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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 11 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 11

Mark and David’s plane takes off at 10:00, which means we’ve got to get them to the airport at 8:00, which means that Larry got up at six so that we wouldn’t be late. Ugh! Larry’s got this thing about being late.

I feel someone lifting up the blankets that cover me and grudgingly open my eyes. Larry’s brown eyes and toothpaste fresh breath greet me. “Morning, Sweetheart, I figured you’d want coffee so I called room service.” He’s hunkers down next to the bed and pushes a cup of coffee at me and I reach out with my good arm and take it. He realizes his mistake and keeps one hand on the cup. “I wanted to see how your side looked. Pretty bruised. Why don’t you sit up and I’ll help ya.”

I wiggle myself backward until I’m leaning against the headboard. Larry holds the cup to my lips and I take a gulp.

I look at him through sleep filled eyes and say, “You’d get a lot more sex if you stayed in bed in the morning.”

He smiled at me. “I know and I promise that I’ll make it up to you when we get in the condo and you’re a little bit healed.” He reached out and ran his fingers through my hair. “Are you crazy horny?”

I shake my head no and say, “I’ll live.” I slide over a little bit with some difficulty. “Slide in for a second.”

Larry looks nervous but gets into bed with all of his clothes on and I lay my head on his shoulder and drape my arm over his chest. I look up at his face and wonder what’s up with the whole nervous thing.

“You okay?”

“Sure, Babe. It’s just that I’ve been watching you sleep and………….well that kinda makes me a little horny.”

I run my hand down his chest and head for his cock and he groans. When I reach it his cock it’s impossibly hard and I’m amazed that there’s room for it in those Levi’s.

I smile at him. “A little horny?”

He kisses me and says, “I didn’t wanna bother you when you don’t feel well. When you get better there’s gonna be some serious sex happening but I thought I better let you heal first.”

I lightly bite his shoulder through his shirt. “Your hard cock is never a bother and besides we did it yesterday.”

He puts his hand behind my head and pulls me gently to him and we kiss. “We shoulda waited but anyway let’s do it later, Alex. Let’s get your dads taken care of and then we can go to the condo and relax. I can wait. We’ve got the rest of our lives.”

I can feel his hard muscles through his shirt. “Okay. I’m gonna miss em………….and yet I wanna be alone with you. Actually I need to be alone with you…………..and relaxing doesn’t have much to do with it.”

Larry turns on his side and gently shoves his arm under my head and looks at me and says softly, “Your dads are good looking and nice.”

I move my good leg over his and my cock is pressed to his thigh and I play with his hair. “I guess that they are good looking.” I laugh. “You oughta see my uncle Mike. Well he’s actually my dentist but he’s Mark’s best friend and I call him and his partner Ted my uncles but they’re not.” I feel tired and the warmth and comfort of Larry’s shoulder is pushing me toward sleep. I mumble. “He was a Marine.”

Larry kisses my forehead and says, “Who was a marine?”

My eyelids are so heavy. “Mike.”

Larry is staring at me as I begin drifting off to sleep. Finally he whispers. “Alex.”


“We gotta get up, Babe. You gotta shower and……..oh fuck!”

My eyes snap open. “What oh fuck?”

“I already took a shower………but I’ll take another one. It’ll be okay.”

“Why are you gonna take another one?”

“I wanna scrub those testicles and polish that butt.”

“I’m not gonna fall in the shower.”

“I know that you’re not because I’m gonna be in there with ya.”

I look at him and sigh. “Okay, let’s go. There’s no point in my spending twenty minutes trying to talk you outta this.”

“Geez! I was wondering when you’d finally understand that you should be doing what I tell ya.” Larry lifts my head up with his arm and then hurries around the bed and pulls me gently up.

He stares at me. “Seriously, how’s the pain?”

“Bearable………..depends on what I’m doing. You are gonna take off your clothes to shower?”

Larry leans forward and kisses me. “Good to know that your kissing muscles are okay.”

I rest my chin on his shoulder and tilt my head so that it lies against Larry’s. He makes me feel so fucking good that I can barely stand it. “I dunno what I’d do without you.” I turn my head slightly and kiss his neck and I can feel tears forming in my eyes.

He pulls back to kiss me on the lips and looks into my eyes. “Alex if you start to cry I’m gonna start to cry and then I’m gonna have to slap the shit outtta ya.”

I laugh and kiss him. I wipe the tears out of my right eye but my left arm hurts too much when I try to lift it so there’s tears running down my face on one side but not the other. He brushes the tears out of my left eye with his thumb.

I hobble over to the phone and call room service, order breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for two and tell them to just come in and set it up because we’ll be in the shower.

Larry strips in record time and he helps me into the shower. We’re both hard.

I wrap my hand around his cock. “Let’s beat off.”

“You sure think about sex a lot!”

