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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 12 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 12

Larry gently pushed his right arm under my head and then kissed my temple. Since waking at six we had been making love and decided to relax before taking a shower. Larry’s left hand moved slowly down my chest and then my stomach while he shook his head slowly. He was a touch more lightly framed than me but still, his body was honed to perfection.

“What the hell do you have to do to get an eight pack?”

I glanced up at him. “Huh?”

“Your body, Alex, how long did you have to work on these abs to get em like this?”

“Oh……..those………..since I was twelve………..maybe earlier. Actually I don’t really remember but a long time.”

“Is that where the trainer comes in?”

I laughed. “So that’s where this is all coming from!”

Larry was gently rubbing my stomach. “In the car you talked about needing a trainer.”

“Larry, come over to the other side of me so that I can lay on you.” Larry rolled carefully over me without touching my banged up body and cuddled up next to me as I rolled onto my good side with my head against Larry’s shoulder. “That’s better.”

“When I was twelve or ten or whatever, Mark brought a guy in to train my body. I mean that I had always been working out with Mark to one degree or another but he wanted me to take it to another level. So anyway one day this ex-Army buddy of his shows up and we start working.”

“Mark told me once that if he ever was being attacked by like ten guys the one guy that he’d want standing next to him would be Terry Wilder. That’s the ex-Army dude. Nice guy. He’d see me twice a week and work with me and layout what he wanted me to be doing and he’d encourage me. Push me but not like insanely but steadily.”

“So what’d he have you do?”

“A lotta things. It was kinda a mixture of Kung fu and stuff like that but also a lot of other stuff that the military had developed. Basically what the Army Rangers, Navy Seals and Special Forces go through, although probably not that intense. That sounds like it would be too much for a little kid but I was already doing so much with Mark that it wasn’t like some huge leap.”

Larry kissed me. “So what you’re saying is that you could kick my butt.”

I cuddled more deeply against Larry and mumbled, “I’d rather eat your butt.” Then, sensing an undercurrent I said, “Larry stop thinking about this! This is just the way that I’ve always exercised. It’s what I’m used to.”

“You mean to tell me that you never thought about whumping someone’s butt when you were in high school?”

“No! Larry, you’re thinking that this is a big martial arts thing and I’m thinking that it’s exercise.”

Larry said, “Well not to change the subject but since the school is giving us a partial credit for the dorm and food contract I should be paying your dads something for living here. How much do you think and I’ll call the bank.”

“Larry, why bother?”

“Alex, I gotta pay something. I can’t just live here for free.”

Alex groaned. “Well for one thing it doesn’t belong to my dads because I got an email from the bank that handles my trust and David and Mark threw this in there. They usually put something in my trust fund every year and I guess that David figured that it might as well be this.”

Larry said, “Well I can pay the bank. Alex, I gotta pay something.”

“Larry, I know that you can afford to pay….whatever amount, but what’s the point? Just buy the food or something if you figure we gotta divide it up. I mean it’s not like I’m having to pay rent.”

“Okay………but I mean it! I gotta pay something.”

Alex lifted his head and kissed Larry. “You can start by buying me breakfast at Stack’s and then you can walk me around the campus. I gotta get back to doing things.”

Larry cuddled closer to me. “We could have more sex, that’s good exercise.”

“Well……….actually I was gonna suggest that you bring along a condom and some lube on our walk. Maybe we’ll find a secluded spot.”

“Oh I like the way you think! Actually I’ll grab a handful of condoms cause ya never know.”

I lifted my head and smiled. “Dream on MacBeth.”

Larry kissed me again and spoke softly. “Hard abs, the best butt on the planet and he knows Shakespeare too. Could I be any luckier?”

I reached down and stroked Larry’s hardening cock. “We find a secluded spot and I’ll show ya just how lucky you can get.”


The uniform of the day ended up being cargo shorts, tennis shoes and tee shirts. The plan was to cut through the shopping center and the walk around the campus. Once we got to the campus there were lots of trees and stuff to make the walking cooler.

“How is your side feeling?” I love it when Larry gets all concerned.

“I know that it’s there but it’s good.”


“Dats mois.”

“You gonna tell your folks?”

“About the accident?”

“That and moving and…………..well………us.”

Larry sighed. “I already have………..well some of it.”


