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Protecting David
--- Chapter 23 ---
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Protecting David – Growing Up 3


I was sitting on the sofa in the family room with my feet on the coffee table watching television. David was lying on the sofa with his head on my left leg. Alex had been lying on the floor watching tv but suddenly turned over and crawled over to us on his hands and knees. He crossed his arms on my right leg.

“So okay………..are you gonna get me a car when I turn sixteen? Cause I been thinking about the one that I want.” He was wearing a bright blue checked shirt that caused the brilliant blue of his eyes to become almost incandescent.

I reached forward and ruffled his hair. “What ever happened to working for the things you want?”

Alex looked at me like I had just arrived from Mars. “Dad, I got like a gazillion dollars in my trust fund.” He was talking about the trust fund that was started with the money that his real father left him.

David swung his legs around and sat up. “You don’t start getting any part of that until your twenty-four. You really wanna wait that long for a car?”

“How come twenty-four? I’m responsible now.”

David said. “Well first of all that’s how the trust was set up.” David neglected to say that he was the one that set it up. “And even then you only get ten percent to begin with. You don’t start getting serious money until you’re in your thirties.” David leaned forward until he was staring directly into Alex’s eyes and spoke slowly and quietly. “Secondly, do you really want to get into a discussion of responsible behavior.”

Alex ducked his head. “I said that I was sorry. Nobody feels dumber about that than me.”

He put his chin on my knee and smiled up at us. “Think how terrible you’d feel if I had an accident in some cheapo car that was the only one that I could afford and went flying through the windshield and then you’d have to visit me and my broken body in the hospital knowing that all the time things coulda been different if only you hadn’t been so cheap.” Alex smiled and blinked his eyes in a very successful effort at being cute. The boy definitely knew how to be charming when he wanted to be.

David dropped his head back and stared at the ceiling. “Oh God, what a load of crap!” He reached forward and grabbed Alex’s hand. “Comere kiddo.” He pulled the much larger Alex up onto the sofa so that he was sitting between us.

“Geez you’re getting big!” David laid his arm on the back of the sofa behind Alex and his fingers were resting on the back of my neck where they gently moved back and forth.

Alex lifted himself up and crossed his legs underneath himself. “Dad! I’m like a grownup!”

David ignored that and said. “Okay, the thing is this. I don’t totally disagree with you, actually we don’t want you driving some piece of crap but I want you to work for it.” Alex started to say something but David held up his hand. “Aaaaannnnndd………..I want you to work for me.” He removed his arm from the back of the sofa and picked up Alex’s left hand and held it. “The thing is that you’re going to eventually be dealing with a lot of your own money. Now you’re either going to have to know how to handle it yourself or you’re going to have to pay someone else to do it. This way you might also find that you like doing actual work and you might even develop some sort of career.”

“So that means that I get a car?” Alex learned early on that you need to nail down the details.

This seemed like a great time for an ambush and I rolled quickly to my left and wrapped my arms around Alex and started tickling him and he started screaming.

“No!!!! No!!!!! No!!!!!!! Dad!!!!!!! Stopppppppppp!!!!!” Alex threw himself to his left over David’s lap while his legs went straight out and rigid. He was clawing at the sofa trying to get away from me and I went across David’s lap after him.

“I give up!!!! I give up!!! Finally he was able to roll off of the sofa and was sitting on the floor trying to catch his breath. I couldn’t stop my momentum and ended up on the floor too. I was sitting behind Alex and wrapped my arms around him and rocked him back and forth. He was trying to get away but I had his arms pinned to his sides.

“Well my little baby is gonna get his car. Well, at least when you’re sixteen.” I kissed him on the side of his neck while he twisted and turned in an effort to get away. Alex, deep down, loved this and was just as likely to jump me by surprise. The thing is he’s becoming ferociously strong. I’m still quite a bit stronger but he’s really getting there and once he stops growing up and starts filling out a bit he’ll be really powerful guy.

David was looking at us like we were nuts.


Mark is soooo big. He’s thrown his right leg over mine and is kissing me while his huge hands gently hold my face. It’s like he wants to be completely in control of me, like if he let’s me go I’ll run away.

Slowly he moves his other leg over mine while he continues kissing my neck and chin and then sucking my tongue into his mouth. His legs are pressing gently but firmly on the insides of mine forcing them apart and up.

