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--- Chapter 2 ---
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Love is Where You Find It 2

The ringing doorbell had finally stopped and they had gone away. The phone rang a few more times but then it stopped too. I stayed in the bathtub sipping my beer and periodically adding more hot water by turning the knob with my foot.

How did I feel about this? I didn’t really know. I was gay and I did like sex and both David and Matt were attractive and not just good looking but sexually attractive. The truth though was that they scared the crap outta me. First of all while I had had gay sex before, it wasn’t like I had had a lot of it. I was only twenty-one and they were, well, probably twenty-five or six, maybe even older. And then there was just the physical size of them; when you’re five foot six guys who are six feet and over with well developed bodies can seem pretty big. If they decided that they wanted to do something to me there was almost no way that I could stop them. And what the hell did they want to do? Neither one of them looked like they liked to bottom, not that you can tell by looking at someone but they were both pretty aggressive guys.

When I did finally get out of the bath tub I slipped on a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt and laid down on the sofa and started to read but soon the sun steaming in and the weight of the book just seemed overwhelming and I dozed off.

When I finally woke up it felt like something had died in my mouth and I rolled off of the sofa and went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. The little digital clock hanging on the bathroom wall said five o’clock. I had slept away the whole afternoon.

Then I heard it, a quiet knocking on the back door of the apartment. It was so quiet that it never even occurred to me that it might be Matt and David. They were anything but quiet but when I walked to the door it actually was them but a very different them. More than anything else they reminded me of two little boys who had been thoroughly scrubbed and dressed in their Sunday best for goin to church. I don’t really remember but I must have frozen in the middle of the kitchen on my way to the door.

David bent his arm at the elbow and gave me a little wave. “Tyler,” he almost whispered, “could we come in?” He glanced quickly at Matt who immediately started nodding yes. “We promise not to fight, honest. We just wanna talk. Okay?”

Matt laid the tips of his fingers lightly on the screen door and said. “Honest Tyler, we promise.” They were both wearing pale tan Docker’s with Matt wearing a light purple Polo shirt and David a light green. For a moment the only thought that seemed to be drifting through my head other than slight panic was that they worked together, color wise.

I laid my hand lightly on the door handle and said. “Please, no fighting!” They both nodded vigorously.

I stood aside as they sidled into the kitchen. God, they were big. “I can’t stand it when you fight! Can you understand that it scares me?”

Matt looked stricken. “Scares you? We’ve been scaring you?”

“Tyler,” David said, “we never meant to do that. We never figured…………….well, I guess we got used to it…………but we never, ever, wanted you to be scared.”

“We think we………………..well……we want to take you to dinner……….tonight. We’d never let anything hurt ya Tyler.” Matt said

“Or anybody.” David said.

“So will ya have dinner with us? We won’t do anything, not anything that you don’t want.” Matt smiled broadly. He was one of those rare people who never lied and usually said exactly what was on his mind. “But we hope that you’ll like us.”

They were so engaging and they’d never tried to deceive me and were pretty up front about what they wanted. I pointed at the kitchen table. “You’ll stay right here while I change?”

“Absolutely!” David said and they both sat down at the same time.

While I was changing my clothes I couldn’t get the smell of them out of my head. They both smelled so masculine. I don’t think that either one of them had aftershave on or cologne and they were certainly clean but there was this faint but potent male odor. Maybe it was just in my mind or some normal combination of slight perspiration and the fabric of their clothing but whatever it was it was causing my cock to puff up.

When I walked back into the kitchen they were still at the table. David was absentmindedly playing with Matt’s fingers but he pulled his hand back when I came into the room. “I guess I’m ready.” I smiled, because I knew that I wasn’t and that I probably couldn’t be, not for this.

Matt jumped up. “Damn you look good Tyler!”

“Matt!” David said. “Don’t be so goddamn aggressive!”

“David, why don’t you just……..” Matt stopped himself and looked at me with puppy dog eyes. “Sorry about that Tyler. I gotta stop letting him get to me.” David just sat there and rolled his eyes. “It’s just that you do look fucking fantastic.”

David got up slowly and walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulders. His hands felt hot as he gently kneaded the muscles of my upper arms. He looked into my eyes and smiled and then slowly said. “Well, dick wad is right, you do look fucking fantastic.” He bent his head quickly and kissed me lightly on the side of my neck.

Matt came over to us. “Well if you get to kiss him I get to kiss him.”

“Matt, he’s not a fucking dog! Tyler can decide for himself if he wants to be kissed.”

I quickly kissed Matt on the cheek. “Okay, okay, no fighting. Let’s go to dinner. Where are we headed, what kinda food?” Like I had to ask.

