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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 14 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 14

The plane’s Rolls-Royce engines were shrieking as it made a slow turn to the left and eased into its parking spot. We could see the pilots through the windshield. It looked like they were flipping switches. The engines were cut and the noise slowly subsided.

I looked at Larry as we leaned against the van and said, “How fucking cool is that?”

Larry smiled at me. “I gotta admit, it’s pretty damn cool.” He shook his head slowly. “Does he really need this thing?”

“Beats the fuck outta me. But David can be pretty tight when it comes to money and I can’t imagine him laying out the bucks that this baby cost unless it was really payin off big time.”

“My dad is gonna want one. I don’t think that he needs one but I give it like six months before he comes up with an excuse to buy one.”

“I wonder if this means that we don’t ever have to fly commercial?”

Larry looked at me in disbelieve. “Are you kidding there’s always gonna be a reason that we can’t use it. But it’s still cool.” He sighed and looked at the plane. “All the parents and family at one time. This oughta be good.”

The door of the plane cracked and the light of the interior streamed out into the California twilight. Then the door was lowered and Larry’s dad was standing in the doorway shaking hands with someone who looked like he’d probably be the pilot. A very attractive young woman dressed in the same colored uniform as the captain slid by them both and quickly walked down the stairs her high heels clicking on the metal. She stood at the base of the stairs as people started to come off the plane.

Larry’s dad was first as he seemed to realize that standing where he was he was blocking traffic. He was dressed in tan slacks turtleneck and a coppery gold plaid sport coat. He walked down the stairs, waved to us and spoke animatedly to the girl.

Larry looked at me and laughed. “He must be horny.” He shook his head. I laughed with him and shifted my weight because I could still feel his cock in my ass from this morning.

A man and a woman that I assumed to be Becky and Bob appeared at the top of the stairs with two little boys clinging to their legs. They were both attractive; Becky had light brown hair that was tied in a type of ponytail while her hands were trying to keep track of the boys at the same time as she was speaking to the pilot. In the background I was getting flash images of David’s head and through the windows of the plane I could see that he was apparently talking to Mark who was wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The gold of Mark’s watch caught the light as he reached up to an overhead compartment and pulled something down.

Larry’s dad strode over to us and wrapped Larry in his arms. He hugged him tightly while swaying back and forth with him. Finally he pulled away for a second and then pulled Larry back and kissed him hard on the cheek. Larry looked deeply happy, happy in a way that I seldom saw him and I realized that there was a type of happiness that I was never going to be able to give him, that my role was different.

Before I knew it Larry’s dad’s hand reached out and pulled me into an embrace with he and Larry.

“Damn it’s good to see you guys!” He looked at me and pushed my hair out of my eyes. “You look one hell of a lot better than you did the last time that I saw you!” His hands on me sent shivers down my spine and in the background Larry smiled and shook his head.

Larry pulled me away from his father and said, “Dad you’re turning my boyfriend on!”

I gave a panicky little laugh and said, “He’s kidding!”

Mr. Donovan had a surprised look on his face and I coulda killed Larry. “He’s kidding, Mr. Donovan!” I turned on Larry and held my hands up like I was going to strangle him. He laughed.

“I’m kidding, Dad. Alex just said how much we looked alike.”

Then it was like one big constant hug, Becky kissed me and Bob hugged me and David hugged me and Mark hugged me and all the time two little boys who didn’t like being neglected burrowed in between everyone’s legs. Mark never let go and I leaned back against that big hard body as he wrapped his arms around me while we all talked. Mark always made people feel safe.

Finally we all piled into the van with Larry driving and headed for Palo Alto. We had booked the guys into the Garden Court Hotel so they wouldn’t be more than about a mile from the condo but we took everyone to the condo first.

Larry and I had kinda become used to being by ourselves and this, for us, was an explosion of people and activity. The twins took off running, we got Becky and Bob situated in their room and showed them where the kids would be sleeping. Bags were unpacked and the twins put into their pajamas.

We had set the coffee maker to kick in about an hour after we left the house to head out to the airport so there was a fresh pot waiting for us.

We tried to herd them all into the living room but everyone seemed to naturally gravitate to the kitchen and there the seven adults stood with what seemed like a dozen conversations going at once.

David and Jack Donovan were talking about the stock market, Becky and Mark were talking about the plane and Bob walked over to talk to us while the twins were like two little whirlwinds.

Becky was a beautiful woman in her late twenties with dark brown hair a fantastic figure and sparkling eyes. Bob was drop dead gorgeous. He was a little shorter than Larry and me but was seriously filling out the sport shirt he was wearing and also creating an impressive bulge on the left side of his Levi’s. His hair was very dark brown to almost black but his eyes were light blue and they had an almost hypnotic effect.

