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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 27 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 27

On the way back to the others I asked David, “What’s that all about?”

He squeezed my arm and said, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow after we eat and Emma leaves. There are lot’s other things we need to talk about too and I’d like the evening to think about it.” He held my arm and pulled me to a stop and then looked into my eyes. I could see the concern in them. “Are you okay, Alex?” He sighed. “I mean about yesterday.” He raised his hand and touched my chest. “It shouldn’t have happened. We probably should have known that it was you guys in the bedroom but we didn’t and it was a shock. Not what you were doing, just that there was anyone there at all.”

I felt odd having this conversation I mean nobody wants to talk to their parents about sex. “I’m okay, Dad. It’s a little weird to have you guys actually see us but I’ll get over it.”

David looked around to see if we could be overheard. “Remind me to tell you about my experiences in the same vein. In my case it wasn’t only my parents but like the whole damn town.” I had heard part of this story but just a little bit never the whole thing. It definitely wasn’t something that David liked to talk about.

That night it seemed like my dads never let go of me. No matter where in the room I was or who I was talking to they were there and mostly one of them had a hand on me.

I liked it. I mean it was weird and all but it felt good. Mark is probably a better holder than David, it’s just his nature. When I was a little kid I was always being held by Mark. Stubbed toes, broken toys, fucked up relationships……..well that came a little later. He never commiserated with me, never told me that I was right to feel bad. Instead he just held me and talked about other things and that was plenty. Being wrapped in his arms as his deep voice vibrated through my being pretty much did the trick for me. At one point Mark had one arm on my shoulder and the other on Larry’s.

I knew that he still felt bad about catching Larry and me at the condo fucking. I felt bad about it too and way humiliated, but I was getting over it. Larry’s words kept coming back to me. “We didn’t invent the wheel here!” He was right, we didn’t. I had always known that David was a total bottom and, I was pretty sure, got fucked by Mark twice a day for a minimum, at least from what I occasionally heard when I was a kid. So after almost two decades of fucking it seemed pretty unlikely to me that we were doing anything that would shock them.

I think what was making Mark feel guilty was the thought that what happened at the condo triggered my flashback. I thought about that too and couldn’t dismiss it but neither could I figure out a reason why the two things would be connected except maybe because of stress.

In any event, at the party at least, they both looked like they were afraid that I was gonna bite the dust at any moment. They looked, not nervous but maybe apprehensive, like it was right around the corner and they needed to be there when I dropped.

Larry on the other hand seemed to be reading my mind, sex wise, because he kept getting this little “You need to get fucked” look on his face. He was right.

There were six Marines at the party. Well not in the party but kinda guarding it. There was a pair on the front door and a pair on each of the two doors leading into the ballroom, or as I called it, the living room. There were some big time Department of Defense guys there and I figured that they were there to guard those dudes.

The marines looked really hot! Those uniforms were perfection with creases so sharp on those pants you coulda shaved with em. I started walking by them just to catch their scent but their eyes never moved from straight ahead. When I started to wonder what it’d be like to be gang fucked by all six of them I figured it was time to find Larry. I had already decided to ditch the “No fucking in Emma’s house” rule. It had to go, I was just too horny.

I kissed Emma goodnight and then cornered my dads and told them I was going upstairs.

David said, “Do you want us to come?”

I said, “No! I mean, no.” I knew I was blushing. “We’re just tired.”

David said, “Okay, well, we’ll see you guys tomorrow for brunch.”

Mark’s face was oddly expressionless but there was like this sad look in his eyes while he said, “Yeah, tomorrow guys.” There was this whole, “They know were going upstairs to fuck,” thing happening in my head but I totally understood that I just had to get over myself and try to be an adult about this. Of course that’s one of those things that works really great in theory but sometimes not so hot in practice.

Larry started working on me as soon as we got to the second floor and then once we were in our room with the door closed and locked he pressed me up against it and began kissing my neck as his hand worked on my cock.

I gasped and threw my head back against the door while he worked my neck, licking it and nipping at it lightly with his teeth.

I pushed him away and said, “Larry, I’m kinda tired. I mean I know you’ve been wanting to do this but could we maybe wait till we get home tomorrow night?”

He pulled his head back and gasped, “You’re fucking kidding, right?”

“It’s just one more day.” I gave him a crooked smile and he was totally buying this.

“Alex!” He was starting to sputter but took a deep breath and then dropped his shoulders in resignation. “You’re killing me!”

I laughed and shook my head. “You are sooo easy! Does my dick feel like I wanna quit?”

