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Protecting David-Christopher Grows Up
--- Chapter 7 ---
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               Protecting David-Alex's Story 6

Two guys who are both 6'2" or so and each weighing about 180
pounds sleeping in a twin size bed makes for closeness.  I
woke suddenly but then realized that Larry was sleeping with
me.  Well, actually he was lying there staring at me.

The best that I could manage was, "Morning."

He leaned over and kissed me and pushed his tongue into my
mouth.  I twisted my head away.  "Larry!  My breath has
gotta be horrible!"

He ran his fingertip down my arm.  It raised goose bumps.
"Your breath is great."  He turned over and reached down on
the floor for a cup of coffee.  "Here's your coffee."  I
reached over slowly took it and gulped it thankfully.

I looked at him.  "You got up at like four and showered and
brushed your teeth and combed your hair.  That's not fair."

"Alex I didn't!  Well, I did brush my teeth and made coffee
but I want to shower with you.  How do you feel?"

"Like my ass is swollen shut."

"You'll feel better once you shower."

"I'll feel better when I find out if a bowel movement is
still possible."  I was grousing but the coffee was making
me feel better.  There's only been one other guy in my life
and then we kinda took turns fucking and he sure never
fucked me twice with a cock that you could have used to bat
in the major leagues, plus it's been a couple of years.  My
asshole did feel like it was swollen shut but it also felt
good and this goofball made me happy.

I looked into his eyes.  "Last night?"

He looked nervous.

"It felt good.  You were nice."  He smiled enthusiastically.
"Actually, better than nice."

He reached under the covers and wrapped his hand around my
hard cock.  "We could.."

"No, Larry!  My ass has gotta heal.  I'm not used to this."

"No, Alex not that.  We can do other the shower."

I gulped more of my coffee and laid my head on the pillow
and pulled the blankets back up.  Larry snuggled down so
that his face was inches from mine.  I asked him, "How many
times can you cum without recharging?"

"Depends.....I dunno....maybe three or four."

I touched his face with my fingers.  Those little green
flecks were back in his eyes.  I spoke softly.  "You do know
that you can't fuck me three or four times in a row?"  We
were cuddled together in this tiny bed with the covers
pulled up to our faces.  I laughed.  "At least I don't think

He moved his head towards me an inch and kissed me lightly.
"I know, Alex.  And I know that I'm probably being too
intense.  It's just that I was so unhappy for a long time
and then I met you and everything changed.  It's weird
because when I came here I thought that it'd just be so
fucking hard do the work that I'd never get a chance to
think about how I was feeling."  His voice had taken on a
little boy quality to it.  "But then when I met you it all

We closed the tiny gap between us and I pulled Larry's head
to my chest. My fingers were in his hair as I held his head
gently.  "It's gonna stay changed, Larry."  This guy was
taking me over.

I reached down and held his dick like he was doing with
mine.  "You've got a Blackberry?'  I laughed.  "Not this, I
mean a cell."

He nodded yes.  I said.  "This might be an intense day."  I
kissed him lightly and ran my tongue over his lips.  "Send
me a text message and lemme know how you are."  He nodded
yes.  "Because I'm gonna be worried."

He reached out and touched my face.  "Nobody ever gave a
fuck before."

"Somebody does now."


Larry and I had just blown each other in the shower and now
he was scrubbing my back.  I could still taste his cum in my
mouth.  His cock was slowly going down and it somehow
managed to look disappointed that it wasn't going to get a
chance to blast again.  It sure feels great to have someone
wash your back.

He looks over my shoulder at me as his fingers are exploring
my butt.  "It feels normal."

"It's getting better and no you can't fuck me."

His dick has stopped deflating because of what he's doing
with my butt and I know that it's gonna start moving in the
other direction if I don't distract him.  "Turn around I'll
do yours."

He really is totally obsessed with plowing me and he gives
in reluctantly.  "Ahhh....okay....whatdya want me to do?"

"You're gonna have to quit playing with my butt and turn
around."  I laugh.  "Turn around and let me at that butt of

He gets a look of resignation on his face and turns around
slowly.  He really has a gorgeous body.  Tall with broad
shoulders tapering down to thin waist and narrow hips.  His
muscles are solid but not overdone and his skin is silken.
I start rubbing his back with soap and slowly work my way
down to his butt.  I slide the tip of my finger in and he
tenses up.

"What's the matter, Larry?"

"'s okay you can do that."  But it's obvious
that it doesn't feel good to him.

I slip my finger in again but this time I also reach in
front of him and grab his cock.  It's totally deflated.
Some guys just can't deal with any kind of penetration, it's
almost like they're physically unable to enjoy it.  Anyway
it's clear that while Larry is gonna let me do anything to
him that I want to he's not enjoying it and this isn't
suppose to be about pain.

I turn him around to face me.  I pull his head to me and
kiss him slowly.  "It's okay, we're not gonna do anything
that you don't enjoy."

He smiles in relief.  "I want to like it, Alex, I really do.
It's just that it always hurts so much."