There is no time in my life when I feel more secure than this, when Mark is making love to me and getting ready to fuck me. His body is basically the same as it was eleven years ago, massive shoulders and chest tapering to a narrow waist with a rock hard butt and powerful legs. He’s hovering over me now, nibbling at my neck and running his fingers through my hair. The massive vee of his shoulders and chest above me supported on his elbows and thick upper arms. We’ve been through this a million times and in a few ways it’s become predictable but in many other ways it’s just gotten better.

The fastest way for me to get a hardon is still to think about him kissing me, to imagine him sucking on my tongue, gently pulling it deeper into his mouth. To think about how when he’s hovering over me like this his cock is very hard and is bouncing slowly up and down, brushing against my cock or my stomach.

While he’s kissing me Mark reaches down and gently applies lube to my butt. The lube is cold but then his fingers move into me, stretching me and then I hear myself start to moan. Geez he’s got big fingers! He looks down towards what he’s doing and then back up at me and smiles.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” I nod yes.

“You like getting your little butt plowed don’t ya?” I nod yes again.

“And you love me don’t ya?” I pull Mark’s face to mine and kiss him slowly letting our lips linger together.

I smile at him and speak softly. “Okay, yeah I guess so.”

His cock begins pressing against my asshole and I force my muscles to relax and he slides in, an inch or so at first and then after I relax for a moment another few inches and a moment later the rest.

While he’s moving into me, for the first few moments he studies my face for signs of pain. He’s a considerate lover. It’s one of the many things that I love about him. It’s not like I have very much experience with other people but when Mark’s making love to me it’s all about me. He’s gentle and protective and caring. When we have sex I always get off first and only then he does. It’s just something he does and he’s so consistent about it that I sometimes forget how unusual that is.

The feeling of his cock inside of me is indescribable. It’s thick and long and very hard and for a moment it’s like we’ve been riveted together but it’s Mark’s eyes that hold me because they never leave mine. I whisper to him. “Fuck me! Shoot your load inside of me!” And then I just held on.


Tommy, or rather, Tom, that’s what he wants me to call him, started to laugh at the television just at the same time he was starting to take a swig of Mountain Dew and ended up spilling it all over himself and then he began to laugh at that too. I turned to look at him and his laugh was so infectious that I started to laugh with him. He’s so beautiful when he laughs, the corners of his eyes crinkle and his teeth are so incredibly white. Then he lifted up the bottom of his sweatshirt to wipe his chin and for the first time I noticed that he had a line of dark hair on his stomach that ran down into his pants. How could I have missed that? Like practically every day we have gym class or swimming practice together and geez I thought that I had already memorized every square inch of his body but somehow I missed that.

Tom and I were sitting on the floor leaning up against the sofa in the rec room in the basement, we both had our shoes off and I poked his left foot with my right.

“So you hear anything from Corine?”

He turned away from the tv and said. “Huh?”

“Corine? You went to the movies with her.” He just got this really weird look on his face.

Tom drew his knees up and squeezed his hands between them. With his hands between his knees he started rocking side to side and yawning until he finally rolled totally to his left and was lying with his head against my shoulder. God! Does he not have a clue what this does to me?

I turned my head and looked into his eyes. Oh fuck! They were so close. “Corine? The female type person that you used to hang with?”

Tom ignored my question and sat up and turned his back to me. “Scratch my back!”


“Come on, Alex! Scratch my back, it’s driving me crazy.” He lifted up his sweatshirt and I was looking at his naked back. Oh fuck!

Tom’s hair is very dark almost black and his skin is darker than mine too, almost like he was Italian or something, whereas my skin is really light although I do somehow tan pretty easily. When he turned his back to me and lifted his shirt I could see the top of his boxers sticking out above his pants. They were bright blue.

I reached out and lightly touched his back with the tips of my fingers. His skin was so warm and I wanted to wrap my arms around him and kiss that beautiful skin. My cock was so hard that I thought that it was going to break in half in my underwear.

“Harder, Alex! You really gotta dig in. Use both hands.” I wanted to pull that naked back against my chest and to bury my face in his neck.

I scratched his back hard and he threw his head back and groaned. “Ohhhhhh! Higher, Alex.”

