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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 24 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 24

I took the phone. “Hi, Dad.” I always try to picture him in a specific room in the house in Milwaukee, right now I think he’s in the family room, which is right off the kitchen.

David said, “How are you, Son, everything okay, how’s your back?”

“Pretty good. My grades are good and I’ve been doing pretty good with investments, my back is totally healed.”

“How’s Larry?” I thought I heard Mark say something in the background.

“He’s good. We’re both studying hard.” I was waiting for him to ask about Ben.

“Well good. I got a letter from the dean of the business school telling me what a great paper you turned in on the inverted yield curve. He was very impressed. He sent me a copy.”

“He did………I mean he was?” I really didn’t think that it was that big of a deal.

David laughed. “Didn’t they tell you that they did?”

“Well yeah, they said they liked it. I didn’t really think it was that important.”

“It was first class work, Alex. And that kinda leads me to something that I’ve been thinking about doing.” This could be real good or real bad.


“I’m gonna let you handle the investing on more of your money, say……five percent of your trust. You also get to spend or invest the income on that money.” He laughed. “That’s the good part. I also want you to start paying your regular bills with it. Things like food and utilities, I’ll send you a list. I talked to Carl Henlin at HSBC and he’s setting up an online checking account and all you have to do is transfer the money from the brokerage account as you need it. Oh and you’ll also have to set money aside for the taxes on your house. If you continue to make the return on that money that you’ve been getting since we first started this you should be able to do all of that and have plenty left over. But it also means that if you want a car or whatever, it has to come from that money.” He paused and chuckled. “Am I freaking you out?”

I laughed. “I’m not sure what to make of it……………..but no you’re not freaking me out. What about Susan and Marie? Do I pay them too?”

“No. No they’re paid out of a fund that I keep for security but you will have to give them the money that they need to buy your food and your dry cleaning and any things like that that you use daily. I suggest that you set up a cash fund at the house, something that they can draw out of and turn in receipts. You’ll need to keep a simple set of books of some sort but no need to make it real complicated.”

“You’re trying to teach me to be responsible aren’t you?” Larry was lying on the bed smiling.

“Alex, it’s just so easy to lose track of reality when everything is done for you. I want you to do ordinary things, like go grocery shopping, things that everyone does. This isn’t something that I’m doing to you as punishment and we’re sure as hell not abandoning you. We’re right here, a phone call or email away and if this doesn’t work we’ll go back to the old way. I believe you can do this, Alex.”

“Okay, so if there’s extra money I can do anything I want with it, right?”

“Absolutely. Although I know that you know that I hope you won’t do anything foolish. But if you want to do something foolish, that’s your call. This is all about growing up and being responsible but it’s also about freedom.”

“Dad, when do we start it?”

“Let’s figure the first of the month. I’ll have Carl give you a call and get you set up with the checking account.”

“Okay, I’m cool with it. Can I ask you about something else? You got a minute?”

“Ask away.”

“Larry’s best friend is Ben Walworth. I don’t know if you know the name or not.”

“I do. Actually I know the family quite well. I suppose I knew the grandmother better than anyone, she was a client.”

“What did you think of George Walworth, Ben’s dad?”

David seemed to hesitate. “Ahh, rigid.”

“Well the thing is that he hits Ben. I mean not all the time but way too much and Ben has gotten to the point where he’s really afraid of him. Ben showed up here a couple of days ago with a black eye and a split lip.”

“Is Ben your age?”

“Yes and he knows that he could go to the police but for one thing his dad is really connected politically, he’s even running for the state senate but the other thing is that Ben loves him despite what he’s been doing to him and he doesn’t want him hurt.”

David sighed and said, “Sometimes there’s no other way and besides the guy has got to know that the possibility exists that the boy will call the cops.”

“Okay………..the other thing is this. We told Ben that if he needed to he could come over here if things looked bad at home. But the thing that I’m wondering about is what if Ben is here and his dad shows up and there’s some sort of confrontation.

I could practically hear David starting to pace. “That could be bad.” He was silent for a minute and I could hear him talking to Mark in the background.

“The thing is that Ben doesn’t have a lot of money. He said that his grandma left him money that he gets when he’s twenty-one but right now it only pays for college.”

David said, “Well he’s right about that. She did leave him quite a lot of money but if I’m remembering the provisions of the trust correctly it does just give him money for school. However, and I’d have to check this, most trusts have an emergency clause that might be able to be invoked. I’ll check into it. His trust is at the same bank where Jack and I are on the board and I’ll have someone look into it. It seems to me that Grace didn’t make the father a trustee, which would make things easier. The thing that I’m most concerned about right now is security. You’re up there in the mountains away from everything. I have to talk to someone but I may make some changes in your security.”