“Steak!” David was grinning. “There’s a great new place just a few miles from here where the damn steak is like a whole side of beef.” I silently wondered if these guys had ever even seen a vegetable other than a french fry.


They both ordered two beers to start. I asked the waitress if I could get a glass of wine and she said. “Red or white hun?” They probably had thirty different kinds of beer but I pictured two metal barrels in the back room, one labeled red and the other white.

We were in a semi-circular booth with me in the middle and needless to say I felt hemmed in but still………I was beginning to trust them. The more that I thought about them, I was coming to the conclusion that they both had some good qualities, other than the obvious ones. Matt was totally straight forward and David, while a touch smoother, was a very gentle guy. Neither one of them seemed to have any meanness in them and despite the occasional flair up of bickering it was clear that they were really committed to each other.

If you’ve ever been in the position of watching a tornado headed straight for you, you might have some idea of how, in the back of my head, I was feeling. You know that it’s coming and you know that when it finally gets to you it’s gonna be something that your not gonna be able to control at all. Either one of these guys was more than I ever figured that I’d be dealin with and somehow I just couldn’t even get my mind around the idea of both of them. And yet, somewhere in my mind, I wanted this soooo bad and not just the sex part. It was like Matt and David together made like this one perfect guy and they were trying so hard to please me, one on either side and for once I wasn’t thinking about what a fuck up I was and how much of a disappointment to my dad or any shit like that and all because they wanted me. All through dinner, all the while that I was trying to keep them from chewing on the table legs and keep the conversation on some civilized level, all that while there was this little me, inside my head, that would run out every few seconds and scream, “Fuck me!”

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen people eat that much meat. I mean if everybody ate like that there wouldn’t be a mammal left on the planet.

We walked out of the restaurant into the Texas twilight, the sun was turning quickly into an orange and gold memory while the hills moved from blue to purple. The heat of the day was dissipating and a breeze was coming up as we walked to the car. David reached over with his right hand and took my left and then moments later Matt did the same thing on the other side.

When we reached the car Matt lightly wrapped his arms around me from behind and nuzzled the side of my neck while David carefully took my face in his hands and kissed me. When he pulled back he said. “Come home with us Tyler……….we really need you.”

All that I could think of for a moment was that if Matt moves his hands up and touches my nipples I’m gonna shoot in my pants and cause I’m wearing boxers it’s gonna run down my fucking leg.

When David slowly pulled his lips off of mine I felt like I should follow them, that this kiss outta be lasting at least a few seconds more and then Matt’s mouth on my neck finally registered in my brain and the testosterone in my body was ignited like a pile of gasoline soaked rags and I felt like I surely must be lighting up the parking lot. And there was that little voice again but louder this time, “Fuck me!!!”


When we walked into the boys apartment I could smell the flowers. There was a bouquet on the cocktail table and a small purple flowered hyacinth plant on the kitchen table and the place was immaculate.

I walked over and touched the flowers. “You did this for me?”

David placed a large hand on the back of my neck and pulled me gently to him. “We know shit all about flowers, Ty…………..but……….we wanted you to know that we were tryin.”

I let David pull me in to his chest. “I know you are.” I mumbled into his shirt. He felt so warm.

Matt appeared on my right and I lifted my head and kissed him. “I know you are.” I said to him too.

Matt lightly held my face as he darted his tongue into my mouth and I could feel David pulling my shirt out of my pants. Then David’s face was pressed to mine and he was whispering in my ear. “You sure Ty, you sure this is what you want?”

“Huh? Yeah David,” I kissed him again, “this is what I want.” His blue eyes flashed and he moved in to kiss me again.

Matt was loosening my belt and then he lifted my shirt off over my head. I felt naked for a second and then Matt was holding me to his warm bare chest and I felt covered. Out of the corner of my eye I could see David stripping off his shirt and then his pants. Matt was kissing me and running his hands from my shoulders to my ass, the hard cock still in his pants pressing against my abdomen.

It’s not that I never had sex with a guy before, I did, maybe not often but I did. Nothing prepared me for this though. These guys were the real thing, totally male guys, who had the need, the desire and the size to get anything they wanted. The atmosphere in the room or maybe just in my mind had changed and become sexually charged to the point were I wouldn’t have been surprised to see lightening bolts crackling across the ceiling.

David walked over to us naked, his huge erect cock standing up in front of his body, his balls swinging gently back and forth. He took me by the hand and pulled me gently from Matt’s embrace.

David put his hand lightly on the back of my neck and then glancing from me to Matt said. “Whatdya say we take this to the bed?” Then looking me directly in the eye. “You call the shots Ty, nothing happens that you don’t want.” Then glancing at Matt he said. “Right Matt?”

