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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 25 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 25

It’s almost impossible to prepare yourself for entering into the life that Emma lives. Seductive would be one word to describe it. It’s a world where everything seems to be done for you before you even realize that you want it done. I guess that I’m better prepared than most because she’s been a part of my life for so long. I don’t really even remember a time when I didn’t know her.

Larry was nervous and was rummaging around our bedroom at five o’clock Thursday morning.

I managed to lift my head off of the pillow and ask, “Larry, what the fuck are you doing?”

He was standing naked in the middle of our walk in closet with his thumbnail stuck in his teeth. “You think I should be taking another suit?”

I groaned, “No! Come back to bed. Gonna need your rest.”

He jumped on the bed and started shaking me. “Come on, Alex. Is one suit gonna be enough?”

I opened one eye and stared at him. “You got a dark blue suit and a sport coat and slacks and then Docker’s and jeans and shirts, right?”


“Okay,” I wanted to pull the pillow over my head, “Thursday and Friday we’ll be eating at home with Emma. That’s Docker’s with a decent shirt time, or even jeans. Then Saturday she’s throwing some sort of party, that’s dark blue suit time. Sunday Emma will go with us to my dads condo for some sorta brunch thingy. Even the sport coat is overkill for that, probably.”

“You’re sure it’s gonna be okay?”

“Larry she’s just a person.” Knowing that sleep was out of the question I yawned and sat up.

Larry jumped outta bed saying, “I got coffee for ya right here.” He was back in a flash with a steaming mug. He gets this happy puppy look that always makes me smile………….and get hard.

I smiled at him. “You wanna worry about something, worry about what you’re gonna do for sex for the next four days cause you’re not fucking me in that house.”

That got his attention. “Alex, whadya mean? Why not?”

“Larry, she’s like my grandmother, I mean she isn’t but she feels like she is, that’s the way that she’s always treated me.”

He had a “So what?” look on his face.

“Larry, I can’t, I won’t, it would totally creep me out.”

He slumped back against the headboard. “Okay, anyway she’s probably got like servants all over the place and they’d be listening.”

I laughed. “She’s got help. She never calls them servants. There’s Robert, who’s been with her forever. He really runs the place and she’s got a lady that helps her with clothes and stuff. They’ve got people who clean too but I don’t think they live there. I’ve never seen them after like five in the afternoon so I think they must go home. Oh and she’s got a cook. I dunno if he has someone who helps him, maybe he does. Anyway it’s not like it used to be when her husband was alive and they use to throw these huge huge fucking parties. Then they really had servants. Oh, that’s right, she’s got a driver too. Geez, I guess she does have a lotta people.”

I slid down the bed and rolled over onto my stomach and as soon as I did Larry swung his leg over and sat down over my butt and started to gently massage my shoulders. “So basically this is my one chance at sex for the next four days?”

My face was buried in the mattress and I nodded my head. “This is it, stud. Give it your best shot.”

An hour later we crawled into the shower and started to get ready. A car was suppose to pick us up at eight o’clock and Mark had said that everything was all set up so I just decided not to worry about it. I knew that Larry was still on edge and I was trying to talk about other stuff to take his mind off of it.

I was just shutting down my computer. “I gotta an email from this Nels guy.”

Larry was pulling on pants. “The trainer guy?”

“Yeah.” I was shaking my head. “He wants me to start an exercise routine right away even though I won’t see him till next week.” A page came out of my printer and dropped into the basket. “It’s a bitch of routine.”

Larry came over and read over my shoulder. “The first number is sets and the second is reps?” I nodded. “Is he fucking nuts?”

“It’s not that far off what I was doing but I kinda slacked off. There’s gonna be some pain getting back to this.”

At quarter to nine we were climbing the stairs of a small jet that simply said The Block Group in small black letters next to the door. Nathan, the pilot, a stud, and a copilot, not as much of a stud and Sharon who assured us that they had plenty of food for us once we got airborne, greeted us.

We got strapped in and I looked at Larry. “Will you relax? You look like you’re headed to your execution.”

He was chewing on his thumb again. “I can’t help it. What if she doesn’t like me?”

