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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 22 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 22

That evening, after dinner, Larry and I build a fire in the huge fireplace in the family room and kinda snuggled down together on the sofa when the doorbell rang.

“Shit! I’ll get it.” I rolled out of Larry’s warm arms and trotted to the door. Susan, of course, was already answering it.

She turned to me and said something that made no sense at all, at least to me but I nodded like I knew exactly what she was saying and she left. Standing in front of me was a big young guy, well about my age, but taller with broad shoulders and when he tipped off his cowboy hat I saw he had shaggy black hair and a big smile.

He shoved out his hand and grabbed mine. “You must be Alex.” His accent was western and his voice deep, he looked me up and down. “Well, it looks like dickwad did hisself some good.”

I laughed and yelled, “Larry! We got company!” I turned back. “You’re….?”

“Oh shit! I’m sorry. My name is Ben Walworth.”

Behind me I heard Larry yell. “Hooooly fuck!” Larry threw himself at Ben and they both staggered back against the closed door, laughing and kissing.

When they finally stopped Larry looked at me with his arm still around Ben’s neck and said, “Alex this is my best friend from high school.”

I must have gotten a weird look on my face because he quickly added. “Oh! No! Not that asshole!” He was shaking his head. “I woulda fucked Ben but he wouldn’t lemme.” They were both grinning like idiots.

Ben looked up a little sheepishly and I now could see that his eyes were blue, very blue. He said, “Your boyfriend and I spent so much time fightin over who was gonna fuck who that we ended up never doin anything.”

Larry punched Ben’s chest. “Hey! We did stuff!”

Ben said, “Blow jobs don’t count!” I woulda said that they did but decided that that didn’t need to be said.

I did say, “Well, Ben, lemme take your hat and coat. We’re just in the family room watching the fire.” Underneath his sheepskin coat he was wearing a tee shirt and jeans just like we were.

Ben said, “Hang a minute while I take my boots off.” He heeled and toed them off and then the three of us went in to the family room.

Larry disappeared for a few seconds and returned with three beers.

The three of us ended up sitting on the floor leaning against the furniture and talking about college.

“Word is you guys are gonna join me at the University of Colorado.”

Larry said, “We still gotta finish our finals from Stanford but yeah we are, as soon as school starts again in January. You been talking to Bob?”

“Yeah.” Ben turned to me and said, “Bob and Becky are just on the other side of the hill from us. I usually just ride my horse over there and beg for coffee.”

Looking back to Larry he said, “You sure fucking lucked out with him for a brother in law. That jagoff that married my sister hates my fucking guts.”

Larry said, “You still havin problems with your dad?”

Ben laughed, “Not quite as bad as before.” He sighed. “The hitting has stopped and now we kinda just ignore each other. That’s why I see so much of Bob and Becky, it’s better when I’m just outta that house. But I think he figures that if he can get me through college I’ll pretty much be outta his life totally.”

Ben looked at me and said, “My dad wasn’t too thrilled with my bein gay. We had some tense times there for a bit.”

Larry asked, “Bob tell you what happened to Alex in California?”

“Nope. I asked him how come you guys were coming back here but he just said to ask you guys.” He took a long pull on his beer and said, “I ain’t gotta know so if it’s something you don’t wanna talk about, it’s okay.”

I said to Ben, “I got kidnapped.” I had never spoken those words before and it was funny how strange they sounded coming out of my mouth and the emotional affect that they had on me. I felt myself choking up and tears coming to my eyes and it was all like a total fucking surprise cause, after all, it’s all over now and I’m really fine with everything.

Larry quickly grabbed me and pulled my head to his chest and was saying, “Geez, Babe, I never thought”, and then I felt Ben moving next to me and his hands were rubbing my shoulders.

“Shit I’m sorry! I’m such a fucking asshole! You shoulda just told me to mind my own fucking business!”

Now I really felt like a jerk. I rolled off of Larry and back against the sofa using my tee shirt to rub my eyes.