Matt ran his hand up from my butt to my shoulder. “That’s right Ty,” he grinned quickly at David, “dumbo and I may get a little rough with each other but not with you Ty, not ever with you.” He kissed my shoulder as David pulled me slowly to his king size bed.

David climbed backwards onto the bed his huge cock bobbing up and down as he moved and the muscles in his legs and thighs flexing as he knee walked backwards. He pulled me forward to him and then we both tumbled sideways onto the bed his hands holding the side of my face as he kissed me and his right leg covering my left, holding me in place.

I could feel the bed move and then Matt was lying next to me and turning my head away from David so that we could kiss. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock. It was and inch or two shorter than David’s but was so unbelievably hard I didn’t see how it could be pried down to perpendicular.

Matt pulled away from the kiss and smiled a crooked smile at me. “You taste good Ty.”

This was so much more than I was used to or for that matter had ever dreamed of; Matt’s shoulders were very muscular with smooth tan skin glistening with a light sheen of sweat. David was just as muscular as Matt but taller and a bit heavier.

David was lying with his head propped up on his left hand and rubbing my chest and stomach with his right while Matt was kissing me. He had a slight smile on his face as he watched Matt and then reached up and pulled Matt’s head to him and they kissed deeply.

As they broke the kiss Matt ran his hand slowly down my chest and stomach and wrapped it around my cock. He looked down at my face and parted his lips but nothing came out. Then he released my cock and ran his fingers down and lightly over my asshole. A sound came out of the back of my throat and my hips tilted up.

Matt looked at me for a second and then looked to David and said in a whisper. “Oh, oh damn!

David rolled even more over me wrapping my head in his arms and putting his mouth next to my ear he whispered in a husky voice. “That feel good baby? You like the feelin of Matt’s fingers on your asshole? See how hard his dick is, I swear that boy can shoot all the way across the room.”

By now the little man in my head was practically standing on my forehead screaming, “Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Meeeeeeee!!!”

David’s tongue was lapping slowly at my ear and I said. “Oh, oh yeah, his fingers feel good.” I could feel Matt lifting my legs up and pushing my knees back towards my chest. “Oh god,” I said, “oh fuck, what’s he gonna do?” I raised my head and looked into Matt’s flashing blue eyes just before he lowered his head and began to lick my asshole.

Until now the extent of my sexual experience consisted of getting a blowjob at the rest area out on the interstate. Almost nobody had ever kissed me except for a married guy whose name was Bill. I had sex with him about four times and I used to fantasize that he would leave his wife and then he and I would get an apartment together. It was stupid I know but it was all that I had and now every nerve ending in my body was on fire and my mind was flooded with feelings of oneness with these two men.

The feeling of Matt rimming me was indescribable, the pleasure, the exposure, the vulnerability, were overwhelming. I kept trying to lift my head to watch but David held it down while he kissed me and I moaned into his mouth. When David broke the kiss for a moment I asked him in a whisper. “Is he gonna fuck me?”

David cupped my face with his right hand and gently rubbed my forehead with his thumb. “He wants to fuck ya. But it’s up to you baby. Want him to fuck ya?” Matt was still rimming me with enthusiasm.

“Yeah,” I whispered, “I really do but I’m afraid it’ll hurt.”

David kissed the side of my head. “We won’t let nothing hurt ya babe. You want him to stop you just tell me and he’ll stop.”

Matt lowered my butt until it was resting on his upper thighs and then he reached over and grabbed a bottle of lube and poured some on his fingers.

Matt said. “You’re gonna feel a little pressure Ty but it shouldn’t be bad……..if it gets bad lemme know.” He flashed me a brilliantly white smile and then got a kinda loopy look on his face. He was circling around my asshole with his finger tip, getting closer and closer to the center and then finally coaxing the muscle to part in the gentlest possible way. I could feel that some small part of his finger was in my butt, I looked up at David with my mouth open. He bent his head down and kissed me.

He whispered to me. “Matt’s fucking dick gets any harder and it’s gonna shatter.” I lifted my head as best I could and looked for Matt’s dick. It was plastered flat against his stomach and reached almost to his navel. Almost without thinking I reached down with my right hand and wrapped it around David’s cock, which was rock hard also and felt like it was the size of a telephone pole. He breathed the word, “Oh,” into my ear as he thrust gently into my fist.

Matt was now moving his finger in and out of my asshole with ease. He look up at me and then tapped his finger against my prostate. I moaned and he grinned.

“I’m not hurtin ya am I Ty?

“No, it feels good. That was my prostate?”

