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--- Chapter 1 ---
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Love is Where You Find It 1

It seems like there’s more military people in Texas than any other place on earth. Now, that’s probably and exaggeration and it really don’t matter anyway but it sure does seem to be that way sometimes. My dad has kinda made a business outta military people and their families by building apartment buildings near military bases of all kinds. Married soldiers and air force guys can’t always get, or want, housing on the base and then there’s the service men who like having a place away from authority.

If someone were to ask my dad and he were to answer them truthfully, he’d tell them that I was pretty much a fuckup. I’m not any of the things that he wants his sons to be. I flunked out of college the first year because I spent all of my time in the library reading and the only sport that I have any interest in is swimming and then not even that competitively. Now if it was hunting, fishing or golf he might figure that I stood a chance of turning out normal.

Fortunately for mom and dad they have three other sons to help with dads businesses and to carry on the family name. My brothers have long ago stopped trying to get me to change and have actually begun kinda shielding me from my dads wrath and since they’re pretty much in charge of running dad’s apartment complexes I was finally given the job of taking care of a 24 unit building just a few miles from the main gate of a major Air Force base. I didn’t have to collect rents or anything so I guess they figured this was something I couldn’t possibly fuck up and pretty much they were right. It was certainly boring work but it was easy and it gave me lots of time for reading. Mostly the job just involved making sure that the garbage got picked up and the grass was cut and any minor repairs were attended to, stuff like that.

The first time that I met Tech Sargeant Mathew Curry and Tech Sargeant David Daley was a sunny Sunday morning in May. I was checking the garbage cans and this really handsome guy wearing only gray gym shorts with the words Air Force stenciled onto them waved me over to the back door of his apartment. He wasn’t even wearing shoes just kinda standing on his tiptoes in his bare feet on the concrete back stoop of the apartment, like he was afraid his feet might get dirty or something.

“Tyler! Tyler!” Matt was calling me in a loud stage whisper. The man was drop dead gorgeous, six feet tall with dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes but he was looking like maybe the last few hours had been kinda rough.

I pointed at my chest cause I figured there was no way that Matt Curry even knew my name and I wondered if he was sure that he wanted me. He smiled and got a kinda goofy look on his face. I think that I fell in love in that moment, well looking back on it anyway.

“Yeah Tyler, you!” He smiled and shook his head. Then waving his arms around to indicate that there wasn’t another soul in sight, he said. “Who the fuck else?”

When I got next to him I could smell the stale beer. He reeked of it.

“Need you to help me with that fucking Daley. The fucker got totally shitfaced last night and I can’t move em.” Matt’s breath was about knocking me over. “He really shouldn’t drink. The son-of-a-bitch has shit for judgement.”

Now prior to this the only time that I ever saw these guys was when they were driving in from the base or leaving for it and in those instances they were cleaned and polished and looking like a million bucks in their uniforms.

I followed Matt through the kitchen in total amazement at how fucked up the apartment was. If my old man ever saw this I would be dead meat. There were beer cans everywhere, mostly empty, some spilt, some crushed and tossed, a total mess. I must have been hanging back because Matt reached back and took my hand and pulled me forward.

“The fuckers in the living room.” Then seeing the look on my face he kinda waved at the room and said. “Don’t worry Tyler. We’ll clean this up, we just had a little party.” He hadn’t let go of my hand and his felt really warm.

“I just need ya to help me get this worthless piece of shit into bed. He really shouldn’t drink.”

“Where is he?” I was whispering.

“The assholes in the fucking corner. God fucking knows how he got in there.” The room was pretty dark because the blinds were drawn but I could just make out what look to be an asshole staring at me from the corner of the room between the end of the sofa and the wall. I cracked open the drapes a little and could barely believe what I was looking at.

A naked David Daley was wedged into a fetal position in that small space between the sofa and the wall with his butt pointing out. In front of his asshole his balls had pushed back through his legs and were hanging down.

David is a big guy, like six feet, two inches tall and maybe one eighty. How the hell he curled himself up like that was beyond me.

Matt pointed at him. “Look at that disgusting son-of-a-bitch! Isn’t that the most pathetic looking thing ya ever saw?” Those were the words that came out of Matt’s mouth but there was a look at the back of his eyes that stopped me from believing them. They were roommates and certainly friends but the look that I saw was warmer than that, maybe affection and maybe more, at least that’s how it struck me.

