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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 5 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 5

I held my face pressed to his, my lips were next to his ear and I whispered. “Please don’t freak out on me.” My right hand held the side of his face and my thumb was stroking his skin.

He didn’t say anything for a minute but neither did he pull away and finally he said, “Kiss me again.” Relief washed over me.

I teased him. “You could kiss me.”

Larry pulled his face away a few inches. “You’re not gonna give me a hard time about this are you?” Out of the corner of my eye I could just make out an older couple sitting a hundred feet away and I wondered if they were watching the fading sunset or us, probably us.

I took his face in both of my hands and gently kissed him and then pulled back and looked into his eyes.

He pulled me back and this time he kissed me hard and I kissed back hard and when we stopped my forehead was resting against his. “Somebody’s gonna come over and tell us to get a room.”

His fingers were stroking my hair. “We’ve got a room. The trouble is that if I move I’m probably gonna shoot in my pants.” I wanted to put my hand on his crotch but I glanced around and figured this was too public of a place for me to do what I wanted to do.

I kissed him again and put my hand on his chest letting my thumb slip into his shirt and stroke his chest hair. I laughed. “So you mean that if I put my hand on your crotch that you’d probably blast?”

“Oh, God, don’t go anywhere near my dick, it’s loaded and primed. I’m not normally like that but these last few days have been something else.” He pulled my face to his again and kissed me. “I’m sorry, Alex. I shouldn’t have lied to you about……, about this.”

I put my fingertips on his lips. “It’s okay, Babe. I know that it’s not easy.” We were definitely beginning to get looks from people and I finally said, “Larry, we gotta get outta here. Don’t think about you dick, whatever happens happens. If you shoot I’ll just start calling you Orgasm Boy.”

He laughed and said, “Prick!” and then, “okay but it’s on your head.”

I stood up and took his hand and pulled him up. “Think of your grandma naked.”

He stood up and there was a huge obvious bulge in his jeans and I’m sure in mine too but I thought what the fuck it’s not like these people are our neighbors or something.

Larry said, “Actually grandma is pretty hot.”

“That is so sick!”

“No really! Not that it does anything for me but for her age she’s a good looking lady.”

“Whatever, Larry, get in the car.”

I settled in behind the wheel and then I leaned back against the headrest and closed my eyes for a moment. I could feel Larry next to me and hear his breathing.

He sounded worried. “You’re not sorry are you?”

I opened my eyes and smiled at him although by now it was dark enough that he couldn’t see me smile. “I’ve never been less sorry about anything.”

He leaned over the seat turned my head and kissed me. “How fast can you get us back to the dorm?”


I started the car and thought for the hundredth time about calling home. I keep thinking that I gotta call David and Mark and let em know that I’m still alive and that dropping me off at a college 2500 miles from home hasn’t killed me. I’m not sure if I should tell them about Larry yet, maybe I will.

I start the car and we head back to the dorm and basically I’m happier and more nervous than I can ever remember being.

Larry is sitting there jiggling his leg and looking as nervous as I feel. I ask him, “Did you ever do this before?’ I laugh. “We are gonna have sex aren’t we?” He stays quiet for a minute.

“Alex I gotta tell you about me, about why I didn’t tell you.” Oh shit!

I glance at him and he’s staring straight ahead. “You can tell me anything, Larry.” I mean it.

“It’s about my past and that’s the important thing now………it’s in the past. Well………..when I was fourteen me and my best friend started having sex. It was nothing at first just the usual jacking off shit and I thought to myself, “Well this isn’t gay, we’re just messing around, all kids do this.”

“But then he saw some pictures someplace or fucking heard somebody talking and then he wanted me to try and fuck him and I did. It was great, best thing I ever felt and I could still tell myself that I wasn’t gay cause I was the guy on top and besides we were just messing around.” He took a deep breath and looked quickly at me.

