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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 31 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 31

Friday of that week was my first workout with Nels. I was driving home and I tried to think of some redeeming quality that the man might have that I missed. He was an arrogant, unkind, slave driving asshole, which I guess made him about perfect for the job. If there was indeed a muscle in my body that didn’t hurt it had gone into hiding. It had been ninety minutes of being berated and made to push my muscles beyond anything that they had ever dreamt of. It was also deeply and oddly satisfying.

Pulling into the garage I was thrilled to see Ben’s truck parked in the last bay. We hadn’t seen him since before we left for Washington and I was beginning to get worried and I know that Larry was too. We had talked to him on the phone of course but Larry was pretty sure that he was avoiding telling us something and he was right.

Getting out of my car I felt like I was a hundred years old. I was counting on my body getting used to these workouts before they killed me.

When I got to the family room I found out that Ben didn’t come alone and was sitting on the couch with a very cute red headed young guy plastered up against his right side. Ben jumped up and gave me a hug.

“Geez, Ben, it’s good to know you’re still alive!”

“Alex, I want you to meet James Collman.” He turned back to the couch and held out his hand. “Comere, Jimmy.” Jimmy looked like Ben had just asked him to commit hara kiri but slowly came over to us with Larry following and looking like he planned to catch Jimmy when he fainted. Jimmy may have been shy but he had an amazing body.

Larry said, “Alex, Jimmy is not really used to being with other gay guys.” Ben wrapped his arm around Jimmy protectively and said, “He’s kinda shy.” Jimmy was blushing furiously.

I put my hand gently on Jimmy’s shoulder and gave it a light squeeze while I stared into his green eyes. “Nothing to worry about, Jimmy. If you’ve been able to stand being around Ben Larry and I will be a walk in the park. Did these guys get you a beer?”

He nodded. “Yeah but I’m really not suppose to drink when I’m training.”

I raised an eyebrow. He said, “I’m a gymnast.”

I smiled. “I’m probably not supposed to either but after what I went thru this evening I need one.”

Jimmy grinned. “Larry told me what you were going thru.”

With some trouble I pried Jimmy out of Ben’s overly protective arms and pulled him down onto the sofa next to me and we spent a half an hour discussing the hells of training while Ben hovered nervously in the background and Larry watched him smiling.

Finally I asked him quietly, “You guys staying tonight.”

Jimmy suddenly looked worried. “Ben said it was okay but I don’t know if he even asked or not.”

“He doesn’t need to. You guys are always welcome and Ben knows that.” I glanced over at Ben and Larry. “You guys gonna think I’m a total wuss if I tell ya I gotta get some sleep?”

We got the guys settled in what we considered to be Ben’s room, even though he no longer needed a place to hide out, and then Larry and I stripped off and dropped into our own bed. Larry walked into the bathroom and said over his shoulder, “Roll over onto your stomach.”

I wasn’t sure where I’d find the strength for sex but I still rolled over. As he walked back towards the bed I said, “You may end up fucking me in my sleep.”

Larry straddled my butt and let his weight settle slowly on me. “I’m not gonna fuck you! You think I’m wild animal or something? I know you’re hurtin. I’m giving you a massage.”

“Larry it’s like fifty fifty that I’m gonna fall asleep while you’re doing this.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just relax.” His hands began to work over my shoulder muscles and I began to groan. At first it hurt like hell but then as his strong hands worked, the soreness began to leave and I became aware of Larry’s hardon bouncing around against my back. All of a sudden sex didn’t seem like such an impossibility but when I started to shove my butt up harder against his dick he slapped it.

“Just forget about it till tomorrow, Stud.”

I twisted around until I was facing him on top of me. “Okay but how about a kiss? Very few muscles involved. Or at least very few big ones.”

He grinned and bent down until his lips were almost touching mine. He whispered in a mock serious tone, “Okay…..but no funny business.” We kissed lightly and his lips drew me in and we began kissing much harder. Finally we broke and Larry laid his head next to mine his face in my neck.

I asked him, “Did you tell Ben that we plan to be monogamous?”

He sucked on my ear for a second. “He told me. Followed me into the kitchen when I went for beers. Apparently he doesn’t want to share Jimmy.”

I smiled. “He looks like he’s totally besotted with Jimmy.”

Larry laughed. “They’ve been staring into each others eyes all evening. It was really cute. I got a feeling that as we speak Jimmy is getting his cute little butt plowed.”

He ran the tip of his tongue over my lips and I sucked it in. Larry groaned and said, “Don’t start anything, you need to rest.”

I grinned at him. “Hey you started it with the whole tongue thing.”

Larry grinned. “There is a way we can do this without you having to work too hard.”

“Whadya got in mind?”

