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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 30 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 30

“ Hi, Dad.” I figured that it was time I called David about this whole shelter thing.

“Alex! It’s wonderful to hear from you! Ya know these phone lines work every day. Just in case you wanted to call more often.”

I laughed. “Hey, we just saw you in Washington. I figured you guy’s would be sick of me.”

“No way that could ever happen, Kiddo. If I had my way you’d still be living in your old room.” He sighed. “But I do realize that isn’t gonna happen. I hear you had somebody throw a punch at you.”

“You probably had the report ten minutes after it happened.”

“Well, I’m not sure it was that fast but it didn’t take long. I hope you understand that they don’t report to me about everything. I mean it’s only stuff where they figure a threat to you is involved. Is that what you were calling about?”

“Kinda, at least in a way. See, when we took Melissa, that’s the girl involved in this, to the shelter I just couldn’t believe what those folks are facing. I guess, I mean I know, that I’ve lived a pretty sheltered life and even now I’ve always got you guys to turn to but those folks just don’t have anything. The shelter tries to help them but there’s just too many people in trouble and even kids. Dad, there’s little kids, babies a lotta times, that are running with their mom’s from some asshole trying to hurt em. The thing is that the shelter doesn’t have enough of anything. They need more space, more food, more counselors, everything. They even need stuff like diapers for the kids and freakin toothpaste! Those families need everything!”

David’s voice took on a warm soft quality. “And you want to help.”

“Yeah…….the thing is I’m not sure what to do. I could give money and I’m sure that I’ll have to. I was also gonna hit you up for a contribution. It’s deductible. At least I think it is. See I’m not even sure about that!”

“Have you thought about volunteering?”

“You can do that?”

“Mmmm, probably. Call em and ask but I’d bet you can. I realize that you donating some time aren’t going to solve their problems but it will familiarize you with their problems. You also need an attorney if you’re determined to give them money but I’d rather you didn’t use Bob for this.”

“How come, he’d probably do it for free.”

“For sure he would, that’s the problem. Bob and his firm do quite a bit of work for me but I don’t want him to think that we’re imposing on him because of that. Maybe he wouldn’t think that but maybe he would. In any event it’s probably best that you had an attorney that you could call about things. How about if I have someone call you? I just want to see who’d be the best. The right attorney can also help you put together a proposal for me. That is what you want to do isn’t it?”

“If you like it you’ll help?”

“Sure but if I do I want it to be a long term thing and something that’s carefully planned out so that we know where we’re going. But absolutely, if it’s what you want me to do and if the proposal addresses those things I’ll help. Actually it would give me a chance to do something Mark and I have been thinking about for a while.”

David’s whole attitude about this made me feel great and also somehow secure. I could feel tears in my eyes. I swallowed a lump in my throat and said, “You know, you guys could come and visit us. We’ve got like four quest bedrooms.”

David laughed. “Well, you’ve got me there, we could. Lemme talk to Mark and we’ll see what we can work out. I do need to be there in a couple of weeks for a board meeting at the bank, maybe we can turn it into a long weekend.”

“That’d be fantastic, Dad…………I love you guys!” Somehow I realized that more every day.

Bob and Becky lived only a couple of miles from us in a huge house that Bob’s father, a very prominent Colorado attorney, had built for himself but had given to Bob and Becky when they got married. It was done in what I call Western Colonial and had two wings off of the main structure with and immense pool and a four-car garage.

Larry and I were attacked by two identical boys the second we walked thru the door of the house. Bob was right behind them and had been running to catch them.

He threw up his hands. “They run like freakin deer!” He draped an arm around each of our necks and pulled us into a hug. “I love seeing you guys!” He grinned at Larry. “Your sister is going to yell at ya for not coming around more often.”

We both scooped up a twin and Larry talked over his twins head. “S’okay, I’ll blame Alex.”

“Hey, what did I do?”

He kissed his twin and told Bob, “He’s keeping me like a sex slave or something.”

I laughed. “You’re the most willing slave I ever saw!”

I asked Bob, “Which twin do I have?”

“Beats me, ask em.”

I looked into those crystalline blue eyes and said softly, “Hey buddy, which twin are you?” He grabbed my nose in response and yelled, “Unca Axe!”

Larry looked at me with a frustrated look and said, “How come yours knows you and mine thinks I’m the mailman or something?” He shook his head. “I’m pretty sure that one is Sean but wouldn’t ya think their dad would actually know?” Somehow Larry looked even hotter holding a baby, like the softness and vulnerability of Ian was accentuating his masculinity and aggressiveness. I felt like pushing him into a bedroom and tearing his clothes off.

