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Protecting David
--- Chapter 19 ---
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Protecting David 19

Alex was gripping my right hand firmly in both of his as he leaned over to look out the window. It was seven floors to the ground and Lake Michigan was visible a few blocks away. We were standing in what was slowly becoming my office and the offices for Chauvet & Associates.

“Oooohhhh wow!” Alex leaned over to look out the window and then pulled himself back and kinda burrowed into my legs. He looked up at me. “It’s really far up, Dad!”

I bent down and scooped him up and then sat down on the huge box that I assumed contained my new desk. I pointed out the window.

“Look Alex! See way out on the lake? Do you see that big ship?”

Alex nodded vigorously and then in a moment of sudden shyness buried his face in my shoulder as a couple of electricians walked by. We were pretty much surrounded by construction workers of every type and the constant sound of electric saws and nail guns.

“Maybe that ship came all the way from Rotterdam or Hamburg. Remember, like where we were a few weeks ago?”

“Dad, are you gonna have a computer like David?”

I laughed. “Sweetheart, nobodies got a computer like David but it’ll be something like that just not as………..complex.” While Alex and I were talking I was carrying him around what was becoming my offices but at the moment was just a lot of construction and furniture waiting for the construction to be done. From time to time a carpenter or electrician would look up and nod at me. Maybe they knew who I was but more likely they just knew that I seemed to belong and after all, what did they care.

Finally we made our way across the hall to where David’s offices were taking form. In the distance there was a group of men sorting through what seemed an impossible number of wires. David was talking to a man wearing a white shirt and a tie with his suit coat slung over one shoulder who was carrying two sets of rolled up plans, next to David was the man who I remembered as being his main IT guy. The bulk of David’s offices were used for cubicles about ten feet square each. There were three private offices and two conference rooms

David spotted us and walked over while still talking to the other guys. He reached out and we did a midair transfer of Alex. Once he was settled in David’s arms he took David’s face in his hands so that there was no risk of loosing his attention.

“We saw ships, Dad! Big ones!” He twisted in David’s arms and pointed to the area that was becoming my office. “Out there, in the lake.” Then he yawned and laid his head on David’s shoulder and in seconds seemed to drift off. Little boy tired.

I was envious, I wanted to lay my head on David’s chest and take a nap too. David in my arms did one of two things to me, either made me incredibly horny or I became overwhelmed with a feeling or serenity and fell almost immediately asleep. Standing next to him filled me with a desire to hold him, for us to be one.

“How’s everything going, David?” He was gently rocky Alex back and forth.

He rolled his eyes. “Depends on how ya feel about network cable. We got lots!” He shifted the now almost comatose Alex to the other shoulder.

“Mark, why don’t you let my guys put a system in for you too? Tech guys always need the extra money and they really are the best. With the stuff you’re gonna be doing in Washington for Monty and then the reps you’re gonna have all over the country you really need a good system.”

“Do they have the time to do yours and mine?” I knew that they didn’t but I also knew that David wanted to help and that he’d make it happen.

He laid the side of his face against Alex’s head while he rocked him. “Yeah sure. I’ll have Bob put together a proposal. Might as well start on it while everything is torn up anyway.” David gestured with his elbow over to where his office was almost finished. “Joan and the IT guys are gonna be moving in in the next day or two and hopefully the rest of the guys next week. Not that’ll be done but you gotta do it sometime and the construction guys who haven’t finished are just gonna have to work around em.”


I wonder how many times have I woken up staring at the back of David’s neck and his shoulder? His butt is pressed back against my cock and his back against my stomach. He always feels so small, so slight, and yet there is so much to him and he so owns me. Not that he ever acts like he owns me or even thinks in those terms but that’s the reality. So much of my life is a reaction to David, what he likes, what he doesn’t like, what I think he expects from me, these are the driving forces for me, the things that get me off dead center.

One part of me wants to yell. “Wake up David! Look at me! Make love to me! Kiss me!” And another part of me cherishes these few moments, these minutes before he wakes up while I can still stare at and smell his beautiful black hair and lightly touch and wonder at the ethereal quality of his skin and feel his heart beating under my right hand. After he wakes up he’ll wanna take care of me, fix my breakfast, see to it that I’m okay. I wanna tell him. “No David, you sit! Lemme get your breakfast, pour your coffee.” But I won’t say that because that’s not what he wants so I’ll sit there and let him feed me and reach across the table and brush my hair off of my forehead and make sure that I’m wearing the right tie with the right shirt with the right suit. Whatever he wants, whatever will keep him loving me.

I run my right hand lightly down his body until I can feel the scar where he was stabbed. It seems like a thousand years ago and feels well healed; it’s not something that I wanna think about but it plays big in one of my recurring nightmares. My hand continues down to his ass. Other than golf, which David’s crazy about, he never really seems to exercise so this ass has gotta be a gift from the gods. I run my fingers lightly through the cleft of his hard butt barely touching his asshole. That caused movement and while he’s still not awake he pushes back against my cock.

