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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 20 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 20

Thankfully we didn’t drive from Sacramento to the San Francisco airport to fly back cause I don’t think I coulda made that trip without a lotta flashback things happening. I mean it was the same road that…………..well that they had used. It’s not like the flashbacks are happening very much anymore and even when they do my reaction to them isn’t like falling apart but it’s still not fun.

David’s cool plane was waiting for us at this little airport in Sacramento and he and Mark came with us to Denver. Bob and Jack had gone back on Thursday to check on the house and see that the furniture had gotten there. Larry and I were both looking forward to living near Bob, Becky and the twins.

The cut on my head was healing and my back was doing well but they wanted me to take it easy for a while because of the concussion. Since the heaviest thing that Larry was letting me lift was a coffee cup I was getting plenty of rest and we were desperate to be alone together. We were screamingly horny but it was gonna have to wait until tonight.

Where the airport is at things seemed to be pretty flat but after we drove through the city we began to climb and like Larry said there were lots of pine trees. Mark and David were in the car with us and David was telling us about school.

“I’ve spoken with Stanford and due to the unusual circumstances they’ll be sending some people to help the two of you catch up on what you’ve missed and then they’ll administer your finals.”

Larry looked dumbfounded. “They’re sending someone here to tutor us?”

David nodded yes.

Larry continued. “And then they’ll send someone to give us our finals?”

Again a nod from David.

“Why………..I mean how come they’re doing that? That’s incredible!”

David smiled. “I think that they figured it was cheaper than a law suit and they sure didn’t want a lot of publicity about people being kidnapped from their campus. Most of this was their idea.”

I asked even though it unnerved me to even be talking about it. “Have they heard anything more about who did it?”

David sighed. “Organized crime…………and then they apparently had a falling out, some dispute between the guy who ran Southern California and the guy who ran the north. The guy that ordered it has disappeared. I think that we can assume that they’re killing one another. We were lucky that Emi knew that guy in Sicily.”

“I sunk back closer to Larry. “I gotta call Emi and thank him.”

David smiled and squeezed my knee with his hand. “He’d appreciate that. And you have got to figure a time to go see Emma. If she doesn’t see you in person soon she’ll probably send the military to bring you.”

Mark grinned at me. “That’s pretty close to the truth. Although one good thing that came of it was that it seems to have motivated her to live. She sounds better than she has in a long time.”

David said. “I talked to Elli this morning and she said that the painting has all been completed on the house and they had stock on most of the furniture for the bedrooms and family room. You guys would be using your old furniture for your bedroom anyway but this place is a lot bigger but I think you’ll like it.” He turned to Larry. “I don’t know if your dad said anything but he and I split the cost on this house so it’s in both of your names. We decided that for your first house that would probably be the best idea.”

Larry sat up immediately with a shocked loop on his face. “My dad did that?”

David smiled. “Un huh. He does love you ya know.”

Larry blushed. “I know. I mean he’s been really good lately………….I just never expected that.”

“Well he did do it. I sent the paper in to your trust officer so you’ll be seeing it showing up on your statement. Now………there’s Susan and Marie, their last name is Liu and we kinda inherited them along with the house. I suppose that we could have let them go but this place is way way bigger than the condo and with school and all you’re gonna need help cleaning it and Susan also will do the cooking for you. They’re a mother and daughter.” I must have gotten a weird look on my face because he said, “They live in a two bedroom apartment that’s behind the garage so you won’t see em all the time and they know that you’re gay and it means nothing to them. I understand that Susan is a wonderful cook.”

I laughed. “Can we still walk around naked?”

“You can do anything that you want. It’s your house. Susan and her daughter will adapt to………..whatever.”

We turned off of the freeway onto a secondary road and backtracked for a mile or so and then turned onto an even narrower blacktopped road for a quarter of a mile and then turned into a blacktopped driveway with a mailbox set to one side. We turned right into the drive and began a slight climb that went on for what seemed like quite a while.