He reached over and touched my arm. “This won’t take long, Alex, but it’s something that I gotta tell you.” He puts his hand to his forehead for a moment and then continued. “So now we’re fucking and he loves it and I love it and after a while we’re doing it like four times a week and this goes on for a couple of years. Alex……this guy totally loved to get fucked. He always wanted it as hard as I could do it.”

‘So then when I’m seventeen one evening I call his house to see if he’s coming over and his mom says no that he’s on a date and I say, “Date?” And she’s like, “Yeah they’ve been dating for like two weeks didn’t I know that?” I hear Larry sigh heavily.

So now I’m pissed and I’m wondering what guy he’s seeing on the side and how I’m gonna fucking kill em both. But the next day at school when I corner him he tells me that he’s dating this chick and I say, “You’re dating a fucking chick? I’ve fucked you like a zillion times and now you’re dating a chick?” And he’s says yeah and that he’s no homo cause we were just fooling around and if I can’t deal with that I need to like stay away from him.”

Larry is slumped down in the seat and his hand is on his forehead again and I can feel the battle going on inside of his head to keep control. “So I think to myself that this situation is never gonna last cause this dude can’t go thirty-six hours without a dick up his ass so I just wait a couple of days and then I call him at home and I’m all reasonable and nice.
He tells me again that this is the way that it’s gonna be and that I better leave him alone.”

Larry looks over at me and says quietly, “This is the hard part. Would it be okay if I held your hand?” I fall a little more in love with him and give him my hand. “So the weird thing is that I start to cry and I think how stupid that is but, you know, how long can this last but……it just doesn’t stop. And when my mom and dad get home from work there I fucking am sitting out on the patio crying my fucking eyes out and they’re going like all ape shit but I don’t tell them anything.”

“Finally they get me up to my room and instead of getting better it just gets worse and pretty soon I’m spilling my guts about the whole fucking stupid thing.” He’s holding onto my hand tightly and for Larry that’s pretty tight. “So now my parents know that I’m fucking gay and that I’m a fucking lunatic and they don’t take either very well and they call doctors and gimme pills and after a couple of weeks I’m like passing for normal. But…………the thing is that inside it’s like something has been killed and even though I’m walking and talking there’s like nothing there.”

“So even though they don’t say anything I know that they’re like backing away from me and on one level that’s fine with me but on another it tears me up even more because I really really need them now. Fortunately my mom tells Becky what’s happening and she starts coming over to talk to me and she’s like really cool about it and never says that she’s there to talk to the nut job but just maybe I’d like to go hiking or play tennis or shit like that, any excuse to get together.” He was silent for ten seconds and then said, “She saved my life.”

As I’m turning into the university Larry finally lets go of my hand. The lights from the parking lot are shining into the car and we can finally really look at each other.

“The problem with Denver is that it’s about in the middle of the country and so they could only get me as far away as California or New York but they did let me choose.”

I said. “They probably love you more than you think, maybe even more than they realize yet. I punched Mark in the face once.” I laughed and Larry opened his mouth in astonishment. “It didn’t have much effect………..and I still say that he could have stopped the punch. The thing is that parents don’t really stop loving you, at least they’re not suppose to. But, Larry, I do know what that dead feeling is like. I felt it too.”

I pulled him to me and kissed him long and slow and when our lips parted he laid his head against my arm and looked at me. “Don’t be afraid, Larry, you’re not alone.”

I put my forehead to his and said, “Come on up to the room and I’ll show you my cock.”

He laughed. “That’s the best deal that anybody’s offered me in a long time.”


All the lights in the room had been turned off except for one of the desk lamps and on my bed we were in soft shadows. We were kneeling on the bed facing each other our hands roaming freely.

Larry’s body from his shoulders to his small waist was an almost perfect vee and rock solid from all the sports and weight lifting. On his upper chest there was a light spray of dark brown hair that lay in a perfect pattern, his nipples were small and erect. His cock was impossibly hard, huge, and sticking straight up, it had a gentle upward curve to it that put the tip within an inch of his body.

