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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 10 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 10


Lord! They are so achingly in love! Alex was never like this with the other guy but then Alex is older now, smarter, more mature and insanely in love with this guy. And Larry…………..handsome, sharp, funny and a stud, actually they’re both studs. Larry has barely taken his eyes off of Alex since we sat down.

He doesn’t know quite what to make of David but then I could say the same thing myself. I wish that David and I had met when we were their age. David wouldn’t have had all that shit happen to him when he was in school because I would have killed that guy and we would have had just that many more years together.

“Larry, David is really good at handling this kind of a situation. I don’t want to minimize anything but you can feel comfortable about any meetings that he might have with your dad.”

Larry asked, “Did you guys ever have problems with your fathers about being gay?”

David and I both groaned at the same time. David said, “Lord……… don’t wanna know! But lemme say this, we do understand, maybe not exactly what you’re going through but certainly in broad terms. We’ve been through it too.”

Alex looked at me and smiled. “Not that I’ve got sex on my mind but what kinda bed did you get us?”

I took a sip of wine laughed and said, “Twin. We figured that you guys were spending all of your time on top of each other so that you’d really only need a twin.”

Alex laughed and Larry blushed, hmmmm, what does that say? My god the only part of Alex that doesn’t look bruised is his face and that’s thanks to the side impact airbags but he’s kind of moving in slow motion and I know that everything probably hurts.

David jumped in with, “The whole place is done in kind of a low key masculine style, no frilly stuff, just nice comfortable furniture, some leather, muted colors. Relax, you guys’ll like it. Oh and we did get you a king size bed, whether you use all of it or not is up to you.” He took another bite of food. “I just hope to hell they get the painting done tonight and all the furniture in by tomorrow sometime. Mark and I both have to leave tomorrow, so you guys can drop us both at the airport on your way from the city back to Stanford.”

Alex said. “Dad, we could stay at the dorm.”

“No, Alex, for one thing we need the ride back into town but I also want to keep my eye on you for a few more hours. I booked another room for Mark and me.”

Alex said quietly. “Dad, I’m okay.”

David looked at him warmly. “I know, Alex but it’ll make me feel better.”

I said. “We do worry about you, both of you.”


The condo was in a small complex two blocks off of Sand Hill Road and by the time we got there lights were being turned on in the adjacent units. It was easy to spot our condo by the painter’s truck and the furniture van. As we walked in a lady in her fifties and dressed all in black was walking around with a clipboard and was making sure that everyone was doing what they were supposed to do.

By the look of it once the painters finished in a room she had the furniture moving guys bring the stuff in and place it but keep it away from the still wet walls. The living room was huge and at one end it also had a dining area. A brown leather sectional had been placed against one wall and a young woman along with a young man who looked enough like her to be her brother were hanging paintings on the walls that had already dried.

The lady in black walked up to David and said, “Mr. Kerry……..” She waved her hand around the room, “we’ve made pretty good progress. The painter is finishing up; my assistants are hanging pictures and placing accessories. We’re still missing some furniture but we should have that in the morning.” She put her hands on her hips and stared at David. “So……….what do you think?”

David flashed a smile and leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the cheek. “Fantastic job, Elli. Let’s show the boys the bedroom.”

The first bedroom was dominated by a king size bed that was very plain in style but whose headboard really emphasized the beauty of the rosewood wood grain. The room also contained an entertainment center that held a television and a large dresser with a mirror attached and on the other side of the room a tall chest of drawers. The bed had stacks of unopened bed linen and blankets lying on top of the mattress.

Elli made a sweeping gesture of the room. “This is the master suite, the bathroom is through that door.”

I suddenly realized that she had been talking to us, Larry and me. I belatedly said, “Oh! It’s beautiful.” And it was and I know that I should probably have been thinking only about how great the condo looked. After fucking all, this was where we we’re going to live and it was like a hundred times better than the dorm but the only thing that was in my mind was Larry. Even with him on the other side of the room it’s like we were the only ones there. Well, it’s not like nobody else was there but kinda like they were behind a veil or in a fog because everything in me was homing in on Larry. I could feel his body even from across the room like he had his own gravitational field or something. I looked at the bed and knew that soon I’d be lying there with Larry. I looked at him and knew that he was thinking the same thing.

I kept watching the way that his muscles moved under his shirt. Not that the shirt was tight or anything, actually it was really loose and just kinda hung from his broad shoulders and I could tell that he was nervous because he had both of his hands shoved into his pockets like he was afraid that he was gonna break something. I knew the way that those shoulders felt, the strength of them, the way that the muscles moved.

Did I ever mention that David is like this kinda warlock person? Mark and I joke about it, fuck all of his friends joke about it but he’s got this weird radar that must be explainable somehow but we’ve never figured it out. I swear that he and my dog Joe held actual conversations. Anyway sometimes it’s like he can just read your mind.