"Well maybe some day when we've got more time we can work on

We finish in the bathroom and then get dressed and sort out
our books and the supplies that we may need for taking
notes.  Most of our classes are within walking distance of
the dorm put there are a couple that are on the other side
of the campus.

It's drizzling outside and I slip on a waterproof
windbreaker and hand one to Larry too.  He gives me a
quizzical look and asks, "Is it that bad outside?"  I hold
it out to him and he slips it on.

I straighten Larry's collar and say, "There's something we
gotta do this weekend.  I got an email this morning from
Chris and Jason.  They want us to come to dinner on
Saturday.  He doesn't say it but he'd rather we stayed home
and he got to fuck me like twenty times.

I react to what I know that he's thinking.  "You'll have a
great time they're super guys."

He smiles at me.  "More uncles?"

"You got it.  But they are really nice and they became a
couple when they were our age and when they were going to
this school."

He starts to go out the door and I grab his arm and pull him
back.  I take his face in my hands and kiss him and stare
into his eyes and it's like I could look into them forever.
He stares into my eyes and asks me softly, "What, Alex?"

My hands move down his chest and I hook my fingers in his
belt.  "Nothing....I'll just be glad when," I sigh, "when
the day is over."  I laugh.  "I don't like having you outta
my sight."


I guess that the first day of anything is usually a bitch.
But I guess that this first day was pretty much what I
expected.  Clearly the whole load of work was not yet being
dropped on our heads but also clearly the school was
expecting everyone to be working at a very high level.

I'm good at school, at learning.  Living with David and Mark
there really wasn't an option.  I use to see kids with
straight parents who would be able to play one parent off
against the other and pretty much get out of anything that
they wanted to but David and Mark saw that coming and never
let me get away with it.  They both were very focused in
their own ways but working together, and they always worked
together, you couldn't get anything past them but then I
never really wanted to, not really.

David taught me the value of really possessing knowledge and
where to find it and Mark taught me discipline.  Mark
approached everything like a military campaign, outlining
goals, planning the attack, stuff like that but he never
called it that, he never called it anything but one day I
realized that that was what he did.  When I asked him about
it he laughed and said that I was probably right.

When he was trying to get a new customer, which didn't
happen very often because the ones that he had were all
huge, he would start these three ring binders each of which
addressed the companies position in its industry, where it
wanted to go, what needed to be improved and how his
products would fit in.  At the time when I was working for
him a couple of hours a day I used to file things in those
binders and it all seemed like too much but now I can see
what he was doing and I do something similar with school

David approached things differently.  He moved more
intuitively more personally and once he got the chance to
sit down with someone and talk to them they never stood a
chance.  For one thing by the time he reached that point he
usually knew more about their business and industry than
they did and had totally put himself in their position.  But
David also had an enormous reserve of charm and usually
moved easily in under anyone's radar.

Part of what made David successful was the way that he had
of never losing track of a friend and there was little that
he wouldn't do for one.  Consequently he had dozens of
people around the world that regarded him as a close
personal friend. If you took a globe and drew a line between
David's friends and business associates you ended up with a
globe that looked like it was wrapped in a net.   He rarely
missed out on a deal that he really wanted.

While I certainly didn't understand it at the time David and
Mark were teaching me how to learn and how to use what I had
learned.  They instilled habits in me, everything from how
to shave in the morning to how to study. Thanks to Mark,
shining my shoes is a structured event and thanks to David I
would no more forget to send a thank you note then I would
forget to breathe.


My test messages for the day:
8:47      I wove U
9.23 Bored
10:03          Thank god for this jacket
10:57          Sitting next to a dick wad
11:12          Want U
12:15          Sun at last
1:04      This prof makes nooo sense
2:18      Horny
3:10      Will bring Chinese for dinner

This is stupid.  We've only been apart for less than eight
hours.  Besides, I'm not even sure how I feel about him and
there's lot's of other guys out there.  We can't eat dinner
at four o'clock, it's way too early.  What would we do for
the rest of the evening.  Oh yeah.... that.

He's hung to the left and when he puts his left foot
forward, when he's walking, his cock and balls are bunched
up against his left leg.  His hair is short but he brushes
it forward and it kinda flips up in front.  It's a deep
brown color but in the sun it gets these bright highlights.
And he talks to everyone, he's probably too friendly, he's
one of those people that you talk to for five minutes and
you feel like you've known them for your whole life.  But
there's this quality about him...this openness that makes me
feel so warm so loved and so like I've never been loved
before.  He makes me feel like I'm the most important thing
in his life.

My cell ringing brings me back to reality and he says, "I
can't find good take out.  Meet me downstairs, I got the
name of a good restaurant.  I'm pulling in to the parking
lot now."

I grab my jacket before the sound of his voice stops echoing
in my ear and I'm out the door.  Larry's got a silver
Nissan, an Infiniti, a sporty little car.  I just close the
car door and I'm in his arms.  I know that people are
probably watching and I couldn't care fucking less.  Somehow
kissing isn't enough.  Somebody's gotta invent something
more than this, I want to be part of him.  What the fuck is
happening to me?

I have to actually work at not crying when I pull back and
really look at him.  This is totally nuts.

"So where are we going?"  He reaches out and touches my face
and then pulls my head to him again for another kiss.

