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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 13 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 13

Larry and I were cuddled together on the sofa in the living room. Fall in Northern California is not terribly cold but can sometimes be surprising, especially with its dampness. Anyway it was a cold rainy day and lying together naked with a heavy blanket on the sofa was working out fine.

“Larry we gotta decide. I don’t think that there’s time to go home. We’ll have four days off and you know that two of those days would be spent traveling.” He lying all warm and cuddly against my side with his head on my shoulder and his right arm under the back of my neck. My fingers were buried in his beautiful hair.

“I’ve never not been home for Thanksgiving. I’d love to see my dad and Becky.”

“I’d love to see your dad too.” Our relationship with Larry’s dad has gone from good to great.

“Alex, this is getting sick, he’s my father.”

“But he’s like a grownup you, with none of your annoying habits.”

Larry buried his face in my neck and tried to give me a hickey. “I’ll give you fucking annoying habits!”

“You don’t have any other relatives do ya? I mean Becky doesn’t like, have any restraining orders against her?”

“No smartass! Becky’s the real grownup in the family. Husband, kids, nice house, the whole nine yards.”

“Thank god!” Larry looked a little down. “Sweetheart, I didn’t mean it. I know that you feel bad about your mom.” I pulled him in to a kiss. “Have they learned anything more?”

“Noooo. My dad thinks that it was a ski trip that they were on about ten years ago. She fell and took a hit to the head. Dad says that she was never right after that.” He ran his hand down my chest. “But it’s just getting worse. The doctor says that there was damage done to the brain. Dad says that she’ll never get out of that hospital.”

I pull Larry’s head down to my chest and slowly massage the back of his neck. “I love you. No matter what other shit is happening you gotta remember that. And you’ve got your dad back and he’s been really awesome.”

Larry tilted his head up and lightly bit on my earlobe. “Yeah you’re right. This is what he always was like before things got bad.” Larry’s started to stick his tongue into my ear and my cock immediately started to expand.

“Do you have a license for that tongue?” I twist my head away from him. “I was just getting a terrific idea here and now you’re getting me all horned up.”

Larry smiled. “I can believe the all horned up part it’s the great idea part that I’m having a problem with.”

Since Larry was pretty much lying on top of me I reached back and started playing with his butt. He smiled and said, “Contemplating going where no man has gone before?”

“Calm down, Captain Kirk, I’m just playing.” I spread his ass cheeks and tapped my middle finger on his butt hole.

“I hope you’re not gonna get carried away.”

“The day will come when you’ll beg me to fuck you.”

“The day will come when the sun sets in the east.”

I leave his butt alone so that he doesn’t panic while I lay out my idea and pull his head down next to mine. “Okay, so what I’m thinking is this, we don’t have the time to go to them but there’s no reason that they can’t come to us.”

Larry lifts his head up. “You mean bring them all out here?”

“Yeah, why not? What else are they gonna do for Thanksgiving, sit home and stare at the wall? Mark just emailed me that David’s company bought the plane that they were talking about. Maybe we could get them to fly to Denver and pick up your Dad and Becky and her family and come out here. They could come like a day or two early. There isn’t room for them all to stay here but there’s no shortage of hotel rooms around here and the condo’s is big enough for them to roam around in during the day plus we’ve got like one of the world’s best shopping centers a couple of blocks away. Becky could shop and David and Mark get along great with your Dad. Actually it would probably be best if Becky and her family stayed here. It’d be rough staying at a hotel with a couple of kids. She and Bob could stay in the quest room and we could get one of those inflatable mattresses to put in the office for the kids.”

“I wonder if they’d do it?”

“The kids?”

“All of em.”

“Lemme talk to David and Mark first and see if they’d be willing to do it and then we can talk to your family. By the way, what’s Bob like?”

“Ya mean with the whole gay thing?”

“I guess.”

“He’s cool. He was kinda dumbfounded that everybody was making such a big thing about it. When he’d hear my mom going off about it he’d just sit there and shake his head like she was from another planet.” Larry sat up and brought his knees against my sides with his naked butt pushing my hard cock down against my stomach. He started to move his butt slowly back and forth against my cock, his cock was sticking out in front of him at a ninety-degree angle.

