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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 2 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 2

We didn’t go out, instead Larry helped me get organized, putting clothes away, setting up my computer, crap like that. Larry also dug through some of his unopened boxes and came up with a coffee maker.

He grinned at me. “My mom said that I wouldn’t last a day and a half without this. Morning coffee is a major thing for me.”

I smiled at him. “Did she show you how to use it?”

Larry was walking around the room still wearing the jeans that he had on earlier but he had pulled his shirt out of his pants and kicked off his shoes. He smelled of aftershave and a little bit of sweat and this muted but intensely male scent.

He laughed. “My dad did. My mom only knows how to buy coffee makers, not actually make coffee………….or anything for that matter. Dad cooks everything that we eat at home but mostly we go out.” The shirt was hanging from his broad shoulders and it emphasized his narrow hips.

I looked at him. “What do your mom and dad do? Like for a living?”

He sat down on the floor in front of the bed that I was sitting on and said. “They’ve got a factory.” I must have given him an impressed look because he added in a hurry. “A little one. They make little electrical thingy’s, like antennas and those little clippie things that let you clip your cell phone to your belt. Weird stuff like that. But they do pretty good.”

He lay back on the floor still looking at me. “How about your dads?”

“David, he’s the short one with the black hair, he’s an investment advisor, he’s got his on company, and Mark, obviously the big guy, he’s like a manufacturers rep but he does mostly government stuff.” I wondered what they were doing right now. They would have landed by now.

Larry gave me a strange look. “They looked intense but in different ways. David smiled when they walked past me but he had like these weird eyes. Like totally intense eyes.”

I laughed. “Yeah………….I guess that I’m used to em but they can be intense. More so if he’s mad about something but even when he’s happy those eyes can really be something and with that black hair they just seem to glow.”

Larry turned on his side and propped his head up on his hand. “The big guy, Mark he looked kinda mean.” He waved his hand. “Erase that! I don’t know him that well…….or at all. He’s probably a great guy.”

“Oh yeah, Larry! Mark is a great guy, a warm hearted guy. It’s just that he’s big and he was in the military and even now he spends sooooo much time with the military. I guess it kinda gives him a look but he’s not like that. A mean if he gets mad you don’t wanna be around but that like never happens.”

Larry grinned. “He’s got great posture. Maybe from all that marching. Speaking of which……….posture that is………..walk on my back.”

He rolled over onto his stomach and stretched his arms out. When he did that his shirt was pulled up and I could see how his jeans were riding up his butt and the thick muscles in his upper back bunched. Oh fuck!

“Walk on your back?” His hair was pretty long and it brushed over the collar of his shirt in soft brown feathers.

“Yeah. Take your shoes off and don’t put all of your weight on unless I say to but it’ll really help, my back is killing me. It does that sometimes.”

I kicked off my loafers and walked over to him. “I’ll hurt you.”

“No you won’t. My dad does this all the time for me. It’ll be fine. Just don’t like jump or anything.” Brown eyes………….puppy dog brown.

I gently put one foot on his lower back.


“Yeah that’s good, start there.” His back was hard and soft at the same time. There was hard muscle and bone under my foot but his body rocked with my movements.

“Larry, I’m gonna hurt ya!”

“Alex, it’s fine! Put some weight on the foot.”

I put more pressure on his back but there was no way that I was going to be able to walk on it.”

“I don’t think this is working, Larry.”

Larry lifted his head and partially turned to look around the room. “We need a chair so that you don’t lose you balance. Grab the desk chair.”

I pulled the chair over and resumed my position of one foot on Larry’s back.

“Okay lemme brace myself a little.” He moved his hand closer to his body. “Okay move higher on my back and then do both feet.”

“Larry, I’m as heavy as you are, you sure that you want that on your back?”

“Come on, Alex, just try.”

“Okay, just brace yourself.” Hanging onto the chair with one hand I put my foot higher on his back and then slowly lifted my other foot and pretty soon I was standing wobbly on his back.”

So there I stood my knees bent and shaking, one hand on the back of a desk chair and my feet on the middle of his back. Geez he had a muscular back!



“So what about the whole naked thing?” What? Oh fuck!

The chair skidded across the room and gravity took over. Fortunately I knew enough to roll when I hit the floor. When I realized that I wasn’t hurt and was able to breath I started laughing.

Larry was on his hands and knees looking down at me all concerned. “Jesus, Alex! You okay?”

“Larry, what fucking naked thing?”

“That’s why you fell? I meant sleeping. Alex, I just can’t wear anything, I won’t sleep, it gets all tangled up and I end up turning all night. I’m a nut case by morning.”

I sat up. “Did I hurt your back?”

“No, I think that it’s better. So what about the naked thing?”

I laughed. “You know that this means that you’re going to be looking at gay cock every morning.”

He smiled. “Is it a lot different than a straight one?”