His voice sounds strained and he clears his throat and then
he says, "Menlo Park, I got the name of a great Chinese
restaurant.  You did say that you liked Chinese?  We don't
have to go there.  We can go wherever you want!"  He takes a
deep breath.  "I just seem to remember you telling me that
you like Chinese."

I sit back in the seat and say, "I love Chinese."  I can
smell him in the small sports car a combination of soap,
deodorant, sweat and maleness, it's like pouring flaming
napalm on my love soaked brain.  The car smells of leather
too and it's very clean.  I say, "Nice Car."

He takes a deep breath.  "My dad gave it to me."  He laughs
but I know that it makes him sad.  "He wanted to feel good
about himself."  I think about my car but decide that David
and Mark were trying to make me feel good about myself.

"Still, it's a nice car."  I've gotta get control of myself.
I know what's happening and I know that my judgment right
now is for shit and I only hope that my decisions when I
first met him were right because I'm moving beyond logical
decision making.

The restaurant is in a strip mall like almost everything
seems to be here but once inside the front door it's pretty
obvious that this is a nice restaurant.  The foyer, compared
to the outside, is dark and Larry's right hand moves from my
shoulder to my ass.  What seemed out of the question a few
hours ago is now a certainty.  I glance at him and smile.  I
mostly feel in love and partly feel like a total slut.  I'm
pretty sure that I'm not the first person to have felt this

Finally we get seated, water is poured and orders are taken.
I ask Larry, "So was it better or worse than you thought

He smiles.  "Ah.....I dunno.  It was okay.  I think that I
can handle it."  He drops his head and when he lifts it he
stares at me.  "I listened and I took notes but my mind was
some place else."

It was early and there was only one other couple eating.  I
glanced at them and then back at Larry.  I put my hand to my
forehead for a moment and then said, "Yeah, pretty much the
same for me."

I order shrimp with lobster sauce and Larry orders beef
something and then we're pretty much sitting and looking at
each other.  We both smile at the same time and I can feel
Larry jiggling his leg.

Suddenly it just comes out of my mouth.  "Larry, I'm never
gonna last a couple of weeks without telling you that I love

He exhales, heavily blinks and then reaches forward and
takes my hand.  "Thank God you're not sticking with that!
Alex, I'm going fucking crazy!  I've been taking notes all
day at all of my classes and all that I've written is your
name like a million times.  I love you too, Alex!"

I look at Larry and shake my head.  "It's like I'm in this
fog, this weird haze.  I actually thought about having my
eyes checked but it isn't about my's about you."

The young waiter comes with our food and seems to be smiling
at our holding hands but doesn't say anything.  We wait for
him to leave before I say to Larry, "We need to concentrate
on our studies.  We can't let this totally take over, not
with this school, it's just too tough."


After four hours of reading, making notes and generally
studying Larry gets up from his desk and walks behind my
chair and starts to massage my shoulders.  I pull his hands
down to my chest and wrap my arms around them.  I can feel
the warm of his skin through his shirt and I turn my head
and kiss it.  "That feels good."

Larry's face is next to mine and he speaks softly in my ear.
"Whadya say we give it a break?"

My back is stiff from sitting in that desk chair and I get
up slowly.  I turn and Larry wraps me in his arms.  My arms
are up on his shoulders and his arms are around my back and
I ask him, "Squeeze me hard.  My back is stiff." He laughs
and says, "Not you too?" He squeezes and I kiss him pushing
my tongue into his mouth searching for his and I can feel as
both getting hard.

I move my hands down and start to unbutton his shirt but we
don't ever stop kissing.  Larry opens my shirt and runs his
thumb over my nipples.  He bends his head down and licks one
and then looks up at me and says, "Your body is the most
perfect thing I've ever seen."

I smile at him.  "You're in love.  Your judgment is

He pops open my jeans and pushes down my underwear and takes
my cock in his hand.  He kisses my shoulder and the side of
my neck.  He talks with his chin on my shoulder and my cock
just resting in his hand.  "It's like when you see something
that you know you can never have and you adjust to that and
then one day a fucking miracle happens and you get it."  His
other hand comes down and cups my balls as he slowly strokes
my cock.  "I probably don't deserve....."

I stop him by kissing him.  "Don't try and tell me that you
don't deserve me.  First of all I'm not so fucking perfect
and secondly you're handsome, kind, smart, have a world-
class body, can fuck nonstop and you love me.  Okay...that's
maybe too long of a secondly but it's all true."  I kissed
him slowly and then said softly, "In case you missed it the
most important secondly is the you loving me part."  I open
his pants and do to his cock and balls what he's done to

I look down at his enormous cock and laugh.  "This really is
a remarkable dick."

Larry pushes me gently back onto the bed and knee walks up
the bed between my legs.  He lays down on top of me and
says, "Well, it would be a shame to waste this remarkable
dick and my ability to fuck nonstop."  He grins and drops
his head.  "I feel stupid saying that."

I start taking off the little bit of clothing that I have
left on and say to Larry, "It's not stupid.  Believe me I
know.  I've been feeling that cock in me all day."




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