Somehow I turned back scratching into back rubbing. Honest to God I didn’t plan it, it was just something my hands did, by themselves. But anyway pretty soon they were rubbing his shoulders up under his sweatshirt and kneading the muscles in the back of his neck. My thumbs were digging into his soft skin and hard muscle but Tommy had gone silent and pretty soon it was beginning to seem weird.

He seemed to drop his head to his chest for a moment and then it was like he had decided on something and he slowly turned his body until we were face to face just an inch apart, his breath was warm against my face his thigh pressed against mine. He looked into my eyes and then down at my nose. When he spoke his voice was soft and throaty. “Don’t hate me, Alex…………please…….just don’t hate me………… but I fuckin gotta do this.” And then he kissed me, so very gently at first and then my lips seemed to take over from my dumbass brain and started kissing him back. He slowly swung his right leg over mine and straddled my thighs. I could feel his cock through his pants, it was as hard as a rock and pressed against me.

“Alex! Alex!” Oh fuck it was David calling down from upstairs. We both jumped like ten feet. “Alex, dinner is ready. Tommy are you gonna eat with us?” Thank god he couldn’t see us from there.

Tommy’s voice seemed to be about three octaves higher than normal. “No, Sir! Thanks but my dad wants me to come home for dinner.”


Frank had too many business involvements to completely retire. He served on the boards of five companies that I knew of and there were probably more.

I think that it was probably an effort to keep him from hanging around the house driving her crazy that Marcy personally decorated an office for him on the top floor of her building. Frank may have quasi retired but he had the best view in the city.

He was standing at the window, his hands stuffed in his pockets, looking out over the city towards the lake. He turned when his secretary led me in.

“David! Geez it good to fuckin see ya. Good to fuckin see anyone.” We shook hands and then stood together watching the city.

“I take it that that means you’re bored.” Frank turned his head and smiled at me.

“It’d have to be a hell of lot busier for me to reach boredom, this is more like coma.” He waved me to a chair. “So you gonna do it?”

I smiled back at his shit-eating grin. “There anything you don’t hear?”

“Kid, when you spend a lifetime building up contacts they oughta be worth something.” He paused long enough to put an unlit cigar in his mouth. “A certain investment banker asked me if I thought it would be a good move.”

“Well since they invited me to lunch I assume that you told them yes.”

“I told them that I wasn’t at all sure that you’d sell but that if you would they’d be nuts not to go for it.”

“Well, Frank, the thing is that I might be interested but not in selling everything. I’m thinking that Jamie and Emi and I would like to keep the investment management end of things. I like working with individuals and families, it’s more relaxing, non of the nuttiness of underwriting and marketing.”

“That might drop the price quite a bit. The thing that always impressed the shit outta of em is that you guys could bring in all that big private money.”

I crossed my legs. “It’s not so much the money anymore, Frank. Although I’m not gonna let anybody steal it, after all it’s Jamie and Emi’s money too. I just want the company to be more like it was in the beginning. As it is now more and more of the decisions are getting made with the primary concern being a quick buck for the company.” I smiled broadly at him. “As you know I’m not necessarily opposed to a quick buck every now and again but somehow it seems unhealthy as a way of life.”

Frank spoke around the cigar in his mouth. “So you’re gonna do it?”

“Well………I’m not opposed to lunch but I’ve also got Jamie and Emi putting out feelers in Europe. I don’t want anyone over there thinking that this is a done deal. In a way our orientation has always been a bit more European anyway. And I damn sure don’t want to lose the core of people that Jamie has in his offices.”

Frank took the cigar out of his mouth for a moment. “So if my investment banking friend calls again whadya want me to say?”

“Tell him that he won’t be the only bidder.”


It’s so fucking weird! It’s like everything has this golden glow to it like sometimes things do when the sun hits em just right. I feel like I’ve been drinking except that I haven’t and I don’t but it seems like this is what it would be like. And then there’s this stupid ass grin that I can’t get off my face.

I’m sitting cross legged on one end of the sofa in the family room and Mark is reading a newspaper at the other end.

Mark has been glancing at me from time to time and I know that he knows that something happened although I’ll be damned if I know how he knows it.

Mark dropped the top of the paper down and said. “Alex, you okay?”

“I kissed Tommy!” WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM? Am I going nuts? WHY did I say that?

Mark lowered the paper a little further and looked at me. “Working your way through the whole family?” Then, thank god, he smiled.


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