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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 4 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 4

When do two people become a couple? I guess that I don’t know. I looked it up on the internet and didn’t find anything that really answered that question.

Larry hadn’t said I love you and neither had I. We had never even touched each other except maybe accidentally and for that matter there was the little matter of Larry never having said that he was anything other than straight but somehow that didn’t change anything, we went from being me and mine to being us and ours, well sorta.

Oh yeah, the medical student, he wanted a blowjob, to give not get. He didn’t get it but still went on for fifteen minutes fogging up my car windows telling me about how being out would hurt his career and who understood sexual orientation anyway? But the thing that ended it before it began was the way that he just kinda dismissed Larry with, “Let’s dance before he gets back.” The more that I thought about it the more that I realized that I wanted Larry to come back, that I missed his not being there. Here was this guy who I had known for only a couple of days and I was having these feeling for him and I was pretty sure but not positive, that he was having the same feelings for me. On top of that our classes were starting tomorrow at one of the toughest universities on the planet.

I had to look away from those eyes because I was beginning to get a hardon. Taking my feet off of the windowsill I crossed my legs to further disguise the situation. Ostensibly to balance myself I reached over and put my hand on Larry’s shoulder. “This is our last day of freedom whadya want to do? Please don’t tell me study.” His shoulder was warm and he wasn’t wearing an undershirt beneath the sport shirt he had on. I could feel his skin and muscle through the fabric and he seemed to accept my touch.

“I wanna see the fucking ocean. It’s only twenty miles or so west of us so I think that we oughta take a ride over and see what it looks like.”

I said. “Somebody said that there’s a nude beach over there.” That’d be an icebreaker.

“I’m not showing my cock to just anybody.”

“In that case I feel honored.”

He laughed. “The gym doesn’t count.”

“It wasn’t only the gym.”

He just grinned. “You’re gonna have to get your lazy ass into the shower if we’re gonna go anyplace.”

I stood up slowly and then, putting my hands on either side of the window, did a halfassed stretching-against-the-wall pushup………..or pushaway or whatever. No! It wasn’t subtle but then I wasn’t sure that Larry was particularly attuned to subtle. When I turned back Larry was watching me with hooded eyes and a strange expression on his face.

I touched his shoulder again as I stepped by him on my way to the bathroom. I could feel my cock swinging back and forth in my boxers. “Whadya say we go to Stacks for breakfast?”

His voice was quiet and soft, almost a whisper. “It’s out of our way but yeah………………I love their bacon.” I had this overwhelming urge to stick my tongue in his ear but figured that if I did he might explode and decided to keep my tongue in my mouth, at least for the time being.

Walking the few feet to the shower it occurred to me that I was building up a mental investment in this thing with Larry working out and that if it didn’t we were both going to get hurt. So what the fuck am I suppose to do with that, never do anything with anyone?


Larry was just about vibrating while we were having breakfast, pancakes and bacon for him, eggs over medium with bacon for me, and lots of coffee.

“We can take a ride up the coast. I wanna see the seals. There’s suppose to be a place where you can really get a good look at the seals and the ocean I gotta take some pics to email back to my mom and dad.” He’s jiggling his leg. His shirt is deep blue with some little design on it and it makes him look really handsome. It works well with his dark brown hair. The top two buttons are open and I’m staring at his chest hair, which has a way of feathering itself out across his skin, and it’s driving me and my cock fucking crazy.

He reaches out and I’m totally sure that he’s going to take my hand but somehow he ends up just touching my watch with the tip of his finger. He looks up at me with this cute little confused look and says. “Nice watch……………….ah where’d you get it?”

I look at him and shrug. “My birthday. A guy that my dad works with………….well………more like an uncle………..he gave it to me.” I take a gulp of coffee. “So how are your study habits? Mine are okay but if you were fucking off it’d probably wreck my concentration.”

He answers quickly. “They’re good! Actually……………I’m kinda anal when it comes to studying and grades and stuff like that.”