He tilted his head and gave me a smile that almost made me cum. “You shit! He gave me a fast kiss and said, “Get your clothes off and get on the bed. We’re doin this before you change your mind.”

We ended up showering first and then once we were in bed Larry slowed everything down. He had me lie on my stomach while he gave me a slow sensuous massage. His hands were together at the nape of my neck and while his thumbs pressed in his fingers pulled the muscles in my shoulders outward. Then his balled up fists pushed down hard on the muscles on either side of my spine as he dragged his fists to my lower back. I rewarded him with a loud moan. He rewarded me by slapping his hard dick down on my butt and then rubbing the head of it over my asshole.

Finally after working over my back for twenty minutes he rolled me over gently onto my back. I expected him to lie on top of me and kiss me but he didn’t do that. He pushed my legs apart with his knees and slowly slid first one finger in and then a second and finally a third to loosen me up before slowly entering me. Once he had done that he leaned forward over me and lowered his face to mine while I wrapped my legs around his waist. He does this thing where he holds my head with both of his hands when we’re in this position. It’s like he’s holding me so that I can’t get away. I mean I could of course but something about the idea that he wants me confined or held while he fucks me is an incredible turn on. It’s like he’s afraid that I’ll take off or something, like there’s any chance of that happening.

He began to fuck me very slowly almost imperceptibly and while doing that he was also kissing me and rubbing his head against my face. This head rubbing thing is weird and if someone had told me about it I woulda said, “So what” but when Larry does that, just kinda rubs his face and hair against me it triggers something. I’ve seen animals do it a lot and maybe that’s it, maybe it’s something deep in our brains that flips a switch because when he does it to me I can feel the electricity running down my spine into my butt and balls. It’s like he’s saying “I love you” on a really deep level, something that goes deeper than conscious thought.

While Larry’s cock is drilling slowly and deeply into me he’s lightly kissing me and running his lips all over my face. I don’t know how he can really know what I’m feeling but he seems to.

His voice is his deep throaty sex voice, “Feel good, Babe?”

I’m pretty sure my eyes rolled completely back in my head before I answered him. “Oh yeah! Oh fucking yeah!”

He was still holding my face in his hands and biting down lightly on my chin. “Doin it the way you want?” His hips are doing all the work constantly rotating to slide that huge dick in and out of me.

“Oh fuck yeah!”

He grunts. “Love watchin your face when I fuck ya. Fuckin love you!”

He cums in me with a loud, “Oh, oh, oh!”but barely stops and then fucks me again with the intensity of an animal until he cums again and then brings me off too, it’s wild and draining.

Later he walks naked into the bathroom the muscles in his hard ass and legs rippling. He says that he loves my ass but he’s got a fantastic one himself. He comes back with a warm wet washcloth and a dry fluffy towel, his cock is still puffy and heavy looking swinging slowly back and forth over big low hanging balls. He won’t let me help while he cleans the lube and sweat off of me. It makes me feel like a little kid and I love it.

He climbs slowly into bed and I know that he’s beat. It’s been a long day filled with a lot of things he’s not all that familiar with and he’s been worried about me.

He lies on his back and pulls me over so that my head is on his left shoulder and his arm is around me. He kisses my forehead and we’re both asleep before we have a chance to speak.

Larry is up at the crack of dawn and is out foraging in Emma’s kitchen by the time I wake up. He comes back with a overloaded tray, which he sets on a table and then comes over and climbs into bed with me.

He rolls against me and rests his left arm on my chest while his right curls protectively around on top of my head.

“The chef just got here and he gave me some coffee cake too. I told him we’d probably skip breakfast cause of brunch. He told me growing boys need food.”

Larry reached under the covers and wrapped his fingers around my cock and grinned. “You a growing boy?”

I nod yes and say, “Growing boys also need cock.” I pull him over on top of me so that all his weight is pressing down on me. It makes me feel safe and horny. Actually it’s pretty amazing how much Larry turns me on and it just keeps getting worse or better depending on how you look at it. I wrap my legs around his thighs.

He lightly bites my earlobe and whispers with a smile in his voice. “You sure make me hot. How come you’re sooo able to do that?”

I pull his head down and suck gently on his lower lip and then whisper, “Gotta be the love thing.”

He pushes free of my arms and scoots down my body until my hard cock is in his mouth. He pulls off for a second and says, “I owe ya one from last night,” and goes back to sucking and gulping down my precum. When he moves on to sucking my balls and playing with my asshole I’m pretty sure we’ve gone from paying off to fucking Alex, which is fine by me. I’m a total slut for Larry.

