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Protecting David
--- Chapter 1 ---
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Protecting David 1

My name is Mark Chauvet. I was born in 1975 and was 26 when this story started. After 8 years in the Army I was back in civilian life, not where I wanted to be. I had always thought that the Army was going to be my life, but when I began to realize I was gay that screwed that up. I suppose that I could have stayed in, but I just didn’t want to deal with hiding who I was or torturing myself by watching other Army studs, 24/7.
When I got out I came back home; well, almost to home. I love fishing and had, years before, come upon this gorgeous stream running through a fairly heavily wooded area of Central Wisconsin. When the chance to rent a small farm property that bordered on this stream came up I grabbed it. It was about 150 miles from where my parents live and from where I grew up, but that distance from my parents seemed about right. See, they don’t know that I’m gay and I can’t imagine telling them. My dad is retired Army and gay guys are not his favorite people, so I’m guessing a fag son wouldn’t go over too well. My mom would go along with whatever the program was, but I just couldn’t deal with the look that I knew would be in her eyes. Do I seem weak? Yeah, in a way I do to me, too. At the time I didn’t really know much about being a gay person. I had no gay friends and all of my gay sex activity had been limited to jacking off to internet porn stuff and now I had moved to a really rural area and couldn’t imagine finding many gay people out here. Yeah I know, it sounds like I was hiding, and I guess I was.
My first summer at the farm was glorious. I loved doing the physical stuff that is needed to maintain any kind of farm setting and that was part of the rental. They cut the monthly rental quite a bit if I would maintain the buildings and not nickel and dime them to death and I loved doing it. I had been used to a lot of physical activity in the Army and it felt great to me. Tramping through the woods and doing whatever the fuck I wanted to do was definitely my way of living.
My house and what was left of the original farm sat on a low hill. Walking down off the hill soon brought you to a woods loaded with oak trees, some maple, and lots of scrub. Someone long before me had worn a path through the woods down to the stream.
When as I was approaching the stream I saw that there was already someone fishing it. Now this stream is big enough for two guys to work it, so I went to the bank and called to him, “Sir! Would it be okay if I joined you?”
Well the guy turned and started to say something and then all of a sudden his feet went right out from under him, and then he’s like ass over bucket into the stream! I start in wading toward him with the idea that I’ll help him if he needs it and then he’s like back on the surface sputtering for air. So he’s gasping for air and trying to get his footing, and I’m reaching for him because the water is about three feet deep and I figure he could drown if he doesn’t get up. Then he looks at my hand and up at damn if and me he doesn’t go down again. Well, now I am really worried about the guy drowning, so I steady myself and reach down and grab him, and just lift the guy up and start carrying him to shore. I figure if I set him down on anything less than dry land the dudes a goner.
I swear that up until this point I didn’t have gay thought number one in my head but I’m beginning to notice that this gasping, sputtering, squirming guy is kind of cute. That is, in a totally disorganized, clumsy befuddled sort of way. What I’m looking at is a guy about 5’8” tall, maybe 150 pounds, gorgeous black hair that is now all over the place and green eyes that are like emeralds. I know, emeralds; corny, but that’s what went through my head. At this point I’m also thinking he’s maybe thirty years old and since the gym shorts he’s wearing are now all wet and clingy, he’s showing a pretty nice dick. Anyway, he’s been trying to form actual words since I picked him up and he’s getting near to doing it, so I figure I better put him down, and I do.
He’s looking up at me with those gorgeous eyes and says. “You scared the fucking shit out of me!
I hunker down in front of him. “Man you scared the shit out of me, too. I thought you were about to kill yourself in that stream. Sure you’re okay?” I reach out and touch a spot of blood on his forehead. Now why the fuck did I do that, how gay is that?
Out of the corner of my eye I watch him follow my hand as it moves towards his forehead but he doesn’t move away he just watches. “Must have banged your head a bit. Sure you’re okay?” He then ducks his head a bit like maybe he’s embarrassed and says. “I feel like an idiot. You know I’m not usually this klutzy.” Then he looks up at me and he’s smiling shyly and all of a sudden I’m feeling something that I’ve never felt before.
In these few seconds and for no damn reason at all, this guy has become the center of my world. It’s like with a camera and you’ve focused in on one object and everything else is just kind of hazy and I’m staring into those eyes and someone please shoot me in the fucking head because those eyes are holding me and it’s like I could fall into them and he’s still smiling up at me and hell for all I know he could even be talking as for me I’m still falling into those eyes. Suddenly I just sit back on my butt in the sand and I’m still staring at this dude. He’s beginning to look a little worried.
“ I’m David.” He’s holding out his hand to me and I take it.
“ I’m Mark.” Well at least I can still talk. His hand is a lot smaller than mine but it feels warm and good and god could I please hold this forever?

“I guess I should thank you for saving my life.” He’s half kidding and half serious.
“ That’s okay. It was my pleasure.” Stupid fucking thing to say. Idiot!
“ Mark?” He’s smiling a lot now.
“ Huh?” Bright, really bright.
“ Do you want to keep my hand or can I have it back?” God I want to kiss him.
“ Oh shit! I’m really sorry. I guess we were both a little klutzy today.” I let go of his hand slowly, and he pulls it away, slowly.
He’s still staring at me and he’s regained his composure, and now he’s more in control. More in control than me, anyway, and I’m thinking that he’s got the prettiest legs although with all that black hair maybe pretty is the wrong word. Then he’s just smiling like he’s asked me a question and maybe he did but I didn’t hear it and I shake my head because I have to snap out of this.
“ I’m sorry did you say something.” Because I am falling in love with you and can’t get my ears to work. Fuck, I hope that I just thought that and didn’t say it.
“ I just asked if you were new. I haven’t seen you around.” He was doing that head- ducking thing again, and absentmindedly tearing blades of grass out of the ground.
“ I rented the place on top of that hill” and I pointed in the general direction of my house. He nods his head like he knows where it is, and we don’t say anything for a minute. Then he says, “You know, the fishing totally sucks today. I brought some sandwiches along and a couple of beers. Would you like some lunch? As a saving my life thank you.” He kept looking at the ground and then back at me like he was unsure of my reaction.
“ I’d like that a lot.” I said. I could still feel the stupid grin on my face but just couldn’t seem to get it to go away.