“Yep. I’m gonna try two fingers now, Ty, so just hang in there.”

I looked up at David. “Can I have your dick? Man I just gotta suck it.” He smiled and then pulled his knees up and swung his right leg over my head so that his cock was lying across my face.

My god David was hung! For a while I just breathed in the scent of his cock, it’s mixture of soap and maleness and pure testosterone. I gently cupped his balls in my hands, they were huge, heavy and very warm. I could feel something inside of me changing, something in my head that had always held me back, told me not to do too much, that too much pleasure was bad. Now all that I wanted was cock. I lifted my head up and pulled David’s cock down and crammed as much of it as I could into my mouth and he immediately started slowly thrusting, forcing more and more of his cock into my mouth.

Mean while, Matt had gotten two fingers moving easily in and out of my ass and was trying to add a third. It hurt like hell but somehow I knew that the pain would stop and I wanted this so bad that I started pushing back against his hand.

Matt said. “Babe, I think you’re ready and man am I ready for you.” He pulled his fingers out of my ass and started smearing more lube on it.

Above me I could feel David turn and say, “Condom!” and Matt answered, “Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.” Then Matt was lowering my legs and allowing my own falling weight to impale myself on his cock. After the first few inches I had to stop for a moment but then it was okay and I signaled Matt by pushing back against him and he slowly shoved the rest of his cock into my ass. I couldn’t believe the hardness of Matt’s dick, it was like it wasn’t even flesh it was so hard and he just let soak inside of me for a few minutes and then began the very slightest thrusting motion.

I couldn’t believe that I had taken it all. One minute I was a virgin and the next Matt’s cock was all the way up my ass and it felt so huge, almost impossibly big but there it was rhythmically pulsing in time with his heart beat. I wanted cock, in my mouth, in my ass, however, whereever I could get it. As David slowly fucked my mouth my own saliva having coated his cock mixed with his precum and drained back into my mouth and I couldn’t get enough of it. Then David dragged his dick out of my mouth and slid forward and lowered his balls into it and they were even more intense, more male, more David. And all the while Matt was beginning to increase his speed and before long he was fucking me in long steady strokes and I wanted his cock just as much as I wanted David’s and I knew that after tonight I would never be the same, that never again would I be able to do without a cock in some part of me for any length of time.

Matt was slamming into me, and a half a second later his balls would hit my ass and all the while he was make an “unnng, unnng, unnng,” sound.

I pulled David’s balls out of my mouth and pulled his head down toward me. He had to swing off of me to get his face down to mine. I whispered to him. “I want your dick too David. I want you to fuck me too. Okay……when Matt is done?”

David cradled my head in his arms while Matt continued to plow into me. “You sure babe? You sure you’re gonna be able to handle both of us?”

“I need to David. I need to……………and want to, to have you both fuck me. I can take it.”

Matt’s fucking was becoming more intense and somehow through his hands on my legs and through the electricity passing between us I knew that he was getting close to cumming. My ass didn’t hurt anymore, if anything it was almost numb from the pounding Matt was giving it and my prostate felt like it was the center of the world.

I looked up into David’s eyes. “Oh god, David! I feel so…………….oh god!

Then Matt suddenly stopped fucking and slowly pulled his cock out of my pulsing ass. He pulled my right leg over and pushed me over onto my side and leaned down close to my face.

“Ty, get on your hands and knees, okay?” Then to David. “Babe, I wanna watch you fuck Ty.” He bent down and kissed David. “I wanna see you guys making love.”

After Matt had taken his dick out of me he had casually replaced it with two of the fingers of his right hand and all the while that I was turning over and getting on my hands and knees those fingers stayed in my ass. It wasn’t until David had gotten up and gotten around behind me that Matt removed his fingers and then he peeled the condom off of his cock and while holding my chin gently with his right hand slowly fed me his cock with his left.

I could hear David tearing open the condom wrapping and then rolling it down on his cock and then it was at my asshole. He put two fingers in and then leaned down over my back and whispered.

“You ready babe?”

I nodded with Matt’s cock in my mouth and made a “ummhumm” sound.

David squeezed my shoulders and then massaged them for a moment. “Attaboy! Remember if you want me to stop or if I’m hurtin you just tell me.

Then leaving his right hand on my shoulder he guided his cock into my ass with his left. My asshole had had somewhat of a chance to return to normal between the time that Matt had taken his cock out and David started to put his in but fortunately not all the way or I would never have been able to handle his cock.

Oh, how that cock felt! How it felt when David’s cock was halfway in and he leaned down over my back and kissed the back of my neck while Matt was slowly fucking my mouth. I reached back underneath myself and felt David’s cock continuing to move into me. I felt so huge! I could feel my asshole and how much it was stretched but it didn’t somehow feel like it even belonged to me, like it couldn’t possibly be mine.

