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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 15 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 15

I love showering with Larry! Actually I love doing pretty much anything with Larry. Having your own man around to play with is like totally cool and ultimately the most exciting and relaxing thing in the world, at least for me.

Sometimes when we’re lying around naked I’ll reach over and gently pick up his balls or cock and just look really closely at them. Balls, for instance, are these really remarkable things that are heavy and soft and seem to have a life of their own, like they’ve got a brain totally separate from your own. I mean they seem to be rising and falling and doing all sorts of weird shit without any help from me or in this case Larry.

“You’ve got really nice balls. I like em a lot.” We’re in the shower and the water is cascading down over us while I hold Larry’s balls in my hand and he stares down at them. Sometimes I zone out when I’m thinking about stuff like this.

Larry lifts my chin and pins my body against the shower wall with his. His cock is hard again and it’s trapped, like mine, between our bodies. It’s a little like hugging someone who’s on the other side of a telephone pole. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but it kinda indicates what it feels like to have that up my butt.

“Alex, my balls are eternally grateful to you. You’re like their favorite person.” He smiles. “I think they like you better’n they do me.” His wet brown hair is plastered flat against his head and he tilts it and kisses me. I can feel him begin to thrust his cock very gently against my stomach and I’ve got a pretty good idea of where this is headed. He pushes my hair away from my face and kisses me again and when he speaks his voice is kinda raspy. “Alex, I gotta fuck you!” I give him a look that he totally misinterprets. “I know, I know we just did but you drive me fucking crazy!”

The truth is that I love it when he fucks me twice because the second fuck is always the best even though it does make me feels like this total slut, which is pretty much what I am around Larry.

I turn around because with the Thanksgiving time factor taken into consideration this has pretty much gotta be an in the shower standing up kinda fuck and as Larry puts his hand against the tile to brace himself I lean my face against it and begin licking the back of his hand. I dunno where that comes from but I just gotta do it.

Larry’s body is protecting me from the shower and while he’s searching for the spot he’s whispering directly into my ear. “You okay? Man, you look so fucking hot! I’m gonna have a fucking hardon all day thinking about you! We’re gonna be eating Thanksgiving dinner and my cock is gonna be hard cause I’m gonna be thinking about you!” He finds the spot and begins moving in and I gasp and moan in a quiet way and he gets all nervous even though by now he oughta know that everything’s cool.

“You okay? Tell me if I’m hurting you! Sometimes I think that you don’t tell me when it hurts.” I start sucking on his fingers and he takes that, correctly, as a sign that everything’s okay and he moves slowly all the way into me. Then I can feel his hips pressed against my butt and feel his balls swinging and brushing my inner thighs.

Larry’s kissing the back of my neck and chewing on my hair as the tempo increases and he never stops talking but it’s a good thing. “Oh, Alex, I fucking love you! It is so fucking hot being inside you! This feels so fucking good! Such a hot fucking man!”

Getting fucked is a little like tossing the car keys to someone and saying, “Here, you drive!” It’s kinda like giving up the anxiety of command on the one hand and on the other hand it’s like saying, “I love you so fucking much and I trust you not to hurt me!” I think that with Larry that it’s mostly the last one that applies. Larry gives me the feeling that there’s no fucking way on earth that he’d ever hurt me, he’d just never do that and that makes it really easy to toss him those keys. I also know that he has some issues with a reversal of that but we’re gonna work on that. Besides he is really good at doing what he does!

I can feel Larry aiming for my prostate and he’s really good at hitting it and it doesn’t take long before I’m beginning to feel a warmth that starts in my groin and begins spreading out like an gathering explosion. Larry is slamming into me now and his breath against my ear sounds like a racehorse nearing the finish line as he reaches around and grabs my cock. He knows that he only has to hang onto it because we’ve both gotten to know that we’re pretty closely matched in what it takes to get us off.

We’re shaving naked side by side. Whenever I look up into the mirror Larry’s looking at me…….smiling that little smile of his that means that my boy is happy.

I raise an eyebrow and smile. “What?”

He grins. “Nothing.” He wipes his face clean and walks behind me and then wraps his arms around me and pulls me to him, his cock is still puffed up from a few minutes ago and it feels somehow like it’s happy lying in between the cheeks of my butt.

I laugh and sigh internally because he makes me feel so good. “I’m gonna cut my throat if you’re not careful.”

He looks at me in the mirror with his chin resting on my shoulder and says, “I get this weird urge to bite you.”

“Bite me?” I know what he means but I want to hear him say it.

He makes a face like he’s thinking. “Like a “he’s mine” bite not a bite bite. That doesn’t make any sense I know.” He kisses the back of my neck and it sends shivers down my spine. Actually I do understand.

I catch his eye in the mirror again and ask, “How do you think your grades are gonna be? The dads haven’t asked yet but there’s no way that David won’t.”

“My dad’ll be hitting me about it too. I think it’ll be pretty much A’s, there may be something better in there if I catch a break.

“Me too. You know that A is the most given out grade at Stanford? I looked it up. Makes us ordinary.”

He lays the side of his face on my shoulder and slightly humps me. “Nothing ordinary about you.”