The hair at the back of his head is brushing against my mouth and I open my lips and allow some to enter my mouth. It’s nuts but I always wanna lick him. I bury my face deeply into his hair and breathe in the smell of him, it’s like some wild, exotic drug to me and my cock begins to swell.

He moves his right hand and covers mine, squeezing it to his chest. I kiss the back of his neck and his shoulder and then whisper in his ear his hair brushing the side of my face. “Smile if you like cock.”

He laughed sleepily. “I like your cock.” He voice is throaty.

“That’s the only one that you need to think about at all, Babe.” David’s head was lying on my left upper arm and I moved my right arm up so that I completed encircled him and pushed my right leg through his legs.

David reached back and took my hardon and lifting his right leg a bit positioned it so that it was pressing up against his balls. He lowered his leg trapping my cock and then pushed back against me causing me to grunt and say, “Oh fuck!”

“That the cock you’re talking about?”

“Mmmm, the very one.” I was slowly thrusting my cock between his legs, just a few millimeters forward and back.

David seemed to shudder and he reached behind himself and lifting his leg pulled my cock up and positioned it at his asshole. “I need this too bad to tease about it.” He put his fingers to his mouth and then reached back and coated my cock and his asshole with spit. Then he reached back and grabbed my hip guiding me forward.

The head of my cock popped through and I was moving slowly into him, the feeling of his sphincter muscle as it gripped my cock and slid down it would have been enough to make me cum if I hadn’t defocused.

I loved fucking David, it was exquisite but then so was just lying on the sofa holding him in my arms and actually, while sex for us was, in a way as necessary as breathing, it was the other moments, the quiet alone moments when we’d be lying on the sofa in each others arms, our lips just millimeters apart, when something magical happened between us and it was those moments when I could almost lose myself and merge with David.

“Oh, fuck yes, Mark!” David threw his head back against my shoulder and slowly started to beat himself off.

Our constant worry when having sex, especially in the morning, was Alex. True, we had warning devices but his bursting in on us was an ever-present thought and we were always trying to hurry.

“Harder, Mark! Fuck yes!” He twisted his head back and then shook it like he couldn’t believe what was happening.

I pushed David over onto his stomach and then pulled him up onto his hands and knees. Without ever taking my cock out of him I stood up so that I was squatting over him and our only point of contact was my cock. This position gives whoever is doing the fucking tremendous leverage and you have to be careful because if you loose control you can really hurt someone but for fucking hard this position can’t be beat and it was a sure way to bring both of us to a climax quickly.

With my first thrust in David threw his head back. “Oh fuck yes! Oh yeah!” I massaged his shoulders lightly.

“You okay, David?”

“Yeah, yeah, Babe. Oh fuck that’s good! Keep doin it, Mark.” David had balled the blankets up in his hands and his back was rigid. Slowly I increased my speed until I slamming into him steadily my balls following a split second behind my cock and slapping into his perineum. I reached under him and wrapped my right hand around his rock hard cock.

“Holy shit, Mark!” He for the first time began slamming his ass back against my incoming cock and his entire body was almost quivering. “Fuck I’m gonna cum, Mark, I gonna fuckin cum!”

I leaned over David’s back as I jerked his cock and whispered loudly in his ear. “I’m cumming in your ass baby, I shooting in you!” David was shooting volley after volley of cum up against his own chest and onto my hand and then slowly he fell forward with my cock still inside of him, both of us sweaty and exhausted. Reflexively I continued to thrust into David for a few moments more and then slowly pulled my softening cock out of him and rolled to the side leaving a trail of cum smearing across his butt and thigh.

We both laid there, relaxing and catching out breath and then, after a minute David rolled over and rested his head on my chest for a second but then twisted around and grabbed a towel off of the night stand and wiped off my cock.

I reached down and pulled the blankets up over us. “We’ve got some time, no need to rush or anything.”

David sat up and listened for a moment. “They’re not up yet.” He laid his head back down, went into cuddle mode and was playing with my chest hair. “You’re definitely goin to Washington next week?”

“Got to, Sweetheart. I haven’t seen Monty in like forever and he’s gonna be really important with all this new stuff going on. Emma wants me to come to some dinner party she’s giving. You know how I feel about those but it’ll give me a good chance to make some contacts and get to know people. Having Monty or Emma introduce me to people is a huge advantage.” I kissed his forehead and he turned his head and kissed my chest.

“Well I thought you were gonna get Ted what’s-his-name to run that office?”

“Meeting him there, same day as the dinner party actually.”

“Why’s he so good?”

