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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 21 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 21

The light coming through the windows was early morning colorless light, winter light but I could just make out Larry’s warm eyes looking into mine. Our faces were almost touching on the pillow.

His voice is sleepy and slow, his breath warm on my face. “Morning.”

I moved closer to him snugglng my head under his chin and mumbled, “Mmmm. Watchin me sleep?”

He stroked the side of my head and said softly, “Turns me on.” There’s a slight note of worry in his voice like there has been since “It” happened.

I tilt my head up a fraction and lick the side of his throat and then push him gently onto his back. I throw my head back and take a deep breath of cool morning air and then lift my left leg over his waist and straddle Larry’s body.

He runs his hands up my thighs and says, “Watcha gonna do now that your there?”

I laugh tiredly and bend down and kiss him. “I was thinking of fucking myself on your dick.”

“I hope you’re not expecting and argument from me.” His hand wraps around my hard cock.

I realize that I don’t have lube and there’s no way that that’s getting in me without it so I swing partially off of him and reach over to the nightstand and retrieve it.

I hand it to Larry and scoot forward a bit. “Loosen me up.”

He grins and whines, “Awww geez! I gotta do all the work.”

I take the lube from him for a second and squeeze a dab on my finger and then hand it back to him.

He says, “I was kidding you know.”

I smile at him. “I know. I just wanted to get things started. But it does feel better when you do it.”

He squeezes lube on his finger and shoves it under me rubbing it in circles around my asshole. I grunt as he slips one finger into me and I reach back and take hold of his cock.

He looks up at me. “You’re not ready for that yet.”

“I don’t want it getting away.”

He snorts. “Believe me that puppy’s stayin put until it’s mission is complete.”

I push against his finger and say, “Ahhhh, I love dedication.”

I groaned softly and said, “You’re makin my dick ache.”

“I think that’s supposed to happen.”

I said, “My butt is a little sore.”

“Bad sore or good sore?”

“I guess it’s good sore. It’s at that point where the soreness is making me want more.”

The first finger is joined by a second and the slightly stretched feeling is sending tendrils of pleasure radiating out from my butt. Larry is working with the concentration of a brain surgeon and he’s biting half of his upper lip and squinting as he works the lube into me.

He doesn’t look up from his work but says, “You doin okay?”

“I think I’m ready.”

He flashes a big smile at me and says, “Me too.”

I position his cock and then slowly lower myself down onto it stopping and pulling off just after the head has gotten in. It’s so big that this usually has to be done in stages. As soon as the muscles in my butt calm down I try again and this time I can take it without a problem. Larry is watching like he’s holding his breath and when it’s finally all the way in he closes his mouth and swallows and I laugh.

He looks up at me and says with frustration, “I don’t wanna hurt you!”

He pulls me down until we’re kissing and then with his hand on the back of my neck presses my face to his as he fucks up into me making a ung ung ung sound.

Larry takes fucking seriously. It’s something that he wants to do needs to do and is supposed to do and damned if he isn’t gonna do it right! I love watching his body move to the rhythm of fucking, his hand tight on my thighs and his arm chest and stomach muscles taut as his lower body does the work undulating upward and thrusting his cock into me and then slowly withdrawing even the muscles in his face are tight and the expression on his face makes him look suspended between two extremes waiting in anticipation for the final moment.

I’m transfixed watching his face but my orgasm is building slowly and then finally I jerk my cock and shoot in big looping arcs onto his chest while his eyes are closed and he’s consumed with shooting his load into my ass with his lips parted and making a sound like he’s afraid.

Afterwards I lay down on top of his chest and press my lips to his and I’m almost overwhelmed with how alive he is how warm his lips are and how demanding his tongue is as he pulls my face tight to his.

Finally I roll off of him and he jumps up and trots with cock and balls flopping to the bathroom returning in a moment with a washcloth and towel. He cleans us both up and then hopping on one foot pulls on his boxers and takes off in search of something he can’t do without…….coffee. He’s like the energizer bunny this morning; well, actually every morning, energy to burn.

I roll over onto my stomach and stretch over the edge of the bed to retrieve the boxers that I dropped there last night when Larry comes back in with two steaming mugs of coffee. “There’s a whole breakfast buffet out there…….and Susan saw me in my underwear.”

He puts my coffee on the nightstand and sits down next to me on the edge of the bed and pats my butt. “Nice ass.”

I crawl back onto the bed with my boxers and lay there on my stomach. “How’s my back look?”

“Good. Well, you know, like it’s healing.” His hand runs lightly over it. “When we get outta the shower I’ll rub some more of that stuff on it.”

“Was she shocked at seeing you in your underwear?”

