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Protecting David
--- Chapter 17 ---
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Protecting David 17

The morning sun was beginning to stream through the gauzy drapes covering the windows of our hotel room as I cracked open my right eye to see where the movement was coming from. Alex was lying between David and I and was using his hands as little airplanes, swooping and diving. His mouth was forming the sounds that the planes would make but no sound was coming out of his mouth, I’m sure because he didn’t want to wake us. Ever since we landed in England Alex had come into our room and slept with us and I was beginning to wonder why. So far the only answer that I was able to come up with was that maybe he thought we might want to leave him in Europe. Now that doesn’t make sense to an adult but to a four year old………maybe.

I reached over and lightly laid my hand on his stomach. “Morning kiddo.”

Alex rolled over towards me his light blue pajamas twisting around his body. “Morning Dad.” He whispered.

Is there anything more perfect than the clear blue eyes of a little boy?

“Did they bring the coffee?” The hotel put coffee in the sitting room of our suite first thing in the morning.

Alex nodded yes and then reached out and touched my face. “You got a beard, Dad. You gonna shave?”

“Yep! But I’m thinking that maybe I better get some coffee first. Is there anybody out there?” I sleep naked and didn’t want to run into a chambermaid when I went to get the coffee.

“Nope.” Alex giggled. “You don’t want em to see your butt?”

I mimicked Alex. “Nope! You wouldn’t want em to see your little butt would ya?”

“You can’t see my butt cause I wear pj’s.”

“I hate pajamas!” Then I added quickly. “But pj’s are good for little boys like you.” I knew that I had screwed up as soon as the words left my mouth.

“I hate em too, Dad! How come I gotta wear em?”

“Ahhh…………” I reached over and shook David, which resulted in a, “Huh?”

“David, Alex has got a question for you.” I rolled quickly outta bed and walked into the sitting room of the suite and retrieved the tray of coffee as slowly as possible.

When I walked back into the bedroom carrying the tray David was rolled over onto his stomach with the pillow pulled down over his head while Alex was telling him all the reasons that it wasn’t necessary for him to wear pajamas.

David’s deeply muffled voice came from underneath the pillow. “You GOTTA wear pajamas!”

I set my coffee down on the nightstand and scooped Alex up in my arms. “You know when you don’t have to wear pajamas?”

Alex was twisting and trying to wrap his arms around my neck so that I wouldn’t drop him. “When, Dad?”

“When you take a shower, which is what you’re gonna do right now.” Alex was screaming and laughing as I pulled off his pajamas and walked into the shower carrying him.

After we showered I wrapped Alex up in a towel and put him on little stool while I stood wrapped in a big white towel shaving.

“Does that hurt, Dad?”


“I looks like it might hurt.”

“I pulls a little but it doesn’t hurt.” I looked down at him. “Wanna see what it feels like?”

His eyes got wide. “Yeah! Can I, Dad?”

I reached down and picked Alex up and sat him on the counter next to where I was shaving. I took a little shaving cream and wiped in gently across his face.

“How does that feel?”

“Kinda slippery.” Alex was touching the shaving lather on his face.

“Okay, now I’m not, I repeat, not, using the sharp side of the razor and I don’t want you to do it either cause you might cut your throat and then you head would fall off.” I used the back of the razor and stripped the lather from his face.

When I was done Alex turned his head slowly and looked at himself in the mirror. He lifted his hand and touched the spot where the lather had been. “Oh……..Dad, that is soooo cool. Can I do it?”

“No Alex, you’re not old enough. Little boys don’t have the hand eye coordination that you do when you’re older.” I pointed my finger at him for emphasis. “I want you to promise me that you won’t try to do this by yourself. Promise?”

“Yeah Dad, I promise. Can I go show David?”

“Ahhhh……..why don’t we wait and tell David at breakfast.”

“Tell me what?” David was walking into the bathroom. “Oh my god he’s gonna cut his head off!”


David was dressed in a light gray double-breasted suit with a white shirt and a striped blue tie. He looked like a million bucks. Alex and I looked like substantially less but then we were going site seeing and David was going to a meeting with his partners. I was taking Alex to the V&A for however long he held up which I was kinda figuring to be like two hours. Then I was thinking maybe a little lunch and a trip to the London Eye, a huge ferris wheel and a drive by of Buckingham Palace. Jamie, in typical Jamie style, had provided us with tickets to every conceivable venue that might be of interest to a little boy.