“ Well” he said, “I’ve got my blanket laid out over here.” He point to a little clearing just back in the woods a bit. He stood up and turned around while brushing sand and grass off his body. When he bent over to brush off his legs and gave me a look at that butt I knew that I had to have my cock in that ass. While walking over to the clearing he turned and smiled at me and of course tripped and went head first into a bush. Good Lord this boy needs watching! I helped him up and was helping him brush himself off. He looked up at me while I was brushing twigs out of his hair and I thought “Well, fuck it!” and I took his face in my hands and slowly brought my lips down to his. Thank God! He closed his eyes and parted his mouth slightly. We kissed deeply and I sucked his tongue into my mouth. David began making little moaning noises and I lifted him up and wrapped his legs around my waist while I walked with him over to the blanket. I gently laid him on his back and laid down on top of him letting my arms carry my weight. We kissed for several minutes then I pulled back and stroked his hair while staring into those emerald eyes.
David was searching my face and said, “Where the fuck did you come from?”
I bent down and started licking his ear. “Hmmm, live up on the hill.”
“ No now wait a minute.” He stammered. “I need to know something about you.”
He was pushing at my chest but he wasn’t making much progress. At 6’4” and 195 pounds I was just a lot bigger than he was. Most of that weight was in the form of muscle, thanks to the Army, but he had this cute worried look on his face and even though I had my knees between his legs and a eight inch dick that now felt like steel, he had to want me or it wasn’t going to happen. So as much as I hated to, I laid down next to him with my head propped up on my hand. Damn he was cute and despite the fact that he wanted more info I could see that he had a hardon. I ran my hand over it and gave it a little squeeze.
“No. Don’t do that.” He pushed my hand off of his crotch but didn’t move it any further away than the top of his thigh. He kept glancing down at it as I was making little circles with the tip of my finger.
“ How,” he said, “did you know that I was gay? Do I have like a fucking sign on my forehead?” He put his hand over mine to stop the circling. “If you keep that up I’m gonna shoot in my jock. My god! How many hands do you have?” He scooted away from me a bit.
“ Geez, David I didn’t mean to come on this strong. Actually, I’ve never had any gay contact with anyone, unless you count jacking off with internet cam guys.” He was staring at me and his black hair had fallen down over his forehead and he had the longest fucking eyelashes and then there were those green eyes. I rolled over onto my back so that I didn’t have to look into those eyes or I’d never get this said. “I don’t have a clue David. When I fished you out of the stream and was carrying you to the shore and you were squirming around in my arms and you had this wild look in your eyes. Do you realize how beautiful your eyes are? Anyway something happened, I guess I just fell in love with you.” He was still staring at me but his eyes had softened. “Up until now I never believed in love at first sight but that’s what happened.” I rolled over and looked at him. “At least I think that’s what happened, fuck I don’t know.” I reached out and touched his knee. “Like I said I’m really new to this but I knew that I couldn’t pass up the chance. For some reason, suddenly, you just meant too much to me.” I gave him my biggest smile. “Look, I know it’s stupid but you did say you’re gay so I at least I wasn’t hitting on a straight guy. And besides, you kissed me back.” He smiled, oh goddamn!
He came over and knelt down next to me. “Mark, it’s just that you took me by storm. I mean I did think for a while there that I was going to drown and then this big hunk of a guy picks me up like nothing and carries me to the shore and starts kissing me.” He looked up at the sky and laughed. “By the way for a guy with no experience you do that pretty well. And well, the reason that I kept tripping over myself is because I do that almost every time I’m around a hot guy.” He ducked his head and was looking at me sheepishly. “I am a klutz. At least I am when I’m around guys like you.”
I sat up and looked directly into those eyes. “You mean you like the way I look? I mean, you could be attracted to me?”
“ Mark,” he said, “have you ever looked in a mirror?”
I felt really embarrassed and I’m sure that I was blushing. “Well,” I said, “I mean I know that I’m not ugly or anything, but nothing like you.” I reached out and touched the side of his face. He didn’t flinch. “You’re gorgeous.” I said quietly. He had the most beautiful mouth and he parted his lips slightly. I put my hand behind his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Then we were just touching foreheads. “David, you have to tell me what to do.” I said. “I only want to make you happy but, well, just tell me what you need.”
“ You never had sex with a man?” He asked.
“ No,” I said, “I mean I’m not a virgin. I’ve been with women.” He looked at me oddly.
“ Obviously,” I said, “that didn’t work out.” Then I started kissing him again.
“ Well,” he said, “in a way it’s basically the same thing.” He pulled his tee shirt up over his head and let it drop to the blanket. He seemed to hesitate a moment and then stood up and pulled off his shorts and jock in one movement. Then he just stood there.
I leaned back on my elbows. “David please come here.”
He walked over and sat down straddling my lap facing me, his dick standing almost straight up. His hands were holding very tight to my shoulders like he was nervous or afraid. Then he just started to cry. No warning, nothing just sobbing. My heart felt like it was turning over in my chest and I pulled him tight to my chest.

“Oh David, don’t cry, oh, god, please don’t cry. We don’t have to do anything. Just please David don’t cry.” I was overwhelmed with a desire to protect this man. I stroked his hair and said. “Why David, is it something I said, or did?” He shook his head no but he was still crying. “I don’t fucking know why I’m crying Mark.” His head was tucked under my chin. “But it’s not because you did anything.” I was rocking him gently. “It’s just, well, I’ve waited so long and then there you were and it was like a fucking dream come true and then I was crying and shit I’m just an asshole.”

I was gently holding his head against my chest with my hand. “This is not exactly the best place on the planet to be gay,” he said, “in case you hadn’t noticed.” He was sniffling now but the great wave of emotion had passed. “I wouldn’t be here myself if my grandfather hadn’t left me the land and the money to build a house on it. But the only gay activity is at the rest area up on the interstate highway and the cops watch it like a hawk and try to entrap guys, so I don’t go there.” He was pressed as tightly to my body as he could get and he felt frightened to me, not just nervous but frightened of something, something more than meeting another gay guy.
“ David,” I said, “I want to make love to you. Or rather I want us to make love together, but I don’t want to take advantage of you. I don’t want to catch you at some emotional low point just so I can just get my rocks off.” I was still holding his head and slowly rubbing his back. I couldn’t feel his hardon anymore pressing into my stomach so I guess he had gone soft, but he was basically sitting on my dick and there was absolutely no chance that it was going soft with him sitting on it.
“ Mark I wouldn’t let you take advantage of me.” He had pulled a way from my chest and was looking directly into my eyes. He smiled. “I’m sitting naked on your lap of my own free will and because I’m horny as a toad.” He looked very serious. “God, tell me you’re not a bottom cause if I don’t get fucked soon I’m going to lose my mind.”