David seemed to pause and then said, “So Ben is a good friend?” Well that’s one way to ask the question.

“He’s Larry’s best friend and really I guess that he’s my best friend now too. He’s a great guy and Larry and I sit here wondering if today is the day his dad will go too far.”

I could hear the concern in David’s voice. “Well a best friend is a good thing to have. I promise you that I’ll………….do something.” David never says that lightly. “Oh, Alex, Mark wants to talk to you.”

I heard the phone being handed off and then Mark voice. “Hey, Bud.”

“Hi, Dad.”

“Alex, I want you to keep next Thursday thru Sunday open. Emma is sending a plane and she says that you and Larry are getting on it or she’ll have the some branch of the military bring you to Washington.” He laughed. “Don’t test her.”

“I know, Dad, I’ve been talking to her and I know that she’s getting antsy and we had figured on doing this soon anyway. She’s sending a plane?”

Mark laughed. “They don’t call it Emma’s Air Force for nothing. The family has all kinds of planes, each one charged to a different company. She misses you and you need to do this.”

“We will, Dad. Have you found anyone for my training yet?”

“Yes. He’s been out of the country but he should be calling you next week. I gave him your cell phone number. His name is Nels Falkenberg, he’s a former SEAL and I filled him in on your circumstance. Supposedly he’s got quite a facility there in Denver but try it and see what you think. I asked him to help you with some………..extreme self-defense training.”

“I thought that I already had that.”

“Not this, Alex, you haven’t had anything like this.”

After I finished the call I climbed back onto the bed and lay down in front of Larry so that he was spooning me. He pulled me back against him and brought his knees up under my legs and it felt like he was totally enveloping me. With his arms around me and his warm breath on the back of my neck I felt totally secure and I filled him in on the parts of my conversation with David and Mark that he didn’t hear.

“You think that I should have told him about Ben’s dad?”

He kissed my shoulder and said, “I dunno……………but something had to be done. Will David check with you before he does anything?”

“I’m not sure. Typically he would check out what I said and then……………..I’m just not sure. But I know that he understands how sensitive the situation is.”

Larry didn’t say anything for a while and then said, “You wanna do anything today? We could go into the city.”

I whispered, “I’m happy doing this. We spend the whole week in the city.” I kissed his arm and whispered. “I dreamed about you last night.”

He said quietly, “Tell me.”

I shivered and pulled his arms more tightly around me. “It was about when……… know………..they had me.” I sighed. “And it was like I was watching what they did to me.”

Larry tightened his arms around me and said, “Alex you don’t have to do………..”

I interrupted him. “No……’s okay. I saw what they did but somehow it was okay………..I mean I saw it but I didn’t relive it, you know? It was like I was above it………..watching………….and you were holding me……………just like you are now, just like this………and everything was okay. But it changes you………..I told myself that I wouldn’t let that happen………..but it did. I never used to be afraid before………but now sometimes I am.”

Larry stretched out his legs and then gently turned me to face him. He held my face in his hands and kissed me slowly and deeply. He broke the kiss and said softly, “It’ll get better, Alex. And I’ll always be here to hold you.”

After a few minutes Larry clicked on the television and then said, “Turn over onto your stomach and I’ll rub your back.”

He stretched his legs out and I laid across the top of them so that my waist was directly over his crotch and he had access to my back and my butt. I pulled a pillow over folded my arms on it and then rested my head on my arms while I watched an old movie.

Larry rubbed my back and shoulders lightly with one hand while the other hand rested lightly on my butt. Occasionally a finger would slide down between my ass cheeks to my asshole but it didn’t stay, just played for a second and left.

After a while I heard him snap open a bottle of lube and I started to look up but he gently pushed my head down and said, “Nothing major, just relax.”

He continued rubbing my back but now the finger that had just made a quick guest appearance at my butt before came back for a longer stay. It was a simple movement. After lubing my butt one finger slipped quickly inside of it and then out. It didn’t go in far, not even far enough to touch my prostate but he repeated that movement every couple of seconds. It didn’t hurt at all and it didn’t even really feel sexual, it was lighter than that less intrusive but it was continuous and the really soothing feeling of his other hand rubbing my back was always there.

After about ten minutes my attention was really beginning to be drawn to it and after twenty it filled my mind with radiating waves of pleasure bordering on pain.

Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer and I lifted my head and said, “Why don’t you fuck me?”

He pushed my head back down. “Later.”

“Later? I figure you got like a minute before I shoot on your leg and then my interest is gonna drop off fast.”

He laughed and wiggled his legs out from underneath me and lay down next to me with his arm around my shoulder and neck. He nibbled on the lobe of my ear and kissed my neck. He said softly, “You sure think about sex a lot.”

I rolled onto my side and kinda pulled him half on top of me. “Hey, you’re the one that started it.” His cock was getting hard and as it did it was rubbing up the inside of my thigh.

Larry was letting his hair grow a little bit longer and it was becoming like an obsession for me, I couldn’t keep my fingers out of it, it was like this rich thick brown color with some very dark gold highlights. I was forever feeling it and smelling it and rubbing my face in it, something Larry thought was hysterical. I ran my fingers through it now and pulled his head down and chewed lightly on his lips.

He was very gently humping his cock against my inner thigh while we kissed. I said, “I need to buy jeans.”


“I just remembered. I need to buy jeans; will ya remind me next week when we’re in town? I need to get em, I’ve only got one pair.”

He made a face. “How can you only have one pair? You had like ten pairs.”

“I dunno. But when we moved they didn’t make the trip. They aren’t anywhere.”

“Okay, I’ll remind you. Can we get back to this now?”

I grinned. “I think you were telling me that you love me.”

He said with a note of exasperation, “I started to make serious love to ya and your thinking about your damn jeans.”

I laughed. “Actually I started out thinking about your jeans.”

He grinned. “Whadya mean?”

“The other day…..the day we met at the library and then had lunch together? Well you were walking down that long staircase and you were wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and every time you moved your cock and balls just seemed to shift over and I was mesmerized just watching that happen. I got so fucking hard. If you had said, “Alex, I’m gonna fuck you right here, right now!” I woulda said that that was fantastic cause I wanted you so fucking bad.” I laughed and pulled his face to mine. “Course I feel that way a lot.”

Larry bent forward and took my cock into his mouth while his hand tightened around my balls and pulled them gently down. He stared up into my eyes while he sucked and then finally let my cock drop and moved on to my balls, taking them into his mouth one at a time and driving me crazy with need.

Pushing my knees up toward my chest his mouth went to my perineum where he sucked and nibbled. It’s a really intense area for me and he has me trying to climb outta my skin. He likes it when I do it to him too but I don’t think it’s as big a deal for him as it is for me. He’s also discovered the area behind my knees, which surprised even me. I had no idea it was such a sensitive spot for me.

Larry drops my knees to his upper thighs and says, “I’m gonna fuck ya now.” He knows, that when it comes to sex anyway, that I want him to take charge and it’s something he’s good at because he’s basically a take-charge kind of guy. I’m not sure where this submissiveness comes from concerning sex because I’m really not that way in any other aspect of my life, just the opposite really.

He positions his cock and moves slowly forward for barely an inch and then he stops and backs off and after a moment repeats himself. He’s outta of me before my muscles have a chance to spasm and when he reenters it’s okay and he moves slowly all the way into me. My knees automatically come up and my legs go around his waist and he’s staring down into my eyes as he begins to fuck.

He kisses me as he slowly thrusts. “You liked having Ben fuck you?”

I nodded. “It was hot. What made it really hot was having you there, watching me getting fucked by him………..and then sucking you. We gonna do it again?”

He sat back on his heels but kept slowly humping me and started to gently stroke my cock up and down. “Maybe, probably.” He grinned. “One part of me doesn’t want to share you with anyone ever and another part just thinks it’s totally fucking hot. But you were right, I think Ben is the only other person that I could stand to have fuck you, but with Ben…………well, it’s almost like he’s my brother or some shit. Anyway, knowing how much you turn him on turns me on too. So, yeah, we’ll probably do it again.”

He dropped my cock and bent back down over me and kissed me lightly. His hands held my head. “I love you. I fucking love you more than anything.” He laughed and shook his head. “What I feel for you is amazing………….and I don’t wanna fuck it up. So just because something seems hot to me that doesn’t mean that I want you to do something that you don’t wanna do. I love Ben too but it’s nothing, nothing compared to my feelings for you………..and I know that he’s hot for you too but he’s also a really gentle guy and I know by the way that he looks at you that he’d never hurt you.”

I pulled his head down and kissed him hard sucking his tongue into my mouth and hanging onto it while he began to fuck me faster and deeper.

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