Becky came running into the foyer with her arms outstretched yelling, “My little boys!” She stopped suddenly and said, “Oh……..and the twins too.” Then she kissed Larry and me.

She looked at Bob. “Did you tell em I was gonna yell at em for not coming over more?”

He sighed. “Yes, Beck, I did.”

“Good! Then I don’t have to do it.” She looked from Larry to me, both of us holding a twin. “Those can be rented you know. Good for just a few hours of cuddling or long term parenting and non of that messy marriage business.”

I smiled at Becky and said, “I’ll take a thirty year lease on both of em.” Actually I wasn’t totally kidding. There was something about these little guys that was doing weird things to me.

Bob whined, “She’s always trying to get rid of my kids.”

Becky snorted. “Your kids? Seems to me that I was the one in a hospital bed screaming while you and your dad watched football!”

Bob grabbed Becky and to much shrieking, kissed the side of her neck and slapped her on the butt. Laughing she tried pulling away but Bob held her hand and said, “We all do what we can, Beck. You’re just better at dealing with pain.”

“Wait till tonight! I’ll give ya pain!”

He laughed. “Not the handcuffs and riding crop again!”

We put the boys down and Becky ushered us into the great room and onto facing sofa’s. While the exterior of the house may have been Western Colonial the inside was more Metropolitan Home. Bob and Becky both had deep roots in Colorado and had even grown up near each other but had not met until they were both at Harvard, he for law and she for an MBA.

Sean, at least I’m pretty sure it was Sean, after roaming with his brother for five minutes came over to me and scampered up onto my lap. My heart flipped over as he wrapped his arms about my neck. Pretty soon Ian got with the program and climbed onto Larry’s lap.

Larry looked at me and grinned. He gently wrapped his arms around his twin and kissed the side of his neck as the toddler squirmed. I stared at Larry as he held the baby.

Bob leaned over to me and said, “Yes he would.”

I came out of my trance and said, “Huh?”

“He’d make a good parent, you both would.”

Larry looked at us and said softly, “Alex would, I dunno about me.”

Sometimes, usually unexpectedly, my love for Larry will just engulf me like some huge freakin wave crashing onto the shore and chills ran down my spine.

I swallowed and said, “You’d be great, Lar, better than me.”

Bob reached over and squeezed the back of my neck. “I think you’d both be pretty good at it. It’s something you need to think about in a couple of years.”

Becky leaned forward and looked at me with concern. “Alex, we heard someone tried to hit you.”

I laughed. “Somehow it sounds worse when you say it, Becky, than it seemed at the time.” I spent a few minutes bringing them up to speed including that Melissa was staying with us for another day before we put her on a plane and sent her back to her parents. “It took us a while to reach her parents, they were out of town at a relatives for a few days.”

After explaining to Bob and Becky about taking Melissa to the shelter and how impossibly in need they were I said, “I’m gonna volunteer. Maybe I can do a night or two a week.”

Larry’s head was bent down as he whispered to Ian but it shot up when I said that.

“Volunteer? When the hell will you have time to volunteer?”

“I dunno, Larry, maybe Monday and Wednesday.”

Larry sat forward and his chest and shoulders seemed to expand. “Alex, you are seeing your shrink tomorrow for the first time, right?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

Bob said, “Shrink?”

Larry said, “There’s no “I guess” about it. You are going!”

“Okay, okay, I’m going!”

Bob said, “Why do you need a shrink?”

Larry said, “Well you’re probably gonna need to see him twice a week. You’re also seeing this Nels guy Friday and you said he’s gonna have you working out on Tuesdays and Fridays and I hope I’m not asking too much but I’d like to see ya once in a while and, Oh, there’s the whole college thing.”

Bob said, “You really need a shrink?”

Larry set Ian down on the floor and leaned forward. “He freakin collapsed in Washington!”

Becky gave him a dirty look and Larry held up his hands. “I said freakin. I know there’s kids here.”

Becky smiled. “I wasn’t worried about the kids. I just hate to have Bob picking up words like that.”

Bob turned to me and put his hand on my shoulder. “Flashbacks?”

I nodded.

Bob said softly, “You actually collapsed?”

I sighed and shut my eyes for a second. “I kinda relived the beating.”

Larry looked upset and sorry that the conversation had taken this turn. “You see why I think that you’re stretching yourself too thin?”

I kissed the top of Seans’s head. “Larry, do you remember what happened when I collapsed?”