Larry squirted some massage oil on his hand and reached behind him and coated my hard cock with it. I raised an eyebrow but he just smiled and then lifted his butt up and started positioning my cock at his asshole. I smiled up at him. “Geez, you must be horny!”

He laughed. “I’ve been watching Ben mentally humping Jimmy’s leg for two hours. Besides I’ve been thinking about this all day.” His lips parted and he looked up at the ceiling as he settled down slowly onto my cock the feeling of his ring of muscle traveling down my cock almost sending me over the edge. He’s only just started getting fucked every once in a while and he is sooo tight! Larry’s huge dick was sticking up at a forty-five degree angle and began slowly bobbing up and down with the rhythm of the fuck.

The next morning I woke to Larry’s hands moving lightly over my abs. His head was on the pillow next to mine and he was staring into my eyes.

He whispered, “You’re all muscles.” His voice was all little boy soft.

I lifted my hand and touched the side of his face with the tips of my fingers. “Right now the muscles are all hurtin.”

“How come you do it?”

I sighed. “I’m really not sure. I guess because it’s what Mark and I always did and I just got in the habit. But I agree that it doesn’t necessarily make any sense. When I don’t do it I feel like I’m slacking off.” I moved my head and kissed his nose. “I guess I’m driven.”

Larry and I went into the breakfast room and were sitting there in our boxers drinking coffee and watching a small group of mule deer making their way thru the valley below when Ben and Jimmy came in. Ben was wearing boxers too but Jimmy seemed to be wearing boxer heather colored boxer briefs but he seemed to be trying to hide his pert little butt behind Ben.

I got up and dragged Jimmy over to the table. “Just pretend you’re in the locker room after training.”

He laughed nervously. “I have trouble with that too!”

I grinned at him. “I know it doesn’t help much having someone telling you that you shouldn’t be nervous when you are. But hey, you’re among friends who aren’t gonna give you any kind of hard time. Besides, you’ve got an amazing body!”

Ben squeezed in next to Jimmy and put his arm around him. Then he looked at me and said, “Larry said your dads are coming in next week.”

I nodded. “Friday evening.”

“I’d like to come by Saturday and thank your dad for what he did with the bank and getting me money.”

“Sure. But officially he didn’t ho anything. At least I think that’s what he’ll say. But sure, come on by.”

“When are you guys goin to Europe?”

“Gonna be a few weeks yet.” We had told a few people that we were going to Europe for a month but we hadn’t told anyone about Gerhardt. I mean, who would I tell and what would I say? The fact was that it all seemed a little weird to me. I couldn’t even remember my real dad except for a few brief flashes and now maybe he had left me something that I had never known anything about. Plus the fact that even though he was my biological dad as far as I was concerned David and Mark were my real dads.

The following week we were at the airport waiting in the twilight for my dads and then suddenly Marie started the Suburban and drove us to another section where there were no buildings just nothing but tarmac. An empty Suburban followed us. It was like we were in an empty parking lot rather than an airport.

I looked at her with a question on my face.

She just said, “Safer here.”

I heard a faint roar getting louder and looked to the right as my dad’s plane came into view all white and silver and blue and huge and predatory looking like some hungry raptor. At the last minute it made a half right turn and stopped lights spinning underneath the body of the plane. The lights inside the plane were on and spilling out a yellowish light onto the tarmac. Inside David and Mark were moving around with the help of a half dozen other people.

The door opened and the stairs were lower and David looked out and waved. He was dressed in dark blue suit pants and a brilliantly white shirt with no tie. His glasses were pushed back on the top of his head in the tangle of his black hair.

He started patting his pockets like he was looking for something. Samantha came up behind him draped his suit coat over his shoulders and tried unsuccessfully to push him away from the door. He yelled something back into the cabin and then Mark dressed in jeans and a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up came forward and lowered David’s glasses from the top of his head to his nose. They both laughed and Mark kissed David quickly. Two security people had already descended to the pavement and were scanning the area. There was absolutely nothing in any direction.

Larry and I got out of the Suburban and walked towards the plane just as Mark spotted us and came down the stairs three at a time. I knew that Larry was not quite sure how he was supposed to be acting but I was also pretty sure that Mark was gonna ignore his shyness and he did. Before either of us had a chance to worry about it we were dragged into a massive Mark hug and Larry got a stupid grin producing kiss. The ice had been broken.

Samantha was walking around talking on a cell phone and walked up to David as he came down the stairs and spoke with him quietly for several seconds. He nodded twice looking very serious and then shrugged his shoulders and turned and walked towards us. He reached out took my hand in his and kissed me and then did the same to Larry. He and I were still in Mark’s arms and I definitely felt like I was twelve but it was okay.

While the four of us were talking Samantha walked away from the plane towards two approaching vehicles. One was another SUV with four men in it and the other was a police car.