As his finger works my butt his eyes start getting this frantic to fuck look and pretty soon he’s wrestling with opening his pants and pushing them down while never taking his finger outta my butt. When his pants and boxers are bunched up around his knees he pushes my ass up and starts to lap at it greedily with his tongue and then stab at it trying to push his tongue into me.

Finally, holding me behind the knees he lets my butt slowly drop and I impale myself on his leaking cock. The initial resistance is painful but then it pops thru and slides home giving me the most incredible feelings of total possession and fullness. I never thought that I come to love getting fucked as much as I do. He’s trained me well, although I doubt that he thought of it that way.

I wrap my legs around his waist as he fucks me and sucks on my tongue at the same time. He’s still fully dressed and I’m totally naked and that in itself is kind of a turn on but I’m not sure why. In this position there’s nothing that I can do to help and I’m left to hang onto his broad shoulders and trade spit with him as he pounds his fat cock down mercilessly into my butt.

He pulls his lips off of mine as he begins to slowly move his cock in a circular motion inside of me and I whimper with joy from the pure pleasure it gives me and when I open my eyes he’s like, “Oh fuck I’m cumming!” I feel him spurting his load deep inside of me and I shove my hand between us and start twisting the head of my cock. It takes only a few seconds before I’m pumping my load out between us soaking his clean shirt and coating my chest with hot cum.

Even going only four blocks with Emma is a production. If it had been just Larry and me we coulda walked it in like no time at all just like we did the other day but with Emma, well, she’s kinda frail and so we took her car.

The weather in Washington was on the warm side, I was like dying, but Emma was still bundled up.

“You boys have no way of knowing this yet but when you get to be old nothing works like it used to and especially your heating system. I’m just always cold.”

She had one security guy in the front seat and more were strung out along the way the condo. She seemed to be oblivious to them but then there were a lot of things in her world that had been part of her life for so long that she didn’t seem to notice.

I was way past resenting security and was just glad that they were there and all that security reminded me that David had said he was going to change the security at the house and I wondered what he had done. I was also anxious to hear more about Gerhardt Mueller and what kind of surprise that he might have waiting for me a few months from now.

David and Mark both came downstairs to escort us up to the condo. Well, actually they probably came down for Emma, not that they didn’t care about us but I’m sure they knew that Larry and I didn’t need the escort.

I thought that going back to the condo with Larry might feel odd but having Emma with us gave everything a different feel. David obviously had the brunch catered because the waiter’s tunic had the name Aquarelle on which I was pretty sure was a restaurant at the Watergate hotel. The food was fantastic and actually Emma seemed more at ease there than she did at home, she laughed and even told a joke. She seemed younger and it was almost like I could see what she was like when Monty was still alive.

Around 1:00 we all walked her down to her car took our luggage out of the trunk to put in Mark’s car and then saw Emma off. David had mentioned the possibility of a trip to Europe for Larry and me and we had to promise Emma that we’d stop off in Washington on the way.

Back upstairs David steered Larry into the living room with Mark to watch a soccer match on TV and I went with David into the study.

In the study I plopped down on the couch and David kicked off his shoes got some papers from his desk and then came over and kissed me on the forehead.

He stared into my eyes with those amazing eyes and then touched the side of my face with his fingers. David doesn’t normally get emotional but he does have his moments. He said almost in a whisper, “You’ve had a pretty rough time the last few months.” He shook his head. “A big part of me wants to take you home to Milwaukee and put a high fence around the property.” I could see his eyes tearing up.

I took his hand and pulled him down next to me on the couch. I said softly, “Dad.”

He waved his hand. “I know, I know. It would be the worst thing for you not to mention that you’d never do it.” He looked like he was going to start talking about one of the papers in his hand but then he said, “But you know you can don’t you…….come home that is. I mean with Larry, the both of you. I know that you’re making your own home……….but you need to know……..well actually I guess it’s more like I need to tell you…….that… can always come home.” He grinned and turned back to the papers. “That’s an offer that never expires by the way.”

I leaned over and kissed his temple. “Thanks, Dad.”

He leaned back on the couch and then glanced at the papers.

“Ah…….well, first of all, Ben. I talked to the head of the trust department and he assured me that they could invoke the emergency clause. I probably shouldn’t tell you this but I’m going to anyway. I had an investigator get some pictures of Ben since we talked and while it’s terrible for the boy that his dad was doing that to him a couple of weeks ago we at least were able to get solid evidence. Alex, I just really can’t give you specifics but I’m sure if Ben is as good a friend as you said he’ll tell you himself. But the problem is solved…….theoretically. The spoiler here could be that Ben has to stay away from him. Nobody can force him to do that. Maybe you and Larry can talk to him and reinforce that?”

