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Protecting David
--- Chapter 5 ---
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Protecting David 5

I had been reaching for David for a while but it’s a big bed and when it’s totally dark and your eyes are closed anyway, people can get lost. I slowly moved further over to David’s side of the bed thinking that he was over by the edge but he wasn’t there. I rolled back to my side knowing that he would be back from the bathroom soon and that I’d feel his warm arms around me but after a while it began to register in my brain that that wasn’t happening.

I sat up in bed and turned on the light, no David and no Joe either. I slid out of bed and started searching and when I got to the hallway I could see light coming from the den. When I got to the den the desk light was on and so was the computer but David was more or less curled up in a leather chair with a small wool blanket wrapped around him, sound asleep, Joe was sleeping next to the chair.

I whispered. “David.” I touched his shoulder. “Babe.”

His eyes opened slowly and then suddenly he seemed startled. “Oh geez Mark, it’s you, you scared me.” There was a dark growth of stubble on his face.

I walked over to the computer. “You done with this babe?”

“Oh yeah, I guess so, you can turn it off.”

I turned off the computer and the desk light then walked back to David. I bent down and picked him up. “I’m taking you back to bed.”

He giggled but layed his head on my upper arm. “Don’t fucking drop me.” At something like 135 or 140 pounds there wasn’t much chance of me dropping him.

“I won’t but don’t wiggle.” While walking back to the bedroom I asked. “You ready to tell me yet?”

“Maybe tomorrow night. Would that be okay. I promise I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

I kissed his forehead. “Whenever you’re ready hun.”

When I put him down he kissed me. “You’re a very understanding man.”

I held him tightly. “I know, but I figure you’re worth it. Now let’s go to bed.”

I layed down and David slid in next to me his back to my chest and my arm wrapped around him. I was asleep again in seconds.

David tossed and turned all night, finally I gave up on trying to hold onto him and just kind of let him whip around on his side of the bed. About five in the morning he got up and went into the kitchen to make coffee and I could hear him quietly moving around trying not to make any noise. I stretched and rolled over looked at the alarm clock and then rolled out of bed. Walking into the kitchen I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him to me tightly.

“Can I get a cup of that too?”

David turned in my arms and laid his head on my chest. He spoke softly. “Tell me that I’m doing the right thing.”

“David, I trust you, I trust your judgement. Jesus, even Frank trusts you and believe me that doesn’t happen much.” I turned his face up and kissed him. “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”

“I’ll be without a job and will have lost all of my savings.”

I put my hand on the side of his head and pulled him to my chest. “That’s not a problem. I make more than enough to support us and you can always get another job.” I was speaking softly to the top of his head. “The thing I want…..the only thing that’s important to me is that you’re happy.”

David looked up at me. “I’m going to resign today.”

I ran my knuckles lightly down the side of his face. “You’re sure it’s what you want to do?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Good! Can we have some fucking breakfast?”

“Breakfast? I gotta give ya breakfast? Shit I let ya fuck me all the time. That isn’t enough?”

“You LET me fuck you? You’re always begging me to fuck ya?” I push David back against the counter and kissed him deeply. He’s the most precious thing in my


I pushed David’s knees up to his chest exposing his asshole and positioned my cock against it. I bent my head and let a wad of spit drop onto the head of my cock and then began to slowly push my cock into him. His head came up and back as he felt my cock enter him.

“God I love fucking you! And I did too, every centimeter my cock entered David was like this incredibly intense thing, like I was taking over his body and we were really one.

David pulled my head down and kissed me. “Fuck yeah! Yeah babe just like that!”

I leaned down over David’s body. “Hun wrap your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist. This table wasn’t the best idea.” We had started this on the kitchen table and the salt and pepper were already casualties.

David did as I asked him and I wrapped my arms around him and lifted him off of the table keeping my cock buried in him and keeping him pulled tight to my chest. I walked him into our bedroom and gently reversed the process. I put my hands behind David’s knees and forced them to his chest just as before I resumed my pounding of his ass. In this position I was also able to wrap my upper arms around David’s head and cradle it as I kissed him, and watched those emerald eyes changing like a summer storm, flashing one moment and dark the next.

I could feel and hear my balls slapping against David’s ass as I fucked, while his balls rocked back and forth with my thrusts.

“Gonna cum in your hot little ass David!” I buried my tongue for a moment in his mouth then. “Gonna fill you with my hot cum”

I pushed his knees back even farther which had the effect of forcing David’s asshole higher and put his prostate in a direct line to the head of my dick.

