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Protecting David
--- Chapter 24 ---
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Protecting David – Growing Up 4


What do I say to a fifteen, almost sixteen-year-old boy, who’s fallen in love? Sure, Alex, you can fuck Tommy in the basement, or let him fuck you. Oh hi, Mr. Moran. Sure we knew that Alex and Tommy were having sex in the basement. You’re not upset that our kids are porkin each other in our recreation room, are you?

On the other hand if we tell Alex that he can’t have sex with Tommy, we’re the jerks who’ve told young love that it cannot be. Good luck with that one. My father never tried to stop me from having sex when I was fifteen because he didn’t know about it. The thing is that I’m thinking that maybe that’s the best way. Maybe there’s some stuff that parents shouldn’t know about.

Alex was sitting at the end of the sofa with an embarrassed look on his face. Sometimes we blurt out the things that we least want to say.

I looked at him and then set my newspaper down. “Comere, Alex.”

He looked a little worried but he slid down the sofa towards me. I reached out and squeezed the back of his neck to let him know that nothing terrible was gonna happen.

“Can I talk to you about, Tommy?”

“Yeah, Dad. But I love him.”

I groaned and dropped my head back against the sofa. “Alex, love is such a big word.”

“I know, Dad but I do love him.”

“Do you love me, Alex, and David?” He ducked his head sensing a trap.

“Sure I do.”

I reached over and rubbed his shoulder. “But it’s different with Tommy isn’t it?”

“Yeah, Dad, it is.”

“It’s more intense with Tommy?”

“Yeah, and there’s more to it. In a way.”

“You’ve loved David and me for a long time and you pretty much understand where we’re coming from. Right?”

“Yeah, well I’ve loved you guys for as long as I can remember. Like forever.”

“How long have you loved Tommy?”

Alex lifted himself up and crossed his legs and sat down on them. “Geez, forever. A couple of years anyway.”

“When did you find out how he felt?”


“So there’s still a lot that you guys have to try to understand about each other.”

“Yeah, I guess. But it’s just stuff. It’s not really big stuff.”

“No, just lots of little things. It just takes time and compromises, Alex. You gotta share if you’re going to have any kind of relationship. You both have to give in on things.”

Joe came walking carefully into the family room. Alex brightened and slapped his hand against his leg. “Here boy, come on.” Joe walked over and sat next to Alex. Arthritis was a problem and we gave him pills that the vet gave us but Joe was getting old, he looked up at Alex with adoring blue eyes as his pink tongue darted in and out.


Mark and I were sitting in a pair of overstuffed chairs in my office. We each had a badly needed drink in our hands.

I said. “I knew that I’d rue the day that our little boy learned how to fuck.” Mark tilted his head and gave me a little grin. I grinned back. “Too much like mom?”

“Maybe just a bit. Anyway, that’s what boys do…………whether their parents want them to or not.” Mark slung his leg over the arm of the chair and held out his hand to me. I went to him and kinda sat in his lap leaning my head back against his shoulder.

I spoke softly. “I sooooo don’t want him to be hurt.”

“Yeah me too………..but it’s part of it. Hey! Who knows, Tommy might be the perfect guy for him.” He kissed the side of my neck. “Twenty years from now they might be having this same conversation.”

“Geez, twenty years! I wish we had been together since we were fifteen.”

Mark laughed. “I don’t think that I was all that hot back then. Maybe on a good day I could tie my own shoes.”

“I bet you were horny all the time and beat off like five times a day.”

Mark laughed again. “Well, probably not five but a lot.”

Mark ran his hands over my hair and asked me. “You decided what you’re gonna do yet, with the business?”

I rolled the back of my head against his chest. “Not yet. It’s too early. Emi emailed me and said that he had two strong expressions of interest, one German and one French.
We’ll see.”

Mark tightened his grip around my waist. “You don’t need to do anything. I know that you hate the commercial end of it so why not just close it or sell it cheap.”

“Matter of principle. I don’t want anybody saying that we couldn’t hack it.” I turned my head to him. “Cause I could hack it. I just didn’t want to, not anymore. I love working with Jamie and Emi, they’re like family, they make it fun. And there’s something about working with a single human being. Something about taking his screwed up finances and putting things right. It’s fun………..or maybe satisfying.”

Mark was nuzzling my neck when the door burst open. Alex walked in and took a long look at us and shrugged his shoulders in an exaggerated way. “You know, they’re not gonna let you guys do that in the home!” Then seeing Mark’s expression he laughed and bolted for the door.

Mark is really fast for a big guy and if he hadn’t had to deal with getting me off of his lap he would have had Alex before he had a chance to get out of the room. As it was he didn’t get him until they had rounded the house once and Alex made a wrong turn.