I was embarrassed and did what I usually do when I am. I laughed. “Not so’s you’d notice.”

“It won’t bother me but I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. The whole naked sleeping thing is my problem. Everybody else tells me that they sleep in their underwear.”

“Don’t tell me that you did a survey?”

“I just asked all of my friends, you know, when I knew that………….well that it might be a problem. I’ve never shared a room before so it was never an issue. I know that it’s dumb but I worried about it.”

“I never had to share either. I guess that we’ve both gotta get used to stuff. The naked sleeping isn’t a problem for me. At home I usually slept naked too.” He still looked worried. “Really, it’s not a problem.” I wondered if we were both thinking about the beating off issue.

After a couple more hours of endless talking we started to get ready for bed. We brushed by each other on our ways to and from the shower and toilet and then finally settled down. I turned off the desk lamp and that left only a small lamp over each of our beds.

I looked at Larry who was sitting on the edge of his bed looking like a virgin on her wedding night.

“You know, Larry, if you hadn’t said anything about this I probably would have just stripped off without even thinking about it but now you’ve got me thinking about it.”

He was chewing on his thumbnail. He sighed. “This is dumb.”

I smiled and said. “You got that right.” I slid off my boxers and tossed them in the direction of my dirty clothes bag. I pointed at my crotch. “Gay cock.” With that I slid under the covers of my bed and looked at Larry.

“Come on big guy, let’s see it.”

Larry smiled at me. “You’re not gonna like fantasize about this are you?”

“Not if you never show it to me!”

He quickly stripped off his boxers and dropped them at the side of the bed. He pointed at his dick. “Straight cock.” He too slid under the covers and then reached up and killed the light over his bed.

I turned off my light too and then we laid there in the darkness with just faint illumination coming from the window. Haze or fog had moved in and the lights from outside seemed to cause the air to become incandescent. Typical of Palo Alto it became surprisingly cool in the evening. It was nice cock. It had been two years since I had had sex with another human being. Not that that was going to happen with Larry.

After a couple of minutes Larry said. “Alex?”


“Whatcha doing tomorrow?”

“Gotta go to the medical center for a physical. I was supposed to have gotten one back home but somehow we didn’t know that so I’m getting one here. Why? What are you doing?”

“I was gonna check out the gym. I haven’t worked out since I got here and it makes me feel weird. If you wanna work out I could go with you to the medical center and then we could go workout.”

“I gotta be at the center at nine.”

“No problem. I wake up early. I’ll get you up.” Larry didn’t know it but he had already gotten me up.


I was dreaming about a shopping mall, a big one and I was walking all over it and everyone in it was taking hidden glances at me but when I looked directly at them the looked away and then I’d see Tommy way far away on the other side of the mall and I’d run to catch him but when I got there he’d be gone.

I woke up to Larry shaking me. “Alex! Alex! Hey, it’s time to get up.”

I’m one of those awake, yet not, the instant you touch me people and I was saying okay to him and rolling out of bed before I was really fully awake.

My head was dropped to my chest as I sat on the edge of the bed and I was saying. “I’m up, I’m up.”

Larry shoved a mug of hot coffee into my hands and said. “I can see that and good morning to both of you.”

“Morning, Larry.” Both of us? I looked down at a morning hardon. “Oh fuck!” I grabbed the end of the blanket and pulled it over my waist. I mumbled. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Larry had retreated laughing to his computer but was still watching me. “I knew that you’d fantasize about me once you got a look at my dick.”

I took a long sip of coffee and smiled at Larry. “Well, there’s no point in trying hide anything now.” I got up and forced myself to walk slowly to the bathroom and not to think about whether or not Larry was watching me.


“I’ve got a nine o’clock appointment.” The woman was looking at me over her glasses and didn’t give any indication that she thought that this was very important.

“Alexander Chauvet-Kerry?”

“Yes maam.”

She handed me a clipboard with a pen attached by a chain and pointed with a pencil to the waiting area. “Have a seat and fill this out. We’ll call you.”

She glared at Larry and he just nodded towards me. “I’m with him.”

She responded with a slow, “Um hmm.”

Weird that you can feel like an adult one moment and then like a kid the next. We went and sat next to each other.

Larry’s arms were resting on his knees and he was staring at the floor, watching our gym bags. “So you think he’s gonna shove a finger up your butt?”

“I doubt it.” I was beginning to learn that Larry worried, or at least thought about, everything.

“How come?”

I smiled although he couldn’t see it. “I’m not that lucky.”

Larry sounded kinda fake appalled. “You actually like that stuff?”

I laughed. “It’s what we do Larry. I like it all.”

He looked at me and smiled. “So you’d take it up the butt?”

“Don’t make movies in your head, Larry.” I leaned in his direction and bumped his shoulder with mine. “Besides, think of all the stuff you straight guys do.”

He sat back in the chair and stretched his legs out while he slumped down in the chair. His cock and balls were being crushed against his left leg.