“Oh fuck Mark!” David was jerking his dick hard now and I knew that he wouldn’t last long so I began to refocus and soon my own orgasm was building. I pushed David’s hand off of his cock and started jerking him myself and he started screaming the David sound and then he was shooting all over his jaw and chest while I was filling his ass with my own cum.

I pulled my cock slowly out of David’s ass and then climbed up next to him on the bed and wrapped my arms around him.

I was playing with David’s hair. “God you’re a good fuck”

“Gee you’re a smooth talker.”

“I was just thinking that we take sex for granted. I mean, don’t ya remember before we met when ya never knew when you were gonna get sex and you’d usually end up going home and beating off.”

David looked at me. “Yeah, you’re right. I can’t remember the last time that I was like crazy horny. I’m still horny a lot but it’s anticipation horny, cause I know that you’re gonna be plowing my butt. David straddled my waist and bend forward and kissed me. “You’re a pretty reliable guy.” He layed down on top of me. “Oh yuck I can feel the cum squishing between us.” Then. “I wonder if we’ll still be fucking when we’re sixty?”

I ran my hands down David’s back and cupped his butt in my hands. “Sure we will, guys can still have sex into their eighties.” I laughed. “Though I suppose it’ll be slower sex but I know for sure that I won’t love you any less no matter how old we are.” I kissed David’s neck. “No matter what happens, no matter how old or how sick, none of that will matter as long as we’re together.

David was looking down at me with maybe the beginning of tears in his eyes. “I’ll love you forever.” He rubbed his eyes with the balls of his hands and shook the mood off.

“Gonna be a tough day today, quitting and all, I hate days like this, ending days.” He laid his head on my chest just under my chin. “I’ll be home early, probably really early. They don’t let you stay around once you quit.”

“Anything I can do to make it easier?” I was lightly stroking the back of his head.

“Nah, it just has to be done. Besides you’ve already made it easier, you make everything easier.” David sat up still straddling my waist. “Well, I better get this fucking show on the road.”


A little after ten later that morning I got an instant message on my cell phone. “Deed is done.” Then just before leaving for home in late afternoon I got cell call from David asking me to meet him at some office space that he had rented not too far from home.
David introduce me to two other guys who would be working with him and would share the offices. Jeff Monroe was David’s age but was a very introverted guy that David told me later knew more about programming than the guys at Microsoft. The other fella was Matt Reynolds and according to David, Matt’s specialty was foreign exchange.

There were four private offices a conference room and a large central area that could easily accommodate six or eight cubicles. There were tech guys and telephone guys there already installing computers and communications lines under Jeff’s watchful eye.

David and I stayed until about eight o’clock when the computer guys finally left and then we went to dinner at a small restaurant near our house that we go to a lot. David was looking kinda drained, excited, worried and probably a couple of other things so I got us both a Martini before dinner.

We knew the owner and staff of this restaurant really well and they always gave us a quiet little table where we could even hold hands if we wanted to. Not that either one of us had hang-ups about showing affection in public but we were reluctant to do it if it might cause a problem for the owner but that wasn’t the case with “our place”.

Getting information out of David before he’s entirely ready to give it is a near impossibility and I’ve learned that the information comes faster if I don’t ask or at least don’t ask too much. This isn’t to say that we keep secrets from each other at least not in the only area that really matters to us, which is our relationship. When it comes to our love for each other we’re way beyond being totally open with each other. When it comes to business things sometimes other rules apply, we’ve both had jobs where a certain amount of discretion was expected and necessary. So David’s reluctance to talk about the company that he was obviously creating didn’t particularly bother me. It was driving Frank crazy but that’s a whole other story. At least three times a day Frank would come into my office with his latest guess at what David was up to and as it turns out the last idea was pretty much on the money but then Frank and David think amazingly alike. Frank figured that David was creating a consulting company specializing in mergers and acquisitions and that was about sixty-five percent correct. The scope of the company was much larger than Frank thought, the company was much more than this local office, there were similar offices in London, Zurich and Cape Town. I know, Cape Town, but the guy wouldn’t move.

“Babe, how’d they take your quitting? Didn’t get ugly did it?”

David was scanning the menu. “No they offered me more money. You don’t think I’m getting fat do you?”

“Baby you haven’t gained an ounce since we met.” Then. “You’re driving Frank nuts ya know.”