David’s security people had provided us with a car and driver and, unless I missed my guess, a backup car with a couple of guys in it. As we crawled through the insane London traffic Alex was scampering from one side of the back seat to the other while I was trying to get his seat belt back on him. He pretty much seemed to regard me as something that he could climb on to get a better view. I loved it, it is after all what a dad is suppose to do, hold onto him so that he doesn’t hurt himself, answer the same question phrased seventy-five different ways, point out the stuff that you don’t want him to miss seeing, carry him sleeping back to the car. Being a dad.

We got back to the hotel around four o’clock and found David sprawled in a chair in the sitting room, his suit coat thrown across the back of the sofa. He looked exhausted.

Alex, who had been sleeping for the time it took to make it back to the hotel, ran over to David and climbed onto his lap and for the next five minutes talked constantly while David nodded his head and smiled.

When Alex finally paused for breath David said. “So ya had a good time?”

Alex was straddling David’s lap and laid his head down on his shoulder and said. “It was great, Dad!”

I walked over and sat on the arm of the chair and David put his arm on my hip. I reached down and stroked Alex’s blonde hair. “Think maybe you’re ready for a little nap?”

Alex’s eyes were almost closed but he still said, “No.”

I looked at David and he slowly got up bringing Alex with him and walked into Alex’s room and laid him gently on the bed. We carefully removed his shoes but didn’t even try to take off his clothes but just pulled the blanket up over him and moved quietly out of the room.

In the hallway I put my hands on David’s shoulders and pushed him gently against the wall as I lowered my head and met him in a kiss that seemed to build and build.

When we broke I asked him. “Everything go okay?”

“Yeah, we got a lot done, just tiring is all. We gotta meet em for dinner tonight. Can you stand that?”

I kissed him again, feeling the softness of his lips and the David smell of his hair. “Sure. Alex too or are we getting a babysitter?”

“It’s gonna be like a big formal affair with wife’s and clients. Alex would go nuts.” He got a weird look on his face and then said. “I didn’t tell you that Frank was coming, did I.”

“No, but that’s great, when did he call?”

“While you guys were doing the town, he’s brought Marcy too. Seems they were gonna make the trip anyway cause Marcy’s sister has a house near Avignon and she’s been after them to come over.”

I laughed. “Well, that may be part of it but I’d be willing to bet that Frank engineered the invitation so that he’d have a reason to be in Europe when you’d be talking to Zander.”

David smiled. “I didn’t totally buy it either but he actually might be a help if he stays out of it until the right moment. Oh well, it’s in the hands of the gods.”

David looked at me a little sheepishly. “I ordered you a tux.” I groaned and rolled my eyes and then took David by the hand and pulled him into our bedroom. I began kissing the side of David’s neck just below his ear while I was pulling his tie off of him. While I was unbuttoning his shirt he turned my head and kissed me again, shoving his tongue into my mouth. I reached down and rubbed his hardon through his pants while I was sucking on his tongue. He made a kind of whimpering sound.

I broke the kiss and softly said. “How come you’re so horny?”

“Oh god, I don’t fucking know but I’ve felt like a bitch in heat all day.” He started to strip off his pants. “You don’t get fucked so you don’t know but it’s like sometimes I just think that I’ll go crazy if I don’t have your cock in me.”

David was unbuttoning my shirt. I smiled because he was working so feverishly. I put my hand under his chin and lifted his face and kissed him gently. “That’s how I like to keep ya, needing my cock. So you really need it bad, huh?” He had my pants down and his hand was in my underwear grasping my cock.

He was pulling me with my pants down to the bed. “God yes!”

“David, gimme a chance to get my pants off, I’m about to break my freakin neck.” I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled my pants and socks off. I loved it when David got like this, not that he wasn’t pretty much always horny, but these panic horny moments only struck once in a while.

David had crawled naked into the middle of the bed where he was leaning back propped up on his elbows, his cock sticking straight up. I crawled slowly between his legs and then wrapped him up in my arms trying to cover him as much as possible with my body because it seemed to make him even hornier. My face was buried in his neck and I was nipping it lightly with my teeth, my knees were wedged under David’s legs forcing them up, his arms were wrapped around my neck, my cock was pressed hard against his.