I grinned at David. “You’re traveling with an awful lot of security. Anything I should know?”

David started ushering us toward one of the Suburbans and said, “I don’t really think it’s anything important, at least not yet. I’ll fill you in completely when we get to the house.”

A middle-aged oriental man was walking behind Mark and seemed to be keeping a sharp eye on everything. Marie had been replaced as our driver by a huge mean looking dude who looked for all the world like Bluto while Marie rode shotgun.

Once we started to move we ended up in a Suburban sandwich with one in front of us and one behind and with the cop car leading off. David and I were seated next to each other with Mark and Larry behind. As the car started to move David reached over and took my hand squeezed it and smiled.

Once we got out of the airport proper and onto the freeway I noticed that our speed was steadily increasing. It was completely dark out now and the traffic had thinned. I watched over Marie’s shoulder as the speedometer climbed from forty, to fifty, to sixty, to seventy and then once we were west of the city and beginning to climb it was increased even more.

We slowed for our exit from the freeway but once past that they hit it again. At our driveway there was a security man with a flashlight waving us thru the gate, which was standing open. As we went around our circular drive I saw 700 meters to the east a helicopter hovering over the stand of pine trees that marked the eastern limit of our property. A powerful searchlight shown down from it it’s bright light raking the trees and burning into the undergrowth.

For the first time ever the house seemed full and I realized that that was what it had been designed for. Every bedroom had a private bath and some sort of sitting area. Every common room with the exception of what we called the family room was formal and could be shut off from the others.

David had taken off for his and Mark’s room and Larry was taking a shower so I wondered into the family room where Mark stood alone looking out the large window down into the valley. I walked over to him and he smiled and spread his arms. I grinned and walked into them. With my arms around Mark he wrapped his around me and I pushed my face against his shoulder. I felt completely safe and something more.

I shook my head slightly. “Don’t think I’m getting too strange but the scent of you makes me calm………like I feel safe.”

Mark laughed. “My grandfather always did that for me. You never forget that scent. It’s one of my strongest memories.”

I held him tightly. “Funny, it’s different with David. His scent evokes slightly different memories………still comforting though.”

“He does for me too.”

“Does he? Yeah but for you it’s probably more of a romantic thing.”

“For sure. But I’d bet that Larry does that same thing for you.”

I pulled back and looked at him. “Yeah, he does.”

He kissed my forehead. “Well anytime you need a fix I’m only too happy to oblige and remember it works the other way too.”

“Whatdya mean?”

“Just that your scent creates a strong emotional reaction in me and always will.”

The room that we call the library we use mostly for doing homework and going onto the computer. It’s a large room with bookshelves on three walls and one wall of windows looking to the north and a rocky slope that drops off quickly. At one end there’s a desk and credenza and at the other a couch covered in rich brown leather with two overstuffed chairs facing it.

David sat down on the sofa and lifted his briefcase and set it on the coffee table. He patted the seat next to him. “Relax, Kiddo, this will take a little while.”

I sat down next to him. “Am I gonna hate this?”

David laughed and shook his head. “Nope. At least I don’t think so. It’s really more a question of tidying things up.”

I looked at him and raised a questioning eyebrow.

David slipped off his shoes and put his feet up on the coffee table. “Of course you’re familiar with your trust fund and how it was started with the money that your dad left you. Something that you don’t know is that a year or so after I started that trust fund I also started another one for you.”

I was taken aback and started to speak but David held up his hand. “You have to remember that the world was a different place then. At the time I thought that you having some money out of the country and completely unknown to the authorities might be a good thing. And at the time my business had begun to make some very serious money, certainly more than Mark and I would ever spend. But, now with communications the way they are plus the fact that I’m all but certain that Gerhardt is about to make my plan redundant I decided it was time to merge the two trusts.”

I said, “IRS?”

He grinned. “Well, I’ve been negotiating with them and we’ve come to an agreement we both can live with.”

I said, “I didn’t know that they negotiated.”

“Well, actually I negotiated with Emma’s nephew, he’s a Deputy Commissioner.”

I smiled and said, “Oh.”

“Yeah….well anyway we agreed and I sent them a check yesterday so it’s all legit.” He took his feet off of the table and turned on the sofa to face me.

The other thing, Alex, is that your life is about to get a lot more complicated. Well, over the next couple of years anyway. The money that you have in your trust fund now and what may be coming from Gerhardt has a way of complicating things. Hell, even if I’m totally wrong about Gerhardt the money that you have now is more than enough to complicate things.

The other thing is that Mark and I gave the attorneys the go ahead to create the Chauvet-Kerry Foundation and it’s something that I’m going to want you to become involved in. And I would like you to start participating, at least in some way, in my company. At least I’m hoping that that’s something you’d want to do.”

