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Protecting David
--- Chapter 25 ---
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Protecting David – Growing Up 5


Alex is a really smart guy, I mean that, but sometimes he can be like totally out of the loop. For instance, he has no clue about how he looks. All of these girls are hitting on him and even a few guys and he’s like, oblivious.

He’ll turn to me and say. “What’d they mean by that? Why would they say that?”

“Uh, Alex, like maybe cause you’ve got shoulders like fucking Tarzan and look like some sort of fucking Nordic god?” Not that I actually tell him that but he is clueless, at least when it comes to things like his looks. Somehow he’s gotten to be almost sixteen years old without really understanding how good looking he is and the effect that he has on other people. They’d be after him even more if they ever got a look at his dick but that territory is reserved for me, at least now that my sister has given up.

I was over at their house one-day waiting for Alex and I must have gotten a strange look on my face cause Mark, who if Alex wasn’t in the picture I would totally do, says to me.

“What’s the matter Tom?”

“Sir,” for some reason Mark is the only person on the planet that I call sir, “I was just wondering how he got to be that way. Why is he so calm, so happy?”

He seemed to think about it for a moment and then said. “He doesn’t have anything to be nervous or unhappy about. He knows that we love him for one thing and for another he’s tough enough that he doesn’t have to worry about the usual high school bully crap.”

Actually I think that that might have a lot to do with it. Not that he’s aware of it but all the usual high school thugs are scared shitless of Alex. It’s not that he ever did anything to them but with a body like that and the way that he moves it’s pretty obvious what he’s capable of.

The thing that he’s really capable at, that they don’t know anything about, is kissing. Alex and I have become like kissing addicts. Strange, it seems like such a simple thing and when you see it on tv or in the movies it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but real kissing with another person is like this fantastic intimate experience. If we walk home from school, it’s only about a mile and half if you cut through some yards, sometimes we’ll cut through Miller’s Park Forest Preserve where we can kinda hide behind the trees, and kiss.

It’s not that we don’t have sex because we sure do but it’s soooooo hard to find a way to be alone together and sometimes the best we can do is kiss and talk on our cells. But the thing is that when we actually are alone we kiss even more. Even if we’re like sixty-nining we break away every couple of seconds to kiss, like we somehow can’t get enough of each other and when Alex’s tongue is in my mouth it’s like somehow we’re really one.
Every day, every kiss, seems to bring us more closely together. Okay! Maybe it was just infatuation at first but now it’s turned to love. I see it in his eyes and he’s gotta see it in mine. He’s become my whole world.


Jamie, Emi and I clinked glasses, Martini glasses. We were in the bar of the Four Seasons hotel in New York so it seemed appropriate. The room was glittering with men in dark suits and ladies with well coiffed hair and flashing jewels.

I said. “Somebody, Frank maybe, told me that this place kept the Martini alive after everyone stopped drinking them.” I smiled. “My favorite cocktail so I guess that I owe em.”

Jamie laughed. “I can take one but more than that and I risk my senses.”

Emi gave a shrug. “I prefer wine.” He turned to Jamie and flashed a dazzling smile. “And how you Brits drink Scotch whiskey is beyond me.” He leaned over and pulled a portfolio up onto the table. “Our three offers. Shall we flip a coin?”

I leaned forward. “Well, the best offer from a strictly financial point of view is from New York.” I twirled the glass in my fingers. “But in my opinion the British offer is the best one overall. We still get loads of cash and more importantly with the bank stock that we’d be getting our presence within the EU is solidified. Most of our customers are either living in the EU or used to live in the EU or have second homes in the EU.”

I leaned back in the chair and looked from Jamie to Emi. “But it’s up to you guys too. We all have to agree.”

They were both nodding yes. “Then it’s done. Jamie, you’ll call the lawyers?”

He nodded. “They’re on alert.” He pulled out his cell phone pressed a button and in a few moments spoke. “Mr. Bloodstone, we’ve decided to accept the British offer. Yes, if you would be so kind.” He held his hand over the phone.