Larry had handed out soft drinks for everyone and Bob had one in his hand. His eyes went from Larry to me and he said, “Thanks for inviting us, guys. Becky has been pretty tied down lately with the kids and all. It’s nice to get away.” He grinned. “And the jet was totally cool.”

Larry said. “I told Alex that I give my dad like six months before he comes up with some reason to buy one.”

Bob said. “He could. He wouldn’t need anything that big though. David told me that they bought that one for the range.”

The twins barreled into their dad’s legs and he put the soda on the counter and scooped them both up. They were both struggling and at the same time rubbing their eyes with fatigue. Bob looked at me and indicating the little boy in his left hand said, “Sean, this is your Uncle Alex,” and then moving his right hand forward he said the same to Ian. “You guys already know Uncle Larry.” And indeed both boys looked up and smiled at Larry and Ian held out his arms and yelled, “Unka Larreeee!” Bob carefully transferred Ian to Larry’s outstretched arms and then passed me Sean with the comment, “Have a twin, Alex.”

It’s odd to think about it but I don’t think that I had ever held a baby before. Sean wiggled in my arms and I instinctively put my right arm under his little butt with my left hand behind his back. He stared at me for a moment like he was going to cry and then said, “Kiss?” He reached out and held my face between his little hands and then kissed me on the chin.

I looked into Larry’s eyes and then back to Sean’s. “Oh wow! I…….oh wow! Can I keep em?”

David stepped over and put his hand on the back of my neck. “Now you know how Mark and I felt when we got you.”

Bob looked at Becky smiled and said. “I dunno why you say that these kids are so hard to take care of. I just got rid of em both in like thirty seconds.”

Becky slipped her arm through her husbands and said. “Sweetheart, getting rid of them isn’t the idea. Did you read Dr. Spock?”

Bob laughed and kissed his wife. “He said that they were aliens. I mean like where did they come from? One minute we were in college and the next thing I knew these two little creatures were running around.”

Becky looked over at her husband. “Honey, if they’re aliens it’s because their dad is.”

Mark came up and put a big hand on the back of my neck. “Alex, do me a favor tomorrow and call Emma Block. She’s been really sick lately and I know that she’d love to hear from you. You’ve always been special to her.”

I looked at Mark. “Sick? How sick, she looked okay a couple of months ago?”

“Kiddo, since Monty died I think that Emma has just kinda decided that she’s been hangin around too long. She’s just stopped caring but a call from you would give her a lift.”

Bob looked at my dad and asked. “Why do those names sound so familiar to me? Was he Montgomery Block?”

While he talked to Bob my dad hugged me to him. “Yeah. That’s the guy. He was a fixture around Washington and he really helped me with my career. Monty introduced me to people a long time ago and got me access to people that I never would have met otherwise. His wife Emma was always crazy about Alex.”

Becky asked. “Wasn’t he a lobbyist?”

Bob answered. “Bigger, Hon, much much bigger.”

Mark looked at me and smiled. “I can still remember you tearing around that huge house with everyone trying to keep an eye on you afraid that you’d get lost.”


Larry and I finally retreated to our bedroom and as I closed the door I grabbed his hand and pulled him into my arms. I love having my dads here and I love having Larry’s family here too but geez I need alone time with him.

He pushes me backward to our bed until I can only fall backwards and I pull him with me as I do. He breaks the drop with his arms and then holds my face in his hands while he kisses me. My right hand is buried in the hair on the back of his head and the silky strands are gliding through my fingers. There’s the faint smell of deodorant and the intensely clean male smell of Larry.

I smile at him and say, “I’ve missed you. We’re not usually apart in the evenings.”

He stared down at me. “I been thinking about you all evening.” He laughed. “You have such a fucking hold on me! It’s embarrassing! I can barely put one foot in front of the other without thinking about how you’d feel about it.”

I smiled up at him. “And that’s a bad thing?”

“Nope. It’s the way that I want it. I like belonging to you and having you belong to me. For the first time in my life I really feel like I’m not alone. I like needing you.”

He ran his fingers through my hair while he stared down at me and then reached down and open my belt and the slowly slid the zipper down on my pants.

He grinned at me. “And I need you now.”

“Whatcha gonna do?”

“Make us both feel good.” And with that he pulled my pants and boxers down to my knees and then flipped me over onto my stomach. He grabbed a couple of pillows and shoved them under my stomach and then buried his face in my butt.

I gasped. “Oh fuck I’m glad you’re such a horny bastard!”

After ten minutes of teasing my butt Larry turned me over on my back and did two things that make him a great lover. The first thing is that he slowed down and the second was that he became concerned about me and got this whole protective thing going.