David laughed. “I know. Well not anymore I’m not. I called him and told him. Actually you guys are our first client.” David looked thoughtful for a moment. “I probably shouldn’t have told you that.”

“You’re secrets safe with me.” Then “Oh shit I guess I’ll have the steak sandwich.”

“Yeah that sounds good lets make it two and……….let’s have a beer with it.”

“Yeah that’s good. So without any specifics are you gonna be able to do Franks thing?”

“With any luck it’s already done. I’ll check when we get home.” David was rubbing the tip of his thumb against the side of my hand. “The waiter has the hots for you.”


“Our waiter, he looks at you like he wants you to be the main course.”

“Oh David, come on, your crazy. He’s never indicated, never said anything anyway.”

“I can see it in his eyes, the……well I was gonna say bitch but I guess I can’t blame him for wanting you.”

I was totally flabbergasted. When I was around David he was all that existed. I hadn’t even really noticed the waiter, well other than to say hello.

I took David’s hand. “Well, I didn’t see it but it doesn’t really matter, after all, I am married.”

David looked at me for a few seconds. “You really don’t see it when they look at you do you?”


David rolled his eyes and pretended to slam his head on the table.

“David! I don’t want to talk about that. I can’t stop em from looking but my fantasies are about you.”

“I’m just teasing ya hun.” David squeezed my hand. “It’s been a day and a half and this is only the beginning.”

“David why do you have all these offices scattered around the globe? Why not one central office?”

“Well, it’s really just a case of opening an office where the guys have scattered to. For instance in London, Jamie, Charles and Bill, Jamie and Charles are experts on international banking particularly banking that’s tailored to very wealthy individuals and families. Their contacts in that area are unbelievable. Bill pretty much works for them but in the same field. In Zurich Tyler is fantastic at international law and has great connections in northern Europe. The only reason we have an office in Cape Town is because Archie’s wife won’t live anywhere else and he won’t go further than twenty feet from her. But Archie also has fantastic experience in index futures trading and complex options strategies and has great connections with all the major trading rooms. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be able to get another friend of ours to open an office in Los Angeles and I would dearly love one in Hong Kong but I’m running out of people.

Any way, with internet conferencing there is very little need for all of these people to be in one place or even to have a place to meet a client.

Dinner was over and we were sipping a B&B. David looked tired and said. “You’ll meet em all Mark but let’s for the moment let’s talk about something else. It’s like this has consumed me for months.

“I was thinking today about fear, fear of starting a business, fear in general.” David paused for a moment and started playing absentmindedly with my fingers. “I was thinking about how afraid I was before I met you, at least about some things. You really saved me.” David looked up at me with glistening eyes. “Do you remember when you first hauled me out of that stream, how after you kissed me and I started to cry?”

I took David’s hand in mine to comfort him. I spoke softly. “Yeah, I do remember.”

“I was crying because I was overwhelmed with this feeling that I had been saved, that you had saved me and not just from drowning. I still feel that way, like when I’m in your….arms….” David lowered his head for a minute. “I’ll tell ya later……why don’t we head on home?”

Later at home when I got into bed I held the sheet up for David and he slid in with his back to me so that I could spoon him. When I wrapped my arms around him he shivered for a second and then sighed and settled in.


“Yep hun.”

“If I cry it doesn’t mean anything. I mean so don’t get crazy or anything it’s just an emotional release thing. Okay?”

“David, you’re in my arms and I’m not letting go, so if you need to cry or anything else, just go ahead and do it.” I kissed the back of his neck and a few minutes later he did cry for a while and then fell asleep. I stayed quiet and still until I was sure that he was okay, then I fell asleep.


I have really large, strong hands and if I put the tips of my thumbs together and spread my hands I can go about two thirds of the way around David’s waist.

David had been putting in 14 and 16 hour days for the last month and while the business was doing great it was taking a fairly heavy toll on his nerves and that’s why I was sitting naked on David’s hips while he was laying face down in bed. My hands were at the base of his spine and his back was coated with warm oil. I was slowly moving my hands towards his shoulders while varying the pressure of my fingers depending on whether I was on muscle or bone. David was moaning. To tell you the truth I really didn’t know what I was doing but I figured with warm oil and back rubbing it couldn’t feel too bad. I started working on his shoulders, digging in my thumbs and pulling the muscle.