He reached forward gently and delicately wrapped his hand around my cock. He groaned softly and laid his forehead against my shoulder. As I was reaching forward I said, “I’m just gonna cup your balls in my hand.”

He whispered. “Okay.” They were large warm and soft and felt so perfectly at home in my possession. There’s something about a guy letting you hold his balls, you don’t get more trusting than that. He groaned again and I kissed his shoulder and then made a little circle on it with my tongue. His hands moved slowly down my back until they were cupping my butt.

He mumbled into my shoulder. “I wanna fuck you.”

I laugh and say, “Yeah that’s gonna happen!”

Larry kisses the side of my neck and then sucks slowly on my earlobe. His voice is husky “Come on, Alex, why not?” Meanwhile his hand is slowly jacking me off.

“Larry, your dick is huge! Where do you buy your condoms, Goodyear?”

He laughs. “You’re almost as big as I am.”

“Maybe I’m almost as long as you are but you are so fucking thick. Besides, that’s what you did with him I don’t want you associating me with……………….you know………..the other guy.”

“I promise that I won’t do that. You’re nothing like him.” His hand had moved lower and he was exploring where he wanted to go.

Larry lies down on the bed and gently pulls me down next to him. He kisses my shoulder. This is a very different Larry than I had seen before. There is almost a desperate need for affection in the way that he kisses and the constant contact he seems to crave and with every move he makes it clear that he really wants to fuck me.

He’s kissing my throat while he holds my hands above my head and then he slowly slides his left leg over mine. I know how this ends. I free my hands pull his head down, kiss him and say, ‘You’re not gonna be happy until you’ve fucked me right?”

He licks my nipple. “Alex it’s all that I think about. I know that that’s probably warped in some way but I’m like obsessing about it. Jesus, you got the prettiest ass that I’ve ever seen!”

“Larry, you do realize that I’m thinking that this is more………..a lot more than a one time thing. Are we on the same track here?”

He lays his head on my chest. “More than that, at least I think so. I don’t know how the fuck I’m gonna get through this first year of school. You’re all that I think about. That’s nuts! I know that that’s nuts but there it is. I get up early so that I can watch you sleep. How nuts is that?” I stroke the back of his head as he talks. “I even kissed you while you were asleep.”

“I know that you’re probably thinking that this is like a rebound thing. But, Alex, that was over a year ago. This is different, I can feel it. He never loved me. I know that now. I should have known it then……………but I didn’t. It was just sex with him. It was just the physical sensation, he didn’t really care about me, he really didn’t even try to know me.” He sighed. “I want to use the “L” word but I also want to be cautious. But that’s what I think that I feel.”

I lift up his head and kiss him. “Larry, I want to use the “L” word too. Whatya say we give it a couple of weeks and by then if we still feel the same way we can start using that word.” I felt like a Philadelphia lawyer but we had both been hurt pretty bad and we both were being skittish.

Larry got up off of the bed and walked over to his dresser. I watched him walk, his cock was enormous and sticking straight up, he walked with a natural athletic grace. Opening the top drawer he searched for a second and then came back to bed with lube and a package of condoms.

He showed me the box of condoms. “See, they’re not Goodyear.”

“I think that Jumbo is Latin for Goodyear.”

He smiled at me and then leaned forward and kissed me. “I would never hurt you……..not ever.” He rubbed my thighs. “Besides the first part you’re gonna love.”

“What’s the first part?”

“Roll over on your stomach and I’ll show you.”

I was pretty sure about what he had in mind and I rolled over. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks spreading them and then his tongue lightly at first and then totally. “Oh fuck!” It wasn’t original but it was the best that I could come up with.

Larry was groaning as he chowed down on my butt. I couldn’t blame him. Rimming is the next best thing to getting fucked, or fucking. I shove my butt backward so that he’d be in the best position to do this and then his whole face was involved and I was in heaven. The fucking was now a done deal.

