.

I reach up and grab his arms and pull him over on top of me. He falls hard but stops himself so that he's just above me, his face an inch from mine. I run my hands through his hair. His legs are between mine his now soft cock pressed to mine. He feels hot, steamy hot and wet with sweat.

"I love to watch you fuck me. You're really beautiful, like a beautiful animal. I mean, well I don't mean that you're an animal but the beauty is the same." I smile at him. "Like a horse is beautiful or a big wild cat."

He buries his face in my neck and goes, "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr".

We're both laughing and then suddenly Joel jumps up and grabbing my hand pulls me up with him. "Shower time sexy!"

"Me sexy?" I'm shaking my head. "You're the one who's sexy." He's pulling me into the shower.

"Stephen, you cum when I kiss you, you cum when you smell my shirt! Now that's fucking sexy!" He pushes me under the shower spray and then begins to shampoo my hair. God it's so fucking erotic having someone shampoo your hair. My back is against Joel's chest and he's lathering me up.

He says. "Close your eyes." And he washes my face and then directs the shower so that I rinse off. Joel holds my arms up one at a time and lathers them. I can feel myself getting hard as he turns me toward the tile wall. Joel's lathering my back and the feeling of his hands on me is a turn on. He washes my ass and gently slips a soapy finger inside of me, I press back against him. Boyfriend or not I feel like I'm slipping into slut territory and I can feel his hard cock brushing my thigh. Joel twists his finger around until he's pressing down on my prostate. He's kissing the back of my neck.

"Grab the wall babe." I put my hands against the tile and push my butt backwards.

"Damn if an ass was ever meant to be fucked it's yours hun." Joel places his cock at my hole and gently presses in. My ass is being stretched and my legs are beginning to shake, Joel's arm is around my waist.

"Oh God Joel! Oh wow! Geez you slide right in!"

"Yeah babe, you're still loose from the last one." Joel was fucking me so fast I could barely keep my balance. I was falling against Joel and in the end he was holding me up almost completely and fucking me at the same time. I never touched my cock because I was trying too hard to find something solid to hang onto but with the movement caused by Joel fucking me my cock was bouncing all the way down and then slapping back up against my stomach. Just as Joel started to loose his balance and we were sliding down the tile wall, I started cumming. Joel and I were both laughing and he was still fucking and then he pulled his cock out of me and jerked off on both of us.


Joel was leaning naked against the kitchen counter drinking his morning coffee. He pulled me gently to him and kissed me quickly on the lips and then with his arm around me, nuzzled my neck.

"Thank you."

I had leaned my forehead on his chest and then looked up at him in surprise. "Why thank you?"

"For this morning. But more importantly because you love me." He tilted his head and gave me an odd look. "Don't stop, loving me that is."

I put my free hand around his shoulder. "I'll never stop. Why would I?"

Joel glanced at the floor and shifted his weight. "'re like this perfect guy." He glanced away from me and then back. "I don't know. Maybe it's just this fear that something is too good so something is gonna screw it up." He pushed away from the counter and pulled me with him into the living room and on to the sofa. I was lying totally on top of him, our crotches pressed together, the top of my head just by his chin. Joel was stroking my hair.

"There's something we have to decide about, or, well, at least think about. I haven't told you everything." I started to get up to look at him but he held me in place.

Then suddenly he rolled to the side, taking me with him. Now we were looking at each other our faces practically pushed together. "Really I didn't mean to withhold anything and if you don't want me to do it I won't." He sat up and rubbed my arm while he looked down at me. "But the whole television thing, well the thing is that I hate it. Well hate is maybe too strong a word. It's just that I've been offered a job teaching, Associate Professor, and I think that that's what I want to do." Joel was studying my eyes. "So would you be disappointed if your boyfriend wasn't in television. And, well actually, I might still do a few spots, but basically I would be out."

I smiled then sat up and wrapped my arms around my knees. "Joel, I never cared about the television thing. I mean it was unusual to know someone who was actually on television but it didn't affect the way that I felt about you. Where would you teach?"

"I think Northwestern is gonna offer me the job, at least they've been sounding like it. I got my master's there and I still have a lot of friends there." Joel looked around then said. "Grab your coffee let's drink it on the patio."

"Lemme get some shorts on."

"You're fine, nobody can see anything." He smiled. "Besides, I like looking at you naked."

We walked naked together out onto the patio, Joel sat on one of the chaise lounges and pulled me down onto it with him. He turned in the chaise and placed his left hand along the right side of my face. "You're like a miracle to me." He kissed me slowly. "A fucking miracle."

I snuggled in deeper to his body. "Well if you're gonna teach in Evanston are we gonna move? I mean it would be a lousy commute."