One of the problems that I was facing, if you could call it that, was that the more successful I was at massaging the more David’s moved his butt around and the more that happened the harder I got, so I finally slid all the way off his legs and laid between them with my face buried in David’s butt. I spread his beautiful ass cheeks with my hands and licked and sucked his asshole. Honestly I could do this forever, the feeling of my face in his ass and my tongue gently licking and probing David’s butt, with him gently moaning, is my idea of heaven. I pulled his cock back between his legs so that I could also lick his cock and balls. When I finally lifted myself up so that I could move up to fuck David my cock slapped up against my stomach and I had to pry it down to aim it at his ass.

When I started moving David looked back over his shoulder with glazed eyes to see where I was going. I spit on his ass and gently sank my thumb into his rectum and he dropped his head back down on the bed. After slowly fucking him with my thumb for a few minutes I pulled it out and started rubbing the head of my cock around his asshole. I was producing a lot of precum and I rubbed that around David’s asshole to use as a lubricant. Then I started to apply a little pressure and the head of my dick popped into David’s asshole which quickly closed again just under the head of my cock. I slowly pulled the head of my dick out of his ass again and then pushed it quickly back in, David made a little sound. I put my hands on his shoulders and slowly pushed my dick into his ass until it reached at least a temporary bottom, it would go deeper as a fucked. There was a light sheen of sweat on David’s back and I ran my hands up from his ass to his shoulders and then under to play lightly with his nipples. My dick was all the way in and I could feel my balls laying next to David’s.

David’s ass is so creamy white and when my dick is in him I guess that it’s the only time that I feel that I have any real control over him. I look down at him and the way the his back narrows to his waist and then flairs out again to his shoulders. My cock is moving in and out of his ass and his body is responding in a thousand little and big ways. When my cock is all the way in he drops his head to the bed and when I pull my cock back he lifts his head and he’s always making some little sound and sometimes not so little. He still makes the same sound he did the first time, the David sound, and when I hear it it goes to some central part of me where it can trigger a flood of emotions but mostly it intensifies the total love that I already feel for him and an overwhelming desire to protect him.

I’ve gone from one complete stroke every 6 or 8 seconds to one complete stroke every second or so and David’s body is almost vibrating and his ass is somehow grabbing at my cock and I need to cum so fucking bad. I start fucking even faster now and David knows that that means it’s time to cum. I’m slamming into him now and I reach under him and grab his dick and he practically screams and starts shooting and I focus again and a few seconds later I’m shooting inside of him pumping my cum into his beautiful body. Eventually I slump forward and wrapping my arms around David, but keeping my softening dick in him, we fall slowly sideways until we’re totally reclining. We’re both breathing heavily and David’s head is resting on my upper arm and my other hand is holding his stomach and feeling his cum. I’m starring at the back of his head and his hair is so black and feathery. I gently kiss the back of David’s neck and he rolls his head towards me.

“God babe you’ve got a great ass!”

David turns his head a bit and kisses my arm. He’s resting in a way that I haven’t seen in the last few weeks. The sex has worn him out and he seems content to just lay and veg for a few minutes. He moves his right leg so that it’s behind mine and uses it to pull me even closer. Joe stands up and lays his head on the mattress, he stares at David and wags his tail.

“I just got fucked Joe.” David reaches out and pets Joe’s head, the tail goes into overdrive.

“He seems glad.” I say.

“We’re both glad.”

I reached over to the nightstand grabbing a towel to clean up the cum that seemed to be everywhere. After I’ve gotten us cleaned up I pull the blanket over us and Joe jumps up on the bed and takes up his position at the foot of David’s side of the bed.

I’m about to turn off the light when David rolls over onto his back and pulls me on top of him so that my right leg is in between his legs and my upper body is on top of him. He wraps his arms around my neck and pulls my head down into a deep kiss. We suck on each others tongues for a while and when he finally pulls away I look down at him with a quizzical look.

David smiles up at me. “Cause I love you so fucking much.”

I bury my face in his neck and whisper. “Me too you.”


The new week started with Frank coming into my office to see if I was still leaving for St. Louis later in the day and I told him yes but he kinda continued to hang around so I said. “What’s up Frank?”

“Well, as long as you ask.”

I moaned.

“Marky, Chris is coming into town for the weekend.”

“Frank that’s great. I assume from all this dancing around you want us to host something.”

“Yeah that’d be great but the thing is his roommate Jason is coming with him.”

I fell back in my chair and pointed Frank at a facing chair. “Do you know if they’re boyfriends?”