“It was kinda funny because somehow everybody in the family had gotten used to the way my mom thought, it had even begun to seem right. Then when Bob became part of us he saw things with fresh eyes and knew that we were all nuts………except Becky of course.”

I looked at Larry’s cock and then wrapped my hand around it. He smiled and leaned down and kissed me. He started to half talk and half sing the words to an old song his voice is deep and it resonates throughout my body.

“I love you for sentimental reasons
I hope you do believe me
I’ve given you my heart.”

There are tears in my eyes and I feel like an idiot. My voice is soft and thick with emotion. “Oh fuck, Larry!”

He bends down again and wraps his arms around my head. “Close your eyes, Alex.”


“Grrrrr………just close em!” I close them and he licks the tears away his tongue moving slowly, sensuously. Then his face is next to mine his voice a hoarse whisper.

“I love you so much. It’s like you’re this center of me………this most important part of my life. I couldn’t live without you I couldn’t even exist.”

I pull myself together and say, “You know that I feel the same way.” I pull Larry’s face tight to mine and start to loose it again. “Oh fuck! What you do to me.”

He kisses the top of my shoulder and there’s a smile in his voice. “So ya like me?”

I nod yes.

“Cause there’s something else that I wanna do to ya.” Larry had stretched out and his cock had dropped between my legs and was now pressing against my butthole.

“I think that I can guess what it is.”

“I’m becoming predictable?”

“Ahhh, let’s just say that you’ve got your favorite things.”

He kisses me slowly and says softly, “It’s one of your favorite things too.”

“Pretty sure of that are you?”

He’s sucking on my earlobe and increasing the pressure of his cock against my asshole his precum running down my ass and my body is willing him forward. His voice is a throaty whisper. “You know you need it, Baby.”

The head of his dick stretches me and then suddenly pops through and I clench my teeth and then moan softly. He lightly bites my chin and then says softly, “Ohhhh, yeah! Oh fuck, Alex!”

I look up at Larry’s face at the combination of love and lust. He reaches out and holds my face lightly in his hands and then bends to kiss me.

“Alex, I so fucking love you!” He’s withdrawing slowly about five inches and then slamming back all the way into me. I reach back and cup his balls lightly in my hand and watch the expression change on his face. He’s quick to smile. It’s one of the things that I love most about him and he smiles at me now.

I move my hand from his butt all the way up his back. His hands are planted on either side of my head and the muscles in his arms are tensed. I grip the lightly in my hands and concentrate on gripping his cock as he moves slowly out of me and his expression changes again.

He looks down at my cock and then at me and says, “You’re ready aren’t ya?”

I gasp out, “I right there!” Then I clamp down hard on his cock and he starts shooting and as I feel his cock shooting in my ass I grab my cock and jack it twice and start shooting up onto my chest.

He sees me shooting and says, “Oh god that’s fucking hot! Oh god, Alex!”


Larry and I are both pretty nuts about schoolwork and we’re both pretty competitive both with other people and with each other. I really expect him to get good grades just as he expects the same from me. So generally in the evening we can be found in the office. The decorator put in two desks that face each other so that we can sit and study or work on our computers and still be near each other and that’s important because neither one of us wants to be too far from the other.

I’m writing an essay for a class, typing it on my computer and an IM appears. It says, “I love you!” I glance at Larry and he’s grins and then goes back to his textbook. I answer, “Back at ya!” He glances at the monitor and smiles.

I’ve been working on this essay for two hours and I’m nearing an end. I send him a message. “I can still feel you in me.” He’s tilted back in his desk chair with his stocking feet on the corner of the desk while he reads. He glances at the monitor and uncrosses his feet and then crosses them again. He looks at me and grins. Damn I love this guy. He’s such a good man. Not just in sexual things although there is that but also in the way that he treats other people the respect that he shows them the kindness that he directs at everyone.