Mark had thrown him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried him back into the house occasionally lightly whacking his butt while Alex twisted and turned trying to free himself.

Alex was whining. “Lemme go! You’re gonna hurt me! Ya know, you’re not suppose to carry people like this!”

Mark dumped him on the sofa and Joe padded slowly over to him and laid his head in his lap.


I didn’t know how Tommy was gonna feel about the kiss. I mean, sometimes somebody can do something and then when they’ve thought about it they figure that maybe they shouldn’t have done it. So when I went over to his house the next morning I was kinda nervous. Cause like what if he said that he was just goofin around and kidding and shit?

When I walked into the house his mom and dad were like tearing around getting ready for work and stuff and they told me to go back to Tommy’s bedroom and get him cause we needed to go right away if we were gonna get to school on time. So I shove my hands in my pockets and walk back to his room like I’ve done probably a million times before but inside my pockets my hands are sweating and of course I run into Monica and she gives me like this weird evil eye thing. What’s that all about? God, I shoulda never done that!

Tommy grabbed my arm and pulled me into his room as soon as he saw me. He closed the door and leaned back against his desk chair staring at me with those big brown eyes.

He said. “You’re not like all weird or anything are you?”

“No, Tom, I’m good.”

“Cause I meant it.” I must have gotten a look on my face. “I meant the kiss. I still mean it but I, more than anything, didn’t want to make you like all crazy. I mean you’re not gonna run around the school telling everybody that I’m a queer are you?”

I wished that David hadn’t interrupted us, that we’d had time to talk about all this. “Why would I…………… did notice that I kissed you back didn’t you?”

Tommy’s mother was screaming for us to hurry up and he said. “We gotta go, Alex.” He walked over to me and looked into my eyes for a couple of seconds and then quickly kissed me, so fast that I really didn’t get a chance to kiss back. “Let’s go.”

“Tommy what’s the matter with Monica? She was looking at me all weird.”

“She expected you to wanna fuck her again and then when you didn’t she got all freaky. The girls a slut.”

“You knew about that?”

“Alex, the whole world knows about that.”


Tommy and I were walking to the pool for swim practice. Every time my elbow brushed his arm I started to smile. I felt like a fucking idiot.


Tommy turned to look at me and kinda screwed up his face. “I hate the name Tom!”

“Okay, Tommy”

“Hate that even more.” We were walking down the wide corridor that led to the pool. He stopped for a minute and looked into my eyes. “I want it to be different with you, us, something special. I want you to call me something that nobody else does.”

“How bout your initials, TJ? That’s kinda cool and I never heard anyone else call you that.”

He smiled broadly showing those perfect white teeth. “I think that I like it. Yeah that’s cool, let’s do TJ.” So I started calling him TJ and within a month the whole school was calling him TJ. So much for it’s being special, after everyone else started calling him TJ I went back to calling him Tommy.

I guess before I started thinking about Tommy being a possibility, relationship wise, seeing him in a Speedo was just………….well, normal. Not that he didn’t look hot because he totally did, with his beautiful dark brown hair and his hard little bubble butt. Just seeing him standing on the edge of the pool with his weight centered on the balls of his feet preparing to dive and that position causing him to flex his butt muscles and pull the back of the Speedo up into his ass cheeks. Oh my God do I wanna have sex with him!

The thing is that now that it’s like maybe gonna………no, it’s absolutely gonna happen! I mean I don’t know when but soon. But now when I look at him in that Speedo I’m thinking things that I didn’t let myself think before.

Tommy and I walked back to the locker room from the pool together but we never really got a chance to talk because we were always surrounded by other guys and they were screaming and fucking off like you’d expect. Then we were standing next to each other cause that’s where our lockers are and Tommy is going really slow and I’m sitting on the bench already tying my shoes and he takes a quick look around and then leans over and whispers, “Watch this.”
And then he turns away from me and slowly pulls his suit down over that beautiful butt and then bends forward and slowly pulls the suit free from his feet but he’s really giving me this total view of his ass, even his butt hole and beyond that his low hangers swinging back and forth and I’m like passing out from all the blood in my body going to my dick.

I just whisper, mostly to myself. “Oh fuck!”

Tommy pulls on his boxers and sits down on the bench. He doesn’t really look at me but whispers. “That gross you out?”

I can’t seem to talk. It’s like my mouth is all dry and I have to swallow a couple of times to get it working again.

“No…………it didn’t. Can we just go some place.”

At my house we’ve got a small shed, maybe ten feet by twelve feet that Mark uses to store the riding mower, snow blower and a bunch of garden tools. This is where Tommy and I went. The big advantage to the shed is that you can’t really see anybody going into it if you’re watching from the house, unless maybe you’re in the kitchen and lean way over the counter and look out the window. There’s only one small window in the shed and it faces the house so that you can see if somebody is coming.