I laughed because it was funny and also I was relieved that basically we both wanted the same thing, sexually.
“ No David, I’m not a bottom and horny as a toad is just the condition that I was hoping you’d be in. Has it been a long time, I mean, since your last fuck?”
I was kissing the side of his neck and licking his chin. “Oh god I love it when you do that.” He said.
His body was almost vibrating. “Yeah, its’ been quite a while, two years maybe but I’ve got a small dildo at home that I can use to keep from totally losing my mind. Geez, I’ve known you for two hours and already I’ve told you about my dildo. Honest Mark I’m not some wanton slut or anything. I mean I don’t want you to think that I’ve fucked half the planet. I’ve only had sex with maybe five guys in my whole life and only the last two fucked me, but I realize from my experience with them that it’s what I like.” For the last couple of minutes he was clenching and unclenching his ass around my dick. “Actually”, he said, “like” is the wrong word. Although I do “like” it, I really do “need” it.”
“ I don’t suppose you have any condoms with you.” I asked.
“ Oh, but I do.” He smiled. “Now don’t you move, I don’t want you running off or anything.”
He got up and went over to a small leather case laying next to his tackle box. It was the kind of case that was actually issued by the Army for the guys to hold toiletries in and obviously he used it for the same thing. He was holding up a tube that I took to be lube and some rubbers. “If my butt isn’t lying to me we’re gonna need the large.” I had pulled off my shirt and was slipping off my shorts and jock. “You could,” I said, “confirm those measurements with your mouth.” God my dick loved being free of that jock. It rolled over to the side and then stood up and pointed straight at the sky. He was standing by his tackle box stark naked with his hip cocked to one side. His dick was hard and pointing straight up and it looked to be about 6 or 7 inches and was pretty. It was wide at the base and stayed wide until just below the head where it turned to a blunt point. He started moving back toward me. He moved with a very fluid motion. I noticed that his chest, abs and butt were pretty well defined and concluded that he must at least exercise regularly to stay as defined as he was. He had a pretty good suntan and with his black hair his green eyes were even more striking. After thinking about it I decided that emeralds were a pretty good analogy. He moved like a dancer or a racehorse in that there was a prance to his step that drew attention to his ass. He had the most beautiful ass I had ever seen, and in the Army I had seen plenty. The Army Rangers are some of the most physically fit guys on the planet, well, along with the Navy SEALS, and I figured my point of reference regarding butts was as good as anyone’s. I also notice a few old scars on his back and sides and I figured he at some time in his life had been in an accident. I knew about scars.
When he got back to me he laid down next to me facing my feet so that we’d be in a position to sixty-nine. I started to stroke his legs slowly. I didn’t want him to think that I was only interested in a quick fuck, because I wasn’t. I don’t know if it really was love at first sight, but what I was feeling for David was very real and very strong and I wanted to signal with my actions that I wanted this to be more than just sex. I also knew from what he had told me that he needed sex and soon. I was taking him at his word but I wanted him to set the pace without goading from me. Then I started thinking that the whole love thing I was laying on him might freak him out as being too much too soon. So, I decided that I was going to cool the love talk and let him set the pace on sex at least for the time being.
I was rubbing my hands lightly up and down his leg moving closer to his balls but also running the tips of my fingers through the crack of his butt. He really seemed to like that, but I guessed you would if you needed to be fucked. At the same time he had grabbed my dick and was trying to cram as much of it into his mouth as he could. His left hand was around my dick and his right hand was playing with my balls.
I reached his balls with my right hand and started to go for his dick with my left but he said. “No please! If you touch that I’ll shoot! Believe me it’s all I can do to stop it now.” He looked at me kind of plaintively and said. “I’m sorry, I don’t usually have this much of a hair trigger but its been a long time and well…you really turn me on.”
By now he was rolling the rubber down my cock and it felt really good as the tight band of latex was rolled down my cock. I was leaking a lot of precum so there was no need to add lube inside of the condom. When he had that done he stood and straddled my waist and started to lower himself onto my cock, putting his hands on my chest for balance. I held my cock in what seemed to be the appropriate angle and soon the head of my cock touched his asshole. David just made a little sound somewhere between a grunt and a whimper. He stayed like that for about twenty seconds and then I could feel the pressure of his asshole on the end of my dick as he tried to get it to penetrate his ass ring. I felt the pop as it went in to him. David’s eyes had been closed and his lips clenched shut but at that he opened his eyes wide and his mouth grimaced. He was beginning to sweat and had a light sheen over his chest and upper arms. He said, “Oh, Oh, Oh my god.” Then he made that little noise again that eventually I would come to consider the David sound.
His butt was sinking steadily down onto my cock and while it wasn’t enough to make me shoot I could have gotten off easily just by thinking more about what was actually happening. I was trying to concentrate on David and making sure that he wasn’t hurting himself. The precum was running off the tip of his dick in a steady stream and was making a puddle in my navel. I could feel his butt settling down onto my balls and upper thighs and I reached forward and started rubbing my thumbs lightly over his nipples.
“ Will this be too much for you David?” I asked. I didn’t want my touching his nipples to end his fun. The only response I got was, “Anngghh”, which I took to mean no it was okay. I knew better than to touch his cock but really wanted to do more than rub his nipples so I began to run my hands along his thighs and his upper arms. David was just beginning to raise himself an inch or two and then lower himself again but soon he had a short stroke rhythm going and he said. “Oh wow, this is really great. I didn’t think that I’d be able to take it all but I did. Man that is one great cock you’ve got! I feel like the head is somewhere up around my liver.”
I said, “Babe you look really hot, riding my cock. I think maybe that’s where my dick is meant to be.”
“ Oh yeah,” he said, “Oh yeah” But I took that to be an indication of the physical sensation of finally having a dick up his butt again rather than any relationship comment.
He whipped his head from side to side to throw off the sweat that was getting in his eyes and he steadily increased the depth of stroke he was taking. Soon he was lifting himself up about six inches and slowly dropping himself down. After a couple minutes of this I started moving my hips up to meet his dropping butt and the first time I did it his head flew back and he made the David sound again. Generally he was making a very steady “unnhh unnhh” sound over and over again, only if I pumped my hips up too hard would he make the David sound. Somehow when you’re watching a guy doing this, and he’s this deeply into it, it seems like you’re seeing something very unveiled about him. I felt like I was looking into David’s soul or at least some part of it. So far, everything that I saw only made me want him more and not just in a sexual way, although that was a big part of it. I started thinking about how my dick was actually penetrating David’s body and how we were being bound together by this physical act of fucking. Thinking like that seemed to trigger the beginning stages of my orgasm and I told David. “Man I’m getting close.”