David said, “An adjoining forty acres was also for sale by another owner and Jack and I bought that for you too. It doesn’t have any buildings on it but it made a nice buffer zone and there are some great views or so I’m told.”

The house kinda just appears above you when you’re on the driveway and then you make a gentle turn to the right and as you continue to climb you come up around the house on the other side. It’s pretty cool because with the concrete balconies it looks like a space ship or something that just came down and settled there.

Larry lowered the car window an inch or so and smiled at me. “Smell the air?”

He was right, it was different, brighter and I could smell the pine trees. I grinned back at him. “Smells clean.”

Pulling up in front of the house there were a number of cars and delivery vans already parked there. I made a mental bet with myself that the black Mercedes belonged to Jack and the silver SUV belonged to Bob and Becky.

As soon as we walked through the front door the twins came barreling towards us. I scooped them both up impossibly happy to see them, I suppose that I thought that I would never see them again. I kissed them both and set them back down on the floor and they ganged up on Larry.

Bob and Becky both embraced me, kinda making a sandwich of me. Bob said, “Geez, I was hoping someone would move here who had baby sitting potential and you definitely do.” He kissed me on the cheek and said, “Man it is so good to see you!”

I was forcing the tears not to fall and then Jack jumped in and rescued me by shaking my hand and pulling me towards David and Mark. David took one look at me and pulled me over to talk to Elli, the decorator.

She was dressed entirely in black and held out her hand. “Alex it’s great to see you again.” She put her hands on her hips and looked around and then gave a little laugh and put one hand on my arm and laughed again. “My elf’s are everywhere.” She looked up into my eyes with a twinkle in her eyes. “Actually they’re loaner elf’s mine are all back in California.” I followed her gaze and saw three or four much younger versions of her moving throughout the house placing vases, hanging pictures and I guess just making sure that everything was perfect.

When I actually looked I was amazed and said, “Wow! It really is gorgeous!” And it was, it was breathtaking.

Elli said, “You see? You see what I was trying to do?” Then she gave me ten minutes on her thinking behind the color scheme almost all of which went clear over my head.

This time Mark rescued me by literally pulling me away leaving Elli talking to David. Mark put his arm around me and walked me towards another room that had one wall that was all windows.

He said, “Let’s checkout the family room.” We stood before the two-story wall of windows looking down the hill. Mark pointed at a small hill in the distance. “If my compass is working properly the freeway ramp is right beyond that hill, maybe a mile and half away. You guys can be at school pretty quick. Well depending on traffic.”

I nodded yes and then Mark pulled me even closer and kissed me on the temple. “You holding up?” I felt a tear running down my cheek and wiped it away.

“I guess. But I get these weird crying jags.” I think that it was just because Mark made me feel so safe.

He squeezed me to him again. “That’ll stop and it’s not unusual, some of it’s the concussion so don’t forget to get rest. What happened to you is the ultimate in stress. Even men in battle have some level of control but with a kidnapping you have none. The point is that you need to cut yourself some slack and if you feel like crying then cry. Just remember that it’ll stop, you’ll get a little better every day.” He turned to face me and stared into my eyes for a long time then with his hand on the back of my neck he pulled my head gently to his shoulder while his other hand rubbed my back carefully avoiding the lacerated area. “You know that we love you.” He continued to rub my back for a while.

He pulled back and looked into my eyes. “David has found a therapist if he hasn’t given you his number yet he will. Don’t fuck with the appointments. If you don’t go they can’t help you and lean on Larry, he’s tough and you can trust him.”

I mumbled into his shoulder. “You like him don’t ya?”

He laughed. “Yeah I do. He doesn’t take any shit especially where you’re concerned so how could I not like that?”

I looked around the room and said, “You really think that we need this much space?”

Mark laughed again. “David tells me we got it at a bargain price, besides once you start to spread out you won’t know how you ever did with less. Okay and maybe he’s over compensating a little.” He laughed again. Hey, you’re lucky that he’s not having a wall built around the property.”