He said cautiously, “Yeah.”


“That oriental chick whipped out that pistol and kept the crowd back until your dads came and we all got loaded in that van.”

Becky had a shocked look on her face and said, “Pistol?”

“Larry, don’t you see? These people don’t have that. Nobody was gonna help Melissa. Nobody’s gonna help the people that need that shelter. I’ve got platoons of people helping me. I don’t even know how many! These people have no one. Can you imagine what it must be like knowing that some jerk is gonna beat you and your kids to death, literally beat you to death and no one gives a crap? That you might just as well let him do it and get it over with cause nobody’s gonna help or even care.”

Larry was staring at the floor with his shoulders hunched up and didn’t say anything for about thirty seconds but then he slowly lifted his head and gave me a quirky smile. He said quietly, “Okay, so I’m a jerk. How can I help?”

I wanted to throw myself into his arms. “Come with me on Wednesday nights……….if she’ll let me work then. It’d be so much easier with you there.”

Becky sat forward and looked worried. “What if one of those nuts comes looking for his wife and you guys are there and he kills you?”

I sat back and kissed the side of Sean’s head. “Becky, wherever I go my minders go. And when they find out that there might be that possibility they’ll probably increase the force.” I looked at Becky and grinned. “I don’t even know how many people are following me.”

She sat back and folded her arms. “Well, just remember that even with them that guy was still able to throw a punch. Can’t you just give money?”

“I’ll probably have to because I got the feeling that they were kinda desperate. I also talked to David about a contribution and as soon as I get on the inside and get some feel for what they really need he promised to look at it. Actually I’m pretty much a hundred percent sure that he’ll do it.”

Bob put his hand on my shoulder again and asked, “Does David give to charities? I never heard him talk about it.”

“I really don’t know, it’s not something he’s ever talked about but you know how he can be. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had been all along and didn’t say anything. David can be pretty intense about stuff and it’s the sort of thing he would just do and not talk about. They may be coming for a long weekend in a few weeks. I’ll probably find out more then.”

Larry looked up at me and said, “They’re gonna stay with us?”

I grinned at him and really really wanted to touch him. I wanted to be sitting next him and be holding his hand. I know, pretty fucking needy. “Sure. I asked em to come when I talked to David today. Besides, Larry, we got all those bedrooms, it’s not like they’d be bunking with us. But I had to tell Mark that you wouldn’t yell at him if he came.”

Bob smiled and said, “Larry, did you do something you haven’t told us about?”

Larry looked a little sheepish. “I just got in a disagreement with Mark. It wasn’t anything.”

Bob shook his head. “You’re a braver man than me Charlie Brown.”

Larry leaned back and stretched out his arms. “No it’s okay, really. He hugged me and I told him I was sorry I got mad.”

I said, “Mark really likes Larry.”

Becky said, “Well it sounds like there’s a lot your not telling us but that’s probably a good thing.”

I said, “Becky if we got into it it would be way more information than you’d want. But I really meant it when I said that Mark likes Larry. Larry gets kinda protective towards me and, I guess, naturally enough, Mark likes that.”

Becky grinned affectionately at her brother. “He was like that with me too when we were little. Even though I was bigger and older he was always watching out for me. Course he was the same way with his toys so maybe it doesn’t mean all that much.” Larry threw a pillow at her.

When the evening finally ended and we got in the car to go home Larry leaned over the center console and kissed me. His right hand was behind my head and his left was pulling on my right side. My nostrils filled with that Larry scent and my mouth was filled with his tongue. While he was trying to come over the center console to me I was pressing my body hard against his, my hard cock grinding into his left thigh.

All night long it was like torture watching him sitting there with the muscles in his chest pushing on the fabric of his sport shirt and his big dick outlined down his left pants leg. Every time he spoke it was like his deep voice vibrated thru my ears and went straight to my cock. Then he’d catch my eye and get that odd little smile at the corners of his mouth and my cock would pulse a few drops of precum into my underwear.

He got his left leg over the console and his body pressed me back against the seat as his hard cock humped my left leg and with my head pushed back by his hand his mouth worked on my neck. The heat coming off of his body was intense, surprising and he had this way of engulfing me that had me almost shooting in my pants.

Suddenly there was a tapping on the steamy window and we both jumped. The tapping came again and Larry pressed the button and lowered the window.

Bob was hunkered down so that his face was level with the sill of the car window and he was smiling broadly.

“What’s a matter, Lar? Drop your keys………..down Alex’s throat?”

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