“Well, it’s not like Chris has actually said that but it sounds that way to me. I mean in the little things he says and the way that everything is “us” or “we” I’d say it’s a safe bet.”

“So what do you want us to do?”

Frank laughed. “Make Chris’s family seem fucking normal. They’re gonna be spending a day with Chris’s mom and dad and two days with me. That should have them about ready to turn straight.” Frank put a foot up on my desk. “I don’t want them going back to California thinking how fucking lucky they are to getting away from us. I do understand that some of that would be a normal reaction but I’m hoping to minimize it. I don’t want my grandson to feel he has to live two thousand miles away because we’re all nuts.”

“Will you bring Marcy?”

“Yeah and Mike is coming with Elizabeth.”

“Well, let’s do it Saturday. And will the kids be staying with you and Marcy that night?”

“Ah….. Saturday? Yeah, they’ll be with us. Why?”

“Well what I’m thinking is why don’t you have the boys come in a separate car so that afterwards they can go out to a club or something.” Frank was looking skeptical. “Frank believe me by then they’re gonna need a little time to themselves and Chris knows his way around town. Besides, if they’re driving themselves when you and Mike leave the boys can stay and talk for awhile.” I smiled.

“Oh god Marky! You’re beginning to think like David. I like it.” He put his other foot on the desk. “Well speaking of David, what’s the little fucker up to?”

“Frank you probably know more than I do.” Something just occurred to me. “Shit! I meant to give this to you.” My coat was hanging on a chair and I went over and rummaged through the pockets. “Here it is. Our rep in Los Angeles has been calling on this company forever, the couple that owns the company are retired and it was being run by the old guys kid. Well the kid, who by the way was in his fifties, died about a month ago and now they’ve got some accounting guy running it. Well bottom line is that they’ve been using lasers in their products since they were invented and our guy says their engineering department has come up with a way of measuring altitude that is truly unique.” I looked at Frank he was now sitting forward in his chair. “The engineering guys are beginning to understand what they have and they might be looking for a new home.”

“How would you handle it?” Frank was nervously flipping a gold pen back and forth in his fingers.

“Lemme ask you a question first?” I leaned forward in my chair with my elbows on my knees. “How much did David save you on that deal?”

“He didn’t tell you?” Frank sounded genuinely surprised.

“He never does.”

“Three hundred million,” Frank leaned back, “over the agreed upon price. I still don’t know how the little fucker got em to agree to that.”

“Frank I don’t want to sound like a pimp for my lover but if I were you I’d hire David’s firm to check out the LA people and maybe put a deal together.”

“Would he know how to evaluate it? Well I suppose we could send our engineers with him.”

“Frank I have no idea one way or the other but I’d be willing to bet you a thousand dollars that David’s people will be better than ours.”

Frank laughed. “You’re probably fucking right.”

I stood and stretched. “Frank I gotta get going. I’ll call David on the way to the airport and set things up for Saturday. I should be back in the office tomorrow afternoon early so if we need to iron anything out we can do it then.”

“Maybe I’ll call David later and talk to him about this LA thing.”

“I would Frank. Especially because it’s family owned. David has a way with individuals.” I laughed. “You’ll think that I’m crazy but I think that David can almost read minds.” Frank looked at me like I should be committed. “I know it sounds crazy but I’ve seen it happen a couple of times now. I’m sure that it’s just that he’s got some natural ability to read body language or something but the times that I’ve seen it happen it’s been really weird.” I put my suit coat on and closed my briefcase. “I really don’t dismiss it anymore. And the other thing is that when David puts together a deal everyone seems to feel they’ve won.” Frank was walking me to the elevator. “I’m glad that he’s on my side”


“I called to thank you for funding my Los Angeles office……..and of course to tell you that I love you.” David was on the phone and I was in a hotel room in St. Louis.

“I take it that Frank talked to you and that you’re going to do it.”

“Yeah I’ve got two guys set up for that office and one of them is perfect for this but I’m still going out there Monday myself.”

I groaned. “I know that you have to. But god I hope we don’t get a pattern going that your leaving just as I’m coming back and vice versa. I’m already running a David deficiency and my level of you could become dangerously low.”

David was laughing. “Does that all boil down to you being horny?”

“Somethin like that. Shit I hate sleeping alone!”