Then he began to fuck and his big balls started to slowly slap against my hand. My body seemed to be arranging itself of its own accord so that David’s big cock was making constant contact with my already battered prostate gland. I wanted, on the one hand, to bury my face in my hands and scream from the pain, the pleasure and the possession, and on the other hand to slam my ass back against that invading cock, to force it even farther into me. I wanted Matt to cum in my mouth to flood me with semen, to wipe up the excess with his finger and feed it to me.

Oddly, I had never even thought about my own orgasm until David reached underneath me and wrapping his hand around my cock began to slowly jerk me off. Now all at the same time David’s cock was stretching and pounding my asshole while his left hand was jerking me off and then with each thrust of his cock my face was pushed harder against Matt’s cock.

Then suddenly Matt pulled his cock out of my mouth and he laid down and then slid underneath me and took my cock away from David and started sucking on it and at the same time I resumed sucking on his. And all the while David continued his pounding of my ass and in fact it seemed that he was speeding up.

David was beginning to make an “angg, angg, angg” sound and Matt was sucking on my cock like he was trying to suck my nuts out through it. I was in another world, my body was beginning to feel wobbly and almost liquid, my asshole and the whole inside of me felt warm and open.

Both Matt and David were moving faster now and I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer. I was on the verge of loosing control and just totally giving in to the sensations when David said. “Man, I’m cumming! Holy fuck I’m gonna cum!” At the same time he reached forward and took a firm grip on my shoulders and really began to slam into me while Matt reached up and was trying to pull my hips down so that my dick would be forced even further into his mouth.

Then the first shot outta Matt’s cock hit the back of my mouth. It felt like a fucking fire-hose and was followed up by four more shots. I just kept swallowing and then I felt Matt reach back and start lightly tugging on my nuts and in seconds I was shooting in his mouth each shot seemingly tied to David’s thrusts into me.

It took several minutes for every one to settle down and then David very slowly pulled his cock outta my ass. I could feel my ass and wondered if it would ever return to normal.

David swung his legs outta bed and strode naked to the washroom where he dampened a towel and brought it back to the bed and wiped all of the cum and lube off of me. Matt was spooning me from behind, releasing only those parts of me that he had to for David’s cleaning and then pulling me back against him again. When David finished cleaning me he reached over me and wiped Matt’s face and then bent down and kissed us both.

While he was kneeling on the bed doing that I reached out and gently cupped his huge balls that were swinging gently between his legs.

David looked down at me. “You can’t be ready to go again!”

I smiled up at him. “No, I think it’ll be a while.”

He laughed and touched the side of my face. “You got bedroom eyes you know.”

Matt pulled me a little tighter against him and said. “David, will ya get your fucking ass into bed? Come on, we’re tired.”

David balled up the towel and tossed it back into the bathroom and then slid down nest to me. He slid his right arm around my shoulders and pulled my head down to his chest. Matt was still behind me his now soft cock pressed into the crack of my ass and his right leg between mine.

David whispered sleepily to me. “You do have the sexiest fucking eyes,” he laughed quietly and brought his hand up and rested it on the back of my head, “and the hottest ass.”


The first time that I woke up the clock said four ten. David had turned and was lying on his right side facing me and Matt had his left arm under my neck and his right over my chest and was hanging onto me for dear life.

The second time I woke up I was alone and the room was bright with sunlight and I could hear Matt and David in the bathroom. The Matt came out of the bathroom and jumped on the bed. He was dressed in full uniform but scrambled over to me and shoved both arms under me and kissed me hard on the mouth his tongue pushing past my lips in search of mine.

“We gotta go to the base.” He brushed my hair back and kissed me again. “You were fucking wonderful last night! You sure your okay?”

“Yeah I’m good, well at least I think I am. My butt feels a little warm.” David was on the bed now and knee walking over to us. He was kneeling next to Matt and had one arm around Matt’s back as he bent to kiss me.

“Morning. We gotta work.” He pulled out his wallet and took out a card and laid it on the nightstand. “This is my ATM card and this is the pin. If you go to the store today would ya pick up some food? Oh and some beer.” He stopped for a moment and a thought seemed to occur to him. “You are commin back tonight aren’t ya? I mean we didn’t freak ya out or anything, did we?”

My ass felt like and eighteen-wheeler had been driven through it but just looking up at their faces and feeling their warm breath on my face was giving me a hardon. I reached up and pulled both of their faces to mine. “Yeah, I’ll be here. Corona okay?”

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