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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 3 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 3

Larry and I were cutting across the campus on our way to the gym and he was like dancing around me as we walked and as he tried to get all of his questions answered. Did I mention that he’s got a lot of energy and needs to know everything?

“So did he shove his finger up your butt.”

I laughed. “Sorry to disappoint you, Larry but nope, no fingers.”

“So did he feel your balls and ask you to cough?”

“Nope.” I stopped and looked at him. “Larry will you stop running around me and walk next to me in a straight line like a human being? You’re making me dizzy.”

“Alex, you sure this guy was a doctor?”

“Yeah. But I think that the medical student that was with him was gay. And I think that there was something there, you know, like he might be interested.”

Larry grabbed me by the arm and stopped me. “Whadya mean, what’d he say, did he grab you or anything?”

“No, none of that stuff. There was, you know, just something there, I could feel it.”

“Yeah but how could you feel it? Did he say that you looked hot or something?”

“No! Nothing like that. He seemed…………I dunno………..embarrassed. But you know, embarrassed like when you’re attracted to someone and you’re afraid that it’s gonna be too obvious or that you’re gonna fuckup.”

Larry was finally walking next to me. “That was the young guy in the white coat? You could do better. You shouldn’t jump on the first dude to give you the eye. When you got undressed did you keep the sheet or something around you?”

“Laaaarrrrrryyyyyy!!!! Did you ever hear of Ridilin?”

“Alex? Do I talk too much? My mom is always telling me that I can’t shut up.”

“Your mother wouldn’t lie to you.” But then he got like this stricken look on his face and I felt terrible.

I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him to me for a second as we walked. “You don’t talk too much for me, Larry. I like you. You’re my friend and you can talk all you want.” He smiled and his face lit up which just means that it returned to normal.

“So what are you gonna be when you grow up? What’s your major?”

Larry looked down for a second and back up. “My dad wants me to be a lawyer. He says that with all the money he’s paid lawyers over the years that he could finance my practice himself.” He gave me a lopsided grin. “I dunno. I gotta think about it.”

Larry asked me. “So how about you? What do you want to do?”

“Business, I guess. It’s what I’ve been exposed to. It oughta work.”

Larry flipped his gym bag up into the air and then caught it. “So would you have sex with that dude if he asked you?”

“Probably.” He got a surprised look on his face. “Larry, I’d have sex with that tree if it wanted to, besides you’re gonna be out there too bangin every chick that’s drunk enough to let you get that close.”

He hit me in the back with his gym bag and I laughed and said. “Right! Like that’s not the way that it’s gonna happen?”

“Alex, I’m a very romantic guy! It’s not like I sleep with the first girl that I see. There’s gotta be something there, some emotional attachment.”

I smiled at him. “I hope that you’re as good at lifting weights as you are at bullshit.”


I love working out. There’s just something about it that makes me feel great. I guess because I’ve done it for so long.

“Larry, you know that when I was kid I used to sit on Mark’s shoulders when he did pushups.”

He pulled his sweaty tee shirt off over his head. “No shit? How many did he do?”

I laughed. “Like a fucking hundred. He still does the same workout.” Geez I missed him. I felt so close to Mark, well David too but differently with David. I can still feel my hands around Mark’s neck and hear his breathing as he did those exercises.

I had been vegging out and when I looked up Larry was watching me. “Where’d you go?”

I pulled my tee shirt off. “Oh……..a quick trip back in time. You miss your mom and dad?”

He pushed his shorts off and stood there naked. I swung my eyes down to the floor and untied my shoelaces but I had seen his cock……….up close. It was about five inches long and fairly thick and his nuts hung down even lower. Okay it’s straight cock and off bounds so I’m just forgetting about it.

“Yeah I do. I miss them at different times. Like in the morning I really miss my dad because he always fixed me breakfast and ate with me. That was like our time together. You know like sometimes in the afternoon or something he could be a real dick but then the next morning we’d be eating together and he’d tell me that he was sorry and…………” Larry ran his hands through his hair and I could tell that he was getting emotional. “I don’t wanna talk about this anymore.” He walked off toward the showers. Lord! Straight guys and their emotions or rather their denial of them.

I followed Larry into the showers. We were by ourselves and Larry was standing letting a shower beat down on him plastering his now almost black hair to his head. His hands were scrubbing his face and finally he peeked out at me.

“Why doesn’t this feel weird here……….being naked?”

I shrugged. “Probably because we’ve both been doing it like forever.”

He turned off his shower and grabbed his towel. “Sorry about………..what I said, you know, being so abrupt. I didn’t know that I was gonna feel that way.”

I grabbed my towel and dried off quickly. “Hey, it’s okay. I mean I’m pretty much feeling the same stuff. I guess that we’ll get used to it.”

We walked back to our lockers. We pulled our underwear on at the same time and we both looked up at the same time. I smiled at him.

“You wanna do something for lunch?”

His face lit up. “They’ve got this huge mall right next to the campus. I shot through there for like ten minutes but it looked like there were some nice restaurants.”