I held his face firmly in my hands and kissed him again and then stared for a moment into those emerald green eyes that seemed as deep and complex as the universe one minute and animal horny the next.

My cock was right at David’s asshole, his face was next to mine and his hands were on my shoulders. “No lube Mark, just spit.”

I lifted my head and looked at him. He said. “I wanna feel this.”

I let a wad of spit hit the end of my cock and then began slowly pressing it against David asshole until the muscle slowly gave way and my cock popped in. David dropped his head back against the bed and made a low guttural David sound. “Oh god yes!” He whispered. “Like that baby! All the way, Mark!” His head was in constant motion, whipping back and forth and then lifting up and dropping back down.

I was pushing David’s legs even higher as I pushed my cock slowly and steadily into him. It probably wasn’t as fast as he would have liked but I’m always afraid of hurting him, especially in the beginning when I’m first starting to fuck him. Once my cock had bottomed out I felt free to be a little more aggressive and began a series of long steady strokes, pulling my cock almost all the way out and then moving it quickly back all the way into him. Once I was sure he was handling that okay I began to slam into him on the down stroke, tilting his body so that my cock head was hitting his prostate squarely.

I pushed David’s knees to his chest and then with my cock totally buried in his ass slowly pushed him onto his side and pulled his left leg out straight so that I was riding on it and pushed his left knee up towards his chest. It was a position we’d used before and I knew that he felt a loss of control with it and that feeling allowed him to let himself go more completely. He turned his head and glanced up at me quickly and then seemed to sigh deeply and let his head drop again to the bed.

My fucking was long and steady now, relentlessly pounding his ass without giving him any control over the situation at all. I watched as my cock disappeared again and again into his ass occasionally adjusting my position so that I was sure to be hitting his prostate.

Then I stopped. My cock was buried in his butt and he looked frantically up at me while with the middle finger of my left hand I scooped up some of the precum he was producing, seemingly by the gallon, and then slowly began working my finger into his ass next to my cock.

As soon as he felt what I was doing he was almost screaming the David sound and started to cum hard, great shots of cum shooting up under his leg and onto his stomach and chest his whole body contorting with the effort. While he was still cumming I pulled my finger out and started pile driving into him and then seconds later I was pumping my own load into his ass.

Minutes later we were lying tangled together and both covered with his cum, his breathing was just beginning to return to normal. “You never did that before.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Noooo, well, hurt is the wrong word. Well, you saw how I came. It felt,” he laughed, “fucking awesome.”

I smiled at him and then kissed his nose. “You’re becoming my sex slave.”

He touched my face with his fingertips. “I was hoping that would happen.”


Frank was impeccably turned out and looked amazingly at home in a tuxedo and Marcy looked amazing in a blue dress that perfectly matched the sapphires in her sapphire and diamond necklace. This was a side of Marcy that was seldom seen at home, the confident attractive woman of wealth who felt as at home in a Givenchy gown as she did working in her garden in old clothes. Actually Frank looked more at ease than I had seen him in months. He and Marcy made their way around the room with Frank speaking French to the French and German to the Germans

David disengaged himself from Frank and made his way back to where I was standing and talking to Emi.

David moved in next to me and said. “Frank looks great, doesn’t he? What’d he loose, twenty pounds?”

“His German is excellent.” Emi said. “That will help. And his wife’s jewels…………perfect. The rest of the women are envious but not to the point of disaster.” On the other side of the room Jamie and his wife had joined up with Frank and Marcy and were working the room together.

David looked perfectly serene. I would have been a nervous wreck. “This turning out like you hoped, David?”

“Yeah, Mark, it is. This is more of a “thanks for the business” dinner than a “would you like to buy something” dinner.” He flashed a smile at Emi. “That right, Emi?”

“Yes,” Emi flipped his hand back and forth and spoke in German accented English with a hint of something else, “but then we’re always trying to sell them more. Fortunately we’ve made good money for them in a world where that hasn’t happened much, so it is a happy crowd.” Then as Frank, Marcy and Jamie and his wife started to head our way. “Mein Gott, that necklace must have cost a half million marks. I’ll never hear the end of it. You think a half million, David?”

David smiled. “More.”