He took a big drink of coffee set his mug next to mine on the nightstand and then swung a leg over my legs and sat down just below my butt. “She was headed towards another part of the house, she just kinda giggled……….but there’s a shit load of food out there.” He bent forward and kissed my shoulders.

I lifted my head and twisted it around to try and look at him. “You’re not planning on doing anything back there are ya?”

His hands lightly traced my back again. “Just playing.” I could feel his finger playing with my butt hole.

Larry’s finger was gently circling my asshole. He said, “You’ve got a really pretty butt.” My ass is his favorite toy.

I lifted my head to drink more coffee and set the cup on the floor below my head which was just on the edge of the bed. “That feels really good.” And it did.

“I aim to please.” He reached over got the lube and a moment later I felt the cool gel being rubbed around and then his finger entered me. It felt wonderful but I also realized that we weren’t playing anymore. He could go on like this for hours.

“Lemme turn over. I wanna be on my back.”

“You’ll irritate your back!”

“I don’t care. I wanna be able to look into your eyes.”

“You could get on top again.”

“I don’t want to, I want you on top. My back’ll be fine. I wanna feel like you’re fucking me not me fucking myself.”

I rolled over and dropped the backs of my knees onto his arms. He pushed them back and settled my feet against his chest while he worked lube into my butt.

Dropping my legs into the crook of his arms again he leaned forward and kissed me lightly his tongue playing with my lips and his warm brown eyes staring into mine as his cock pressed at the entrance to my butt.

“Tell me if I’m hurting you………or if your back begins to bother you.”

I smile and kiss him again. “If I start thinking about my back you’re doing it wrong.”

I pulled his face down to mine and kissed him as he began entering me again. I like to pull back and watch Larry’s face when he does this because he’s incapable of hiding what he’s feeling. His lips are parted with his breath coming in long gasps and his eyes stare into mine closing tight shut for seconds at a time. My body opens for him and soon he’s all the way in and I wrap my legs around his waist as he moves more on top of me and now were face to face.

He sets a rhythm, one long stroke all the way into me followed by two short strokes that just hit my prostate. It takes coordination and the desire to make your partner happy and Larry does it without ever seeming to think about it.

We don’t ever seem to say this but I say it now staring into his eyes, “I love you.” He lowers his head and pushes his tongue into my mouth.

He pulls him mouth gently from mine a tiny string of saliva joining us for a momen and says, “I love you too.” He kisses me again and then we stay that way until the end his lips never more than millimeters away from mine his breath hot on my face. Soon his breath changes and he kisses me hard sucking air out of my lungs and I can feel his cock jerking deep within me. I tighten my legs around him but push my hips upward and with one jerk of my hand I’m shooting between us.

Showered and shaved with our teeth brushed and hair combed we walk hand in hand to the breakfast room. We both slipped on boxers but nothing else and Larry keeps sneaking kisses to the side of my neck which gets me to laughing and I finally have to push him away or were gonna end up in the same position that we were fifteen minutes ago.

“God you’re horny!” I’m shaking my head.

He grins. “I’m in love horny. That’s a whole other animal.”

Suddenly shy I stare down at the food. “Holy shit you weren’t kidding!” I fill my plate as Larry is filling his.

“Why would I kid about breakfast?”

Just as we’re settling down to eat, what has to be the doorbell, rings. I look at Larry. “I’m not even sure how to get to the door.”

He gets up and walks into the kitchen and then comes right back. “Susan is getting it. Geez, she’s fast.”

Suddenly Susan’s head pokes through a door to our left and she says, “Bob here. Your brother?” But it comes out more like bruver.

Then Bob pushes his way through the door with armloads of clothes, which he drops on the floor in front of us. He looks incredibly hot and is dressed, well, like a cowboy with tight jeans, cowboy hat and boots and leather coat.

He shoves his hat back on his head and says, “Well don’t hurry to help or nothing.”

Larry laughs. “We’re not dressed for entertaining.”

Bob throws his hat on a chair and peals off his coat. “I’d say not, especially with your cock hanging out of those boxers.”

Larry drops his fork and quickly looks but Bob is already laughing. Larry tries to be serious but starts laughing himself and just says, “Shithead!”

I point at the food. “Bob, you hungry? We could feed an army.”

He looks from the food to us and then back again, “I just ate.” He lifts the top off of one of the containers and says, “What the fuck it was only cornflakes!” And fills a plate with eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. He sits down across the table from us and says; “Figure on me for breakfast every morning.”

Larry leans forward and lowers his voice. “Bob, how do we get her to tone it down a bit? We don’t need all that.”

Bob laughs and says, “It’s called speech. You know that thing that people do that animals can’t.” He laughs again. “Try something like, “Don’t make so much food.”