David walked in and said, “There you guys are.” He smiled. “A bonding moment?”

I smiled and hugged Mark with one arm. “Kinda and a little bit crying jag moment.”

“That reminds me.” David dug into his inside jacket pocket and pulled out a slip of paper with a number on it. “Your shrink. I told him that you’d call.” He grinned. “I also asked him to call me if you didn’t.” He tilted his head to one side. “How come you haven’t asked about your car?”

“Oh shit! I totally forgot about the car! Larry’s car too!”

David laughed. “They’re in the garage. There’s a service that moves em. We pretty much moved your office like it was. We found your wallet but the credit cards were gone so I’ve had those replaced and I opened an account for you at Jack’s bank in Denver. All that stuff is in the top drawer of your desk.”

I put my other arm over David’s shoulder. “How do you get all that stuff done so quickly?”

“I’m a nag. They do it to get me off their backs.” His expression changed. “Alex I wish that we could stay for a few days cause I feel like we’re abandoning you but both Mark and I have to get back to work. Oh, the other thing is travel. If you guys are gonna fly anyplace call my office for the reservations. We’re starting a travel department but just call Joan. She’ll handle everything.”

I said, “Oh……..okay.” It never occurred to me that we’d be traveling anyplace.

Jack came into the room with two Chinese ladies that I figured had to Susan and Marie Liu. He looked a little uncomfortable and said, “Ah, David, would you like to introduce…………………?” He completed the question by nodding at the women.

David jumped forward. “Yes! Alex this is Susan and Marie Liu. They’ll be helping you with the house and doing the cooking and Marie will also take care of the animals.

Susan Liu stepped forward and said with a heavy accent, “Good to see you. Good to see you. Have four brother and two husband, nakeds all time, you wanna be nakeds okay.” She giggled and held up both of her hands to her eyes and then spread them. “I no peak.”

Marie was standing slightly behind her mother smiling. She took a small step forward and said, “I’ll help mom with everything inside but I also take care of the horses and chickens. They are four beautiful horses and very gentle. When you guys want them saddled just tell me or if you’d rather do it yourselves the tack room is very organized.” She smiled brightly. “And if you like eggs you’re going to have the freshest imaginable.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Larry come into the room and then felt his warm hand on my back.

David stepped forward. “Marie will do your food shopping just make sure that you keep a list of anything you need other than the normal food.

Marie said, “Mom is a fantastic cook and not only Chinese dishes but really anything. If you’d make a list of some of your favorite foods that’d help, oh and also a list of anything that you just can’t stand.”


And then finally after much crying, mainly on my part, everyone was gone.

Our new bedroom was……………well as awesome as the rest of the house and our new bathroom was beyond awesome.

Larry came running out of the bathroom naked and yelled, “Alex! You gotta fucking see this!”

“What?” Actually I was already looking………at a Larry.

“Come on you gotta see this bathroom!”

I smile at him and say, “You want me concentrating on anything other than your dick you better wrap a towel around yourself.”

He pressed his naked body to mine and wrapped his arms around me being careful to rest his hands very lightly on my back. “You perving on my nekkid body, Boy?” His muscular body felt like heaven.

I rested my chin on his shoulder. “I been perving on it all week, you just didn’t know.”

He pulled back his head and stared into my eyes and started to say something but stopped and then gently took my hand and pulled me towards the bathroom saying, “You’re gonna love this.”

The bathroom was unbelievable. Done in marble and glass the coolest part was the shower which was huge with multiple shower heads but also along one wall was a bench because the shower could also be used as a steam room.

I started pulling off my clothes. “Whadya say we try out the shower?”

He laughed. “That’s why I got naked in the first place.” While I’m pulling off my pants we lean towards each other kiss and he reaches out to steady himself by holding my shoulder. I see the slight grimace of pain.

“So you gonna tell me how your hand got hurt? You’ve started to tell me twice and then you seem to find a way to change the subject.”

He gave me a loopy grin. “Let’s shower, I’ll tell ya in bed.”