“I do too babe. Without your arms wrapped around me and your dick pressed against my butt things just don’t seem normal”

“I know hun.” Then. “I get in about noon tomorrow and I’ll go right to the office but I’m not staying there all afternoon. I’ll probably be home around 4:00 or so. Want me to throw something together for dinner?”

“Let’s just do a big salad and something on the grill thing. That way we can have more time together and the weather is still good but who knows how much longer that’s gonna last.”

“Yeah, that’s good.”

“Mark? You okay?”

“Just missin ya babe. Thinking how nice it would be to have you laying on my chest.”

“I love you to Mark. More than I could ever tell you.” David laughed. “And Joe loves ya too. Even though he doesn’t always show it.”

“Well, I’m not so sure about Joe. Sometimes I think he’d like to see a lot less of me and a lot more of you.”

“Not true Mark. I’m looking into his eyes right now and he’s definitely missing you.”

“Well hun I miss you both but I better get some sleep or I’m gonna be worthless tomorrow. Night hun, love you.”

“Me too you Mark, me too you.”


The airplane landed just a few minutes before noon and I grabbed my carryon and headed for the taxi’s. We lived only a few miles from the airport, maybe fifteen minutes and I had decided to get a change of clothes before I went in to the office.

The cab driver was talking to me and had just started to turn left onto the road that let to our street, I was confused that he was trying to turn because there were cars coming but I was sure that he was just pulling out into the middle of the intersection where he would wait until traffic cleared but he didn’t and then all I could see was this gold colored car head for my side of the car and even though I was buckled in I was trying to get away from that oncoming car and yelling for the cab driver to stop.

In a car crash the impact is stunning, the force of two 3000 pound pieces of metal coming together is really something. Our vehicle was spun wildly around and everything in the car not tied down went flying. The window next to me disappeared faster than my mind could comprehend it and I found myself lying forward as far as the seatbelt would allow. I couldn’t breath but knew from past experience that this was just a matter of having the wind knocked out of me but it’s still hard not to panic. There was a lot of blood and I was concerned about that but until my breath returned there wasn’t much I could do so I concentrated on that.

When the gold car hit us it practically vaporized the window next to me and blew very tiny specks of glass towards my face in a type of explosion. I figured the blood could be coming from that but didn’t really know but as my breath started to return I was searching for my cell phone to call for help cause there was no way that door was opening normally. I saw my cell phone lying on the floor of the cab but I couldn’t reach it and then a woman came running up to the car yelling that she had called for help on her cell phone and then as she said it I could hear the sirens in the distance.

The pain in my right side was beginning but it didn’t feel serious, believe I knew serious, so I decided to ignore it and concentrate on getting to my cell phone but while I could get the seat belt open I was having trouble bending. The lady with the phone was still standing about ten feet from the car like she was waiting for it to explode and I waved her over. Behind her I could see the remains of the car that hit us with its air bag expended but I couldn’t see anyone in it. A few feet in front of the lady with the cell phone my sunglasses were laying on the pavement.

“Miss, miss!”

“They’re coming! They’re coming! I can hear the sirens.” She was practically hysterical.

“It’s okay, I know, I here em too. Would you make a call for me?”

“A call? But they’re already coming, I can hear them!”

I tried to turn to face her but ended up just laying my head on the window sill. “Lady please, just make this call for me. Okay?”

“Oh! You mean to someone else! Oh, I’m so sorry but I never saw anything like this.” Her hands were shaking so bad that I’m surprised she could hold the phone.

The cop cars were pulling up and I gave here David’s number. “Miss please just tell him what happened and that he should call the cops and find out where the ambulance takes me and then do whatever needs to be done. He’ll know what to do.” The police were moving people back and they were pushing her back too and I just yelled. “Please make the call and she was trying to when I turned to the cop. He had come through the other door.

“Buddy, don’t move anything. Just stay still, the ambulance is coming.” By now there were four cop cars a fire truck and an ambulance. I wondered in one part of my brain if all accidents brought out this much hardware. The lady was talking into the phone with one hand up to her ear so that she could hear. I didn’t want to think about the anguish that call would be causing. I looked at the cop.

“I really am okay officer.”

“Buddy let the emt’s decide that.” The firemen were tearing the door off my side of the car. The cab driver was standing in front of the wreckage arguing loudly in a language I didn’t understand. His way of making a living had just been taken away.

I was feeling tired. “Okay officer, whatever.” I turned my head to my right and couldn’t help but notice the fireman was goodlooking in his uniform.