I reached forward and took Marcy’s hand and then lightly kissed her on the side of her face. “You look gorgeous, Marcy!” Then I did the same to Jamie’s wife Claire. Jamie was beaming at his wife.

I turned to Frank and smiled. “You’re being quite the internationalist tonight, Frank.”

Frank smiled. “I’m in my element tonight, Marky, I like Europeans, there’s a lot we could learn from them. Besides, Marcy and I have spent a lot of time all over Europe.

“Actually, I think that my nature tends to be a bit more European.” Frank didn’t see it but Marcy gave him a withering look.


A waiter came over to me while I was standing talking to Jamie and told me that I had a telephone call. I walked with him to a small alcove where a phone was laid on its side waiting.


“Mr. Chauvet, this is Michael, with your security detail.” My chest tightened.

“Yeah, Michael, is there a problem?”

“Sir, it’s Alex. He woke up and was crying in his room and of course we tried to comfort him but he’s pretty stirred up about something, although he’s not very clear about what. He’s not really crying now but he’s still upset. The thing is…………well, I’m a father and if it was my kid………..I’d wanna know. Something is really upsetting him and we’re not really making it much better.”

“Thanks Michael, I’ll be right there.”

I got a waiters attention and when he came over I asked him to tell David that I had to run up to the suite for a moment. The thing is that I didn’t want to ruin what was a really important night for David and I knew that if he knew everything he’d be with me in our room instead of with his guests.

When I got to the suite Alex was sitting on the sofa with Michael watching soccer on the television while Kevin stayed at his post near the door. I walked right over to Alex and hunkered down in front of him. He kept looking at the television and his face was flushed from crying and although he seemed to not want me to know he had been crying, from time to time he would inhale deeply and shudder.

I reached out and rubbed his pajama-clad knee. “How’s it goin buddy?”

Alex barely took his eyes off of the television. “I had a bad dream dad.” I didn’t know what the best way to handle the situation was so I just did what I felt that I should. I didn’t say anything but I held out my arms to Alex. Then it was like he really saw me for the first time and scampered over to me and put his arms around my neck and laid his head against my shoulder, he was still shuddering occasionally.

He wasn’t crying but he was holding onto my neck for dear life. “I was really scared dad.” I picked him up and wrapped my arms around him tightly and walked with him into our bedroom.

“You look like you were cryin. Were you crying, Alex?” I climbed with him in my arms onto the bed and laid back against the headboard.

“Maybe just a little bit, Dad.”

Alex was straddling my waist with my hands holding his arms.

“I maybe was crying a little bit dad, cause I was scared. I dreamed that these bad men captured me and took me away and then when it was time to go home you and David couldn’t find me and you had to go home without me and it made me sad cause I wouldn’t get to see Joe anymore or Mrs. Meurer or my friends at preschool.” Alex had been twisting his fingers together and I reached out gently and closed my hand over his and he stopped the twisting. I’d been hit with bullets that were less painful.

I pulled Alex down so that he was lying on my chest and my right hand was lightly rubbing his back. I looked up and saw David in the doorway and he walked over quietly and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Alex, David and I would never leave you here or anywhere else. Nothing would ever stop us from bringing you home where you belong, home to Joe and Mrs. Meurer. Do you understand sweetheart?” David was smoothing Alex’s hair.

“But what if the bad men didn’t tell you where I was and you couldn’t find me?”

David and I aren’t gonna let any bad men get a hold of you, Alex. Ya know what Alex, maybe you should sleep in our bed with David and I. That way you’ll be extra safe. That be okay?”

“The whole night? Like I can fall asleep here too.”

I stood up with Alex in my arms while David turned down the covers on the bed. I laid Alex down and pulled the blanket up to his chin. I glanced at David and took my jacket off and tossed on the chair. “David has to go back to the dinner because they’re his guests but I think that maybe I’ll lie down with you, you kinda wore me out earlier with all that running around.” David looked totally torn between what he wanted to do and what he had a responsibility to do. I air kissed him and waved him away as I took off my jacket and laid down with Alex.

“Wanna see what’s on T.V.?”

Alex slept in our room for only that one night, after that he went back to his own without any indication that it was a problem. But I did notice for the rest of our trip whenever we were out walking around and exploring, Alex’s little fingers were wrapped tightly around mine.

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