“I’m not gonna forget ya know.”

“I know I know.” He pointed at a panel in the wall. “See, you dial in the temperature, it’s so fucking cool!”

The house must have a huge hot water heater because we spent about forty-five minutes kissing and ten more washing. He gently removed the bandage that covered a laceration on my back and washed the wound carefully.

When we finally laid down on our bed Larry had me turn over onto my stomach so that he could but a fresh bandage on my back. It wasn’t a big deal but it had to be done. Most of the damage was in the form of bruising and while it was still sore as hell I’d live. While he was doing this he was slowly thrusting his cock along the crack of my ass but I was pretty sure that this was a diversionary move.

“Your hand?” I mumbled into the pillow.

“Oh……yeah. You know David is fucking amazing! I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anyone take charge like he does and is as effective as he is. I mean it was only Wednesday morning and we didn’t even know where you were when he told Bob to buy this house……… make it happen. And now it’s Friday evening and we’re sleeping in our own bed that three days ago was in California but know it’s in Colorado. That’s fucking amazing!”

I laughed. “David has a keen understanding of money and how to use it. Normally he’s, well, almost cheap but when he wants something to happen he keeps hitting it with money until it does. I guess that I’m used to it cause I grew up with it. Now will you stop talking about other things and tell me about your hand I’m beginning to worry.”

He sighs deeply and slides off of my butt and lies down next to me his face inches from mine. “This is gonna drag up memories for you and I wanted to avoid that…………..and I come off as kind of jerk too………which I’m not too thrilled about.”

“Mark told me that if I needed to cry to just fucking cry that it’s not that big of deal……and besides it is getting better all the time. So fuck the memories just tell me.”

He groaned and then began. “Okay when we went to where we were told you’d be on Wednesday and found you there we also found the guy that………………hurt you.” He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. “I wanted to kill him, Alex. I never wanted to do anything so bad in my life. I just wanted to beat him into the fucking ground.” I could feel tears forming in my eyes and Larry reached up and brushed them away with his thumbs. His voice was choking up. “You know what it fucking does to me when I see you cry or see you in pain? I just wanna go back there and fucking kill people!” He took a deep shuddering breath.

He sniffled and said, “Okay, so anyway, I did beat him with my fist, I went a little fucking nuts.” His face got defiant. “And I don’t feel bad about and I’d do it again in a fucking instant…………but then it was like I was nuts for awhile and back at the hospital I kinda punched out a few guys.”

I must have raised and eyebrow because he said, “I know but I couldn’t help it in my mind the only thing that I knew was that they seemed to be hurting you and I decked one and then another one came running up and I decked him too but then these two big Australian guys grabbed me, they’re the same dudes who hauled me off of the guy that beat you. I dunno I guess they worked for your dad but someone had called the cops and these two guys, geez they had to be like 6’6” and maybe 220 or 230 pounds and they were twins. They grabbed me and got me outta there.” He laughed. They took me up to the roof of the hospital.” He smiled and ran his fingers lightly over my face. “There was this little spot they found with a railing around it and we could look out at the city and watch the helicopters as they landed at the hospital. They were very nice,” He smiled, “and kept calling me mate and if the cops ever did come they never found me and your dad musta fixed it cause then it was okay.”

I said softly, “That was pretty painless………..the telling of it I mean.”

Larry got a goofy smile on his face sighed and said, “We gonna make love or do I gotta go looking for those horses?”

I reached down and wrapped my hand gently around his hard cock. “You’d get em all jealous.”

Larry cupped my face in his hands. “Alex, I don’t think that I could ever be separated from you again. I mean like even for a day. I think I’d go fucking nuts. I mean look what happened and I know, I mean I’ve really got this feeling that it’d be worse if it happened again.” He touched my lips with his finger. “I don’t mean someone taking you, I can’t even think about that but just you not being there for any reason.” His voice was soft and his breath warm and clean on my face. “You’re my sweet boy my sweet precious boy.”

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