I gasped, “Fuck, Ben, I’m sorry! I never expected that to happen. I don’t mind talking about it, really. It’s just that I never actually said it before, actually said the words.” I shook my head and looked from Ben to Larry. “I feel like an asshole.”

Ben said, “Geez, maybe I should go. I never meant……………..”

I grabbed his arm. “No! Stay, Ben. Larry, how bout more beer? Come on, Ben, I gotta learn to deal with this. I’m just sorry I embarrassed everybody.”

Ben leaned back against the sofa his shoulder touching mine while Larry went and got us more beer. “It’s not your fault, Alex. I shoulda just minded my own goddamn business. But it’s not the sort of thing that you expect to have someone say that they had happen to em.” He took a deep breath. “Was in really really bad?”

I sighed. “I guess that I’m not sure how to answer that. The worst part was the thought of never seeing Larry again………………and knowing that he was gonna be all sad and shit. They beat me pretty bad too but I just don’t remember them doing it.” I turned my back to him and pulled up my tee shirt. “It’s pretty well healed now and the first thing I knew about that was when I was in the hospital.” His fingers were moving lightly over my back. I wiped my nose with the back of my hand. “It’s weird though how it sometimes flashes back and I’ll even remember stuff that I never remembered before.”

Ben said, “Damn this musta been bad when it was fresh but you’re right the bruising is fading.”

Larry came back with six open beers, handed us each one and put the rest on the coffee table. He said, “He’s recovering pretty good. Ben, why don’t ya figure on gettin shitfaced and stayin here tonight? We got a ton of empty guest rooms and then I don’t have to worry about you gettin hurt driven home.”

Ben looked at us both and said, “Sure it’s okay?” We both nodded yes and he made a call and spoke to someone who must have been a maid or housekeeper or something.

Larry pressed himself to my side and said to me, “You told, Ben?”

I nodded yes. He pulled my head to him and kissed my temple.

I said, “Okay, well that’s enough of that shit! So were you the guy that Larry went with to try and fuck sheep?”

Ben sat up grabbed a pillow off of the sofa and whacked Larry with it. “You been tellin folks that, you dipshit?” He laughed and leaned back against the sofa. He turned his head and looked at me with those blue blue eyes. “It was all his fuckin idea and the son of a bitch almost got us killed! Never saw a sheep and never got any sex anyway.”

He looked over at Larry who was laughing. “I can’t fucking believe that you’d tell your boyfriend that.”

Ben snorted and looked at me. “Just shows how fuckin hopeless he was. Course I was right with em so I guess it don’t speak too highly of me either.”

Six beers each later, we decided that it was time for bed and we shoved a half drunk Ben into the quest room and we stumbled off to bed. Well, I stumbled, alcohol just isn’t something that I deal with well and I usually limit myself to a glass or two of wine or just a couple of beers.

Larry on the other hand was out of his mind horny and even though I was a little out of it because of the beer once we started playing I got really horny really fast.

He was laying half on top of me with his right knee between my legs and his lips playing with the area just beneath my right ear.

He pulled back and looked into my eyes. “What did ya think of Ben?”

“Seems like a good guy, certainly a handsome guy.” I smiled. “Sounds like you guys did a lot more than you told me.”

He grinned. “Maybe a bit.”

“So how come you guys never…………you know……….became boyfriends.”

He kissed me lightly and smiled. “You been thinking about that huh?”


“Well, lemme tell ya something. He was always there for me, even when I didn’t wanna take his help and I pretty much froze him out. He never stopped coming back trying to be my friend and that was even when his dad was being a fucking prick and beating on him. By the way, his dad and Bob’s dad are both partners at the same law firm and both of em have tons of family money. Somehow Bob avoided becoming a jerk, maybe cause he didn’t go into the same law firm and also probably cause Becky would never have stood for it.”

“When I was involved with that other asshole and then when he fucked me over I treated Ben pretty much like crap. I do love Ben but, Alex, it’s not a romantic love at least not romantic enough,” He laughed, “plus we’re both tops, which made for some real frustrating sex.”

“So I don’t have anything to worry about?”

