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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 23 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 23

Actually we didn’t see Ben again until after the holidays and after we had gone back to school. It was a Friday evening in late January when he rang our doorbell again.
Susan knew enough to have Ben come in and he was standing just inside the door when Larry and I got there. The collar of his tan field coat was turned up and his cowboy hat was pulled down.

Larry threw his arms around him and said, “Man we thought you fucking died! Gimme your hat and coat.” But when Ben took off his hat and then pulled off his coat we both kinda gasped because his face was pretty banged up.

Larry said, “Ben, what the fuck…………….”

Ben looked embarrassed and said, “I fell off my fucking horse.”

We pulled him into the family room and I got towels and a washcloth and we cleaned him up. It wasn’t as bad as it looked at first glance. He had a black eye and a split lip and I knew that he sure as fuck didn’t get them from falling off a horse and so did Larry.

Larry said gently, “You know………….if you really need us to believe that you fell off your horse we’ll try to but since I know that you damn near grew up on one it’s gonna take a little effort.”

Ben looked for a moment like he was gonna be mad but then he wrapped his arms around Larry and started sobbing and sputtered, “Why the fuck’s he gotta do it, man? Who the fuck’d wanna beat on their own kid?” He dropped his head and bent forward and then Larry pulled him over and held him.

When he calmed down he straightened up and laid his head back against the couch and stared up at the ceiling.

“It’s usually okay during the week cause I got a dorm room at school and he don’t expect me home. But for some fucking reason he wants me home for the weekend. I can’t imagine why he just yells at me from the time I walk in the fucking door.”

I asked, “Ben, how often does this happen, the hitting I mean?”

“Shit, it’s never the same, Alex, sometimes I can go weeks without anything happening. Then just outta the blue he’ll go all nuts. He’s runnin for the state senate and I figured that’d make him nicer ya know, cause a having to campaign an shit? But if anything, it’s worse.”

“Ben, you gotta document this. You gotta let us take pictures.”

“Alex, it don’t matter. If I was a kid somebody could go to the cops and they’d move on it but I’m considered an adult, I can call the cops and say that I was assaulted, or whatever. It don’t matter cause I could never do that to him.”

This was making me crazy. “Why the fuck not?” I was practically yelling.

He looked at me with those awesome blue eyes and said, “He’s my dad, I just can’t. What’s so fucked up about that is he knows it. The asshole knows that I won’t do anything cause he is my dad……………and I love him.” He shook his head and took a long pull on his beer. “How fucked up is that?”

“Well do ya need to stay with him for money, cause I’m not getting this?”

He shook his head and said, “No………well kinda, I guess. My grandma left me some money but I don’t get it until I’m twenty-one but till then it pays for college but it don’t pay nothin else. So I could stay in the dorm and eat at school and shit and that’d be okay but then he starts callin and telling me I gotta be home for the weekend cause somebody important might come over and they’d spect me to be there.” He sniffled and wiped his nose with the back of his hand. My car is in my name cause my mom gave it to me before she died and even though it’s gettin old I take real good care of it cause I know that if I had to go to him for another one he’d just hold that over my head too.”

I put my hand on the back of his neck. “Ben, that room that you slept in the last time you were here is your room if you want it. I mean it.” I glanced at Larry and he nodded yes. “If you wanna bring some clothes over, whatever you need to do. I already told Susan and Marie that they should treat you like they treat us. They’re always here so you don’t even need a key. The last two bays of the garage are empty and if you pull in and close the door nobody’s gonna even know that you’re here. And anybody starts askin Susan questions and her English gets even worse than it is now.”

Ben was staring at his lap and I went on. “Look, maybe you’re not ready to make that decision yet but at least think about it and if you need someplace where you can get away from him just come here. At least think about it.”

I rubbed the back of his neck. “Ben, we don’t want anything to happen to you.”

He pulled my head to his and rubbed his forehead against the side of my face. Larry slid over to the other side of Ben and put his arm around his shoulders. No one spoke we just kinda held each other for a while.

Larry said softly his voice barely a whisper, “You’re important to us, man, we don’t wanna think about you gettin hurt.”

We talked for hours and then headed off to bed. When Ben started to split off and head to his room Larry grabbed his arm and said, “Come on, man, spend the night with us.”