He looked down at me. “Whenever you start cumming just grab my dick and I’ll shoot.”
He smiled at me. When I felt my orgasm beginning to explode in his butt I sat up straight, grabbed his dick and shoved my tongue into his mouth all at the same time. He was screaming the David sound into my mouth and I felt his cum hitting the bottom of my chin.
I was holding myself upright and holding onto David with my abs doing most of the work and pretty soon they needed relief. I laid back down pulling David with me so that his chest was resting on mine with my still stiff dick lodged in his ass. David was sweating heavily and it was mingling with the load of cum he had shot between us. His body was jerking every few seconds with aftershocks of his orgasm, I was kissing the top of his sweaty head, my left hand held the back of his neck and my right was slowly rubbing his back. I wanted him to know that this was not just a quick fuck thing for me and the next few minutes were critical to establishing that and I was trying to gentle him with my stroking and keep him calm.
“ You were wonderful.” I said softly to him. “I’m glad my first time was with you.”
“ Do you mind holding me?” He was talking quietly into my chest. “This feels good…except your cock is about to slip out of my butt.”
I laughed. “Well it’s a little tired now but you can have it back after it’s rested. I think that it really liked your butt.”
He giggled and looked up at me. “Am I too heavy for you? I can get off.”
I pulled his head back down to my chest. “No you’re good, I like the way you feel there.”
He sighed and kind of settled in on top of me. “I’m sorry you had to wait so long for your next fuck.” I said. “As cute as you are I wouldn’t have thought you’d have to do anything more than answer the phone.”
I was lightly stroking the side of his head, running the tips of my fingers through his hair from just in front of his ear down to the nape of his neck. “If this bothers you I’ll stop.”
“ Hmm, no it feels good, it relaxes me.” His voice sounded like he was on the verge of sleep.”
“ If you want to sleep baby go ahead,” I said, “I’m fine.” I don’t think he heard the last part of that sentence he was out like a light. I laid there with him asleep on my chest happy that he trusted me enough to do that. It made breathing a lot more difficult but it was worth it. I just kept lightly stroking his hair. It felt like we were glued together as the load of cum between us began to dry.
After about 30 minutes I couldn’t take the weight on my chest anymore and gently rolled him off of me onto the blanket. He barely stirred. I lay next to him watching his face.
The fuck had been unbelievable, way more than I ever expected. If I ever had any doubts about being gay, I didn’t anymore. I was gay and I wanted this man. Period.
I continued stroking his hair and watching his face, angelic in sleep. He moved his lips from time to time but continued to sleep. I didn’t care, I was enjoying just being next to him and besides, while he was asleep he couldn’t run off. I didn’t know what I was going to do if all he wanted was that fuck because I wanted so much more, but I also knew that it was unreasonable to expect him to fall for me as quickly as I had fallen for him. So the only thing that I knew was that I had this moment and I watched him breath and studied the dark stubble on his chin. He had fairly large nipples and I really wanted to lick them but I was afraid that it would wake him. His dick was soft and nestled in his black pubic hair, his balls lying between his legs.
I had to pee, bad, and I got up and walked a short distance into the woods and peed against a tree. As I was walking back to the blanket I saw David beginning to toss his head from side to side, so I hurried back and laid next to him. He was having some kind of a dream and it obviously wasn’t a happy one and he seemed to be trying to get away from someone in the dream. I hoped it wasn’t me. I decided to try stroking his hair again but it didn’t have any effect and eventually his eyes just snapped open. He had a really startled look on his face and he seemed disoriented.
“ Oh wow! Weird dream! Sorry about that.” He sat up and was obviously embarrassed about the dream. I told him that it was okay and that I liked watching him sleep. He said he was surprised that he had fallen asleep but that when I started to stroke his hair it just kind of made him relaxed and tired. That didn’t seem too unusual to me because I felt the same way every time I went to the barber. As soon as a barber starts cutting my hair it’s all I can do to stay awake.
David and I spent the next few hours talking. He filled me in on his early life and I did the same on mine. David had been raised in a small town about twenty miles away and things had gone okay until high school and some guys figured out that he was gay. Then his life became a total nightmare. When it came time for his junior year he was able to talk his parents into letting him stay with his grand parents and go to school in the school district that the house he owned now was in. He was very careful from then on and didn’t let anyone know about him being gay. When he went off to the state university he majored in business and came back to this same town and got a job in the local bank where he now worked. When his grandfather died he left David ten acres of land that bordered on this stream and enough money to build a pretty large A-frame style house.
The path that led from my house down to the stream continued on to David’s. His house was about three hundred yards further on down the path. David and I walked there holding hands. It felt great. I was a little surprised at David’s house. The immediate area that the house was on was surrounded by an eight foot high chain link fence. The path stopped at a locked gate in the fence. David took a key out of his shorts and let us in and we walked up to the house. I asked him about the fence and he just said that living this far out in the middle of nowhere you couldn’t be too careful. We laid on lounges on his deck and kissed and held each other. I think he was beginning to understand that I was in this for more than the sex. Anyway we ended up with him napping while he half laid on me and I held him. At about four o’clock I told him that I had to go home and make some business calls and I also invited him for dinner that night at my house. We parted with a deep kiss and he promised to be over by six o’clock.
I’m a manufacturer’s rep, which is to say, a salesman. However, since what I sell is high tech electronic gear, and because I do some of the servicing of what I sell, it doesn’t really feel like selling. The companies that buy from the company where I work really don’t have many other places to get this shit, so not much selling is required. I do however have to check in a couple of time a day to see if anybody out there needs my help. The big advantage to all of this is that I pretty much set my own hours, and my office is at home. So, when I got home I covered those bases for an hour or so and then set out to make dinner and get cleaned up.
I figured that something like pot roast with potato’s and green beans was a safe bet and one that I could handle. I did the prep work on that including browning the meat. Finally I threw the meat into a pressure cooker that my mom had given me and taught me how to use, and then took a shower. Two thirds of the way through the cooking time for the meat I cooled it down, tossed the vegetables in, and set it to cooking again. I was going to get David to help me make the salad.
David showed up about ten minutes early looking incredibly hot in tan cargo shorts and a black polo type shirt.