I smile at him even though he can’t see it with his head in that position. “You’re giving me a hardon and if that happens we’ll never get Thanksgiving dinner done.”

He says dreamily, “I like you with a hardon.”

I wipe the remains of the shaving cream off of my face and then turn in his arms pull his head to me and kiss him slowly and as passionately as I feel. “You make me sooooooo happy.”


Larry was wearing creamy tan cargo pants that seemed to drape like silk over his butt and a plaid rust and tan long-sleeved shirt when we walked into the kitchen in search of coffee.

Becky was washing a few dishes and Bob was just finishing up feeding the twins. I asked, “You guys sleep okay?”

Bob flashed us a bright smile and said, “We sleep good whenever they do and they did.” With that he took a washcloth and wiped the twins faces. The looked like they had been dipped head first into a vat of scrambled eggs.

Larry handed me a cup of coffee and then went over to his sister to see what she was doing. I watched as he walked and the fabric of his cargo pants formed itself to his muscular butt momentarily and then relaxed. As he leaned against the counter his cock was pushed off to the left and down. Why is it that when I can’t really touch him that I notice how sexy his hair is and how his shoulders fill out his shirt. I’ve got sex on the brain and this is gonna be a long day.

Bob had a twin in each arm as he got up and he asked me, “Do you guys not have any beer around here because you’re too young to buy it or because you’ve got something against it?”

I bend over and took a twin from Bob and held him in my arms and kissed his neck. “The former. We’re not opposed to it at all. Actually I should call my dads and see if they’ll pick up some beer and wine and booze too if anyone wants it.”

Bob looked at me. “Tell you what. If you gimme a chance to get the twins bathed and dressed I’ll go out and pick up an assortment of stuff.” He grinned. “I may even end up buying too much beer so that when everyone finally goes home you guys will still have some left over.”

Larry walked over made a goofy face at the other twin and then lifted him out of Bob’s arms.

Bob looked at us for a moment and then said. “Lemme go in and take my shower then I’ll stay in there and you can hand me the twins one at a time and I’ll run em through the shower and hand em back to you to dry.” He laughed. “It’ll be like a car wash.”

Becky yelled from the sink, “Bob, remember………they’re actual little people, you gotta be careful. Don’t let the spray hit em head on.”

He nodded towards his wife. “She thinks we can’t do this. She thinks that we’re not capable.” He put his hands flat on the table and stood up. He said with mock determination, “Come on men. Bring your twin and follow me.”

We followed his broad naked back and pajama-covered butt to the guest bathroom. Bob bent in and turn on the shower and fiddled with it until he got the temperature just right then he stripped off his pajama bottoms revealing what appeared to be a rock hard butt with big balls swinging between his legs and stepped into the shower saying, “Gimme like two minutes to get clean myself and then start passing em in. Make sure you’ve got towels ready but you can start stripping them down any time.” The shower is totally enclosed in clear glass and if us seeing Bob naked bothered him he gave no indication of it. He had a nice cock too that slowly flipped back and forth as he washed his crotch.

Larry looked at me smiled and said, “No different from being at the gym.”

I looked him straight in the eye and said quietly, “I’m gonna rim you for like an hour tonight.”

He pressed his twins head to his chest in a mock protective way and said, “Please, not in front of the children!”

We lowered the twins to the floor and began taking their clothes off of them and once we had them naked we wrapped towels around them to keep them warm while we hunkered down next to them to keep them from taking off which I’m pretty sure is what they wanted to do.

I looked up at the shower and Bob had one leg lifted while he ran soapy lather down it. It was the leg that faced us and I could just see his balls and cock hanging down below it on the other side. He glanced at us and smiled then he held up one finger to indicate that he’d be done in a second.

The twins stood there each with a finger in their mouths looking like they couldn’t decide if this was the greatest idea or not. After Bob rinsed off he popped his head out of the door grinned and said, “Toss me one of those critters.”

Larry dropped the towel off of his twin and gently transferred him to Bob’s arms. Bob stood the little boy on the floor of the shower protecting him from the direct spray with his own body while very gently washing his son. I stood there mesmerized. There was nothing erotic about what I was seeing but rather something primal and moving. I looked quickly at Larry, his mouth was slightly open and I knew that he was thinking the same thing.

Without looking at me he said, “Someday we’re gonna have kids.”

I swallowed and said, “Yeah………..we gotta do that.”

Then Bob handed Larry a wet twin while I gave Bob the dry one and the scene was repeated. Larry wrapped his nephew in the huge white bath towel and gently patted the boy dry. In a couple of minutes Bob handed me the wet twin and I copied what Larry had done while Bob stepped from the shower and dried himself off.

After that he walked into the bedroom and pointed at the clothes on the bed and said, “Why don’t you guys see if you can get em into those while I dress.” And with that Bob pulled on a pair of boxers and then stepped into a pair of tan Docker’s and grabbed a long sleeve pull over shirt in dark blue pulling it quickly down over his broad chest and flat stomach.