“That’s not gonna happen, everybody likes you and Emma will too. Besides, this is four days and isn’t gonna change anything even if she hates you, which she won’t.”

He said, “Okay, you’re right, I gotta calm down.”

“Have you heard from Ben?”

He shook his head. “I left a message on his voice mail that we’d be outta town but just to use the house………..and Marie knows to take care of him.”

I said, “It’s just that tomorrow is Friday, it always seems to happen on Friday.”

“I know but he’s gotta get his head straight about this too and understand that he can’t just let it happen. If my dad was doin that to me it’d last about two minutes. But Ben knows how we feel and he knows that he’s got a safe place to come. I dunno what more we can do.”

“David’ll be in Washington, maybe he’ll know something more.”

It’s funny how you can be totally familiar with something and then you see it thru someone else’s eyes and suddenly you see what they’re seeing. When I was a little kid I was totally awed by Emma’s house and it is huge but as I got older it didn’t seem so big, I guess because I just got used to it. Now looking at it thru Larry’s eyes as we roll up to the front door I can see that it is pretty amazing.

I had just stepped out of the car and Emma and Robert came out of the front door. She pulled away from him and came down the long stairway that led from the driveway to the door. She was wearing slacks and a blouse with a sweater pulled over her shoulders.

“Alex! Alex!” I turned and wrapped her in my arms. She seemed so small and frail. “Oh darlin it is so good to see you!”

Larry came around the car looking a little uncertain which is a quality that makes him look completely adorable and Emma’s reaction was as I expected.

“And this gorgeous young man must be Larry.” She held out her hand for him to shake. “I’ve heard some very good things about you, young man.”

“Larry, this is Emma Block, Emma, Larry Donovan. I reached behind Emma and pulled Robert forward. “And this is Robert. He runs the place.” I didn’t add but could have, that Robert was also gay.

Robert kissed me on the cheek and said, “You’ll never know how worried we were.”

Emma said, “Now, Robert, we don’t need to be talking about that. I don’t want Alex upset.”

“Emma, it’s okay. I’m not that delicate.”

We all started moving up the stairs, Emma with Robert’s help. She was saying, “All the same, your stay is so short that I don’t want every moment of it taken up with talk of that unfortunate episode.”

Robert leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I want every gory detail but later!” Robert knew every secret that Emma knew and Emma knew everything about everyone in Washington. I often wondered why he didn’t write a tell all book.

After spending a half hour with Emma doing a quick catch up Robert walked us to our room so that we could decompress and clean up.

He took us down a little used corridor. “I put you guys down here. It’s more private, if you get what I mean.” His raised eyebrow explained what he meant. It does however feel weird to not be in my usual room.

Larry has been great and charmed the living daylights out of Emma. Everyone likes Larry, I really have never met anyone who didn’t like him. He has an “awe shucks” charm about him that is pretty hard to resist.

We sit down on the edge of the bed next to each other and he turns his head to me. “Can I kiss you?” He grins. “I mean you’re not gonna freak out cause Emma knows that we’re in here………….together.”

I lie back on the bed and pull him over on top of me and we kiss. He smiles and says, “You didn’t tell me that Robert is gay.”

“Gay? What makes you think he’s gay?” Robert is a sweet guy and about fifty times sharper than most people figure but there is no hiding his sexual orientation.

Larry shoves his knee between my legs and kisses me again. “Just a hunch.”

“Robert has taken care of me since………….well forever.” I never really thought of it before. “I’ve known him as long as I’ve known her.”

He got a look on his face.

“The answer to what you’re thinking is no. He treats me like I’m his kid or something.” I remembered tearing down these hallway when I was a kid and Robert stopping me and telling me that if I hurt myself I was gonna get him I trouble and I remembered all the times he covered for me when I did something stupid.

He grinned. “I didn’t suggest anything.”

“You were thinking it.”

Larry smiled and rubbed my chest. “Well he put us in this room so that we could have sex. I should thank him for that……….or do you still not want to have sex?”

I know that it’s crazy but I just couldn’t have sex in this house. “Don’t be mad.”

He groaned and rolled off of me. “You’re killing me, Alex!”