I love to top and would fuck Larry in a New York minute but when he gets this concerned attitude and moves slow making sure that I’m all right and that everything is comfortable for me, well it just trips every trigger in my brain and I’d let him fuck me forever.

Before I knew it that huge dick of his was buried to the hilt in my ass and his big hairy balls were slapping against my butt. His warm brown eyes were staring down at my face watching me for signs that I was hurting but all I was thinking of was him and seeing his face tighten and his breathing become ragged as he shot a huge load into me. He grinned down at me and just kept fucking and after a few minutes he grabbed my cock and as soon as he touched it I sprayed cum all over both of us as he was dumping a second load into my ass.

He dropped his head to my chest and then slowly the rest of his body followed until his was lying flat on top of me with his dick still lodged in my ass. I listened to his breathing and felt the rise and fall of his chest as he settled down.

We were both sweaty and covered in cum and when he kissed me I could taste all of it. I whispered in his ear. “We’re gamey.”

He sucked on my earlobe for a second and said. “You okay?”

“Better’n okay. Fucking fantastic. I wanna have your babies.”

He laughed. “Don’t think that’s gonna happen, Sweetheart but Bob and Becky are always willing to share.”

He slowly withdrew his cock his eyes never leaving my face. Then he got up and pulled me up with him saying, “Shower time!”

I had about a quart of his cum in me that was telling me that it wanted out.


The next morning I opened my eyes to find two pairs of blue eyes looking back at me.

I whispered. “Good morning.”

The twins whispered back, “Morning.” Then they both turned their heads to the doorway of our bedroom and yelled in really loud voices, “Awake!”

I and a sleepy Larry both turned to look towards the doorway and Larry groaned and reached over and put his hand on my chest. “Sorry bout this, Alex. They wanna welcome you to the family. Wake me when it’s over.” He pulled the covers up over his head and mumbled. “Too early.” Since we moved into the condo and our lives had assumed some normalcy Larry was beginning to sleep to a normal hour.

I looked back at the doorway acutely aware of the fact that I was naked under the covers.

While Becky was wearing a bathrobe Bob was only wearing plaid pajama bottoms and even they were riding pretty low on his hips. His chest was hairless and his chiseled pecs led down in a vee to six-pack abs. He and Becky were both grinning at our embarrassment and Bob walked over to my side of the bed and nudged me over.

I squeaked. “Bob!”

He lifted the covers and slid into bed with us while Becky laughed at him from the doorway. Bob lifted the covers and stared at my naked body including a morning hardon with a surprised look on his face and then smiled at his wife and said, “Sweetheart, I’m leaving you for Alex.”

I know that I was beet red and I rolled to my left up against Larry’s naked body burying my face in his chest. It never occurred to me that my butt would now be available for viewing and Bob lifted the covers again and said, “Holy shit! Becky, I am definitely leaving you for Alex!”

I pulled the covers off of Larry, dropped my forehead to his chest and then looked up at him again. I said laughing, “Are they always like this?”

Larry put his hand on the back of my head and laughed. “Pretty much! But I don’t blame him for wanting to look at your butt.”

Becky came over to the bed and in a mock serious voice said, “Robert! I told you that just because that guy looked at you like that when you were working out at the gym that that doesn’t mean that you’re gay.”

Bob reached out and took his wife’s hand and whined. “Awwww come on, Honey, it does too.” Then conspiratorially, “Wanna see Alex’s butt?”

She pulled him out of bed. “No Bob! And you don’t get to look at it any more either! Besides, if you think that this is getting you out of helping me feed the twins you’re crazy.” They managed to round up the twins and headed out the door.

As their voices were receding down the hallway Bob way saying, “You know what they’re gonna do!”

Becky laughed and said, “Screw, if they’ve got any brains!”

“You know Honey I woulda said make love. You sure have developed a potty mouth ever since the twins were born.”

As their voices faded totally I heard Becky yell, “Grab that twin!”

I looked up at Larry, the blood in my face finally returning to the rest of my body. “Are they like the nicest straight people on the planet?”

He kissed me and then pulled my head back down to his chest. “I’d be dead without em. When things were total shit they were always there for me and Bob just as much as Becky. Bob was the only adult male in the family that didn’t treat me like I was some total pervert.”

I kissed the side of Larry’s neck and lightly bit it. “Bob sure is a stud!”

Larry grunted. “You’re not lusting after him too? This’ll get even more embarrassing if you’re lusting after all the men in my family.”

I slid my leg over Larry’s hips and straddled him while I stared down into those warm brown eyes. I slid my butt forward and back over his hard cock and said, “There’s only one that I really want and I already got em.”

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