“Alex,” he dropped his forehead to my shoulder for moment and then looked into my eyes, “you’re everything in the fucking world to me. If you took the time during the day that I don’t spend thinking about you it wouldn’t be enough time to strike a match. Besides, what with the way that Ben was looking at you, I’m the one who should be worried.”

I was surprised. “Larry, you are so full of shit. He wasn’t looking at me in any romantic way.”

Larry slid both of his legs between mine. “I didn’t mean romantic, actually I was thinking more of a horny look.”

Larry’s dick was standing up almost straight at the ceiling and he reached over and grabbed a bottle of lube and began applying it to his cock and my asshole.

“I think your crazy. He didn’t do anything that I saw that looked like he was horny.”

Larry pushed his cock down so that the head was right at my asshole. He leaned forward and kissed me while slowly entering me.

He moaned and I wrapped my legs around his waist and gasped. He leaned forward with my legs in the crook of his arms and his cock moved deep within me. “Babe, you’re everything that horny fucker is attracted to.”

Early in the morning I heard frantic knocking on our bedroom door. Ben quickly peeked in and then a moment later slid through the door. He was wearing white boxerbriefs that contrasted well with his warm lightly tanned skin and that his cock and balls filled nicely. I half sat up and Larry did the same. Larry said, “Man, what’s………..”

Ben stammered, “Dude you got women out there! I’m walkin around with my hand in my underwear scratchin my nuts and that lady who answered the door last night snuck up behind me and asked me if I wanted fuckin coffee. Damn near shit in my pants! She live here?”

Larry grinned at him and mumbled, “Nope………we get strangers in to scare folks. Course she lives here, she’s like the housekeeper.”

I looked at Larry and said, “I hate to tell you this but she’s security. I was gonna tell you last night but then Ben came and we got to drinking.”

Larry sat up in bed. “You sure? What makes you think that she’s security?”

I looked over at Ben who was shivering by the door. I laughed and said, “Comere, Ben” and I held up the covers. He walked quickly to the bed and climbed in between Larry and me and then pulled the covers up to his chin.

“First of all it’s the way that David thinks. Second of all nobody carries a scoped Weatherby 30-378 with them on a horse on the off chance that they’re gonna scare up a rabbit. And third Bob told me yes when I asked him.”

Ben looked at me and said quietly with his eyes sparkling, “This may not be the time to mention it but you got a really pretty hardon.”

Larry slapped him on the shoulder. “How come you’re lookin at my boyfriend’s hardon?”

Ben fake cringed, laughed and said, “Hey, how the fuck could I miss it when he held up the covers?”

Larry ignored his question and concentrated on the security issue. “Well why the fuck wouldn’t Bob tell us before?”

“David probably didn’t want him to. Mark and I have a long history of trying to avoid David’s security people, although I gotta tell ya I’m not all that opposed to it anymore.”

Ben said, “Can I ask who David and Mark are?”

I said, “My dads.”

“You got more than one?”

“They’re a gay couple.”

“No shit? That’s sure gotta beat the hell outta the one homophobic one that I got.”

I sat up in bed and said, “Will one of you guys take this bandage off?”

They bickered for a while over who was gonna take the bandage off but eventually I felt fingers on my back and one of them did it. I swung out of bed and got up with my dick pointing at the ceiling.

“I gotta pee then I’m taking a shower.” I looked from Ben to Larry lying in bed together. “You guys gonna relive an old memory?”

Ben looked me up and down and shaking his head slowly said, “Whoa!” He glanced quickly at Larry and said to me. “I ain’t suckin his dick!” Then to Larry. “Larry, Alex and I are gonna take our shower.”

By the time I got to the shower Larry and Ben were already in it and it was pretty clear in my mind that some sort of sex was gonna happen and since they kinda cancel themselves out in a way I figured that I should probably take the initiative.

I got in and stuck my head under the showerhead to wet my hair and clean my face. I looked at the two of them and laughed. “So what are you two thinking? Circle jerk?”