“That’s cause I’ve been just lying around watching you do stuff for me and every time I see you in your jeans with that packed crotch I think about sex. So it’s really all your fault.”

Larry is soaping my back with a quick stop at my butt. He’s working fast though and we’re outta the shower just as I hear the door to the room open and a cart being rolled in.”

I turn to my body slave and laugh. “Breakfast is served.”

Larry ducks into the room and dresses quickly hurrying back with my underwear. He pulls my boxers up and then buries his face in my crotch while his hands are probing my butt.

“Hey you had your chance in the shower.”

He looks up at me. “I wanna rim you for like three hours.”

I pull him up kiss him and then stare into his eyes. “One way or another we’re gonna fuck later.”

“Alex, you know that we’re not sup………………” I put my hand over his mouth.

“Don’t say it, Larry! We’ll find a nice position that won’t hurt me.”


Larry was driving my new car and Mark was in the front seat with him while David sat in the back with me while we drove to the airport.

David handed me a piece of paper and said, “You’ve got an eleven o’clock appointment with Dr. Forest at the College clinic. I explained what happened and the hospital faxed him their files on both of you guys. I really feel that you’re gonna be fine but at least there’s someone close by who’s familiar with the situation.

“I called Elli last night and she’s done with everything but a few end tables that haven’t shown up yet. When those come in she’ll call and let you know when they can bring em out. The painting is all done but you’re probably gonna have to push the furniture against the walls if that’s where you want it.” David dropped his head in thought. He pulled a small notebook out of his suit coat pocket and flipped through the pages. “I guess that’s about it. Oh, and the college knows what’s going on. The dean’s office has made up a list of things for both of you that you’ll need to study to come up to date. Can’t be much, it’s only been a few days. Oh and call Emi and Jamie! You know that they both think of you as part of their family and they’re worried.”

“I will, Dad. I was going to start calling them anyway.” David looked at me with those green eyes and then reached over and squeezed the back of my neck.

Mark turned around and said. “Alex, David’s going back to New York and I’m going on to Washington and then in a week he’ll be flying down to stay with me there. So if you need us, you know where we’re at.”

Turning to Larry, Mark asked. “Larry, did you call your family?”

Larry glanced at me in the rearview mirror and said. “No…..I didn’t. I wasn’t really hurt and……………what’s the point? They don’t care.”

Mark sighed. “They probably care more than you realize but it’s your call. Just remember that they stay your mom and dad. But look in a couple of months it’s going to be Thanksgiving and then Christmas and if you want to come home with Alex your like five hundred percent welcome.”

Larry looked at me in the mirror but Mark interrupted our non-verbal communication and said. “I know that you think that you’d rather stay here and make love but that levels off a bit. Anyway, just think about it.”

Larry said. “Thank you, Sir, I will. And thank you for getting here so quickly for Alex. I’m not sure what we would have done it you hadn’t been here.”

Alex said to Mark. “Dad, I was thinking that I need to get another trainer. I mean I can work out by myself but I kinda miss the training.”

Larry raised his eyebrows in the rearview mirror as he looked at me and smiled. “You had a trainer? I wondered why you never peed on the floor.” David and Mark roared with laughter and that simple thing somehow changed the dynamic between them and Larry.

I was laughing and said, “How bout I come over the back of this seat and pee in your mouth!”

Mark shook his head slowly at both of us but looked at me and gave me a warm smile. “I’m sure that I can find someone. I’ll email you.”

There was an awkward undercurrent as I said goodbye to them. On the one hand I didn’t want them to go. I loved them deeply and respected them completely. On the other hand I needed time with Larry, time to complete our bonding as a couple.

There was also a fading awkwardness that David, Mark and Larry felt towards each other. Larry’s experience with fathers was not the best and he was afraid to open himself up to men that he didn’t really know yet but in the end he let Mark draw him into a warm hug.


Both Larry and I had seen the doctor and he pronounced us to be more or less okay given the circumstances. I suggested that we both get an HIV test so that we could lose the condoms and put that out of our minds and in a few minutes we were both staring at the Band-Aids on our arms. We went to the grocery store and bought food only to find that David was a step ahead of us and the kitchen was totally stocked. We stopped at the dean’s office and got our assignments and then went to the dorm, sighed and began moving clothing. It took three trips. We made our new bed in the condo and arranged the furniture. Well more accurately Larry arranged the furniture while I directed. And now finally it was all done.

Larry sat next to me on the sofa and lifted my hand playing with my fingers and finally bringing them to his lips and kissing them. “Are you hungry? Wanna send out for pizza?”

I scooted to the edge of the sofa stood up and grabbing Larry’s hand got him to stand. “I want you to do me a favor, Larry. Come with me young man.”

Larry said. “You’re not gonna hurt me or anything?”