I was skeptical of my ability to do that and told him so.

“It’s okay, Alex. For one thing you wouldn’t be doing anything that would directly affect clients portfolios, at least not at first. It’d really be a case of getting familiar with what happens, what the procedures are. Then if you think that it’s something you’d like to get into you can go further.” He grinned. “It’s easier than digging ditches and the pays good.”

David had the ability to totally look like a teenager when he wanted to and he was doing it now. “The point that I started to make was that you’re going to need some help to handle all of these things and not drive yourself batty. Now you can veto this if you want but I asked Joan to fly in here Monday and set up an office for you. Actually she’s already found some office space in the high rise building near the campus.” He paused and grinned at me. “Whadya think?”

“Dad, do you really think I need it?”

“Maybe not yet but you will soon.”

“You’re sure.”

“More than sure and the thing is that I want you to have this in place before it gets frenetic so that you don’t get buried. Look at all that you’ve got going already; there’s the shelter, your studies, working out with that Nels guy, your visits to the shrink and God knows what else. The ten percent of your trust that you’re going to be managing amounts to over twenty million and it’s going to take more of your time than you think. Plus I want you involved in my company and then, of course, whatever Gerhardt comes up with.”

I knew that I didn’t really have a choice because this was the kind of thing that David was always right about. “So what do I have to do?”

“Nothing yet. Let Joan handle it, she’s very good. The first thing she’ll do is find someone to head up the office for you and then she’ll work with whoever that turns out to be in hiring whoever else is needed.” David reached over and shook my knee with his hand.

“Don’t look so glum. I’ll pay for all of it and it’s gonna help you more than you can imagine.”

“How come you’re paying for it?”

David shrugged and grinned. “The money doesn’t matter. Besides I’m hoping that all that organization will make it easier for me to lure you into my company.” David put his hand on my knee. “Before I forget it how is it going with the psychologist?”

“It’s okay, Dad. He says my problem……..well that it’s pretty common……..well given the circumstances and that it shouldn’t be all that hard to correct.”

At that moment Mark and Larry appeared in the doorway.

I got up and wrapped my arms around Larry and he did that same to me. “Crunch me.” I like it when Larry squeezes so hard that my back kind of pops.

Mark plopped down on the sofa next to David and said, “You guys done talking? We got bored waiting.”

David grinned. “It wasn’t anything top secret. But now that everyone’s here what do you guys think of leaving a few days early for the meeting with Gerhardt, it’s coming up soon?”

Larry sat normally in one of the big armchairs and I sat with my butt in his lap and my back against one arm of the chair and my legs over the other arm. I could feel his dick pressing up against my ass. This actually was a little weird because I couldn’t remember us ever being together with my dads quite like this. It was like we were two gay couples which of course is exactly what we were but it still felt strange.

David said, “What I was thinking is that we’ve got that flat in London that we use maybe once a quarter and I thought we could get some use out of it. Would you guys wanna mess around in London for a few days? I mean I know that Gerhardt is giving you guys a vacation but if I know him, and I do, it will probably be Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland, which is all really great but there’s a lot more to see. You could spend a month just doing justice to the V & A.”

I looked at David and grinned. “Dad, there’s no way I’m spending a month in a museum.”

He grinned at me and said, “Not to change the subject but do you guys have any dressier clothes? You’re both getting to the age when, at least occasionally, you’re going to need to wear a suit and occasionally even a dinner jacket.”

I glanced at Larry and we both said at the same time, “Suit?” David nodded yes.

“I’ve got that navy blue suit.” I looked up at Larry’s face.

He said, “My dad bought me a black suit a couple of years ago.” The last time we wore suits was at Emma’s.

David was smiling and shaking his head. “Look, I know that you can both afford to buy your own clothes but I made an appointment with a friend of Jamie’s in London. He’s a tailor that I met a few years ago and he’s really brilliant. I’d like you guys to let me buy you some decent clothes. It’s not going to be that long before you both start some sort of business life and you’ll need a good wardrobe. Besides that, the clothes that Thomas turns out are unbelievable. I told him pretty much what you guys’d need but if you want to add anything, do.”

I didn’t really “get” why David wanted to buy us suits and gave him what apparently was an odd look.

He smiled back at me and said, “It’s a dad thing. Besides this is probably the last time you’ll let me do this.

Larry surprised me by quickly picking up on what David was saying and what he really meant. He glanced at me squeezed my left leg and said, “We’d really appreciate that, David.”

I suddenly remembered that David had never answered my question about security. “So what is it with all the security? I’ve never seen you travel with this much.”

He glanced down before answering and Mark casually draped his arm over David’s shoulder. “From time to time Mr. Tam gets antsy but I usually take his suggestions.”

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