I said, “We will, Dad.”

Okay security. When I first time I saw that property I was concerned that once someone got up on the top of the hill or plateau or whatever it is that they couldn’t be seen from the road. In one way that’s good because people don’t see you and out of sight is out of mind but the trick is also keeping bad guys from getting up there.

The answer to that, according to the security people is a gate and a partial fence. The only way up there unless you’re a climber is the driveway and I think that that’s been taken care of now. Marie will be picking you up at the airport and she can explain it to you. But I think what we’ve done solves the problem.

“All right, the one you’ve been waiting for, Gerhardt.” He sighed. “Gerhardt was your dad’s best friend and actually, when your dad was ill I asked him why he didn’t ask Gerhardt to adopt you. I mean it was logical, at least to me, Gerhardt was in Europe. But your dad said that he didn’t want to do that because Gerhardt already had four children and he didn’t want you competing under those circumstances.”

David looked up and me and smiled. “I’m not complaining mind you. I can’t imagine life without you.”

Anyway, back to Gerhardt, and by the way this is all a guess but Gerhardt and I have been friends for a long time so it’s an educated one. Helmut introduced us and since then we’ve done a lot of business together. So I was curious about why Gerhardt never mention this “business” before and the only reason that I can come up with is that he wasn’t allowed to. And the only thing that could restrict him like that is another will.”

I was confused. “Whadya mean another will?”

“Well, as you know, your dad left about six million dollars and it was all in cash and formed the foundation of your trust. I thought that amount was odd at the time for a couple of reasons. First off your dad was one of the most brilliant businessmen that I’ve ever known and he had an incredible sixth sense for the markets. There should have been more money. Then there was the form of the estate, all cash, no securities, no real estate.” David stretched out his legs and absentmindedly reached over and took my hand.

“At the time I chalked it up to Helmut converting everything to cash when he knew what was happening. But now………now I think that there is a least the possibility that he left another will, another estate and that Gerhardt administers it. It’s the only thing that I can think of that fits the facts.”

It came out of my mouth about the same time I was realizing how stupid it was. “What the hell would I do with more money?”

David looked at me over his glasses and said, “Preserve it. Assuming it exists at all.”

When David and I walked into the living room Mark and Larry were telling each other jokes. I thought, “Oh god! They’ve bonded!” And actually they had, more or less. In a way they were a lot alike and I really wanted them to like each other.

Mark drove us all to the airport; if David had done it it would have been a four hour trip because he never goes over like thirty.

The plane we pulled up to wasn’t Emma’s but David’s and while the crew were stowing our bags we were all hugging one another.

I joked with David because he was still in an emotional mood. “Dad, when you get your plane back you’ll have proof that it can fly west of Milwaukee so you’ll know that it is possible for you to visit us.” He grinned and promised that he would.

And then we were gone.

When we got to altitude I got up from the sofa and went over to David’s desk and got one of his yellow legal pads that seemed to be everywhere. I was drawing a map of our property. Larry pulled me over so that my legs came up on the sofa and my head lay in his lap. I was holding the pad up and drawing on it when he kissed me.

I kissed him back and smiled up into his eyes. “Did you really get along with Mark or were you just being nice?”

His hands smoothed my hair and traced my lips. “Actually we got along. I guess we were both working harder at it but we did get along.” He bent his head and kissed me again. “He told me all kinds of shit about you when you were a little kid.”

I groaned but Larry said, “No, no, it wasn’t embarrassing stuff, it was cute stuff. Stuff that you and he used to do together. It made me feel better. I could see how much he loved you. For the kinda guy he is he’s pretty open about stuff like that. My dad would never talk like that.”

I said, “Mark likes you. He told me he did and he’s not the kind of person who’d say that unless he meant it.”

“I’m surprised, I kinda yelled at him the other night. But it doesn’t seem to have bothered him.”

I laughed. “That’s what he liked.” I tapped my pencil on the pad. “Okay but enough of that. I need to know what you think of this. That Nels guy tells me that I gotta start running and I was thinking that we could extent that riding path. You know the one that we were on with Bob? We could extend that around to the other side of the property and make it one big loop. I figure if we kinda wind it around it’d be like two miles. We could use it either for riding horses or running. So whadya think?”

Larry bent his head and kissed me again. “Whatever you want, Babe.”

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