I take a pass on the question that I want to ask and instead say, “I woulda never have guessed.”

He makes a face at me. “Don’t be a smartass. I know that I get a little………….intense…sometimes.” He sighs. “This is a kinda weird time for me. Lotta stuff going on.” Funny how one minute I’m looking at a little boy and the next minute he’s like this total adult. The one constant is his intensity; Larry lives with the throttle full open. Without thinking he reaches into his shirt and rubs his chest, a reflex action that even he may not be aware of but it makes my breathing difficult. I can imagine the feel of those pecs, the soft skin with the hard muscle underneath and that soft brown hair.

“Alex! Alex!”


“Alex, you’re like disappearing on me. Where do you go?” He smiles.

“What………..what did you say?” I laugh and I’m sure that I fucking blush. “Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep.” This is not like me at all! “Maybe we should go. I’ve probably got coffee poisoning. You realize how much coffee we drink?”


So eventually we find the winding road to Half Moon Bay and when we make it to the ocean we turn north and drive along the coast, the ocean off to our left and the brown dry hills to our right.

“Larry, you’re supposed to sit down and buckle your seat belt.” We’re in my car and I’m driving. Larry is kneeling on the seat taking pictures and poking his head out the sunroof taking pictures. If we ever do find those fucking seals he’s gonna be climbing on top of the car.

“Alex, this is so fucking cool! Look look! It’s a ship, Alex! It’s a fucking ship! Look! Way out there! This is so fucking cool!” Every time he pops his head up out of the sunroof his crotch is staring me in the face…………..if I turn and look……….and I do. I really want to touch it. I want to feel how it feels when it’s hard. I want to feel those balls in my hand. This is driving me crazy!

I grab his belt and pull him back in. The feel of leather in my hand……….. God, I need to get off!

“Larry, get your skinny ass in here! You can’t be sticking your head out of the fucking sunroof and you’ve got to buckle your seat belt!”

He plops down into the seat and reluctantly buckles his seat belt. “Alex, it goes on fucking forever! And I saw a seal! I’m sure that it was a seal!” I check out his seat belt and note the bulge in his pants just below it.

Finally, we find the restaurant at seal rock and since it’s not quite lunchtime we just take pics but there definitely are seals, well they’re out on the rocks but they’re there. Larry’s a happy camper and snaps away. God, how big is that memory card? It hits me that I’m happy to watch Larry be happy. It’s important to me that he’s having a good time and I want to walk up behind him as he’s taking pictures and wrap my arms around him and lay my head against his back.

He spins around and looks at me like he wants to say something but then something comes over his eyes like he’s reading my mind or something and he turns back around and watches the seals. Why didn’t I notice right from the beginning how beautiful he is?

I walk over to him. “If we go any further north we’re gonna start running into San Francisco, so whadya say we head south and see what’s down there?”

He turns to look at me and he’s grinning like an idiot but he says, “Yeah………that’d be good and maybe by the time we get back to Half Moon Bay we’ll be ready for lunch.”

“You done with the pictures?”

Larry yells. “One more!” He turns around and leaps like a cat up onto a huge boulder and snaps one more picture. He’s wearing faded black jeans and as he lands on the rock and straightens up they’re riding up his butt. Oh, God!

We work our way back to Half Moon Bay taking additional pics going south of everything we shot going north only this time when Larry kneels on the seat I get to glance at his handsome butt instead of his crotch. He plays every sport known to man and he’s really toned.

We swing into a gas station and get a recommendation for lunch which leads us to a small seafood restaurant right on the wharf. We both have deep fried oyster sandwiches and they’re obscenely good.

We’re just finishing our coffee when Larry looks at me and asks, “So what was the problem with the med student?”