“Yeah, I guess that we can be pretty disgusting too.” He was silent for a minute and then said. “Funny how the most disgusting stuff is the most fun.”

I leaned back in the chair and rested my left arm along the back of Larry’s chair. “So what’s the most disgusting thing you ever did with a girl?

He looked at me. “I dunno. Rimming I guess.”

“Straight guys rim?” I honestly thought that rimming was exclusively our territory.

“Yep. Well not all the time. Actually just once.”

“Weird, that’s probably our most disgusting thing too……… least when you just think about it. Doing it is something else.”

Larry pointed at the clipboard. “Ya gotta fill that out.”

I looked down at the form. “Oh………yeah.”

Larry said. “Is there a spot to check for homo?”

I smiled. “Ah let’s see. There’s straight guy who never has sex, aaaaannnnddd, there’s straight guy who can’t deal with his attraction to men, aaaaaannnnndddd, there’s straight guy who doesn’t know how to satisfy a woman, aaaannnnddddd, there’s gay guy who’s in love with a straight guy who hasn’t a clue, aaaaannnnnnddddd………………well, I guess that’s it. Wait a minute. There’s, “How many sex partners have you had in the last 12 months?”

Larry nudged me with his shoulder. “I wanna see the answer to that last one, smartass.”

I laughed. “That’s easy. Zero! The big nada.” I pointed at the paper with the attached pen. “Oh look! They want to know what my preferred sexual partner is.”

Larry giggled. “Yeah, yeah. I wanna see the answer to that one too.”

I checked zero for the first and men for the second.

Larry stared at me. “You really haven’t had sex with anyone since you broke up with whatshisname?”

“Tom…………….and no………….nobody since then.”

Larry turned his soft brown eyes to me and said. “That sucks!”

“Believe me! I agree. I’m so fucking horny…………….well actually it’s not that I’m like crazy horny………………I mean I beat off and all but I miss the physical contact. The intimacy………..kissing and stuff.”

Larry sighed. “Oh fuck! You are so gonna fall for the first loser that crosses your path.”

I nudged him with my shoulder again. “Quit trying to build up my confidence.”

Larry said. “So when do you beat off?”

I laughed. “When I see that you’ve fallen asleep with your mouth open.”

“Eeuuwwwe ick! I can’t imagine what that would be like. That’s really disgusting!”

I rubbed my eyes and yawned. “When you’re in love it doesn’t seem disgusting. Nothing seems disgusting then.”

The nurse called my name and took me to an examining room, took my pulse and started to take my blood pressure. After a moment she took the stethoscope out of her ears and took the blood pressure cuff off of my arm.

“Your pulse is 58 and your blood pressure is 105 over 60. Now if you’ll strip down to your underwear and put on this gown. It ties in the back. Doctor has a student with him this morning and he’ll be in to see you first and then Doctor Fulgrath. You can sit on the examining table.” She pointed at the wall rack and said. ”There’s magazines there. Doctor has two patients ahead of you.”

I leafed through a Time magazine for a couple of minutes and then there was a soft knock on the door and it slowly opened. A young guy walked in who was dressed like a doctor but I almost got the feeling that he had stolen the white coat from someone. He was beautiful in a “what the fuck am I doing here” kinda way but didn’t seem to have really great control over the movements of his body.

He looked at the clipboard he was holding and then looked up at me. “Misssssterrrr……….” His hair was dark brown and cut short his eyes were a bright blue.

I smiled at him. “Just call me Alex, the rest is too difficult.” We shook hands.

“I’m working with Doctor Fulgrath today. I’m going to do some preliminary work and then the doctor will come in and have a look at you.” His face was angular with a strong jaw. “It says here that you’re just in for a physical………..nothing else that you’re concerned about?”

I looked him right in the eye and he seemed to blush slightly. “No, Doc, I’m good, no complaints.” I know that he’s not a doctor yet but I thought that I’d just throw in the Doc thing.

He held up the end of his stethoscope. “Mind if I listen?”

“That’s fine. Whatever you need to do.” I was beginning to get some ideas of my own along those lines.

He reached up and undid the knot holding the hospital gown and then pulled it off of my upper body. He smelled of shave cream. Gently he placed the stethoscope on my back and listen in several spots with the usual requests to stop breathing. He left hand was at first holding my left shoulder and then slowly moving over the surface of my skin.

“Your skin is good. And you must work out, you’re in fantastic shape.”

“Yeah I do. We were just gonna go work out after I finish here.”

“Was that with…………the other fella……….he’s your boyfriend?” I must have had a surprised look on my face because he quickly added. “The form………….it says………..well implies really, that you’re gay.” He was as red as a beet.

I looked him right in the eye. “I am gay but Larry’s my roommate, not my boyfriend.”

He stammered. “I didn’t mean to………..”

I smiled at him. “It’s okay………..a natural mistake.”

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