After fifteen minutes or so Larry turned me over gently and cleaned us both up with a towel. He leaned forward and kissed me and asked, “You’ve been fucked before?”

I nodded yes.

He put his hands on both sides of my head and kissed me again. “I’ll go slow.” He kissed me again. “You’re the most important thing in the world to me.” I think that he actually meant that.

He squirted a little lube into the condom and then rolled in down onto his cock. It seemed to go on forever. Then he put lube on his fingers and started to massage my asshole. Nothing that he did seemed hurried or indicated in any way that he was rushing anything. Actually he made me feel like I was the most important thing on the planet and it was that attitude, that unspoken quality to his actions, that made me want him in me. I knew how horny he was and the fact that he was willing to be this concerned was an incredible turn on.

As he massaged my asshole he gently exercised slightly increasing pressure. I little bit forward a little bit back and pretty soon his finger was in my butt. He leaned forward and kissed me, a long slow passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him to me. In a little while he slowly and gently slid another finger into me. It felt wonderful. He slowly pushed his fingers in until he touched my prostate.

I groaned and he smiled. He asked. “You think that you’re ready?”

I could hear my voice getting hoarse with need, “Yeah, Larry, do it now.”

I felt the head of his cock just touch me. I reached under him and tried to wrap my hand around it. I was just able to. “Go slow, Larry.”

He began very slow forward and backward movements of his dick. It would just begin to open me and then it would be gone only to be repeated again a second later. Larry was kissing my ankles that he was holding in his hands. I wanted him to just ram it in but thankfully he knew better than to do that.

Once the head was in he lowered my legs to where they just draped over his thighs and he leaned forward and began kissing me, all the while continuing with the slow steady forward and backward movement. I could feel myself being opened up but with Larry’s tongue in my mouth and his hands caressing my face it just seemed like the most wonderful thing in the world. Even when he was almost all of the way in and I was being stretched to the max there was nothing that I would label as pain. Instead I felt incredible love for this considerate guy with the enormous cock.

I reached back and felt his balls just inches from mine. I looked up into his eyes, my mouth open in a silent “Ah!”

As he slowly moved in me he bent down and kissed me again. “You look so beautiful. I knew that it’d be like this.” He laid his face next to mine and whispered, “You feel fantastic!” He kissed me gently again. “God, I love fucking you! It’s like the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Damn he’s good!

My own cock was so rigid that it felt like it didn’t even belong to me like some workmen had left a crowbar laying around and I had picked it up and set in on my stomach. Larry was slowly picking up the tempo but not in a “drag it all the way out and slam it back in” way but rather fast small moves.

After a while Larry’s was moving in longer faster strokes and the expression on his face was gasping lust. He reached down and taking my cock in his hand began to stroke me hard, my body responded by slamming back against him while my arms were pressed to the bed and my chest muscles straining.

Larry tilted my hips up so that he was pounding directly onto my prostate and it was like my balls had been plugged into a 110 volt outlet and ten second later I started to shoot. Actually I sprayed and then I shot. I had been saving that cum for a while. He saw that and made a weird gasping sound and then I could tell by the gasping that he was filling the condom in my ass.

He slowly collapsed over on top of me, his forehead lying on my shoulder and then the rest of his body slowly settling until we were glued together by my cum. His cock was still in my ass and I swear it hadn’t gotten any smaller.

He turned his head slightly and kissed the side of my face and then laughed. “I wove you.” He laughed again. “See, no “L” word.” Maybe you had to be there but I laughed too.

I put my hand on the back of his head and then kissed his sweaty forehead. “I wove you too.” I rub his shoulders and asked, “You did cum?” He nodded yes.

“So does that go down?”


“What does that mean?”

He lifted up and started stroking my hair and kissing me and while his tongue was in my mouth he started to slowly thrust again. I mumbled into his mouth, “You’re kidding!” He mumbled back, “I wove you.”

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