“Just a sharp guy and nice too. Shetlan told me he was available and he’s got a lot of experience around Washington and God knows that I can use that. He’s worked for the Defense Department and a bunch of politicians too.”

The first light above our door lit up indicating that Alex had gotten out of bed. David propped his head on his hand and looked at me. “The eye of Hurricane Alex is expected to hit our bedroom momentarily.”


Alex came into the kitchen wearing just his pants and socks and carrying his shirt and shoes. He handed me his shirt and twisted his face in frustration. “Dad, will you help me with this. I can’t get it on.”

“Sweetheart, that’s cause you got it half inside out. Comere.” Alex stood between my knees and held his arms up. I slid the shirt over them and kissed the top of his head.

Alex leaned his head against my leg. “I don’t wanna go to preschool today, Dad.”

I ruffled his hair. “Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.”

Alex made an exaggerated “Ugggh!” sound and raised and then dropped his arms in defeat.

He laid his forehead on my leg and then without moving it twisted his body in a complete circle, a move that would put the average adult in the hospital but that a four year old can do with impunity. I shuddered at what he just did and then picked him up and sat him straddling my lap facing me. I touched my forehead to his.

“Your probably gonna learn some really cool stuff today.”

“Like what, Dad?”

“Ooooh like why little boys ask so many questions.” Alex smiled and straddled my knee.

“It’s cause we wanna know stuff, Dad.” He looked up at me with a “gotcha” look. “How come dad’s don’t wanna answer so many questions? Why is that, Dad?” He had a grip on my hand and was twisting my fingers.

I smiled at him. “It’s cause the answering part of our brains gets tired.” I knew that I’d pay for this answer eventually.

I picked him up and turned him around so that I could help him with his shoes. “Want me to give ya a hand with those shoes. Sometimes they get a little tricky.” He just nodded vigorously and laid back against my chest.

David walked in from his office and he had a pencil held behind his ear. Alex had apparently never seen anyone do that and he stared wide-eyed at David until finally David realized that he was being watched intently.

David looked at us both. “What?”

“Dad, you got a pencil in your head!” Alex was pointing at David’s head.

David reached up and touched the pencil and then laughed and hunkered down in front of Alex. “I’m holding it behind my ear so that I don’t forget where I put it. Wanna try it?”

Alex squirmed off of my lap and reached up and gently took the pencil from behind David’s ear. “Lemme do it.”

He ran for the mirror in the hall but twenty seconds later he was back. “It won’t work, Dad! It keeps falling!” David took the pencil and carefully arranged it behind Alex’s ear. Alex kinda tilted his head to one side like he was trying to balance it and walked very carefully to the hall.

I leaned forward and took David’s face gently in my hands and kissed him. “I gotta go, Babe.”

Alex came walking slowly back from the hall with a big grin on his face. “It works! I could see it!”

I stood up and grabbed my suit coat. “Hey, pencil boy! You walking to school today or am I driving you?”

Alex ignored my question but pulled on David’s hand. “Can I take the pencil with me, Dad?”

David hunkered down next to Alex and hugged him. “Sure but for gods sake don’t run with it. It’s really sharp.”


“So whadya think, Marky?” Frank had suddenly appeared behind me as I was staring out of the window of my new office. The place was still overrun with tradesmen and now David’s IT guys.

Frank had his hands stuffed in his pockets and was standing next to me looking out of the window. “Scary, Frank, in a way.”

“Being on your own? Yeah, it always is at first but there’s scarier things.” Neither one of us said anything for a moment but both of us were thinking about combat, then Frank said. “Thought maybe I could talk ya into lunch.”

“We might as well, my secretary if out buying office supplies, my telephones don’t work, I don’t have computers yet………….and, well, I’m hungry.”

We turned at the same time and started walking toward the elevators. “Marcy really owns this whole freakin building?”

“The family has owned it practically since it was a prairie.” He gave me a lopsided grin. “She not quite as nuts as the rest of her family though. Well, not anymore at least.” He shoved an unlit cigar into his mouth. “As you can imagine, Marky, I was a stabilizing influence.” I rolled my eyes.

We sat at the table we usually sat at and the waiter set Frank’s usual double Scotch on the rocks in front of him and a cup of coffee in front of me. Frank took a long sip of his drink and then looked at me.

“Kid, you’re gonna be busier than shit for the next few months. I got eighteen guys coming in to see you to be interviewed for rep jobs. You got anybody in mind for an office manager?”

“Actually, Frank, I figured on poaching someone from you.” I smiled at him and took a bite of breadstick.

“I got two people for ya, Marky. First of all, Larry Tangler for Sales Manager, the Germans are bringing in their own guy so Larry’s gonna be outta work and it makes me sick, this guy is too good to lose and Diane Fowler for Office Manager. Same deal, the Germans are bringing in their own guy.”