“Aaaahhh, no. I think that we can safely say that you’re not gonna consider this painful.”

They walked into the bedroom and I sat on the bed. I smiled at Larry. “I hope that you don’t think that this is too weird but I want you to take off all of your clothing and lay down on the bed………….ahh but don’t touch me or kiss me or anything. Is that too sick?”

Larry was already unbuttoning his shirt. “It is pretty sick. What are ya gonna do when I’m nekid?”

I laughed again because I was feeling pretty dumb about this. “I wanna be able to just really look at you but without the interruption of sex. I think about you constantly and think, in my mind, what you look like but the truth is that I’ve never really had the chance to look you over good. The sex will come in a little bit but just do this for me. Will ya?”

Larry bent over and kissed me. “This is kinda like me getting up early and watching you sleep so I guess that I understand.” He tossed his shirt on a chair and the rest of his clothing followed until he was standing naked in front of me. His cock was rapidly expanding.

I looked at his cock. “Remember no sex yet.”

“I know, Alex but splain it to my cock Senor.”

“I’m amazed that you don’t pass out when that thing gets hard. Okay now lie down on your back and just rest your arms at your sides. Is this getting too sick?”

Larry laughed. “Not yet but it’s got potential. If you had asked me to cross my hands over my chest I’d be in the garage starting the car.”

I had taken off my gym shorts and tee shirt and climbed onto the bed next to Larry’s head. My cock was very hard and Larry noticed. Alex said. “Close your eyes, this is gonna be harder if you’re watching me.”

“You’re not gonna gore me with that horn are ya.”

“No talking, pretend that you’re asleep.”

I reached over and slowly ran my fingers through Larry’s dark brown hair feeling the texture of the strands as they moved through my fingers. I bent over and buried my face in Larry’s hair and inhaled deeply. He decided that the smell was clean and something more. I turned Larry’s head gently and did the same thing on the other side of his head. His hair was getting longer because I had told him that he ought to wear it longer and although it wasn’t always obvious Larry mostly did everything that I wanted him to do.

I ran my fingers lightly over Larry’s forehead and noticed that Larry’s skin tone was slightly darker than mine and that his eyebrows were perfect and his nose wasn’t too long or too short. I could feel Larry’s breath on my fingers as they traced his cheekbones and ran my fingertips across his lips. His chin was strong and square and his face had a very masculine look but had a strong hint of humor about it and even in repose it was obvious that this was a face that laughed easily.

I bent over and kissed his closed eyes but Larry didn’t move. I ran his fingers down either side of Larry’s neck and paid attention to the strong muscles and then traced his Adam’s apple and the base of the throat. My hands moved over the tops of his shoulders feeling the muscles there and I was a little surprised at how powerful they seemed.

I ran my hands down Larry chest and let my fingers run through the dark brown chest hair until I came to his nipples, which were prominent and hard. I traced them with my fingers but resisted the urge to suck on them. His pecs were defined and firm.

I moved my hand over Larry’s six pack abs but had to lift up Larry’s rock hard cock so that I could run my hands over his abdomen and I noticed that Larry’s pubic hair was short and he wondered if he trimmed it. I noted that when I put both of my hands around Larry’s cock there were still a couple of inches beyond that. There was a large drop of precum running down his dick and I wanted to lick it up but decided to deal with that later and laid his cock back down and gently scooped up his testicles, which were large egg shaped and unshaved. I smiled at the weight of them and resisted the temptation to put them in my mouth.

The pain in my side was killing me but I moved on to Larry’s legs, which were lightly covered with the same colored hair as his chest and were heavily muscled. His ankles were small and well shaped. His feet were large and his nails were carefully trimmed.

I went back and ran my hands down both of Larry’s heavily muscled arms and moved my fingers over and between the bones in his hands and fingers.

I bent over and whispered to Larry. “Roll over.” Larry didn’t say anything but rolled over without opening his eyes.

I ran his hands over Larry’s muscular back and down the thick strands of muscles on either side of the spine. His buttocks were rounded in profile with concave muscular cheeks. I spread them and ran my thumb slowly over his asshole and felt Larry’s muscles tighten slightly.

I moved up and laid down next to Larry and then ran my hands over his back again and laid my head down on the back of his shoulder for a minute of bliss and then kissed it and got up on my knees.

I bent down and said softly. “Roll over.” Larry rolled over silently except for his cock, which made a whacking sound when it hit his stomach.

I crawled up to Larry’s head and said. “Do you trust me?”

Larry nodded yes and smiled.

“Don’t open your eyes and don’t speak.”

I reached under the pillow and got small bottle of lube and a condom. God I hated these things. I opened the condom with my teeth and squirted a little lube into it and the slowly and carefully rolled it down onto Larry’s cock. I put a coating of lube on the outside of the condom and then lubed myself.