Then the emt’s were strapping me to stretcher and firing questions at me, name, what year was this, who was the president and so on and then the stretcher that I was strapped to was being slid into the ambulance and one person was taking my blood pressure and somebody else was injecting me with something and then they slammed the doors and the siren was turned on and I could feel the movement of the vehicle. The static of the radio, the movement of the ambulance, the work of the emt’s, the needle jabs, the ekg leads being attached……… all sent me back to Somalia but there was something missing…….what was missing……..oh yes, the thump, thump, thump of the helicopter, that was it. Then I could see the world passing by but we didn’t stop for anything, I watched the tops of trees and the street light rush by and then we slowed after only a few minutes and pulled into some kind of building and then different people took me and cut my clothes off and they were running around doing things and then way in the background I could see David talking with a very tall silver haired man. David looked so great in a charcoal gray suit, blue shirt and pale yellow tie, so handsome. The man had his hand on David’s arm and was gesturing for David to stay calm. I tried to lift up my hand to wave but something was holding it and I couldn’t do that and then they put really warm blankets on me and I realized that I must have been naked. This guy was right next to me asking me questions and I guess that I was answering but I felt a little vague and then I was just falling but it was falling through total blackness and didn’t feel bad at all and then I stopped falling and just hovered in the darkness but then after a time I was being called back and I really didn’t want to go but it was David calling so I went almost all the way back but not all the way because it was so nice just being in the blackness but soon I was so close to the surface I felt that I had to open my eyes and I wondered for a second why anyone would come back, it felt that good.

“Hi babe.” My throat felt incredibly sore.

“Mark, Mark, it’s okay, everything is gonna be okay.” His black hair had fallen over his forehead and his green eyes were a warm, comforting green. “Baby don’t worry about anything.”

“David………did……you…..think……to……call…….Frank? We…….got……the…….contract. Tell……him.”

“He knows Mark. This is his doctor, doctor Kramer.” The tall silver haired man came over to the bed and took my wrist in his hand. I was sure he was checking my pulse even though he was talking.

“Mr. Chauvet, you’ve been in a pretty bad accident but your basically fine.” He flashed a small light into my eyes. “There was a slight trauma to the head, a small concussion but you’ll be fine. We just want to keep you over night to make sure nothing develops.” He continued to hold my hand, not in a sexual way but in a comforting way. I liked him.

“David.” I raised my hand and David came and took it. “Today is Friday right? I mean the bar-b-que for Chris?”

David turned to Doctor Kramer.

“Mr. Chauvet, we’re hoping to get you out of here tomorrow but no excitement. I won’t tell you bedrest but it’s gotta be damn close to it.” He turned to David. “David you have to promise me that.”

“I do promise you that doctor.” He looked at me. “And I don’t give my word lightly.”

I wondered what time it was and held up my wrist to look at my watch which of course wasn’t there.

“It’s eleven at night Mark.” David looked to the doctor again. “We should go.”

Doctor Kramer came to the bed and picked up my wrist again. “Mark are you gonna be able to sleep or do you need a sedative?”

“Doc I don’t think it’ll be a problem.”

“Okay, David’s got my numbers and he knows to call. I’ll see you tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be able to release you. I’ll leave you guys alone now. Night you guys.”

We both said. “Night doctor.”

I looked up at David. “I like him. But god I love you.”

David was holding my hand and bent down to kiss me. “I love you too Mark.” Tears were streaming down David’s face.

“Oh babe! Don’t cry. I’m okay.”

David had buried his face in my left hand and was sobbing almost uncontrollably. “I was so afraid. I’ve never been that afraid before……….ever.”

I pulled gently on David’s arm. “Get in bed David.”

“I can’t………..they won’t.”

“Fuck em! What are they gonna do? Kick us out? I need you next to me David, at least for a moment.”

David climbed in on my good side and layed his head next to mine. “Now I know what you went through.”

I took David’s hand in mine, I turned my head to look at him. “Life can be a bitch David. I’m always amazed at what humans are capable of.” I paused, then. “One thing, among many things, that I’ve learned in the last year is that no matter what shit is happening it’s better if you’re sharing it with someone you love.”

David was sniffling but he smiled and nodded.

I looked into his emerald eyes. “David do you take Mark to be your unlawfully wedded husband, to honor and hold in sickness and in health, through wealth and poverty, no matter how fucking stupid either of you behaves, till death do you part.”

David’s eyes never left mine. “I do.”

“Me too you.”

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