Without thinking about it I reached into my underwear and got everything on the side that it’s suppose to be on and while I was doing that I tall guy with a shaved head walked by and looked at my crotch and then smiled at me. Without thinking about it I smiled back.

When I turned back to Larry he was standing there looking like he was ready for battle. He’s like bouncing on the balls of his feet and his hands are clenched into fists. “I can’t fucking believe that! How the fuck does he know that you’re not straight? You could be fucking straight and even if you weren’t how does he know whether you’ve got a boyfriend or not. What does he do…………….come on to every guy that walks in here? Why did you smile at him?”

“Larry! Calm down, it’s not a big deal.” I pulled my pants on, buttoned my shirt and tied my shoes.

Larry was standing with his gym bag. “Well let’s get outta here. That guy really pisses me off.” Well, what’s that all about?


We grabbed a bite to eat at a great restaurant in the mall and then hit the student bookstore and both spent like a million bucks on books and supplies. Classes start on Monday! We both made two trips from my car to our room before all this raw material was stashed away.

I was sitting at my computer and Larry came over and dropped a newspaper ad in front of me. He leaned on my shoulder and pointed to the ad. “That cute blond gal at the bookstore told me about this party for freshman and sophomores at this club.” Only someone from Colorado with use the word gal.

I turned my head and smiled up at him. “Well I guess if we don’t leave the room we’ll never get laid.”

Larry looked suddenly shy. “I’m sorry that I reacted the way that I did in the gym. You musta thought that I was a real asshole.” He leaned against my desk. “It’s just………..I’m very defensive about my friends…………somebody fucks with you, they fuck with me.” He sighed. “I gotta learn to control that. Are you mad?”

“No……………it’s kinda nice actually, nice that you think of me as your friend and that you’re a stand up guy, someone that I can count on. Just don’t start going like, parental, over all my dates. It’s real possible that the first couple may not exactly be virginal. Well, hell, none of them will be virginal at least I don’t think so!”


The legal age for drinking in California is twenty-one so theoretically none of the people at the “Welcome Incoming Freshman” party should have been drunk. I guess that, not too surprisingly, some alcohol slipped into some bloodstreams and maybe even some drugs.

Stanford University is not an inexpensive university and so one of the more common threads running through the student body was money and money makes the impossible possible. Almost everyone was under the influence of something except for Larry and I and Larry really didn’t need anything to pick up his mood. It was always up.

I was having a great time. I danced to music played at a level that would make the planet vibrate, women wearing maybe what they thought would be expected of them in California danced toward me appearing and then fading away. Laughter, mine and theirs and everyone’s filled the room ricocheting back and forth and combining finally with the pounding beat. And, of course, I lost Larry. Not totally lost, he was still in that throng somewhere but I wasn’t catching a look at him but after a while I need to kinda tune out and I found a solid wall and leaned against it. My feet were still moving to the beat but the rest of me was vegging.

Suddenly out of the mass of dancing humanity Larry appeared with a cute boy in tow.

He pushed the cute redhead forward like he was offering me a plate of food. “Eric, this is Ken. He’s gay!”

I shook hands with Ken and smiled at Larry. I turned to Ken. “He didn’t actually go around asking people did he?”

He answered in a surprisingly deep voice. “No. Well, I hit on him and he said that he wasn’t but that his roommate was and would I like to meet you.” Good old Larry.

Larry got this weird conflicted look on his face and started to say one thing and then seemed to shift gears in the middle of his thought. He opened his mouth again, closed it and then pointed to where he had come from and said. “I gotta go.” He turned on his heel and disappeared.

I smiled at Ken. “He’s a good guy.”

Ken laughed. “I thought that I was being kidnapped.” Then out of nowhere. “He said that you were hung.”

“He did?” Ken nodded and moved in close to me and cupped my crotch. At first I froze. I’m not used to people touching me without being asked or warned.

Ken smiled at me. “Seems like he was telling the truth. I want you to shoot a big load down my throat. Wanna feel that hot cum, Baby!” I felt like I shouldn’t be here.

This guy made me feel disgusted and I pushed his hand away. “Not now. It’s been a while and I gotta move back into this slowly.”

His hand was back on my crotch before I had completed the sentence. “I need that big load. You can fuck me if you want to.”

I pushed his hand away again. “Look, it’s been a long time and before………..before when I did this I was in a relationship. It was different.” This guy made me want to vomit.

The next time he grabbed my crotch I grabbed his wrist and squeezed it hard. He got a shocked look on his face and yelped. “Ken………you grab my crotch again and I’m gonna break your wrist!” He was in pain and afraid. It made me feel good that I was hurting him and I didn’t like that, actually there wasn’t much about this guy and what was happening that I did like. “You need to just go, Ken!” I dropped his wrist and pushed him away. I’m not sure who I hated more, him or me. He disappeared quickly into the crowd. I’m gonna strangle Larry!