I swung my leg over Larry and my eyes watered from the pain in my hip but finally I was positioned and I guided Larry’s cock to my ass and moved the head around until it was centered. I backed into it and felt it penetrate me slightly but the pain was too great, as I knew it would be and I backed off.

I set up a rhythm of settling down on Larry’s cock and then pulling off but going a little farther each time and soon the head was inside of me and it felt slightly painful but also fucking fantastic.

I began this rocking motion again until Larry’s cock was about half in and then
I laid forward and kissed Larry. I whispered. “I love you more than anyone or any thing that I’ve ever known.”

Larry’s eyes snapped open and he smiled. “Can I play too?”

I smiled down at him. “Thanks for letting me do that.”

Larry looked up at me. “Your side is killing you isn’t it?”

“I’m having a good time……….but yes.”

“Alex, lemme do what I do best.” Larry sat up and guided me off of him and onto my right side. He layed down behind me and entered me again slowly from behind. “That feels better?”

“Much. Too bad Stanford doesn’t give a degree in this, you’d have your doctorate.”

Larry began running his hand over my thighs and chest and eventually slowly beating me off. He started kissing my neck and shoulders and always kept up a gentle steady thrusting but he kept the strokes short and gentle. He kissed the back of my head and chewed on a strand of my hair.

I arched my back as the steady thrusting of Larry’s cock began to open me up and as my head moved backward Larry’s mouth started to work on my neck and ears. I can feel Larry’s balls pressed against my ass when Larry’s cock is all the way in me and hitting spots that had never been hit and says, “Oh fuck that feels so good!” I felt an orgasm building quickly and grabbed Larry’s hand and pulled it off of his cock. “I’m sooo close, Babe!”

Larry slowed his thrusting and angled away from my prostate. “That okay?”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, it’s backing off. Oh fuck you are good at this, Larry!”

Larry was lightly biting the back of my neck. “Sweetheart, I could cum just from thinking about your butt.”

I said, “Lemme know how this feels.” and I clamped down on Larry’s dick.

“Ohhh don’t do that! Oh fuck I’m cumming, Alex! Oh, oh, oh, ohhhh!” I could feel Larry’s cock spurting in my ass.” Larry gasps for air as his body convulses with the throws of his orgasm and his arms tighten around me.

I said. “I did that?”

Larry seems barely able to answer as his muscle spasms continue and then slowly subside. “Yeah! I didn’t expect it and,” He wipes the sweat off of his face, “holy fuck………..and I was on the edge anyway.”

Larry gently pulls his still hard cock out of me and quickly strips off the full condom and rolls on a new one. “Number two.” And he slowly reenters me moving gently being careful not to hurt me. “You are so fucking tight!”

I pulled Larry’s hand from my hip up to my mouth and started sucking on his fingers. Larry moans and says, “Fuck, you don’t make this easy!”

After a while I had built up a rhythm of pushing back to meet Larry’s thrusts and finally he gasps, “Harder, Larry, you can fuck me harder!”

Larry is holding my shoulders and thrusting hard into me when I said breathlessly, “I want your cum inside of me!” It’s like pouring gasoline on a bonfire.

Larry responds almost immediately. “Oh fuck I’m cumming! Oh fuck!” I felt Larry’s cock pulsing in my ass and I stroked my cock a few times and then shot.


I was lying on my right side and up against Larry’s body with my face buried in his neck while Larry’s arms are wrapped around me. Larry lifted my chin gently and kissed me slowly while he ran his fingers through my hair, he breaks the kiss and gently rubs his face against mine.

Larry asks. “So I did good?

“You were wonderful………….are wonderful”

Larry says with a smile in his voice. “I am aren’t I and incredibly handsome too.”

I groaned and kissed Larry forearm. “Yeah, yeah, yeah and god-like in your beauty etc. etc. etc.”

Larry says, “Now that you’ve got that straight we should probably eat.”

“Okay but kiss me again.” Larry does. “I want a pizza with sausage, cheese, mushrooms, green peppers, olives and onions. Oh and a shower.”

Larry disentangles himself gently from me and then walks naked across the room and pulls his cell phone out of his pants. I watched the muscles moving in Larry’s strong back, legs and buttocks. He turned around to look at me and his dick swings back and forth. He searches and finds a number that he’s already programmed into his phone and places the call. He talks for a minute and then returns to bed and to me.

He straddles my waist being very careful not to put any weight on me and leans forward cradling my head in his arms. He says softly, “The pizza will be here in thirty minutes and I know the way to the shower.”

I reached under Larry and gently cupped his heavy balls in my hands.

Larry looked down lovingly and said, “Those pretty much belong to you but ya gotta be nice to em.”

I lifted my head a little, kissed Larry and said softly, “I’m gonna be really good to em and the guy that they’re attached to.”

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