Integrity is something that means a lot to me probably because it was so important to David and Mark. It wasn’t something that I thought about when I first met Larry but I would have been disappointed if it wasn’t there but it is it’s there in spades. Larry doesn’t cheat at anything and it doesn’t’ matter whether the world is watching or no one is watching. That’s his dad’s work, that’s something you get from your parents and whether we’re fucking or studying when I look at him and he looks back I know that I can trust him.

Larry’s stacking dishes into the dishwasher as I walk in to get a drink of water. He stands up and wraps his arms around me from behind. “Hi handsome.”

“Hi yourself. Ya know ya gotta push the on button. See that completes the circuit so that the machine can start. You were probably thinking that it was a phases of the moon thing.”

He’s chewing on my neck. “Actually I was thinking that if I worked at it I could give my boyfriend a hickey that would take a month to go away.”

Alex tilted his head to give his boyfriend room to do what he wanted. “Who’s gonna cook Thanksgiving dinner?”

Larry stops nibbling. “Cook?”

“You thought that turkeys came that way?”

“Well………..Becky, she’s a woman, she can cook it.”

“Ohhhhh Hickey Boy, just try that one on your sister and she’ll be an only child. Besides if you think I’m asking your sister to come all this way just so that she can cook, your crazy, and once you’ve given it some thought I know that you’ll agree. You really want your sister to be using her off time to be cooking as well as looking after the twins while she’s staying in a strange place?”

“No! Fuck I shoulda thought of that! Well then we can cook it. How hard can it be?”

I turned in Larry’s arms and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. When I broke the kiss it was like our lips didn’t want to part but finally they did. The taste and smell of Larry is so distinctive, so him and so male. His hands moved down my back and rested on my ass. Not in a sexual way necessarily but in a familiar way.

“It’s not like we can’t buy a cookbook and muddle our way through it but cooks that really produce great meals do more than that. They have an instinct for it or……….I dunno……….they practice it a lot.”

“I figure the things that we………you and I………can do here is to cook the vegetables and set the table but the bird and the desserts we gotta buy already cooked. We gotta scope out the places that sell precooked Thanksgiving dinners. I’m sure that there are restaurants that do that. The other days we can do a lot of eating out.”

Larry wraps his arms around me tightly and rests his chin on my shoulder. “How are we gonna get em all from the airport to here? Let’s see………..Becky and her clan are four, then your dads and my dad that’s seven, plus the fact that you can’t just leave em sitting at the motel. They need wheels. We need to rent a van for Becky and her crew and then how about you let the dads use you car cause it’s bigger and you and I can use mine?”

“Deal, Sweetheart. The dads can use the BMW and you and I will use your car. Classes’ll be over so it’ll just be running around.”

Content that they had solved the family problem the boys retreated back to the living room and curled up on the sofa. “Larry said, “You’re so nice! I said that I would but I probably wouldn’t have thought about Becky and her not needing to cook and taking care of the twins. You thought of it right away.”

Alex looked into Larry’s eyes and said seriously. “You bring out the best in me.” He laughed. “I know that that sounds dumb but you make me want to not fall short of your expectations.” Alex got a gleam in his eye. “You know you really put a lot of pressure on me, there’s the constant begging for sex, the need to constantly clean up after you. It’s like a job and a half.”

“Oh yeah!” Larry started to tickle Alex mercilessly and he almost became airborne trying to get away from Larry’s fingers.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop!!!!!!!!!!!” Larry finally let a gasping Alex return to earth. He rubbed his hands over Alex’s abdomen and bumped into a hardon.

Larry sighed. “Oh god! You want sex again?”

“No!!!! Larry, my butt can’t take it! Just hold me.”

Larry said in a soft voice. “I can do that.” Alex was still breathing heavily but Larry turned his face to his. “What’d I do before you?”

Alex smiled. “Sat around singing “Some day my prince will cum”?

Larry shook his head. “Why do I even talk to you?”

Alex squirmed around until he was chest to chest with Larry and looking into his eyes. “You did what I did, beatoff and wondered if you’d ever meet the person that you were meant to be with.” He ran his fingers through Larry’s lush brown hair and said softly, “My prayers were answered, I found mine.”

Larry blinked away tears and said. “And I mine.”

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