David moved over to me and waved Larry over. He spoke quietly and looked from me to Larry. “This is just stuff. It doesn’t mean crap, it’s like background music. What is important is that you guys be happy here. So………the whole point is that it doesn’t matter what Elli thinks or what Mark and I think. The only important thing is what you guys make of this place.” He had spoken for only a few seconds and then was at Elli’s side telling her what a fantastic job she had done…..and she had.

Mark and David and Elli were touring the bathroom and I looked at Larry and said quietly, “We’re gonna fuck on that bed.”

He shoved his hands deeper into his pockets and looked shyly at me. “I know.” He grinned and looked around the room. “We’re gonna be color coordinated too.”

I smiled. “I was hoping for that.” I tilted my head towards the bed. “We can spread out.”

He stepped toward me. “I don’t wanna spread out. I want you next to me every second.” One small strand of brown hair dropped a half an inch lower on his forehead and he hunched up his shoulders just a bit. His head was tilted down and he spoke softly. “I really need to be with you……..alone just you and me.” He raised one hand and touched his temple for an instant and then shook his head slowly. “You’ve become everything to me. I never figured on this, on how big it would be.”

“I know Larry. I’m like on another planet and the only thing that seems real to me is you.”

Larry said. “I give your dads a lot of credit, they were here like instantly. It’s certainly obvious how much they love you.”

“Oh I know that they do, Babe and I know that this is pulling them away from other commitments. David was at a meeting in New York and Mark had just flown to Washington for something the Army wanted. Then cause their son can’t see a fucking car coming they have to fly across the whole country.”

Larry took a step closer to me and stared right into my eyes. “You’re thinking that you’re to blame for this?”

I looked down. “I should have seen that that car was loosing control.”

“Alex, I was fucking there. There was nothing that you could have done! Nothing!”

“I could have thrown my car into reverse and hit the fucking gas.”

“Oh that’s fucking brilliant! Then the Benz woulda hit the driver’s door head on and you’d be fucking dead!”

“Not if I had hit the gas hard enough!”

Larry ran his hands through his hair and looked totally frustrated. “Do I have to have Mark explain to you that you’re not to blame? Cause I will! I’ll call him over right fucking now!”

“No, Larry, don’t do that. Look I’m not throwing myself on my sword I just think that I coulda handled things better.”

“Well you couldn’t have, no one could have!”

I looked into those warm brown eyes. “We need to be alone to have some time alone. I love you so fucking much.”

I turned to find my dads and then hobbled over to David. “Dad, I’m getting kinda tired.”



David was climbing into the shower as I pulled off my pants and underwear and climbed in behind him. I placed my hands on his small waist and ducked my head under the shower to wet my hair. I squeezed the water out of my hair with my hands and then lifted David’s face to mine and kissed him slowly. The bright white tile of the shower highlights David’s black hair and adds new depth to his emerald green eyes. We hold the kiss as my hands caress his back and wander down to play with his butt. I break the kiss and sigh.

“We are working too fucking much. We haven’t made love in a week.”

David sighed too. “I know. What I don’t know is how this always seems to get away from us.”

I take David’s cock in my hand as he takes mine we’re both hard. I drop my head and lightly bite his shoulder. He nuzzles my face as the water pours over us.

I drop to my knees on the floor of the shower and take David’s cock in my mouth. He gasps and leans back against the shower wall. I pull almost all the way off of his cock and tease the underside of the head of his cock with my teeth and lips. It’s a real hot spot for him and he’s up on his toes and arching his back.

Just as he’s starting to make the David sound I turn him around spread those rock hard creamy white ass cheeks and bury my face in his butt. I reach between his legs and pull his cock down and jerk it slowly while I rim him. He’s pushing back against me when I pull my face away and begin entering him with my finger. The David sound clicks up a notch and I add another finger.

David’s arm is on the wall and he leans his forehead against it. I reluctantly stop rimming him stand and ask him, “You ready?”

“Oh if you only fucking knew!”

I laugh and coat my cock with a little soap and place the head at David’s butt hole. I whisper in his ear. “We could wait for tomorrow morning if you’re too tired.”

He mumbles into his arm. “You don’t fuck me I get to fuck you.”

“Okay, okay……..I called dibs.” I push my cock hard enough to just be causing a little pressure against his sphincter and then slowly increase the pressure until I pop in and David makes a little gasping sound. We’ve done this like a million times and I’m still worried that I’m gonna hurt him.

I ask him. “Okay?” He nods yes and I begin to move slowly into him feeling his body opening for me as a settle into him. David has thrown his head back and my left hand moves to his chest and them up to massage and hold his throat. My fingers slip over his jaw line and I slide my middle finger into his mouth and he sucks on it greedily.

As David relaxes and his muscles have stretched to accommodate my cock I can really begin to fuck him and I do, long steady strokes that keep edging faster and harder. He keeps sucking on the finger of my left hand and I reach forward with my right and begin to slowly beat him off. Pretty soon it hard to tell if I’m fucking him or he’s fucking himself because he meeting each forward thrust by shoving his butt back against it and I’m as disconnected as I can get cause if I allow myself to think about this I’ll cum and I want him to do that first.