Tommy and I slid in through the big doors, barely opening them. There was a square shaft of light coming through the small window and I pulled Tommy over to it so that we could watch the house. David was the only one at home and I really didn’t think that it was very likely that he’d know where we were but I also didn’t want to take the chance of being surprised.

The light brightly lit half of Tommy’s face while the other half was in the dark, it made me think of those old black and white photos and everything seemed to start moving slowly. He looked at me and laughed and then dropped his gaze.

“This seems so crazy.” He put his arms on my shoulders; his face was just an inch from mine. “You’re my best friend. How didn’t we know this was suppose to happen?”

I felt like my head had been plugged into a 220volt outlet and that my brain had been stunned like with a million volts. “Tommy, if we don’t get to kiss soon I think that I’m gonna go fuckin nuts.” I reached out to his chest with my right hand and stopped just short of touching him. “It’s all that I’ve been thinking about.” I looked into his eyes, which had gone all still and deep.

I pulled him to me and kissed him lightly at first and then much harder. My arms were around him, my left hand at his lower back and my right holding the back of his head. His lips parted and our tongues touched, pulled back slightly, and then seemed to draw each other forward; first into his mouth and then into mine our saliva and breath mixing.

Tommy broke the kiss and looked at me with a serious look on his face. “I got a list, in my head, of the things that I wanna do to you………..with you.”

That struck me as being hysterical and I laughed like hell. “What’s first on the list?”

He ground his stiff cock against mine and then looked up at me and kissed me quickly. “I wanna hold your dick.”

I held Tommy’s face for a second and then kissed him again. “My dick is all yours. You can do whatever you want.” Then something occurred to me. “Did I tell you that I love you?”

Tommy gave me one of those; “Well of course, dumb fuck!” looks. “I took it as a given.” He reached forward and started unzipping my pants. “I’m not my fucking sister. I don’t have sex with the whole fucking world, no matter what you may have heard.”

His hand was soooooo fucking hot on my dick. “Oh God, Tommy!” I fumbled for his zipper and after practically tearing his pants he said.

“Here, let me.” And he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out or maybe it would be more accurate to say that he freed it because it stood straight up looking somehow like that was how it’s always suppose to look. I wrapped my hand around it and he grunted. “Holy fuck that feels good!”

Tommy had his list and I had mine. I quickly bend over and took his cock into my mouth.

“Oh fuck, Alex!” His body seemed to lift up on his toes. “Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck, that feels good!” Tommy almost doubled over with the pleasure of it and his hand instinctively went to the back of my head.

I pulled off of Tommy’s cock, which by the way tasted fantastic and pulled him over to some canvas that I had laid out on the floor earlier. It didn’t make much of a bed it was pretty fucking hard but we lay down and took each other in our arms and began to slowly kiss while our cocks rubbed together.

It’s soooo weird! It’s weird because of the way that Tommy has always seemed, well mostly to other people but also a little to me, and the way that he is when were together like this. He’s such a hard charging guy. He plays every sport and he’s really aggressive, at everything. But right now he’s kissing the side of my neck and he’s like this totally different guy. I guess that the guy that is squeezing my nipple as sticks his tongue in my ear is the guy that I’ve always dreamt of, that I always somehow deep down knew was there.

We stop kissing for a moment and Tommy is searching my eyes with his. “You okay?” He kisses me lightly again. “This isn’t happening too fast is it? I mean it’s not for me but………..well, you’ll tell me if it’s too fast?”

My voice is a hoarse whisper as I run my hands up under his shirt onto his warm back.
“ No, Babe, no it’s good.”

Well, ultimately we ended up beating each other off into a disgusting old towel that we found laying out there in the shed. Tommy shot like a volcano as soon as I ran my fingers over his butt hole and I shot from seeing him shoot.


I walked into the bedroom, stripped off my boxers and got into bed with David. “Alex is asleep, Joe is at the foot of the bed, all the windows are closed and locked, the doors are locked, the lights are off, nothing is cooking on the stove and your boyfriend is ready to either hold you while you sleep or fuck you just prior to that.” I kissed the tip of his nose.

David looked deep into my eyes, smiled and then kissed me back. “My hero!”

“So what’s it to be? Fuck now or sleep?”

David grabbed my right hand and turning, pulled my arm over his body and held it to his chest as his butt was pressed back against my cock. He mumbled into my arm. “How about wake up sex?”

I kissed the back of his neck. “Anything you want sweetheart.” I stretched out my left leg and pushed my right partially through David’s legs. His heart was beating soothingly under my right hand and my nose was buried in his hair. My world was in order and I slept.

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