Larry quickly said, “Alex, we don’t have to do anything but shower if you don’t want to.”

Ben was kinda ducking his head and looking sheepish. I said, “Hey I get two hot guys in the shower with me, something oughta happen.”

I soaped up my hands and started stroking my cock that was already achingly hard. I ran my other hand under my balls and then pulled them down. Larry and Ben had both begun doing the same thing.

I looked at Larry and smiled. He smiled back at me and I leaned over and kissed him, he tilted his head and we sucked on each other’s tongues. I broke the kiss and looked at Ben who had been staring at us with an odd look on his face. I put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled his head towards mine. His eyes are amazingly blue and his lips parted slightly as I press mine to them moving my tongue to find his. He moans as we get into the kiss and then Larry is there and we morph it into a sloppy threeway kiss and none of us has stopped beating our cocks.

I feel Larry’s hand on my shoulder and feel it slide down to my butt and then feel his finger gently enter me. A second later I feel another finger join Larry’s and look up to see Ben watching me. The thought of what’s happening hits home and I gasp and shoot a huge five shot load over all of us and then both of them shoot almost at the exact same time and there’s cum flying everywhere.

I slump against the shower wall panting to try and catch my breath and then suddenly this all just seems hysterically funny and I’m laughing my ass off. Ben looks at me and starts laughing too followed closely by Larry and we end up with our arms locked around each other and our heads pressed together laughing like we’re all crazy.

Larry left right after breakfast saying that he might see us again the following Friday but then I reminded him that was Christmas week and he said he’d try to make it over anyway.

Larry dragged me back to the bedroom and we flopped down on the bed staring at each other.

Finally Larry pushed me over and kinda pinned me down with the top half of his body while he searched my eyes. “So you gonna tell me what you think?”

I smiled at him and said, “You mean like with the weather or something?”

“You know what I mean.”

“Okay but let me say it all before you jump in.” He nodded. “First of all I’m amazed at how comfortable that I feel with Ben. Maybe it’s cause of all the stuff that you told me about him and the stuff you guys used to do together, not necessarily the sex stuff but the best friend stuff.” I kissed his nose which was like two inches away and he smiled. “The sex in the shower was totally incredible. When you both shoved a finger up my butt I felt like I coulda blasted the tile off the fucking wall with my orgasm. And if, and it’s a big if, if you wanted us to do it again with Ben that would be totally cool but I don’t think that I’d feel the same way about anyone else. At least I’ve never met anyone where I’ve felt the connection that I seemed to feel with Ben. And finally, I’m not gonna fall in love with him and leave you. The fact is that I’m never leaving you, ever, so you can put that shit outta your mind.”

Larry shoved one arm under my head and kissed me hard and long and after about two minutes of sharing the same oxygen he pulled back and looked at me.

He sighed. “I thought that the sex was fucking incredible too. Ben has meant so much to me for so long………I dunno, that’s part of it, I guess………..when he shoved a finger in your butt next to mine it was just like somebody plugged me into and electrical outlet and I shot instantly. And I agree about the connection with him. With anyone else this woulda just been weird and slutty but it just wasn’t that way with him, it was just hot. I guess that I do wanna do it again with him but I don’t wanna set up like an orgy time or anything. I mean if it happens it happens.”

“Besides, Ben has got a lot more problems at home than he let on. His dad is a total dick and like Ben said he spends a lotta time at Bob and Becky’s just to be away from him but now that we’re here I gotta feeling that we’ll see a lot of him. Frankly aside from everything else he needs a place to hide, a place to keep outta his old man’s way.”

I said, “Okay, so if the sex thing happens it happens but if his dad is that bad then we gotta let him know that he can be here whenever he needs to be. Really that stuff about his dad hitting him totally freaks me out. We can’t let that happen. I say that we should tell Marie that if he comes over and we’re not here to just let him come in and have the run of the place. I mean if his dad really hurt him I’d never forgive myself.”

Larry said, “I agree.” Then he grinned and slid his hand up my leg to my butt and said, “You know, there is something that we didn’t do this morning.”

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