Larry looks at Bob then turns to me and says, “See what I’ve had to put up with? It’s a wonder I’m not totally insane.”

Bob smiles and says, “It’s easier to talk to Marie, not that Susan doesn’t get it cause she way sharper than she seems but with Marie you know that you’re getting through. I’ll talk to her.”

He points with his fork down at the clothing. “I stopped at your Dad’s and got your clothes. Lot’s more out in the truck. There’s no point in keeping them there when you just live a few miles away. And I brought your boots and both field coats, you had two of them and I figured since you guys are about the same size Alex could wear one. He leans over digs through the pile and comes up with two cowboy hats which he reaches over and sets on our heads.

He glanced at me. “I bought you boots.” He grinned. “I figured I’d take you guys riding after we explore the house.”

Larry looked surprised. “I totally forgot that I had all my winter clothes there.”

Bob swallows a forkful of eggs and says, “Don’t forget you guys are having dinner at our house tomorrow. Like we say around here, come early and stay late.”

Bob turns to me. “Becky and I only live like a mile and half from here and you don’t need an invitation to stop by.” His eyes grow warmer and his voice slows. “I really mean that. Larry already knows it but you’re never intruding.” He smiles and says, “You may get stuck helping with the twins but don’t ever figure that you can’t just stop by, everyone does that out here. It’s considered neighborly.” He grins at both of us. “Course you keep dressing for company like this and you might give neighborly a whole new meaning.”

Larry stares at him in mock disbelieve. “This from a man who climbs into bed with us while were naked and then ogles my boyfriends butt?”

Bob laughed hard and took a drink of his coffee still grinning. “Well that was neighborly.”

Twenty minutes later and we were dressed like triplets, jeans, western shirts, boots, field coats and cowboy hats. Larry and Bob looked hot but I felt like an idiot. I kept thinking of that “All hat and no cattle” saying. I guess that I felt like an imposter but it didn’t seem to worry anyone else and Larry assured me that no one would know or care even if they did know because they’d just figure that we were trying to fit in. Course in Larry and Bob’s case they did fit in because they both grew up here.

Bob said, “Did you guys see the pool?”

We both said, “No” at the same time.

“Well what part of the house did you see?”

“Bob, we were both exhausted. The only thing that we saw was the family room with you guys yesterday and our bedroom………..oh and the breakfast room.”

He said, “You’re kidding!”

Larry pushed his hat back on his head and I could feel my butt tingle. This whole cowboy look was made for him. He said, “You know, we been kinda busy the last few days.”

Bob wrapped an arm around each of us gave us a straight guy hug and said, “Okay, lemme give ya the tour.

After an extended tour and dressed warmly we piled in Bob’s SUV and followed the driveway to what Bob referred to as out back and over a small hill there was a small barn and corral. Bob led us through a side door and into a tack room with saddles, bridles and every conceivable type riding gear and on the far wall a gun rack with a dozen or so rifles and shotguns.

Larry looked at me and said, “You said you know how to ride, right?”

“Yeah………well………’s been a while and it was an English saddle but it can’t be that different.”

When we were all mounted Larry leaned over and whispered, well as much as you could with the wind, “Your butt looks so fucking hot sittin on that horse.”

Bob grinned and even though I was pretty sure that he hadn’t been able to hear what Larry said he yelled, “Geez, Larry, you already got em you don’t have to keep flirting!”

There was a lot of snow on the ground and we ended up following a path that had already been made through the snow. The trail led down through what would no doubt in the spring be a beautiful meadow before the trail rose again up into the pine trees. As we were moving up the trail Marie was coming down and stopped to chat with us. We mentioned how good the food was but that we probably didn’t need that much. She said that she’d tell her mother to make less.

In a saddle scabbard she had a Weatherby 30-378 mounted with a scope. I was familiar with the gun because Mark had one almost exactly like it.

I asked her about the caliber. “Oh………yes……….it was just one of the guns they had here.” She laughed. “You never know what you’re going to run into in these mountains.

After she left and Larry had started to move out I glanced up at Bob who looked a little sheepish and said, “It’s okay, Bob. I probably wouldn’t have thought so a month ago………..but I’ve got no problem with it now. Does Larry know that they’re security?”

He shook his head. “I don’t think so. I didn’t tell him and I don’t know who else would have.”

I sighed. “He’s gotta be told. He’s got a right to know and if I don’t say anything it’s the same as lying.”

Bob pushed his hat back. “Why not wait until tomorrow. We’ll get him all mellow and then mention it casually.”

“Maybe.” I grinned. “Course I got another way to get him all mellow.”

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