Joel wrapped his arm around my shoulder and lightly rubbed my chest. "I've been thinking about it, about maybe buying a house near the university." He nuzzled my head. "How would you feel about living in Evanston? We'd have our own house and we could decorate it any way we wanted." He licked my ear and it was like an electric shock.

"Well, it'd be cool that it'd be our house not just yours or mine but ours." I intertwined my fingers in Joel's. "I could probably even get a job out there." I sat up and turned to look directly at Joel. "But what about those college kids. I don't want some horny college guy messing with the professor."

"Sweetheart you've got nothing to worry about." He pulls me back down and nuzzles my neck. "I'm really good at being faithful. When I'm in love. Like now."

Joel's balls have rolled off to one side and here in the daylight they look so huge. I reach down and very gently gather them into my hand. I can see Joel watching me out of the corner of my eye. I turn and smile at him. "Do ya mind? I love your balls."

Joel raises his hand and rubs my cheek with the back of his knuckles. He speaks very softly. "I don't mind. In a way they belong to you."

If you were to see Joel dressed in jeans and without a shirt you'd think that a guy with a body like that would probably be an athlete. If you just heard him reporting on television or interviewing someone you'd think, smart, educated, erudite guy. But then if you could see him too it's like there's something a bit at odds with itself, you don't expect to find these qualities in one person. He's like this big affectionate teddy bear with fantastic looks, muscles to die for and a brain like the proverbial steel trap.

Joel is rubbing my back and smiling at me. "I guess we better start cleaning the place up. I hate leaving, this is like my sanctuary."

"I hate leaving too. This was a special couple of days."

"It sure was babe. The best days of my life."

I had never cleaned a house naked before. It was kinda strange watching Joel because he seemed to have no inhibitions about being naked. I watched him walk outside to get the grill and put it away and at that particular moment a boat went by on the river. It sounded its horn a couple of times and Joel looked up and saw a few people in the back of the boat waving to him and he just waved back like it didn't mean anything. I would have gone running for the house.

At about four o'clock we finally locked the door and climbed into the car for the drive back to the city. Ninety minutes later we pulled into a restaurant just outside of the city to get some dinner. When we're driving, Joel and I, I kinda go into a trance just looking at him as he drives and talks. The muscles in his face, the ways his eyes flash when he's talking about something that he feels strongly about, the power in his jean covered legs, leading up to that packed crotch.

I'm becoming a total slut! No, not for just anybody, but I'm getting to the point where I get a hardon when Joel just walks into the room. Sitting at my desk during the day I'm remembering what his hairy chest against my back feels like and then the precum starts running and I spend ten minutes in the john trying to get that to stop. When we're in the car there's also the heat coming off of his body and the smell of him, this wonderful mixture of soap and him, that goes to my brain like an incoming missile.

Joel is looking at me over the table in the restaurant, the waitress has just put coffee in front of us. "Stephen. Stephen." He touches my hand. "You okay babe?" I start to blush.

"Oh yeah, yeah! God Joel, I guess I was vegin." The top buttons of his shirt are open and I can see his chest hair. "I'm fine now. It'll be good to get home."

Joel looks a little perplexed. "Didn't you like the country babe?"

"Oh no! That's not it. I loved the country." I look down at the table top and then back up into those eyes. "I love you. And what we spent most of our time doing."

Joel flashed me a lopsided grin that could have melted steel. "I love you too babe. And we're gonna spend a lot more time doin just that.

"Geez Joel, I've never been this...........needy before." I took a sip of my coffee and glanced up at him, touching my forehead with my thumb and index finger. "I'd be in your lap right now if I could." I look down. "How did this happen so quickly?"

"You fell in love." His voice was a deep, lush, velvet. "With me."

I look up into those warm eyes. "God, did I fucking ever!" I shake my head slowly. "You have no idea." I lift my hands and then drop them back into my lap. "You're my whole fucking world. Everything I do, all day long, I'm thinking about you." I hold up my hand. "Don't even ask what the fuck I'm thinking."

Joel leans back in the booth and gives me a cocky look. "So you really, mine!"

I laugh and sit forward with my elbows on the table. "Oh don't look so frigging self-satisfied!" Then softly. "But yeah, I am like totally yours."

Joel quickly sat forward and touched my hand. "Stephen, it's two ways. I mean it's not just you belonging to me, it's me belonging to you too." He looks so earnest and somehow at the same time so incredibly sexy.

I hook my little finger in his. "I'll be glad when we're home." I duck my head. "For one thing I need you...........again. And for another.........I just wanna be with you." I look up into those eyes. "I want us to be normally............not just sex but I wanna spend time, in our home, with my lover."

"Babe that's exactly what were gonna do."

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