“ Wow, babe you look hot.” I said “May I kiss you?” I didn’t want to take too much for granted here and I figured that I should probably begin with the polite approach.
David laughed as he put his arms around my neck. “You’ve already fucked me.”
I kissed the side of his neck and whispered. “I know but kissing is more intimate. If I absolutely had to and I do mean absolutely, I could maybe give up fucking but I could never give up kissing.” I had been kissing my way around his face and then moved in for a long leisurely deep kiss. I slid my tongue into his mouth and he began to try and suck it out of my body. In the mean time my hands had found his ass and I was kneading his ass cheeks. I lifted him up and he wrapped his legs around my waist and strengthened his grip around my neck. I carried him over to the sofa and laid him down lengthwise on it and I lay down on top of him, with my knees and elbows carrying my weight.
“ You’re not one of those perverts who’s going to make me suck his dick so that he can put pictures of me on the internet are you.” He sounded serious but I wasn’t sure.
“ David! You’re kidding right? I wouldn’t do something like that.”
“ Oh shit,” he said, “well I hope you’re planning on taking advantage of me in some way. Otherwise it won’t have been worth the walk.”
We both laughed and I put both of my arms under his back with my hands cradling his head and drew him up for more kissing. “Oh man,” I said, “you are soooo getting to me.” I kissed his eyes, his nose and then that beautiful mouth. David, who earlier was a bit tentative, was now totally into this. I think he was beginning to understand that I was seriously interested in him. His body felt so good under me, so completely David, which is to say very sexual, very responsive and so, well, so David. He is a kind gentle man and this, combined with his aura of sexuality, created my idea of him. In my mind, then and now, David is the perfect mate, a mixture of all that I wanted in a man, wrapped up in a very handsome exterior. It was all I could do to force my attention back to dinner, because if we didn’t eat now god knew when we would have because I planned to fuck him for hours, if he would let me.
We had a totally pleasant dinner. I opened a bottle of Cabernet to go with the pot roast and we both got nicely buzzed. Afterwards we sat on the sofa leaning into each other and holding hands. David wanted to know everything having to do with the Army and especially the Rangers. I filled him in on it from the time I went in until I got out and answered about ten million questions.
I learned that while David’s dad was still alive David didn’t have an awful lot to do with him and that his Grandfather had been his favorite relative. Apparently the problems he had had in high school had caused a rift between he and his dad and that had never healed. And on the other hand his grandfather had provided him the safety of living with him at a time when David was really frightened about the whole thing. Obviously his grandfather’s death had been devastating to him and had taken away his primary security blanket. As he was telling me this, he was absentmindedly twisting my fingers and I knew that there had to be a lot more to this story than I was being told, but I thought, “What the hell, I’m trying to put my best foot forward too.” I knew that my boy was still deeply troubled by something, but I wasn’t going to force the story out of him before he was ready to tell it.
As the evening went on we were lying down on the sofa facing each other with our legs intertwined and my arms around David, our crotches were pressed together. We continued to talk about our lives, our jobs, and all the little things people talk about at times like that. Our faces kept getting closer and closer until we were virtually breathing the same air and the talking had turned to whispers and kisses.
Finally, and almost simultaneously, we got up and headed into my bedroom. We were kissing and neither one of us wanted to break the kiss, so we undressed each other like Siamese twins. David climbed up onto the bed backwards with his hardon swaying back and forth. I followed him on my hands and knees, crawling between his legs. When he reached the head of the bed I lowered my body to his and we continued to kiss. We were both leaking a great deal of precum and our crotches were soaked with the slippery liquid. I was slowly rubbing our cock’s together using precum for the great lubricant it is. David kept tightening and relaxing his legs and I began licking his nipples, using as much pressure as my tongue could provide. Since I was rubbing our cocks together just with a thrusting motion of my hips, it left my hands free to stroke David’s hair and shoulders. He kept making this little “unh” sound. I put my face alongside of his and began circling the edges of his left ear with my tongue slowly moving in and steadily breathing into his ear. He was beginning to squirm and his knees seemed to be moving apart and lifting up a bit. I moved my left hand down to his crotch but totally avoided his cock because I knew from the morning that he could have a hair trigger. I played very gently with his balls, which are hairless and really big, rolling them carefully in my hand. His legs were spreading even wider apart and he was getting this intense “fuck me” look on his face. I kissed him very deeply and asked him to roll over onto his stomach. While he was turning over my hands never stopped touching him and I moved down between his legs and began kissing that incredible ass of his, massaging it with my hands and licking it, kissing it and also taking delicate nips of it with my teeth. David was beginning to make very low pitched versions of the David sound, and was pushing his butt back towards me. I spread his cheeks apart and began licking my way towards the center. His asshole was flexing constantly as I was doing this, but began to relax as I began concentrating on the very center. I licked and blew air on it for a couple of minutes and then tried pulling his dick back between his legs but he was incredibly hard and I could only get it to point straight down and then I began licking, starting from as close to the head of his dick as I could get, all the way up to his asshole in one long stroke. The David sound was getting higher pitched. Since I didn’t want him cumming yet, I let go of his cock and just kept circling his asshole with my finger.
David said. “Oh fuck Mark, man just do it! You’re fucking killing me!”
I didn’t answer him but began licking the back of his leg from where the knee bends, up and then over to his perineum.
“ Please Mark, please man fuck me! Man I need that cock now!”
“ Okay babe, lay down on your stomach.” He stretched out arching his back slightly.
I ran my hands down his back and onto his butt. I reached for the lube and started packing some into his ass. Then I rolled a condom over my dick and pressed it firmly to his asshole but didn’t try to push it in. He kept laying his head down and then lifting it and turning it to see what I was doing. He started lifting just his butt off the bed by an inch or two.
I was straddling his hips and very slowly began applying pressure to his asshole with my cock. It took a few moments but I finally popped through his ass ring then I stopped for a moment so that his body could adjust to my dick. Finally I began a very slow smooth inward stroke that lasted until my balls were tight against his perineum. David was moving his head from side to side with his mouth open but no sound was coming out. I carefully lowered my body until I was totally covering him but still being careful to carry most of my weight on my arms and knees. I was able to hold David’s head in both of my hands and I started to lick him and bite very gently wherever I could reach.
“ David is this okay? Is this feeling good to you?” I whispered.
“ Mmmm yeah, yeah it is. You feel so good in me.” He started suck on my fingers.