Then I had an idea. “Look tomorrow Emma isn’t gonna be planning on being with us all the time. We can go for a walk and my dads condo is only like four blocks away and nobody’s gonna be there till Saturday morning.”

Larry grinned evilly. “We can fuck in their bedroom?”

“No! I’ve got my own room there. Usually I stayed here cause it was more fun and I was just beginning to understand that they needed some privacy. David felt okay about my being here because the security was so good but I do have a room there…………and a key.”


My legs were in the crook of Larry’s arms as his cock move deeply into me in one long stroke and then was slowly dragged out. His lips were pressed tight to mine and we were gasping for the same air.

He pulled his head back and sputtered, “Can you?”

I nodded and started jerking my cock like crazy and started shooting on my chest just as Larry said, “Oh fuck I’m cumming!” I could feel him spraying his load inside of me.

It was at that moment that we heard voices and then the door flew open.

I heard Mark’s voice yell, “WHAT THE FUCK? LARRY?” And David yelling, “Mark be careful!”

Larry ripped his cock out and spun off of me at the speed of light and pulled the blanket up from the end of the bed so that it covered his waist. When my mind began to function I slowly slid down the bed turned on my stomach and pulled the blanket over my head.

I could hear David say, “Oh shit!”

For a moment there was total silence and then I heard laughter, Mark’s laughter. It built and pretty soon it wasn’t just laughter, he’s was roaring with laughter and I could hear him pounding on the floor with his hand as he laughed.

Larry told me later that I just kept saying “Oh fuck” over and over again but I don’t even remember doing that.

Finally Mark’s laughter slowed and would stop for a second and then totally erupt again but eventually even that stopped.

I felt the edge of the bed sag and knew that it was Mark sitting down. He said, “I’m sorry.” But you could hear that the laughter was right there on the edge trying to get out. My hair must have been sticking out from under the covers because I felt him ruffle it. My body tightened when he did.

I felt totally embarrassed and humiliated. I said softly, “Please go, Mark, please.”

I heard him walking out of the room and David was yelling, “Mark, what the fuck are you doing in there?”

“David, I was just telling, Alex……….” Their voices were growing distant.

“Don’t you realize how embarr……………..”

It felt like a long time later when Larry touched my back. “We’ve gotta get up, Alex.”


“Alex, you’re making this a bigger deal than it is.”

“Larry, what could be a bigger deal than having my dads catch me with your cock up my ass?”

“Babe, it’s just sex! They do it too. We didn’t invent the wheel here.” I totally resented his being able to stay calm.

I swung quickly outta bed and walked to the shower with Larry on my heels. I showered super fast as Larry hurried to catch up. I pulled my pants on and could feel them clinging to my still slightly damp legs. I pulled my shirt on over my head.

Larry said, “We just go out there and let em laugh. Alex, it is pretty funny. You gotta admit if you were in their position you’d think it was funny.” As far as I was concerned he was just digging the hole deeper.

I was tying my shoes. “I’m just leaving.”

Larry said, “Come on, Alex! Just go with it. Mark wouldn’t have been laughing if it was a big deal to em.” He didn’t get it. None of them got it, nobody got it. I was alone.

We were a little damp but dressed and we walked out the bedroom door together. In the Washington condo when you walk in you walk into a foyer and then if you turn left you go to the living room, dining room, study and kitchen. If you turn right you go to the bedrooms.

When we hit the foyer Larry was talking nonstop. “So, okay just keep your sense of humor. We’ll go in there like nothing happened.”

“I told you I was leaving.” He glanced at me and shoved my shoulder.

“Alex it’s gonna be okay. My old man caught me whackin off once………….”

Larry kept going straight which was towards the living room and I turned and walked out the door. He was still talking to me as the door shut. I told him I was leaving……….twice. What the fuck more do I have to say?

I took the elevator down and turned right when I hit the street. I was mad, madder than I can ever remember being. I was mad at myself but right at the moment I couldn’t deal with that so I was mad at everyone and I do mean everyone, else. If it weren’t for Emma I would have grabbed a cab and gone to the airport and gone………….fucking anywhere. I realized that my cell phone had been ringing for a while, I pulled it out and shut it off.