When I woke up the next morning I was lying on my stomach staring into Ben’s blue eyes, his black hair was hanging over his forehead and he had the blankets pulled up over his shoulders. He rubbed his eyes with his fingers, blinked and said in a whisper, “You’re awake.”

I nodded and stretched out my left hand but couldn’t find Larry.

Ben grinned and said in almost a whisper. “He went to get us coffee. I used to think he was nuts with this coffee thing. Been doin it since he was like ten.”

I smiled back at him. “He’s gotten me used to it. Now the first thing I do is look to see if he’s brought it.”



“What you said………….last night about the room. I think I’d like to do that. I don’t mean bringin all kinds of stuff over, I don’t mean movin in but maybe a change of clothes and toothbrush, shit like that. And I don’t mean to use it all the time either but sometimes when I’m there alone with him and he gets like that it just scares the crap outta me.”

I was so relieved. “I’m glad, Ben and I’ll give you one those clicker things to open the garage door.” I sighed. “What’s scary is that you’re nineteen………..and if he hasn’t stopped by now………….I just don’t know, maybe he never will.”

My hand was up next to my face but lying on the bedding. Ben reached up and took it in his and hugged it to his side and I realized that despite his size his looks and everything else he was just a little boy, at least when it came to this problem.

Larry came through the door juggling three mugs of coffee and mumbling. He looked at us and grinned. “I figure I could even handle one more but four cups would max me out. We ever start sleepin five in this bed I’m gonna need a tray.”

We all sat up against the headboard as Larry handed us our coffee. “You guys have sex?”

We both said, “Nope” at the same time.

Larry joined us leaning against the headboard and said, “We gonna?”

I said, “I dunno. Whadya have in mind?”

Larry said, “Well, Ben and I have had a lot of sex together so it’d probably be hotter for you two to do each other or something.”

I smiled and said to Larry, “So what do you get outta that? Seems like you’re being left out.”

He grinned. “It’s kinda hot to see my best friend and my boyfriend having sex.”

He leaned forward and looked at Ben and me. “Too kinky?”

I grinned at him. “Not for me.” I laughed. “It’s kinda like when you were a kid and you get a toy or a bike or something and it never really reached full value until you showed it to your best friend and he got like all, “Wow, what a great…..whatever.”

I looked at Ben. “You know you’re only the third person that I’ve had sex with?”

He stared at me. “You’re fucking kidding!”

“No. My friend Tommy, well he was kinda a boyfriend, then Larry and now you.”

Ben said, “Six for me,” and took a swallow of his coffee.

I turned to Larry. “What about fucking? I pretty much need that to happen.”

He grinned. “I was kinda thinkin to do that while you two were doin each other. Would that freak ya out?”

I thought about it for moment. “No. Actually it’d turn me on.” My dick was pointing straight up.

We finished our coffee talking about nothing at all but when I but my cup up on the headboard Ben reached over and wrapped his hand around my cock. I dropped my head back and said, “Ahhh!”

I looked at Ben and smiled. “Okay, get on your hands and knees over me.” I looked and Larry. “That’s what you’re thinking right?” He nodded and smiled.

I slid down the bed and laid from head to foot. Ben straddled my head with his seven or eight inch cock hanging down onto my forehead his plum sized balls right behind my head. He was doing the same at the other end and after a moment we seemed to get ourselves organized and I took the head of his cock into my mouth my tongue going immediately for the drop of precum that had been hanging off of the end. He gasped as the surface of my tongue moved across the head of his cock. His cock was really thick at the base and then tapered to a rounded point at the end, it also was bent up a little bit.

I was concerned about Larry watching me have sex with someone else. I knew that it didn’t mean anything and he said that he knew that but I still felt a little odd. But then I figured that if we didn’t mean what we said then we shouldn’t have said it.

He swallowed about half of my dick at once and while one hand worked my balls over the other was playing with my asshole making small circles around it. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and then sucked one of his balls in. Ben really has beautiful balls just the size of really big eggs with just a little bit of hair on them.