“ You feel really good to me too. I love being in you, so hot, so tight.” I was fucking David slowly with some long strokes and some short ones. I was trying for the moment to avoid directly hitting his prostate. I didn’t want him shooting too soon.
We fucked like that for thirty minutes or so and then I pulled out of David and he turned onto his back and put his ankles on my shoulders. I entered him again in one slow steady plunge until my balls were pressed tight against his ass. I was watching his face as my cock moved into him. He’s so beautiful, the way he moves his mouth as my cock goes into him, the sweat that has started to plaster his black hair down and the look of being consumed with being fucked. He’s making little sounds, little David sounds, and I push his knees to his chest so that I can kiss him. Now my tongue is in his mouth and we’re breathing hard into each other and the kiss is hard to hold because of the movement of fucking. While I’m kissing him I’m wiping the sweat off of his face and looking into his eyes. I’m pretty sure that I see love in his eyes and certainly lust and I want to see trust there too because I really want David to trust me, to know that I would never hurt him. I love this guy so fucking much but I know that it’s going to take longer for him to feel the same way that I do. I mean I’m pretty sure that he’s beginning to love me but I’m also pretty sure this guy’s been hurt somehow by someone but I can’t think of that now it’ll make me crazy.
I move David’s body a bit and redirect my cock so that it starts moving across his prostate and the change is immediate.
“Oh fuck! Oh fuck yeah!”
He’s lifting his chin moving his head back and forth and, while before he was stroking his cock, he’s now beating it. Somehow in some part of my mind I know that I’ll cum when he does, that I won’t be able to stop it. David’s excitement is transmitted to me instantly and I can feel the beginning of my orgasm building. I’m slamming into him now. We’re both sweating and our bodies are covered with a combination of sweat, lube and precum.
David’s first shot clears his head and hits the sheet behind it, the second hits his chin and the rest begin coating his chest and stomach. The David sound has become a yell as I start pumping my cum into the condom in his ass, his legs are alternately gripping and relaxing against my shoulders. I’m yelling, “Oh fuck David! Oh fuck man! Man I’m shooting in your ass!” I can hear and feel my balls slapping against David’s ass
Finally I lower David’s legs down on either side of me and I lay on his chest and I can feel the huge load of his cum spreading out between our bodies. Again I try to support most of my weight on my knees and elbows while I hold his head in my hands as I kiss him. We’re both lacking oxygen and we stop kissing and I lay my head next to his. I can feel his breath in my ear and I’m sure he can feel and hear mine. My cock is slowly coming out of his ass and then drops to the sheet.
I want this to be the way my life will be. I want this man in my arms forever, to feel and hear his breath next to my head, to feel his heart beating strongly. I turn my head and kiss his cheek. I feel him turning his head and then I turn and kiss his lips.
“ Wow.” David says.
I kiss him again. “Wow back at you,” I reply.
I lift myself up and roll off to the side, pulling the condom off as I turn so that I can drop it in the trash can on the side of the bed. I grab a towel and wipe off my dick and then start to clean up David. When I get all of the cum wiped up I lay next to David on my side and pull him onto his side so that we can kiss, my right arm is wrapped around him and our legs are entwined. I look into his eyes and ask softly, “Is that what you needed it to be David. I mean did I do it the way that you want?” I’m running the tips of my fingers through his hair and looking into his eyes.
David kissed my eyes and then my mouth very slowly. “It was perfect.” He whispered and then in a laughing voice. “So why don’t we do it again?” He laughed.
“ Yeah right! That’ll happen! It will take me a couple of days to build that back up.” I was teasing him and he knew it.
David pushed me on my back and straddled my chest. “Fucking days! Man I need this at least twice more tonight!” He had entwined his fingers with mine and was holding my hands down on the bed. He was laughing and playful.
“ Well,” I said, “if you’re a really good boy I have a feeling you might get a repeat performance in the morning.” I pulled my hands free and pulled David down so that he’s flat on top of me while I kissed him deeply. He snuggled down with his head on my chest and I began lightly running my fingertips through his hair.
“I promise. I’ll be good.”
His voice was getting heavy with his need for sleep and, as before, the stroking was putting him under. When he finally dropped off I waited a while and then, very gently, rolled him off me and onto his side. I spooned him from behind and rested his head on my upper arm, and continued to lightly stroke him with my other hand. I pulled the sheet up over us and laid there, listening to David’s heart beat, and was soon asleep myself.
Sometime during the night I remember David sitting bolt upright in the bed. He started talking and then lay back down. Then, it was like he realized he wasn’t next to me anymore and he moved back against me. It had felt so cold when he moved away and when he came back to me I wrapped my arms around him again and pulled him close. He made some little sounds and then was asleep again.
I woke just as it was getting light and saw that David was curled on his side on the other side of the bed with his back to me. I got carefully out of bed and walked naked into the kitchen to start the coffee and then to the bathroom to piss. Returning to the bedroom I got slowly back into bed and and moved into position behind David, wrapping him in my arms. He wiggled a little but never really woke up. I was staring at the back of his ear and the side of his face. His hair was very black and the stubble of his beard very evident. I looked down his body at the way his butt looked pressed against my crotch. David is a lot smaller than me and I can kind of envelope him with my body and he just feels so fucking good in my arms. His body is perfectly proportioned, his hands and feet are so beautiful and he’s so handsome. There is a delicate quality to him that is hard to describe, it’s not that he’s effeminate, because he’s not, but he’s got like a 30 inch waist, for Christ sake, he’s almost petite. When I’m holding David like this something is triggered in my brain, some very basic need to protect, and I could hold him like this forever. While he’s in my arms like this before he’s awake and started his day, he’s all mine and I know that he’s safe. I can feel him breathing and feel his heart beating and I can smooth his hair with my hand and touch his lips and he’s just all mine, this wonderful gift that there’s no way that I deserve.
David’s been making little sounds for the last few minutes and he’s beginning to move, he’s been clenching and unclenching his butt and since my dick was laying in his butt I’m now rock hard. He reaches to his hip and takes my hand and pulls it to his chest and at the same time he’s rhythmically shoving his butt back against me. I kiss his shoulder and then nuzzle the back of his head. He smells so great. His hardon is sticking out from his crotch and I move my hand down and wrap it around his dick. This causes a sound somewhere between a gasp and a moan to come from him.
“ David,” I whisper, “are you awake?”
“ Mmm, yeah kinda.” He mumbles and shoves his butt back against my cock again. “You must be glad to see me.” He kinda laughs in a sleepy way not totally awake.