I turned to see if people were watching that mess and there, six feet away stood the Doc. Well, more accurately the medical student who’s name I didn’t know. He walked slowly towards me with a real drink in his hand.

He gestured with the drink to the crowd of dancers. “That was Ken. Normally he’s busy doing all the guys in his dorm but this is a party weekend and he’s probably at loose ends.” There was a smile behind those words. “Would you really have broken his wrist?”

I laughed with relief and a feeling of stupidity. “Probably not. It’s pretty hard to break a wrist unless you got something to whack it against.”

He held out his hand tentatively. “Will this be safe with you?”

I shook his hand and smiled. “I think the testosterone level is back to normal.”

He smiled at me and his blue eyes twinkled. “Don’t let it get too low. You never know when it’ll be needed.” I noticed that here on neutral ground, so to speak, he never blushed like he had at the clinic.

“You must be a third year med student? What are you doing at the Freshman party?”

He laughed. “I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just the feeling that new guys bring to this place, any place actually. It’s like it’s all new again.”

I laughed. “And you’re horny!”

“Okay and that too.”

I smiled at him. “You never told me your name.”

Now he did blush or at least it looked like it. “It’s Daniel…………Crane.”

I leaned in close to him closer than I needed to to be heard my cheek just brushed his. “Daniel? Daniel’s a nice name. You like to be called Daniel or Danny or Dan?”

He smiled. “If I say Daniel are you gonna think I’m a total queen?” The music had been cranked up and he leaned in closer my hand was just touching his shirt and feeling the heat radiating from his body.

I looked into his eyes and smiled softly. “Nope. I’m just gonna think that you like to be called Daniel.”

We kept moving closer to each other so that we could be heard over the music and soon we were lightly brushing against each other barely touching in one spot and then another, little electric jolts seemed to be flashing back and forth between our bodies.

He looked into my eyes and tilted his head and it almost seemed like somehow we were about to kiss when Larry came bursting through the crowd.

“Alex! Where the fuck have you been?” He glanced at Daniel and then turned quickly back to me. “What happened to Ken?”

I rolled my eyes. “He had to leave.” I grinned. “He said that he hit on you.”

Larry looked a little embarrassed and then laughed. “It was a mistake, he took me for somebody else. Anyway I thought you might like him.” He shrugged and half gestured toward Daniel. “I dunno………..I………well I met this girl over on the other side…….I better get back.”

Daniel turned to me. “He’s cute………….and handsome, they don’t always go together.” In the clinic he had seemed a little awkward as if he wasn’t totally in control of his body but now he was like a totally different guy and you could see the future doctor in that tall thin body. “Why don’t we dance before he comes back?” He pulled my by the hand out into the maelstrom of bodies.


I thought that maybe I was dreaming it, the tiny faraway sound, like it was coming from another room. “You’ve got mail.” I’ve got mail? I pull the pillow over my head and turn over onto my stomach, as I stretch out I crush my morning-hard cock between my body and the mattress. I’ve got mail.

As I come closer to awareness I begin to realize that Larry, who always gets up at some ungodly hour, is sitting at the computer. A heavy object hits the floor with a loud thud and I pull the pillow off of my head to see what’s happened.

“Oh, you’re up?” I’m up? Larry gets up and quickly pours me a cup of coffee and brings it over to me. He looks disgustingly good for this time in the morning, all shaved and combed and dressed in clean clothes and the faint smell of soap and deodorant. “I was wondering when you’d be up.”

I reach out from under the covers and grasp the warm mug. Larry continues to hold the mug while I adjust my grip and then bring the cup unsteadily to my lips. He hunkers down next to my bed while I take a sip.

Larry speaks strangely softly, at least for him. “What time’d you get in last night?”

I slowly sit up and swing my legs over the side of the bed being careful this time to keep my still hard cock covered. “Larry………………what time do you get up?”

“I guess that I don’t need much sleep. Soooo………you and that medical student hit it off?”

I ran my fingers through my hair and took a large gulp of coffee. “You mean get it off don’t you?”

“Oh.” He stood up and walked over to his computer and sat down. I reach down to the floor by the side of my bed and grab my boxers and pull em on while he wasn’t looking.

I call over to him. “What happened with that girl?”

He didn’t turn to look at me but rather started surfing the web. “It didn’t work out.” Somehow, in my mind at least, those words just kind of hung there in the air.

I stood up and adjusted my diminishing erection and walked over to where Larry was sitting. I dragged my desk chair over to his sat down next to him and put my feet up on the windowsill. He still didn’t look at me.

“I was kidding, Larry. Nothing happened.”

A slight smile started forming on his face. He clicked on a web site. “How come?”

I shrugged. “Dunno. Maybe I’m just not good at staying up late.”

“You gonna see him again?” He started jiggling his leg up and down. Man in motion. Larry in motion.

I yawned and stretched. “Who knows?” I smiled. “This friend of mine keeps telling me that the guys not right for me.”

He finally turned to look at me and I noticed that he had little green flecks floating around in his brown eyes. He smiled and said. “A friend wouldn’t lie to you.”

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