Matt looked at me. “If you’d just help me get him into bed before the jerk screws up his back permanently.” It didn’t seem like it would be easy but it didn’t seem all that complicated to me either, you just had to pull the sofa away. Then I realized that Matt, while still on his feet, was still pretty drunk himself.

I shook my head in amazement and walked over and pulled the sofa away. David, like an electric toy that had just been turned on, pushed his legs out straight into the room and rolled over onto his stomach, seemingly without ever waking up.

Normally I always call the renters by their last names but I figured this allowed me to use these guys first names. I already had seen more of David than anyone other than maybe his doctor and of course, Matt.

I bent down and started pulling David up. “Come on Matt, grab the other side.” Matt got down on his hands and knees and took hold of David’s upper arm.

“Matt, you’re gonna have to stand up.” He gave me a look of total confusion and then the dawning.

“Oh……….right! I forgot………….I forgot for a second what we were doing.” Then putting his mouth next to David’s ear he yelled. “Why don’t you just get up you big dumb fuck?” There was some mumbling from the inert body but no real hope for self mobilization.

“Matt, I don’t think that’s gonna work, let’s just lift him.”

Matt said. “Right Tyler, that’s the way.” But he just sat down next to David’s upturned butt. He reached out and patted it. “He isn’t like this all the time, Tyler. I mean you must think he’s some sorta drunk” Matt’s eyes kinda rolled up and I thought maybe he was gonna pass out but then he centered himself. “He’s my best friend. Not always like this………….he doesn’t usually do this.”

I had a feeling my time for getting Matt to help lift David was running out. I stood up and started pulling on David inert form. “Come on Matt! You gotta help!”

Matt stumbled to his feet and lost his balance just long enough to knock most of the stuff off of the end table but then he seemed to get a grip on himself and helped me get David to his feet. David was almost able to stand as long as we were on either side of him. I felt like I was in the land of giants, Matt’s six feet tall and David’s six two, so at five feet six inches these guys were towering over me. But somehow I got em moving toward David’s bedroom and sheer momentum sent em through the door and tumbling onto the bed.

David landed face down in the center of the bed and after a moment Matt just climbed in next to him. I’m sure that at this point Matt wasn’t even aware of me any longer. He reached out and touched David’s hair for a moment and then laid his head on his hands and fell immediately asleep.

Now I am the farthest thing in the world from being a neat freak but looking around that apartment I was stunned. I went into the kitchen and found some plastic garbage bags and began picking up beer cans, and soup cans and empty pizza boxes. I took everything off of all of the tables in the living room and kitchen and cleaned the tops of spilled beer and bits of food. Then I put the furniture back in place and rearranged the things that had been on the tables. I took two bags of garbage out to the dumpster and then went back and started on the dishes. The sink and the counters surrounding it were piled high with what must have been every dish and pot the guys owned.

It had taken me two hours but I was drying the final dish when I felt someone watching me. I turned my head and there was David leaning against the kitchen wall wearing only his boxer shorts. David’s hair was a lighter brown than Matt’s but his eyes were also blue and at the moment seemed to be registering pain but then he seemed to gather himself and he smiled at me and pushed off from the wall. I was still facing the sink with my head turned watching him. He moved a little shakily toward me until he was standing right behind me and leaning slightly forward with one hand on the counter next to me. There was a lot of heat being radiated from his body and it smelled like he had just brushed his teeth. His face was just inches from mine.

“You’re Tyler.” Still leaning against the counter and almost pressed to my back he reached up and got a glass. “Need water……….cold.” David reached around me with both arms and filled his glass with water. I could hear him guzzling the water and had the weirdest desire to lay my head against his chest.

He set the empty glass on the counter and moved so that he was standing next to me and leaning against the counter. The hair on his arm was touching mine.

He gestured towards the living room. “You musta cleaned up, Matt doesn’t know how to do that.”

When I spoke my voice didn’t sound like it was mine. “I probably shoulda asked but I kinda got carried away.”

He looked at me directly, his eyes holding mine. “I bet that happens a lot………….you being carried away.” Then a second later he began to slowly smile. Was it a slip of the tongue, did he mean to word it that way? “I’ve seen you around the complex, working. You go to college?”

“Nnno, no I don’t, I mean I did but I quit. I been thinking about goin back…….and finishing.”

“You play soccer when you were in school? You’ve got that kinda body, like you played maybe.” He reached over and took my shoulders and kinda turned me around and looked at my butt, his hands felt huge and he kinda massaged my shoulders.

“Oh! Oh no, no, I swam a little but no soccer.” Nobody ever told me that they liked my body before and I could feel my face turning red. “You think I’ve got a good body?”