At the end of the bed I could hear Larry saying, “That is so fucking hot, that is so fucking hot,” over and over again. It made me figure that he was handling it well. Then I could feel his weight on the bed and he was moving between my legs. His hands were on my knees and ran slowly down the insides of my thighs to my butt. I heard the snap of a bottle of lube opening and then felt the cool liquid on my asshole. He slid in one finger and moved it around and then a second. Then I felt what had to be one of Ben’s fingers and Larry made a little gasping sound. I wanted to laugh knowing what Larry was thinking but that’s hard to do when your mouth is full of cock

Ben put his hands under my legs and tilted my butt up off of the bed. Then as Larry began to move into me Ben began sucking on my balls and it felt like I was being turned inside out and if I wasn’t being held down by Ben’s body I would have sat bolt upright. The sensations were beyond incredible and I thought that I would cum at any moment but I didn’t but then Larry did. He had been inside of me for maybe ten seconds and I could feel him shooting and making a little gasping sound each time he did.

Not that it stopped him, Larry didn’t even get soft, he just kept plowing me. Ben went from sucking my nuts to concentrating on my cock again. He was sucking hard on the head of it and was gonna bring me pretty quickly to an orgasm unless I did something and the only thing that I could come up with was working on his asshole.

I began by running my hands over the hard globes of his butt but then started moving in slowly towards his asshole. I could feel his body tightening as I did and when I finally touched it I got an instant startled moan from a mouth full of my dick and he pressed his cock even deeper into my mouth.

When Ben tilted my ass up even higher Larry was hitting my prostate on every stroke and my orgasm was beginning to build.

I don’t know how he knew it but Larry asked, “Babe, you ready?” There was a strain to his voice that told me he was pretty close himself. Then I felt Ben’s hand move down to my asshole again and whatever he did pushed Larry over the edge and he was pumping another one of his huge loads into my ass. That for me is just the most incredible sensation. I can feel Larry’s contractions and knowing that he’s filling my ass with his cum always blows my mind because it makes me feel like we’re one person and this time with Ben’s mouth on my cock I blasted hard and a couple of seconds later Ben did the same.

Ben rolled slowly off of me and flopped onto his back trying to catch his breath and I was doing the same. Larry went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up and then came back and lay down next to me and kissed me.

“You okay?”

I pulled his face back to mine and kissed him again. “Fucking fantastic!”

I reached over and pulled Ben over to us and we did a threeway kiss. I don’t think that there’s any way to do those well but I wanted to include Ben so a little sloppiness wasn’t the end of the world.

Ben was now lying on the other side of me and I reached down and squeezed his hand.

I said, “So you guys wanna have breakfast?”

Ben said, “They fix you guys the same thing every day?”

“No, it’s been pretty interesting cause Susan mixes it up pretty good. She wanted us to tell her what stuff we don’t like but so far we haven’t found anything we don’t like.”

Larry got up and pulled on a pair of boxer shorts. “I’ll get us some breakfast.” He grinned. “We could stay naked all day.”

Ben said, “You’re wearing Alex’s boxers.”

I laughed. “We gave up trying to keep them separate.” I looked at Larry and said, “Need help? There’s no way you can carry three plates of food and coffee. I’ll come with.”

I pulled on Larry’s boxers and we went out and made three plates of corned beef hash with an egg on it and toast with homemade strawberry jam.

We ended up all going because Ben joined us and then sitting naked on the floor of the bedroom eating breakfast.

Afterwards we were just lying around in the bedroom talking. I was sitting between Larry’s legs with my back against his chest when he asked the question, “So you guys gonna fuck?”

I really didn’t want him to think that this was something that I was anxious to do because he’s got this whole alpha male thing going but when I started to deny it he just said, “Alex, don’t try and tell me that this is something you don’t wanna do because I know better and Ben’s tongue has been draggin on the floor all morning.”


He pushed me down and kissed me. “I’ll be right here with you.” He reached down and wrapped his hand around my cock, which was total granite.


“You are gonna do this.”

“Okay, okay but I want something else too.”

He grinned and shook his head slowly. “This oughta be good. What?”

“I want you to be shooting in my mouth when Ben is cumming.” Larry is usually fucking me and I rarely get a chance to suck him to cumming and I really wanted him to do that.

He bend down and kissed me deeply and then whispered, “You are such a perv and I love you so fucking much.”

Ben come over on his hands and knees and lay down next to me. “Alex, if this makes you feel weird we don’t gotta do it…………but I gotta admit, I do wanna do it.”

“I do too, Ben. I just wanted to make sure that Larry was okay with it.”

Larry added, “And I am. So fuck already!” He got up and brought back a condom and handed it to Ben. He grinned and asked me, “You’ve still got my cum in you, don’t you?” I nodded yes and he shook his head.