This could be an important question and I wait a few seconds before answering. “He just wanted sex. I mean…………..I mean I know that I said that I’d have sex with about anything but when it got right down to it I knew that I needed more than that. I needed someone who meant something to me.” I’m sure I was blushing. “Maybe I’m just being an asshole. Why don’t we head out?”

Larry took a final swallow of his coffee and we got up at the same time and then he said a funny thing. “I wish that I had your guts.”

I did a double take but only managed to come up with, “Huh?”

He was already out the door and I wasn’t sure that I even wanted to pursue that remark. The thing is that sometimes people say things that they don’t intend to, that they were only thinking. The other thing, besides that last thing, is that I’m not a total idiot. I know that if Larry is really straight, a one hundred percent heterosexual then there’s no fucking way that he and I are ever gonna have the kind of relationship that I need. Life is so fucking difficult! Why don’t they just assign mates to everyone when you get to be breeding age?

Larry was standing by the passenger side door of the car beating out a rhythm with his fingertips on the roof of the car. He said as I approached, “Let’s stay on this road. I wanna be near the ocean.”

As we got into the car I said. “You’re going to get a look at the nude beach if you want to stop.”

He looked at me and smiled. “I’m still not showin anybody my dick.”

“That’s not a rule that you’re gonna wanna hang onto for too long.”

He slouched down in the seat as I drove. “That thing that you said……..back in the restaurant about how you didn’t go with that guy because all that he wanted was sex,” he looked out the side window and his chin was in his hand and the sound muffled, “that’s the way that I feel too. I think that that’s the way that it should be…………………otherwise what’s the fucking point.”

We drove down the coast and did stop at San Gregorio beach, which is suppose to be the nude beach but I didn’t see any naked people and we ended up just walking the beach and talking for most of the afternoon. I told Larry everything that I could think to tell about my life and he filled me in on his. Larry’s mom and dad have a lot more money than he originally indicated, at least it began to sound like that and I also found out that Larry has an older sister, Becky.

In Larry’s own words, “Becky’s the only one that really understands me in my family. It’s almost like she’s my mom although she’s not because I’ve got a mom.”

“You get along with your mom and dad, Larry?” It was beginning to sound like he didn’t.

“I guess. They don’t know me………..not really……….only Becky has taken the time to know me.”

We got back into the car and drove further south but then decided that it was time we were getting back and we turned around. I pulled off once for gas and we had burgers and fries in a little diner.

By the time we got back in the car the sun was beginning to set and with talking and all and not really knowing where we were we missed the best turnoff on Sand Hill Road and kept going.

We passed a sign that said Viewing Area and Larry said. “Pull in here, Alex. Let’s see what this is.”

It was basically what it said that it was, a place to pull in and enjoy the view. We walked over to where a big tree that I wasn’t familiar with was growing right next to a waist high stone wall. The tree was huge and looked like a big open umbrella. The sun was setting beyond the hills. Larry sat on the stone wall and leaned against the tree while he watched the sunset. I stood next to him.

As it got darker Larry stared at the horizon and said quietly, “Alex…………..there never was a girl at home. I mean there was……….actually a couple of em……………..but they never worked out.”

I moved closer to him and spoke very quietly. “What was the problem?”

He sighed. “They weren’t what I needed……………or wanted.” Neither of us spoke for a few minutes.

The sun moved below the hills and this incredible fog was moving over the hills creating a weird incandescence in the west. It was getting hard to see and I could feel the heat radiating from Larry’s body as well as I could see him.

I put my left hand on Larry’s shoulder and waited a couple of seconds and when he didn’t do anything I bent down and kissed him on the lips while my other arm went around his body and pulled him to me. He made a little sound in the back of his throat. His body was warm and hard under his clothes and he smelled of soap and sweat and hamburgers and Spearmint gum.

His left hand came up and pulled my head in even tighter and finally he opened his mouth and let my tongue into one of the places that it had longed to be all day.

When I pulled my mouth slightly away from his for a moment he whispered into my mouth, “Oh fuck!”

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