“How soon can I get em?”

“I haven’t talked to them about it yet. I didn’t wanna get their hopes up but you know how office gossip is, they probably already know that you’re gonna be needing people.”

The waiter put soup and sandwiches in front of both of us and Frank was tasting his soup. “The thing with Larry is he really has international experience and the reps respect him.” Frank took a bite of his sandwich and spoke through it. “I don’t think you’ll find better.”

“Think it’s okay if I call em when we get back?”

Frank looked up from his soup. “Better than okay, right now they’re just kinda twisting in the wind. This is the shit part of management.”


Late September in Wisconsin means warm dry days and nights that are just beginning to get cool. Jackets and topcoats are dragged out and sent to the cleaners, boots and gloves are located and put in convenient spots along with ice scrapers for your windshield. We all know that it’ll probably be two months before we need most of this stuff but we also know that it can happen much, much, sooner.

On a warm Saturday afternoon David and I cleaned the pool and then covered it securely because even though the weather was still good we knew that it wouldn’t be used again until spring. We gathered up the gardening tools and cleaned, sharpened and oiled them before putting them away for the season.

I drove our lawnmower into the storage shed where David was cleaning the gardening tools. He was dressed in sweatpants that clung to his butt and a sweatshirt with the sleeves pulled up on his forearms. I got off the tractor and walked behind him and wrapped my arms around him.

His black hair was messed up as usual and when he turned his head toward me his eyes caught the light from the small window and flashed an intense emerald color.

I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck and at the same time shoved my hands down the front of his sweatpants.

“No underwear! I like that.”

“Mark, we can’t do that, every neighbor is out on their lawn cleaning up stuff.” He grabbed my arms and was trying to pull my hands out of his sweatpants.

I kissed his neck. “I don’t care how hard they’re working I’m not sharing you.” Our storage shed was about ten by fourteen with large swinging doors at one end and a small side window that faced the house and the street beyond. There was no way the neighbors could see anything unless they just happened to be exactly lined up with the doors and had the vision of an eagle.

I pulled my hands out of David’s sweatpants and he visibly relaxed but then I quickly knelt down behind him and yanked his pants down to his ankles and buried my face in his ass. He started to try and take off but it was soon obvious to him that with his pants at his ankles and in my control that he really couldn’t go anywhere. He tried to bent over to pick them up but I used the opportunity to start rimming him.

“Mark what if somebody sees? What about Alex?” He was sounding totally freaked.

I pulled my face out of his butt for a second. “Keep watching out the window, David, so nobody can sneak up on us.” This was a sleazy ploy on my part that appealed to David’s paranoia about getting caught having sex. The thing is that I know that this turns him totally on.

His ass was creamy white and well muscled and I pushed those globes apart again and began to lick him slowly from the perineum to the top of his butt hole and then began to slowly circle it with my tongue.

Once his ass began to relax I stood up and released my cock, which felt ready to explode. I spit in my hand and wiped it on David’s ass and the head of my cock and then began to slowly enter him. His hands gripped the workbench and when I paused with the head of my cock at his prostate he dropped his head and said. “Oh fuck!”

I grabbed his shoulders tightly with my hands and worked the head of my dick back and forth over his prostate. I reached under him and lightly closed my hand over his cock and I could feel the precum dripping steadily out of him.

I leaned over him while slowly pumping into him. “Feel good, Babe?”

“Harder, Mark.” I increased the pace. “Oh yeah, like that.”

“I love fuckin you, Baby. I love seein my cock goin in and outta your butt.” I put the middle finger of my right hand at his lips and he began to suck on it.

“Thata boy, just go with it. Get into the feeling.” David was beginning to make the David sound even though I’m not at all sure that he was aware of it. Inside his ass it was incredibly hot and he seemed to grip my cock with thousands of little muscles that massaged my dick and grasped it pulling it into him.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass, Babe. I’m gonna shoot a big load of hot white cum up your butt.” David made a sound somewhere between the David sound and a whimper and began shooting against the workbench. The pearly semen dripping slowly down the steel posts. I refocused and kept my word and began to shoot into him while his asshole was beginning to spasm around my cock milking it of cum.

We cleaned up with scraps of paper towels and bits of rags. I sat down on the lawn tractor and pulled David onto my lap. He looked like he was about to be mad at me for doing what we just did but then he seemed to shrug it off and I pulled his head to my chest. I shoved my hands up under his sweatshirt and wrapped them around his warm naked chest.

“Nobody saw us.” I kissed the end of his nose.


“You shot a huge load.”

“I always do. Genes.”

“You looked like you had a good time.”

He smiled at me and kissed me slowly and deeply. Then murmured. “Your cock and my butt, gotta be a good time.”

“You’re happy then?”

“I love you, so yep.”

“Me too you.”

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