Ben was rolling the condom down his cock but look up when Larry said that. He asked me, “You still got Larry’s cum in you?” When I nodded yes he said, “So I’ll be fucking in Larry’s cum? Shit I could blast just from thinkin about that!”

Larry straddled my head just like Ben had done earlier and I took the head of his cock into my mouth just as he was pulling my knees back. In a second I could feel Ben’s fingers probing my asshole. He said, “How do you stay so fucking tight taking Larry’s dick all the time?”

I had to pull off of Larry’s cock to answer. “Exercises. I do em when I do my regular exercises.” Then I went back to sucking.

Larry said, “They got exercises for that?” I nodded but his dick was already back in my mouth.

I could feel Ben scooting forward and then the first touch of his cock to my asshole. I pressed down to make it easier for him to enter but he stayed with the head of his cock just touching my asshole and then he began a very slow short rocking motion. At first the head of his cock wasn’t even going into me, just like pushing my asshole in a little but then he slowly increased the length of his stroke but it was so gentle that I wasn’t even sure that he was in me at all but when I reached down and felt his cock and my butt he was like halfway in. I was amazed that he could do that without any pain or even pressure because he’s anything but little. Then he began to slowly increase the length and speed of his stroke again and within a couple of minutes he was moving halfway in and the same amount out and going a lot faster. He reached down and squeezed my hand and it was like he was saying, “Hey, I know your there and I’m thinking about you.”

Larry’s cock had gone so hard I thought it was gonna lift my head off of the floor as it strained to slap up against his stomach. I pulled off his dick again and said, “Larry, I got a feeling you’re liking this.”

He laughed and then I could hear him kissing Ben. Then he said, “This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Suddenly Ben stopped what he had been doing and pushed me on my side straightened my left leg and pushed my right up until my knee was bent then he straddled my left leg and drove straight into my ass. At first he was going right in but then he changed course and started battering my prostate on every thrust.

Larry was the first to cum. His body tensed then shuddered and he filled my mouth with his hot cum. I was surprised because like I said we don’t do this much but I swallowed as quickly as I could and got most of it. When he recovered he reached down and started jerking my cock that was dripping precum. While he was jerking my cock I was licking his balls. Geez, I know his body so well. There isn’t a square millimeter of it that I haven’t explored at one time or another.

Then I heard Ben making little strangled sounds and a second later I felt his cock jerking in my ass and he seemed to collapse on top of Larry.

We ended up as a pile of bodies held together by cum.

Larry had rolled off and was lying next to me with my arm through his legs and holding his ass. Ben had sat back and then laid down on the floor while he caught his breath.

I heard Ben peeling off the condom and I tossed him the towel we’ve been using.

I said, “My asshole is gonna be sooo sore.”

Larry laughed. “You love it!”

Ben crawled over kissed me and said, “You were wonderful…………..and you made my dick very happy.” Larry and I both laughed.

I pulled Ben’s head to my chest. “I’m glad that I could contribute to makin your dick feel good.”

Over the next half an hour I watched as a cloud seemed to close in on Ben and I was sure that it was because he was going to need to go home to his dad.

We showered and screwed around but Ben got more and more quiet until finally he said, “Well draggin it out ain’t gonna make it any easier. I guess I need to see what kinda mood my dad is in.”

He was buttoning his shirt and Larry walked up to him and pulled him against his chest. “Don’t let the fucker kill ya, Ben. If it even looks like he’s in a mood to start hittin you get your ass over here and if he tries to stop ya from doin that you call and we’ll come and get ya.”

Ben put his hands on the side of Larry neck and said, “It’s so good to have you back here. I was about at the end of my rope when you guys showed up.” He pulled me into another threeway hug.

When Ben was gone Larry pulled me down onto the bed and wrapped me in his arms. His voice was soft. “We’re so fucking lucky that we’ve got each other. I keep thinking of Ben goin home to he don’t fuckin know what.

“Larry, we gotta do something about that.” He wrapped his legs around me too and it was like he was trying to totally envelope me.

“Alex I can’t see that there’s much that we can do. Ben could. He needs to go to the cops or at least let us take pictures or something.”

The phone rang and Larry leaned over and grabbed it. He looked at the caller ID and said, “It’s your dad.”

I reached for the phone. “Good I wanna talk to him…………I think.”

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