“David, they’ll need your signature will you be home tomorrow or still here in New York?”

I looked at my watch. “I should be home at about four o’clock this morning eastern time.” While Jamie was talking on the phone Emi leaned over.

“You’re not making Mark pick you up at the airport at that hour are you?”

I laughed. “Emi, you’re gonna think that I’m a monster but yeah he is picking me up.” He gave me an appalled look. “Oh lower your eyebrow! He won’t sleep anyway! He’ll be up watching tv or reading and then he’ll wake Alex up. This way he goes to bed a little earlier, he knows that he’s gonna be seeing me and then he gets up a bit earlier.”

Jamie snapped his phone shut. “Considering that it’s two o’clock in the morning there they were in remarkably good humor.” At that moment I’m sure that all three of us were thinking of the legal fees involved.

Having Jamie and Emi in the same city, at the same table is a little like being at the exact spot where two stars collide. They’re both so used to it that I doubt that they even notice it anymore but out of the corner of my eye I could see waiters and busboys hovering, just in case the most charming guy on the planet or the best looking guy on the planet, should need the slightest bit of help. We were getting lavish attention even given the standards of the hotel.

Jamie looked over at me. “Catching the red eye home?”

I smile at him. “No……….I splurged, private plane and limo to the hotel. It’s not like I ever plan on returning to this city. It’s too busy, too much.”

Emi crossed his legs. “I think that I prefer Madrid or perhaps San Francisco.”

I smiled at him. “Not Milwaukee?”

“David, the German part of me says yes but the Spanish part of me says no way.” He smiled and draped his hand over his leg. I thought that I saw a waiter swooning out of the corner of my eye.

Turning to Jamie. “We’re thinking about buying a house in London. Could you keep an eye open? Something close in………..but there’s no hurry. But not something huge, something maintainable, maybe a condo, maybe that’d be best. I have to talk to Mark about it but even he has to travel to Europe on business. Maybe someplace where we could entertain if we had to, Mark is always bringing business contacts home for dinner and he represents a couple of European companies.”

Emi leaned forward and tapped my arm. “David you need also to be thinking about a university for Alex. A year or two at school in Europe, perhaps Switzerland, would be a very good thing for him. When he answered the phone the other day his German was quiet good, and when I switched in mid-sentence to French he didn’t miss a beat, he seems to have a talent for languages and he was quite charming.”

I shrugged. “You’re right, of course but there are so many complications. I have to think about it. He loves our place in Italy but now that he has a boyfriend………….it complicates things.”

Emi moved his arm to straighten his cuff and the hotel staff went on red alert. “David………it will either make it or break it. Let him bring his friend along. I can think of a dozen people who would love to have him stay with them if you think that would be better than his being on his own.” I envied Emi, he lived in the whole world, there wasn’t a place on the planet that he wasn’t at home in.


The Milwaukee airport has a military side to it and I was sitting in their control tower having a cup of coffee with an old friend. It was 3:30 in the morning and things were very quiet.

Nick turned in his swivel chair and leaned over towards me. “He’s thirty minutes out, he’s still at 38,000 feet but he’ll be headed down soon.”

I knocked back the rest of my coffee. “Thanks, Buddy. I better head over there.”

“Say hi to David for me.”

The private part of the airport is on the north side and I parked the car and walked out into the cool night air. After about ten minutes the Lear 31 flashed past at a hundred feet over the fence separating the airport from the highway and a thousand feet later it touched down with a slight puff of smoke as the wheels touched the runway.

David looked disheveled. His black hair was flying in all directions and his white shirt looked like it had been slept in. He was carrying his jacket in one hand and a briefcase and his tie in the other. A whole set of worries could now drop away. He was home.

He held his arms out away from his body as I wrapped mine around him and kissed him hard.

“You must be exhausted.” I was still holding the side of his face in my right hand.

We turned and started walking to the car. “I managed to sleep a little on the plane.” He turned his head and kinda grinned. “But yeah I am.”

“Well, it’s almost 4:30, you wanna get breakfast” We got into the car.