“ Do you want me to bring you coffee?” Again I whisper into the hair on the back of his head.
“ Unnh uh. Don’t leave me.” He pulls my hip tighter to his butt while thrusting his dick into my hand.
“ I won’t go David. Go back to sleep.”
“ Need you Mark. Mmmm. Need you in me.” Still shoving his butt back against my dick.
“ David is a horny little fucker.” I mumble into the nape of David’s neck.
“ It’s your fault. You seduced me. I was a good boy till you showed me your dick.” He giggles into my arm.
He reaches between us and take my cock in his hand. “What the hell is this thing against my butt? Feels like telephone pole.” He starts slowly jerking my cock.
Now I’m shoving my dick up and down the crack of his butt. I reach over David to the nightstand and grab a condom and lube. David sees this and starts making little go for it sounds. I tear the package with my teeth and roll a condom down my cock and then start applying lube to David’s butt. His asshole is a little swollen and I’m very gentle with the lube, making circles around the center slowly before moving at first one finger and then two into him.
We’re still lying on our sides and I decide that this is probably the best way to start a morning fuck and I place the head of my dick against his asshole and just hold it there without applying any significant pressure. Looking at my dick against his asshole almost has me cumming and I have to defocus or I’ll never last. David begins pushing back against me and my dick pops into him, sinking about three inches before I stop it. I want to give him time to get used to my dick. He rolls his head back towards me and we kiss. There is a look in his eyes that I’ve seen before, but never with this intensity. We kiss again but longer now and with greater passion. I think we both know that something has changed. I wrap my arms tightly around him and start biting softly at the back of his neck and shoulders and at the same time slowly sink the rest of my cock into his ass. His dick is sticking out as hard as I’ve ever seen it but I know that I can’t touch it yet but I start rubbing his stomach and chest. He’s making the David sound steadily now and I’m pumping my cock very slowly in and out trying my best to avoid his prostate.
“ Unnh, unnh, oh fuck yeah!” He’s saying softly, almost to himself.
“ Baby,” I say, “is this how you want it.”
“ Oh yeah! Fuck me babe, fuck me hard.” He starts pushing back against me hard and I know this can’t last.
“ Tell me when David.” It’s almost a gasp. We’re both breathing hard.
David’s beginning to stretch his legs out and tighten his muscles and I know he’s close. Then he starts yelling the David sound and I let go and let my orgasm happen just as he’s shooting. I’m a few seconds behind him and as he’s finishing I begin to fill the condom in his ass.
David and I are both gasping for air. I have both of my hands on his shoulders and he still has his hand on his dick. I look over his shoulder and see the trail of his cum running from his dick to the headboard of the bed. Geez this guy shoots! We lay there for a few minutes gathering our strength and eventually my cock plops out of his ass.
“ Mark?” He sounds concerned.
“ Yeah babe?” What’s the matter?
“ Your dick.”
“ Yeah.”
“ Is it clean?”
“ What do you mean?” Oh! I start to laugh.
“ Yeah David it’s clean.” I get up and turn him on his back while I straddle his hips. I pull the condom off my cock and toss it in the waste basket. “But David, if we keep doing this and I sure as hell hope we do, the time will come when it won’t be, but you need to know that I don’t give a fuck. There are a lot of things in this world that bother me but a little shit isn’t one of them. Besides, I’d rather have your shit on my dick than Tom Cruise’s mouth.” I grin at him and he looks a little embarrassed but he smiles back. I lean down and shove my tongue in his mouth kissing him passionately. And even though we both have dog breath that doesn’t fucking bother me either.
I look at David intently. “David there’s isn’t one thing that bothers me about you.”
I gently kiss him again. ”Let’s get some breakfast babe.” I take his hand and pull him out of bed and he comes, gracefully, his beautiful body moving like a dancer.
David stands naked by the stove putting bacon in a pan while I pour coffee. I think, for the millionth time, that his must be the prettiest ass on the planet. I walk over to him and hand him his coffee, then I get him an apron, which I put over his head and tie in back. I can’t help myself. I run my hands over his ass.
“ Careful back there, you don’t want to be starting something you don’t have time to finish.”
I wrap my arms around his chest and kiss the back of his neck and his ear.
“ Com’on now you’ll give me a hardon and I’m too close to the stove! You might lose your favorite new toy.”
I nestle my cock in the crack of his ass. “Actually it might be my second favorite new toy.” He giggles. “Well stud your first favorite new toy needs a little recovery time. Feels like somebody drove a Mack truck up there.” He smiled at me. “But I wouldn’t mind if it happened again in say maybe an hour or so.”
We spent the rest of the day fucking, sucking and showering, interrupted only by hushed conversations. Lying naked on the bed totally entwined with each other we whispered of our hopes and desires and of our love. This was definitely the day that we both fell in love. It was a Sunday of change, a day that was to bind us together and make us lovers. By the end of the day I don’t think that either of us could imagine living without the other. We had dropped many of the emotional walls that people erect to keep themselves safe from possible hurt and we took chances that day and spoke of our mistakes and fears and of our needs. David told me at least some of the horrible things that had happened to him at his first high school. I knew that he was editing out the worst parts but I understood the courage it took for him to tell me as much as he did. I told him of some of the horrors that I had seen and been involved in. It was a time for tears and consoling and trusting. David became mine that Sunday and I became his.
Around five o’clock David dressed in his shorts and shirt and told me he was going to run home and start dinner, we were planning on spending the night at his house. I told him that I’d see him in an hour or so and was going to do some laundry. He kissed me goodbye, his emerald eyes looking up into mine a slight smile on his face his black hair in its usual tangle. I reached out and pushed his hair off of his forehead letting my fingertips run through it. He held my hand and kissed my palm. I bent and kissed him tasting his warm mouth and feeling the dark stubble on his face as I held it and then he left.
I left the house about six thirty and walked down the path through the woods that led to the stream where David and I first met and then went on to his house. I rang the bell at the back gate that was part of the cyclone fence surrounding the property but there was no answer. That struck me as odd and at first I couldn’t decide what I should do. I could be over the fence in seconds but David might think that strange. In any event I decided to walk around the fence to the front of the house. The fence enclosed all of the property but was indented at the driveway leaving about one hundred feet of driveway and the mailbox outside the fence.
I saw what looked like a large khaki and black bundle lying next to the driveway and I guess some part of me knew exactly what it was because I started running towards it. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m running now through the brush and trees surrounding the property I’m getting cut by branches but I don’t feel them I’m just running and hearing my breathing in my ears and my heart pounding and I’m thinking God don’t do this to me don’t let it be David please God not David take me God but please don’t let that be him.