Why doesn’t someone try to kidnap me now? I’d love to fucking kill someone! And I know where Larry is so I wouldn’t’ t fall for that crap. I just remembered that I never told Larry that, I never told anyone that they used him having an accident to lure me in.

I heard running behind me and thought of the ways to kill someone running towards me that I had been taught. Their own momentum is a wonderful tool. Larry stopped, winded and fell in next to me without saying a word.

A couple of hundred feet later he said, “They’re pretty worried, Alex.”

I looked at him but didn’t speak. I know. I know that I’m being childish and I know that I’m blowing this totally out of proportion and I already wish, at least a bit, that I could take it all back. There’s something deeply satisfying about righteous anger even when you’re not in the right.

“Where are we headed?”

“I dunno.”

“Mark was really upset.”

“Fuck him!”


I glared at him.

“You’re scaring me, Alex. Please don’t hate me! I didn’t do it!”

I looked at him. “I’m not mad at you.” That wasn’t entirely true.

I wanted to cry, more than anything I wanted to cry but, when I thought about it, strangely, not about this. Why did they do that to me? I didn’t know those people why would they kidnap me? And why did he beat me? And then in my mind I felt the first blow fall and I screamed.

Larry yelled, “What? Alex, what?”

Then the second and I screamed again and tried to reach for my back. Larry was in full panic mode now.

Then the blow to my head and I felt myself dropping to the sidewalk.


When I woke there was an old guy sitting on the bed next to me holding my wrist but somehow that seemed okay.

He reached over and pushed my eyelid up and then leaned forward and flashed a light in it.

“Try to stare straight ahead, Alex.” I didn’t know him and resented him calling me by my first name. I wouldn’t do that to him. If I didn’t know him I’d call him Mr. Whoever. One more thing to be mad about.

“Who are you and is Larry okay?”

“Doctor Algrin and he’s fine.”

“What’s your first name?”

He hesitated. “Harold.”

“I don’t want any visitors, Harold.”

He started to say something and then stopped. I knew that I was being a prick.

“So am I gonna live?”

He smiled. “I’m pretty sure. You’re in remarkable condition and that’s a big help.”

“No concussion or anything?”

“Clean as a whistle.”

“So I’m just fucking nuts?”

He frowned. “You’re not nuts. But I am pretty sure that you’re depressed. David said that you were supposed to go to therapy. Have you?”

I turned my head away and said, “No. I been meaning to get around to it but what with school and all………………..”

He turned my head towards him by putting his hand on the side of my face and moving it. My face felt frozen.

“You’re not the only one that this has ever happened to, you know. We have tons of data to go by and when something like this happens you need therapy. It’s not just something that we prescribe for fun. There’s a ton of issues that you need to work thru…………………….unless you’d rather do it lying on the sidewalk.”

“I feel angry.”

“That’s not unusual. You’ve got a lot to feel angry about. In the meantime I’ve prescribed an antidepressant. It’ll help but you’ve gotta take it, not like this crap about not getting around to seeing the therapist.”

“Okay, okay! Gimme the fucking pill, I’ll take it.” And he did just that.

“These take a couple of weeks to do any good. Don’t stop taking them cause they haven’t cured you in a day and half. And look, I know that technically you’re of age but in my book nineteen doesn’t mean that you’re an adult a hundred percent of the time…………so listen to your dads. They’re both good men. I’ve known them for a long time.”

“I’m kinda upset with them.”

“I heard.”

“They fucking told you that?” I was instantly angry again.

“They didn’t have much choice, Alex. You scared the crap out of them. Anyway I’m not so sure that you’re mad at them.”

I grinned. “Can’t be you I haven’t known you long enough.”

He smiled. “Larry?”

I shook my head. “Larry’s my rottweiler. I love him.” I sighed. “I’m mad at myself. Somehow………..I feel guilty about the kidnapping……….I dunno……….something like that.”

I looked up at him suddenly worried. “Have I scared Emma?”

He closed his bag and got up. “Alex, Emma is tougher than you’ll ever know. Don’t worry about her. In many ways you’re the best thing that’s happened to her. Gives her someone to fret over.”

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