“Sure there’s a Denny’s just a couple of blocks away, let’s hit it.”

The waitress took our orders and left us with a pot of coffee. The place was full of truck drivers and airline people.

David took a sip and then said. “No point in going to bed. It’s morning in London and the lawyers will be lawyering.”

I set my coffee down close enough to his that our fingers touched. “So did you get what you wanted?”

“More. Well, more than I figured originally and this way we improve our position in Europe. I asked Jamie to keep an eye open for a condo for us in London.”

“Good! If he were to come up with something quickly I could take a look at it next month. I gotta go meet some guys.”

“Alex behaving himself, relatively speaking?”

I laughed. “Yeah, pretty much, although you couldn’t pry him and Tommy apart with a crowbar. But they’re not doing anything in public, although they gotta be doing something somewhere. Strangely enough it is keeping him home. They wanna be together and the house is probably the safest place. He keeps asking about a car and we’re going to have to make a decision about that soon.”

“I know.” David said. “I’ve been thinking like maybe a Honda. That sound too dorky?”

“Sounds great! He’s gonna want the sporty one. Do they make a sporty one?”

David’s lips set. “He’s gonna get the safe one!” He waved his hand. “It doesn’t really matter if it’s a Honda. That’s just the first one that occurred to me. Maybe I could call Jason and Chris, they might know what brand would be best. I don’t want him looking like a rich kid and yet I don’t want him looking totally dorky either.”

David makes me smile. He’s always asking me what I’m smiling about but the fact of the matter is that it’s him. It’s like when you’re walking along and all of sudden you stumble on to this precious thing. You don’t really know where it came from or who it belongs to, you only know that’s it’s this perfect thing that you never dreamt that you’d possess and yet here it is.

He still has no idea that I ask him questions about things that mean nothing to me just so that I can hear his voice. It’s the rhythm of my life the cadence that my heart beats to.


An hour later and my cock is buried deep in David’s ass. He’s lying on his back and I’m kneeling between his legs, his legs are draped over mine and he’s working his ass against my dick. I’ve got it easy, with one hand I’m rubbing his left leg and with the other I’m slowly stroking his dick. I’m watching his face as he forces my cock to explore the insides of his butt, his eyes widen and then almost close as his face grimaces just a bit and he pushes his prostate against the head of my cock. His hands are touching the headboard of the bed to maintain his position and to give him the leverage to fuck himself against my cock. He’s whispering.

“Oh fuck! Holy fucking shit! Oh fuck yeah!” His eyes are closed and he’s lost in the pleasure.

His pelvis is rotating as he tries to find the most pleasurable spot, his eyes are closed and he’s living in another world, his private world of fantasy. I decide that it’s time to take back control and bury my cock as deeply as possible in his ass while I stretch my legs out and cover his lips with my own. I cradle his head in both of my hands as I bury my tongue deep into his mouth.

“Gonna fuck ya hard now, Babe. I want you to cum for me. Wanna see you shoot.”

He looks up at me with a look almost bordering on panic and then he closes his eyes and smiles. I begin slowly, one inch strokes but I quickly move on to full length strokes and I can tell by the expression on his face that I’m going deep enough.

He reaches up with both hands and grabs my upper arms. I kiss him and leave my mouth next to his. I whisper. "You love it, don't you? Feeling my cock in your ass, getting your little butt plowed. Shoot for me, Baby." He reaches down and gives his cock two hard jerks and then he shooting, great arcs of semen that land on his chest and run off to
the side. I slowly pull my cock out of him and then refocus and shoot all over him.

My cock is lying next to his still leaking a bit of cum. I look down at him and he opens his eyes and laughs. I laugh too. It's all, in a way, a colossal joke but it's a joke
that we both get and one that binds us together like the millions of other small threads joining us.

The room reeks of sex and I lower myself forward until I'm lying against his chest and we're glued together with our own semen. It doesn't matter, it's just noise, the real
melody is our love, never changing, a sure and certain thing in a world of endless change.

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