“I sent my Dad an email. You know that you said I should start kinda talking to him about sports and shit? Well I have been and then last night I emailed him and told him about the accident and about us moving.”

Larry was looking down as we walked. I asked. “Did you tell him about us?”



“I told him that you asked me to move with you and that you had become important to me.” He sighed again. “Alex, I know that I’m being really chicken shit about this but I’m just tryin to break this slowly. I told him that your dad was David Kerry. Maybe that’ll help. He’s not stupid. He’ll know what I mean. Anyway it’s not him that I’m worried about.”

“Your mom?”

“She used to be so nice. It’s like she got to be brain damaged or something. She’s become so mean, so unforgiving. She was never that way before.”

“What if they try to pull you out of school?”

Larry stopped and looked at me. “They wouldn’t do that………….I don’t think. Anyway I don’t think that they could. My Grandpa didn’t make them trustee’s of my trust fund. There’s a law firm and the bank guys. They’ve already paid the money, I’m of age and my grades are good. I don’t think that they could pull it off.”

“Why didn’t he make them trustees?”

“I don’t really know. They don’t talk about it but I don’t think that he wanted my dad to marry my mom. Either that or they got into some big fight afterwards. Any way, I’m pretty sure that’s what happened and then he didn’t make them trustees. I was really close to Gramps. He left my dad half of his company and left me and Becky each twenty-five percent in our trust funds when he died.”

Larry stretched his arms upward towards the sky. “I wish that he was still alive! Things were really different then.”

We had no sooner made it through the door, gone into the bathroom to pee and met in the hallway in a passionate kiss when the doorbell rang. It took us a good thirty seconds to understand that it wasn’t the either of our cell phones and that yes we did actually have a front door and it needed to be answered.

I answered the door. She was a woman of medium height with dark brown hair that had been done by whoever it is that does all rich women’s hair and it had that same over studied ruthlessly casual look that they all do. The word brittle came to mind. She was wearing expensive casual slacks with a silk blouse and what I’m sure was an obscenely expensive leather jacket that she draped over her shoulders.

I knew. I knew just as sure as anything. “Mrs. Donovan?”

Her right hand came up to grip the edge of her jacket and a large marquis cut diamond flashed. “You’re the Kerry boy?”

I held out my hand. “Alex Chauvet-Kerry. I smiled.”

She brushed past me ignoring my hand and walked into our house. “Where’s my son?” This wasn’t going to be good.

I looked up and Larry looked like someone had frozen him in mid stride, one foot ahead of the other his mouth open slightly. His voice sounded like it took all of his strength to produce.

“Mom! Mom what are you doing here?”

She glared at him and then demanded, “Who told you that you could move out of the dorm?”

Larry seemed confused by the question and I knew that he was embarrassed by her being here and also frightened of her. I moved over so that I was standing nearer to him in case he needed moral support. I was hoping that he wanted moral support.

Larry stammered. “T,T,Told me?”

“Yes, your father didn’t give you permission! And I certainly didn’t.” Her voice was getting louder and I had the feeling that she could go ballistic at any moment.

“Mom, I’m nineteen. I don’t need anyone’s permission.” Larry seemed to be calming. “We had authority from the Dean to live off campus. The condo belongs to Alex.”

Her head snapped in my direction. “So you’re responsible for this!”

“We were in an automobile accident. You probably already know that. My fathers thought that it might be easier to heal here. The Dean was kind enough to agree.”

The venom dripped from her voice. “So you’re the faggot that seduced my son, that led him down this path!”

I had two major thoughts. The first was whether or not Larry would cave and do what she wanted. The second was that I hated this woman for what she had done to him and was continuing to do. I looked at Larry and saw a healthy anger building. I took this as permission to speak my mind.

I stepped toward Mrs. Donovan and tried to speak calmly. “Mrs. Donovan, why don’t you just leave? You’re not accomplishing anything here.”

She put her hands on her slim hips and threw her elbows back. “I have lawyers Mr. Kerry! I’ll sue you! I’ll sue your so-called fathers! Do you think that I’ll let a faggot steal my son? I’ll have you thrown out of this university.” She was totally wigged out and had a crazed quality to her voice.

“Mrs. Donovan, no one has stolen your son. He’s here because we’re in love and are trying to build a life together. As far as your lawyers are concerned you’ll do what you must. If you really want a battle of law suits I’m sure that your husband can give you my dads telephone number.”