Larry and I were muddling our way through dressing the twins and now that he was dressed Bob came over and helped us both out. Bob laughed. “It’s like trying to put clothes on cats!” And it was, you’d no sooner get an arm into a shirt than the twin would sit down and pull the shirt off. It simply wasn’t a case of doing one thing and having it finished because we quickly found out that nothing was ever totally a done deal, the twins did what they wanted and if that didn’t include wearing shoes or anything else it was a constant battle to keep them on them.


Bob came back from the store with two cases of bottled beer a case of assorted wine and a bottle each of Scotch, Vodka, Gin and Bourbon. He gave us a broad grin. “I figured this would cover all the bases. Alex, take one of those cases of beer and stash it so that if you guys ever want one when were gone you’ll have it. I know that Larry isn’t much of a drinker and you probably aren’t either or you would have already had beer but every college guy needs one occasionally.” I put it in the back of a utility closet. I didn’t think that my dad’s would say anything one way or the other but I figured why even let it come up plus I wasn’t sure how Larry’s dad might feel about it.

Becky came walking into the kitchen, stopped and with her hands in the air yelled, “Taa Daa!” She was dressed in a cream colored silk blouse and matching wool slacks and looked great. “I think that I’ve struck the perfect balance for a casual Thanksgiving Day dinner with family!” She turned her head slightly and stared briefly at Bob who was standing there dressed as before. “Except for him, of course, but then accessories are always soooo difficult.”

He grabbed her waist in both hands and rumbled, “How about accessories that tickle?” I laughed and turned my back to them as Becky began shrieking and begging him to stop.

Larry came up behind me and put his hands on my waist and said, “Whatcha doin, Babe?”

“Peeling ten pounds of potato’s. I know that this is too much but how the hell can you be sure and better too much than too little. Besides we can always freeze individual packets and eat em like forever. What are the twins doing?”

Larry slid his hand around and rubbed my stomach. “They just collapsed on the sofa. One minute awake and movin a mile a minute and then asleep.” That hand brushed a nipple but didn’t linger.

Larry casually put his hand on my shoulder and leaned against me. His voice was a throaty whisper. “Your butt is driving me crazy!”

“My butt is working itself off and it could really use some help. Why don’t you grab those Brussels Sprouts and trim em for me?”

“Actually I had something else in mind.”

“The other thing that my butt has in mind is you setting up a drinks station with glasses, ice, beer, wine, peanuts, chips, dip etc.” His hand slid to the top of my hip.

“Come on, Larry! The dads are gonna be here soon!”

Bob and Becky came back into the kitchen looking flushed. Becky said. “Alex, my brother’s useless.” She smiled at him. “Aren’t ya, Sweetheart?”

“Becky!” He protested. “That’s not true! Whadya want me to do, Alex?”

I pointed my potato peeler at the Brussel Sprouts. “Take a paring knife and cut the root ends off of those and then make a little X with the knife in the bottom of the thing.”

Larry looked at me like I had discovered fire. “How do you know that?”

“A bad case of flu and a Julie Child’s marathon on TV. Now work!” I don’t know why I’m so stressed about this, I mean were gonna spend about a half an hour on a Thanksgiving dinner when most people would spend half a day.

Larry looked stricken but picked up a paring knife and began doing it. I felt bad and said, “Sorry, Babe. But the only things we gotta do for the whole meal is make mashed potato’s, Brussels sprouts and green beans. The restaurant is bringing everything else.” I bumped his shoulder with mine. “Don’t be mad at me. I’m just nervous.” All the dads were gonna be here at one time and they were all gonna be thinking about how we were handling……….well everything.

He looked at me and smiled sheepishly. “I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at me for not doing it to begin with.”

I smiled at him and whispered. “You’ll get your reward later.” I grinned at him. “Maybe twice.”

After we finished and Larry was going in to check out the twins Bob came into the kitchen poured himself a cup of coffee and leaned against the counter next to me.

He didn’t say anything for a while and I turned and looked at him. When I did he turned to me and said quietly, “Becky and I are really happy that you guys are together.”

I smiled and looked down at the floor and then back up at him. “I am too.”

He gestured with his coffee cup indicating Larry in the next room and said, “He’s been through some serious shit…………………..but the thing is that he’s a really good guy.”

I looked him directly in the eye and said softly, “I won’t hurt him, Bob, I couldn’t ever do that.”

He leaned back against the counter and then lifted his arm and dropped it onto my shoulders and pulled me to him for a second. “I know. We just want you to know that we think that this is a good thing and that we’re here for you guys,” he gestured with his coffee cup, “whenever.”

Larry walked back into the kitchen and stepping in front of Bob wrapped his arms around Bob’s waist and gave him a bone-crunching hug while resting his chin on Bob’s shoulder. Bob smiled and then laughed. He said to Larry. “You keep doing this and people are gonna talk.”

Larry turned his head on Bob’s shoulder and looked at me. “Our very own straight guy and he’ll even let us see his dick.”

Bob and I both laughed and he pushed Larry away and said to me, “This perv use to lure me into playing handball with him just so that he could check me out in the shower after the game.”

Becky walked up and shoved her finger into her brother’s stomach making him grunt and said, “Big deal, everybody in Denver has seen Bob’s dick.”

Then the doorbell gave three short blasts.

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