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December 2, 2009

I've found a new author that I like a lot, Robert Crais. Well, he's not new but he's new to me. His detective, Elvis Cole is a very nice character and Elvis's occasional sidekick Joe Pike is also good. So far I've read The Watchman and now I'm on Chasing Darkness.

November 14, 2009 Here are two ideas from Susan.

Hi Terry - I have a couple authors to add to your list.  Don't know if you'd consider them authors of mystery or suspense but they are good!
Kevin O'Brien
Jeffrey Deaver


April 22, 2009 This from Jack Scribe.

Hi Terry,
Have been meaning to drop you a note concerning Jonathan Kellerman's novels. Love them because of his descriptive, well thought out style. Perhaps his background as a psychologist gives him additional insight in developing characters. His most popular series concerns Alex Delaware (a consulting psychologist to the LAPD) and Detective Milo Sturgis.
What is special for gay readers is that Milo Sturgis is an 'out' detective and carries all the baggage that's associated with working in a primarily-hetero police environment. Milo, who has a long life-partnership with an ER doctor, has the highest solve-rate but isn't popular with the higher-ups for several reasons...being gay among them. And, he's not the ripped, handsome, move star character. The middle-aged guy doesn't work out, eats whatever he wants (and has the extra pounds to show for it), dresses in discount clothing, has acne and unmanagable hair. He's also scary smart.


March 10, 2009 This from Matthew.

I wanted to share my favorite mystery writer; although, it may or may not fit your definition of mystery. I have been reading --and loving-- Jordan Castillo Price's "PsyCop" series. The main character is an anti-hero, pill popping, self-depreciating, Medium who works for the Chicago Police Department.  Due to his paranormal abilities, the mysteries always have a paranormal element--but, the writing is excellent, the mystery always compelling, and characters are all vivid and funny as hell, in a dark way.  I have reviewed all of the series on Take a gander!

March 1, 2009 Some suggestions from Shane.

Terry:  I have a few suggestions for your mystery collection.  Although they might not all be classics, they were definitely a fun read.  Don't shoot me if you disagree.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  How can you go wrong w/ Sherlock Holmes?
R.D. Zimmerman (Todd Mills mysteries).  Not all in the series are real mysteries--some are just suspensful--but I enjoyed them all.
"Outside the Badge" by Mitchell Grobeson.  It's more of a cop story but still a great read.
Michael Craft (Mark Manning mysteries).  The first gay mystery series I ever read, so of course I'm a fan.
Rick Copp ("The Actor's Guide to..." series).  Extremely cheesy, shallow, and predictable.  Oh, and veeeery gay.  My favorite character is the cop boyfriend who gets dragged along against his will; he's the only sane one in the whole lot


February 19, 2009 Creating a page like this devoted to mystery novels was actually Jack Scribe's idea and here are the authors that he likes.

Here's a list of authors I've enjoyed in the mystery genre. Some you've supplied.
Harlan Coben - both the Myron Bolitar series and stand-alone novels
John Sandford - being a midwesterner, I love the Minnesota/Twin Cities locale
Stuart Woods - Stone Barrington, lawyer/ex-NYPD detective is a little over the top at times 
but fun. His sidekick is a NYPD detective (his old partner).
Joseph Finder - believable situations
Steve Martini -   his lawyer main character is very likable
Daniel Silva -     Gabriel is an assassin/operative for a special unit within the Massad.
His cover is that of an art restorer. Very good glimpses of Europe and U.K.
James Patterson - this guy seems to grind out a book every couple of months. Alex Cross
is very violent but compelling.
Michael Connelly - I enjoyed his Harry Bosch series. And the Lincoln lawyer.
Chris Reich - I'm just starting his first book
Other names I have, but haven't read, include:
Patricia Cromwell
Jonathan Kellerman
Iris Johansen
Janet Evanobich
Robert Parker
Greg Iles
John Ramsey Miller
Val McDermid
Reginald Hill
Hakan Nesser
Neyying Namkell
Richard Stevenson
Ross MacDonald
Lawrence Sanders
David DeBatto/Pete Nelson
Lee Child (Jack Reacher)
Stephen Hunter
Douglas Preston
Lincoln Childs
Brad Meltzer
Walter Mosley
Mark Billingham
Robert Harris


February 19, 2009 From John.

Don't overlook Robert Parker.
His Spenser novels have been around for a long time - there are nearly thirty of them, I think.  A new one appears every year or so.
He also has two other series going.
Parker's dialogue absolutely sparkles.


February 18, 2009 Check out Susan's recommendation.

I'm telling you, if you like mysteries you must read the Kurt Wallander series by Henning Mankell.  Mankell is a Swedish writer and his mysteries are   absolutely fantastic.  The are very well known abroad, more so than here, and are worth every second it takes to read them.

This page is for people who love to read mystery novels and are always looking for a good book recommendation. If you have a recommendation email it to me at and I'll put it here.

February 17, 2009 I'm reading the best mystery that I've read in quite a while. It's The Winter of Frankie Machine by Don Winslow. It's kind of a mafia type story but good. It's so rare that someone comes up with a character that you'd like to follow through many novels. John Sandford does it and so does Steve Martini but those characters are hard to find.

check out dianne mott davidson
her heroine is a caterer in Colorado.
also Sue Grafton is great.
I heard her interviewed once.  She said she started out by trying to figure out how to kill her ex husband and get away with it, but she decided not to try it because she'd probably end up in prison, wearing an ugly dress
Terrific idea. I looked at your site and discovered I have new gold to mind.
I think we talked about Michael Connelly with his Det. Harry Bosch series...I like him but I don't think you're too fond of it.
David Baldacci is sooper in more of a political thriller genre. Also to be listed in this category is Vince Flynn (his super-hero is Mitch Rapp), and Brad Thor (with ex-Navy Seal stud, Scott Horvath).
I just discovered a terrific gay author with published gay-themed stories - Bart Yates. Two books, Brothers Bishop and Leave Myself Behind, are in my local library. I think his newest may be in efiction form.
Here's a suggestion: to avoid getting this project lost in the blog as it advances, please


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