Finally I can tell that he’s about as far gone as he’s gonna be and I refocus on what I’m doing and start working on twisting my hand around the head of his cock as a jerk him off. It only takes seconds and his body freezes with his back arched and starts shooting huge amount of cum into my hand and about ten seconds later I’m pumping my load into his ass.

After sex David is sitting naked on the bed with his laptop and I’ve gone into the sitting room of our suite to make telephone calls to politicians and Army guys in Washington that should be at home by now.

Eventually I finish the last of the long distance conversations and walk naked into the bedroom as David snaps shut his laptop and lies back against the pillow looking relaxed. I climb on the end of the bed and walk on my hands and knees until I’m over him and then lay down on top of him wrapping my arms around him and kissing him softly at first and then much more deeply.

When I break the kiss I look into his eyes. David says, “That was wonderful.”

I smile. “The kiss, the sex or your laptop?”

He smiles. “The first two.”

“I did good then?”

He pulls my head down for another kiss. “You did very good.”

I nod toward the laptop. “No crisis that need your immediate attention?”

He asks. “You know how much we spent on air travel last year?”

“You and me?”

“No my company, Jamie, Emi and Me and our clients that we had to fly around and crap like that.”

“Beats me. How much can it be? A half a mil?”

“Almost four million! Is that fucking unbelievable or what?”

“David, that can’t be right.”

“Last month alone one round trip private jet from Sydney to London, $120,000, same thing, Cape Town to London, $62,000. And it just goes on and on and fucking on.

“Sweetheart, why would you pay a hundred and twenty grand to fly someone from Australia to London?”

I sat back on David’s thighs and massaged his shoulders gently.

“Well, it was actually two clients and their families on the plane and they ended up giving us a hundred and fifty million to manage so it’s not like it wasn’t worth it. It just amazes me, that’s all. We should really buy our own plane.”

“Sweetheart, why don’t you make em pay their own way?”

“People with that kinda money don’t pay their own way……… least not when they’re giving you money to manage. Actually if we had our own plane we could make it even a better experience for them………maybe. I gotta think about it. Maybe some combination of our own plane with charters to fill in the blanks.”

I pulled the covers down on the bed got in and then pulled them up over both of us. I turned off the light and then snuggle up against David’s back while he lays his head on my upper arm. I kissed the back of his neck.

“Don’t think about it now. Just sleep.” As our bodies mold themselves to each other my world stabilizes, David is safe in my arms and his heart is beating strongly with mine.



I ached, my side hurt like hell, not “your gonna die” type pain just “you had the shit beat outta you” pain. I put my hand on Larry’s shoulder and lifted each leg in turn while he pulled my pants off. My boxers came halfway off with my pants and Larry looked at my cock kissed it and then pulled the boxers off completely.

He stood up and kissed me. I started to move my arm to hold his head so that the kiss could go on forever but I’m moving in slow motion due to the injuries and Larry broke the kiss cause he feels like he’s gotta take care of me and get me clean.

“You’ll feel better after a shower, Babe.” Larry was still dressed but I tried to lift my arms up and wrap them around his neck but while I could do it with my right it just hurt too much to do it with my left and I ended up looking pathetic.

I looked into Larry’s warm brown eyes. “God, I fucking hate this!”

Larry smiled and said, “I’m not sure that having you a little bit immobile is such a bad thing. “For one thing you gotta walk slower and you’re less liking to trip over your own feet.” I smile as he pulls me back gently against his chest and very carefully wraps his arms around me. I can feel his hard cock pressing out against his Levi’s. He kisses the side of my neck and shivers run through my body. He speaks softly. “The other thing is that I get to take care of you and I’m really kinda loving that. I’ve never really had anyone to take care of and now I’ve got an actual guy. This really beats the blow up ones.”

I laugh and take his right hand and move it down my body to my cock, which is sticking straight up in the air. “Take care of that why don’t ya.”

Larry nibbles on the side of my neck and says. “I love this, you’re moving right into the disgusting plans that I have for ya.”

I ask him. “So if I let you shower with me what kinda pervy things are you gonna do?”

He laughs. “Pervy? Never! I’m gonna wash orifices………all of them. You’ll be cleaner than clean when I’m done with ya.”

“Is this gonna include really deep cleaning?”

“Not for you, Babe, superficial only until you’re well.”

I pulled at his hands. “Come around in front of me so that I can kiss ya my tongue is missing yours.”

Larry moved around until he was facing me, his head was slightly bent and his eyes were turned up to look into mine. I reached up with my good arm and moved a single strand of dark brown hair off of his forehead and then moved the tips of my fingers slowly over his face. He stared into my eyes and slowly tilted his head. I moved forward and tilting my head met him in a kiss that was as gentle as a whisper.

He moved closer and carefully wrapped his arms around me all the while watching my face for any sign of pain. He was still dressed and I was completely naked but I could feel his erection as he leaned into me and kissed me harder pushing his hot tongue into my mouth, his right hand moved up barely touching my skin until it was at the back of my head and then it settled on the back of my neck and he held me in place while our kisses went on and on and on.

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