“You think that you’re being clever don’t you Mr. Chauvet-whatever? That I won’t act, that I’m just some housewife who’ll ultimately do nothing.”

“I didn’t say that, Mrs. Donovan but you have to understand that Larry doesn’t, by law, have to do anything that you want him to do.”

Thank god for Terry Wilders training! She lashed out at me quickly with her left hand to slap me but my right hand came up and blocked it without my even thinking about it and Larry almost vaulted over the sofa and grabbed her hand. He yelled while she tried to twist away, “No mom! What’s happening with you? Why are you doing this?” He held her from behind his arms wrapped around her and she seemed to calm down to almost deflate.

Larry cradled her as she leaned back against him. He spoke softly to her. “Are you okay now? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

She said, “Yes………..I’m okay now………….I’ll be alright.”

That’s when we made two major mistakes. The first was when Larry lowered his mother so that she was seated on the sofa and went to get her a glass of water and the second was when I turned my back on her.

Leave it to an interior decorator to have useless glass bowls all over the place. That’s what she threw at me.

They were calling my name but coming to the surface was the last thing that I wanted to do. I was floating in totally silent blackness that was more comforting than split pea soup. But they kept calling! It was like they were far far away.

“Mr. Kerry, open your eyes.” I don’t think so.

“Mr. Kerry.” Why do the always leave off the Chauvet?

I think that I mumbled. “Mmmmm.” Maybe I just imagined that I did.

“Is his roommate here? Get his roommate nurse.” My roommate, that’s Larry.

“He’s in the waiting room with his father, Doctor. I’ll get him.”

“Father………..Doctor………..Father……………Doctor.” I felt warmth as someone took my hand, although it felt very far away, so far that it didn’t feel like a part of me. Oh damn! I’m in a hospital………….again.

“Alex, baby you gotta wake up.” Larry’s voice is deep and rich with the promise of love and warmth.

I feel someone else take my other hand.

Larry says, “Please, Alex, just open your eyes.” Then a pause and, “Dad, why isn’t he waking up?”

Dad? I force myself back to the surface and open my eyes slightly.

“Larry, his eyes are open!”

Larry is kissing me and I can feel his hand next to my head and I roll my face against it and then back in the other direction. The other man looking down at me is handsome and in his early forties. I try to say hello but my voice doesn’t seem to be working. It’s like the order to speak has been given but it’s taking a while to get to my mouth.

The man leans down and says, “It’s okay, Alex. You’re gonna be okay and we called your dads.” He sounds like an older Larry.

My voice arrived. “What the hell happened? They’re not coming back are they?” My voice sounded bad even to me.

The man’s thumb was rubbing the back of my hand. “No. I told David that I’d call him when you woke up but that I didn’t think it would be necessary for them to come back. Your dad and I are business associates.” Oh yeah, I remember. Larry’s dad smells good. Not cologne good but manly and clean good.

Larry gently turns my head back to him. “She threw a bowl at you. Clipped you right behind the right ear. For a psycho she’s got a good arm.” Larry grins and says, “Stop looking at my dad. You’re supposed to be staring lovingly into my eyes, not his.”

I laugh but it sounds…….wounded. “He looks like you, Larry………..or rather you look like him.” I’m so fucking tired. “Am I really gonna be okay?”

“The doctors say that you’ll be fine. You haven’t been out very long. A lot happened quickly. Mom has been sedated. Dad came to the house right after she nailed you.”

Mr. Donovan hunkered down next to the bed and spoke at my eye level. “When I heard that she was coming here I got on the next plane. I’m sorry that I didn’t make it in time to stop her.” He closed his eyes for a moment and then said. “I’ve been a real asshole with Larry but I had the normal parental concern about a gay son and then she was working me big time on the other side. Not that that makes it forgivable.”

My voice sounded hoarse. “He loves you and he needs you. I don’t think forgiveness will be a problem.”

Mr. Donovan put his hand on my arm. “Larry has explained some things to me……..about what you guys have together.” He looked up at Larry and back down. “I wanna be here for you guys. I mean I know that you don’t really need me anymore but I want you to know that I’m in your corner if you do.”

I felt my eyes tearing up. “My dad said that you were a good guy.”

Larry came around the bed and got down next to his dad and put his arm around his shoulders. He kissed him on the side of his face and said quietly, “He is a good guy, he always was.”

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