“Hell yeah! I mean you’re small but solid and nicely proportioned.” I forced myself not to sneak a look at it but I could remember how his cock had flopped back and forth in his boxers when he walked over to the sink. I was wearing boxers too and I could feel my cock beginning to lengthen down my left leg.

I looked at David’s chest and said. “You guys workout on the base? I mean the Air Force have a training program? You both look like you’re in great shape.

“No, nothing special but we do both kinda workout at the gym on the base.” He laughed. “Well, lift a few weights anyway.” I’m not sure that David even realized that he was doing it but he had reached up and was rubbing the sleeve of my tee shirt between his thumb and forefinger. For a split second I imagined him twisting my nipple and just the thought of it made me jump.

We heard a sound and both turned at the same time. Matt was standing in the doorway, bare-chested but wearing levi’s and looking like he was afraid that he might be interrupting something. He had an awkward little smile on his face.

David held his left arm straight out toward Matt and Matt looked relieved and walked right over and leaned into him as David wrapped his arm around him.

Matt smiled broadly at me. “You cleaned up?”

I nodded and wondered if I should even still be here. After all they were obviously more than just Air Force buddies and I was just the guy who cleaned up around the apartments.

I started to talk and then couldn’t decide on whether or not I should be saying anything at all but finally just blurted it out. “You guys are gay too?” I must have sounded even weirder to them then I did to myself because they laughed.

Matt glanced quickly at David and said. “I guess we are. It’s kinda new to us.”

“We been best friends for years,” David said, “and now it seems to have turned into something more.” He hugged Matt even harder, then moved his hand up to gently cradle the side of Matt’s head. “To tell ya the truth we’re not totally sure of anything except that we think that we love each other. We thought that that was gonna be enough.” He glance at Matt and Matt nodded slightly.

David gave me a look that was begging me not to say no to a question that had yet to be asked. Finally he said. “Tyler, come on in to the living room, okay? There’s something we’ve been wanting to ask you.” I guess in response to the look on my face he held out his hand and said. “No…….no please……...just come and listen.”

David and Matt sat together on the sofa and I took the facing chair.

David sat forward, he was obviously going to be the spokesman for the couple. “Tyler.” He stopped talking and then kinda laughed. “I guess before I go any further I should ask. You are gay aren’t you?”

What had happened with this day? When it started I was just going to get a head start on cleaning up the complex, then I was helping a naked man get into bed and now………..well who the hell knew?

“Well yeah……….sure……..I mean it must be pretty obvious for you to be even asking the question.” My god! Did everyone in the world know that I was gay?

“No, you don’t look it. It’s just that we had hoped that you were and then we watched you for a long time and there were no girls and well there was a little crotch watching.” He laughed nervously. “Actually I guess the crotch watching was a two-way street.” He kinda just sat there staring at me. Well, I guess that I had done a considerable amount crotch watching were they were concerned. David was hung like a water buffalo, I had seen that earlier and Matt didn’t look like he had been shortchanged either.

Matt looked disgustedly at David and said. “God you can be a fucking dick head!” Then turning to me. “Tyler, we don’t wanna get you upset…………..that more than anything……….it’s just that we wanna have sex with you.”

“Matt!” David shouted at him. “Can’t you be a little fucking diplomatic? You know you’re like a fucking animal! You’re gonna scare Tyler away! Who’d wanna have fucking sex with a nutcase like you?”

Then turning to me, David was trying to settle me down. “Don’t let this asshole get ya all stirred up Tyler, he’s not this bad once ya get to know him. Some of us think that he was raised by wolfs.” I was beginning to feel like the main course at an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast.

“I’m a nutcase? You were the one scrunched up this morning between the sofa and the wall with you balls hangin out. You need to quit drinkin.” All that I could think of was how big those balls were.

“You know Matt, how the fuck the Air Force ever lets you touch…………….”

I couldn’t stand it any more, they were driving me crazy with this constant arguing. They seemed like they hated each other.

“Look! Look! You two are driving me crazy! I know, I know! I’ve been looking at you guys with lust. You’re both hot and I would have done…………..god knows what.” I got up and sprinted for the door. “I can’t stand this fighting!” I banged out of the back door and jogged to my apartment. As I was walking in the door the phone was ringing but I ignored it and poured myself a beer and a hot bath. It relaxes me! Okay? As I slid down into the hot soapy water the door bell was ringing and I ignored it too.

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