And then I’m holding him in my arms and pressing my hand against the stab wound and I’m calling cops on my cell phone and telling David that it will be okay and please don’t die because he’s my whole world and now I’m covered in his blood there’s so much blood and I can’t stop it all I can’t stop it and I hear the sirens and then the cops are there pointing guns and I give them David and they’re yelling at me but they drive away with David and the sirens never stop and they grab me and cuff me and then put me in the cop car and I can’t stop crying and why do I have to watch so many people die and please not David God, please not David.
It’s was late that evening when the police released me. They’ve checked me out six ways to Sunday and they had reluctantly come to believe me. I understood their position. I was the logical suspect. Even I would have arrested me. I fucking couldn’t stop crying at the police station and I guess I weirded them out, I know that I weirded me out. I’ve seen friends hurt and even killed before, close friends too, but when I saw David like that, man that just really threw me. It was like I dropped into this other world. The thought of losing that little fucker just tore my soul in half. It scared me afterwards too. I mean, a few days ago I would have said that no one could have that effect on me and now, I like belong to this other person and I don’t have any control over the situation. No control, that’s scary. I walked around before I went to the hospital. I mean I didn’t know if I could handle this loss of control and the responsibility but in the end I knew that there was no way that I could resist going to David. The man had made a fundamental change in me, without him I would be always searching for the half of me that would be missing.
At the hospital David was still unconscious but I was allowed to sit by his bed in the ICU and hold his hand. The knife had penetrated the liver but the surgeons had been able to repair it and they were trying to replace some of the blood he had lost. I still hadn’t changed clothes but had cleaned myself up as much as possible in the john. David’s face was bruised but that was the only sign that anything had happened at least that was visible above the covers. I talked quietly to him even though I knew he wouldn’t be able to respond and maybe not even hear me. It felt so good to just be able to hold his hand, it felt warm and, well, normal. He looked so peaceful and I marveled again at how handsome he was, how perfect. I told him that I loved him and I promised him that if he just got well I’d see to it that no one ever hurt him again. It was a promise I meant.
It was never even a question of whether or not I would kill whoever did this to David, it was only a question of time.
I must have fallen asleep with my head on David’s bed and near morning he was waking up and the cops came in and hauled me out of there. I understood that they wanted to talk to David before I got a chance to speak to him, but leaving him was hard to do.
About ten o’clock that morning they let me back in to see David. I walked over to him and took his face in my hands.
“ I’m so fucking sorry David, I’m so sorry.” The tears were streaming down my face and I was on the verge of totally losing it again.
He pulled me down to kiss him. “Mark, please don’t fucking cry. If you start then I’ll cry too. Let’s don’t go there.” He looked at me and asked. “Why are you sorry? I mean I’ll be okay. It’s okay Mark. Please don’t cry.” He was holding my hands as I held his face.
“ I should have been there David. If I had been there this wouldn’t have happened. I’m so sorry.”
“ Mark if you had been there it’s true it wouldn’t have happened, not then, at least. But Mark, it would have still have happened, just not then.” He was wiping away my tears with his thumbs. “God, I fucking love you. Mark I need to tell you everything that happened that caused all this and a lot of other things.”
“ I can’t tell you the guys name cause the cops made me promise not to. You know, those assholes still want to think you did this. Well anyway, I went to high school with this guy. Remember I told you that I went to two high schools and how bad the first one was, well this guy was the reason. So anyway when I was a freshman and just starting to understand that I was gay and how I was gonna deal with that this guy found out that I was gay. Well I told him actually but anyway he knew and I thought he was cool with it, I mean, he never said anything bad, at least not at first. I mean I thought “Wow this is cool my straight friend thinks it’s okay that I’m gay.” Well that’s what I thought anyway.” I had been sitting on David’s bed watching him talk and holding his hand. “Now Mark, this is the bad part and I don’t want you to go ballistic.” He took both of my hands in his. “Remember Mark that what I’m going to tell you is over, it’s done and can’t be undone.”
“ David if you don’t fuckin tell me I will go ballistic.”
“ One day after PE class he raped me. I’m not going into the details because they’re not important. But anyway after it was over he apologized to me. He said he didn’t know what came over him and he was really sorry, and I believed him. The weird thing is that the more I thought about it the more I was able to excuse it because, at least the last part of it felt pretty good. Oh don’t fuckin look at me like that, I was fourteen! Anyway I guess that I convinced myself that I was in love with him. I know it’s fucking stupid but that’s what happened. My mistake was in telling him because he just went crazy. A couple of his friends had heard me and they started making fun of him and it really got outta control. A few days later they caught me after school. Well you saw the scars on my back. That’s where they came from.”
I was forcing my mind into a place where this might not hurt so bad. “What did they do David?” Why the fuck did I need to hear this.
“ They beat me with chains. They beat me until apparently they thought that I was dead. But, I survived and I thought that it was over. I mean, I thought that after doing what they did and me not telling the cops who did it, I thought that it would be over. But it wasn’t over even after I changed schools. He would get drunk every month or two and come after me. I understand now what was driving him and it’s pretty sad actually that it’s haunted him for so long.”
I had to get moving. The cops would know the guys name and if I couldn’t get it out of them there would have to be something in the paper from the time it happened and if not that then someone who had been in school at that time would have a name. That was all I needed, a name. I pulled my hands slowly from David’s and began to back away. Thinking of it now I must have been totally nuts to have even been thinking like that but then David does that to me, still. I was almost to the door.
“ Hey!” David yelled and put a hand to his side in pain. “Revenge Boy! Get your ass back here!” He was jabbing his finger at me. “You are not to fucking touch him!” I just stared at him, not sure what he really meant. “Get back here.” He was pointing at the bed. I walked back and sat down. He took my hand. “Mark I know what you’re planning.” And then with some exasperation. “Look, I fucking love you but I don’t want to be sitting at work wondering if my boyfriend is out killing the waiter from last night because we got bad service. I hate violence. I also know that you feel the need to protect me. Mark, I can’t tell you how fucking good that feels.” David looked at me with tears in his eyes. “But the fucking way that you protect me best is to hold me in your arms and tell me that I’m not alone anymore, that you’ll always be there for me.” He looked up at me with tears streaming down his face. “Can you do that?”
“ Oh yes David, I can do that. Honest to god I can do that better than anyone

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