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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 7 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 7

It was Saturday and Larry had gone out to get us breakfast. Damn I love him, cock and then breakfast. I’ve tried calling home and there was no answer, then I tried David’s office at home and still no answer. Finally I try Mark’s cell and he answers on the first ring.


“Alex!” I could hear relief in his voice. “I was beginning to think something had happened to you.”

I laughed. “Nope I’m good, better than good actually. Dad………..ahhh, I met a guy.”

“Oh fuck!”

“Yeah he’s pretty nice. Actually, Dad I’m pretty sure that I love him.” Oh shit! Why did I tell him that? “Dad…………I probably shouldn’t have said that right off. I just don’t have anyone else to tell.”

“I didn’t mean it that way, Alex. It’s Larry, right?”

“Yeah it is. How did you know that?”

“David. He told me during the flight back. He said that he thought that you’d fall in love with Larry.”

“How does he know that?”

“Beats the shit outta me! That’s the sorta thing that he does. If we could bottle that I could make a fortune selling it.”

“Well for some reason I felt like you guys’d be mad.”

Mark tone drops to a warm fatherly one. “Alex……….Sweetheart, its love, you didn’t rob a bank.”

“I know but the other time……………………”

“You were a kid then, Alex. You’re a man now.” Mark laughs. “I wish that I was there to hug you.”

“I wish you were too, Dad. We’re gonna have dinner with Chris and Jason tonight.” I laughed. “Maybe I can get one of them to fill in for you.”

“He’s a good guy?”

“He’s wonderful, Dad. You’ll like him a lot. He’s your kinda guy. Except he hasn’t been getting along with his parents, they kinda threw him out. If you can call being sent to Stanford being thrown out.”

Mark says quietly, “I guess that you can be thrown out in a lotta different ways. Well, he’s always welcome here. Tell him that I said hi.”

I asked about David and was told that he was in New York. “He must be hating that.”

“He does but Jamie and his wife had to be there for some reason and David wanted to have a meeting with him.”

“Business is okay?”

Mark laughed. “For both of us.”

“I still haven’t done anything with the money that David wanted me to invest. With Larry and school stuff it just doesn’t seem like there’s been time.”

Mark said, “Want some advice?”

“About the money? Sure.”

“Call Jamie and Emi, ask what they would do and don’t forget Frank. You’ll be seeing his grandson later today, see what Chris would suggest, but Frank has connections all over the world and is about twenty times more sophisticated than everyone thinks that he is. Frank is one of the few people that David really listens to.”

“Dad, I gotta go, I hear Larry. Geez I love you so fucking much!”

“I love you too Son.”


Larry was carrying a couple of large bags and a tray holding four cups of coffee. I got up to help him with them. He spread everything out over one of the desks and then turned to me. He glanced at me and then did a double take.

“What the fuck happened?” Larry goes into combat mode when he’s pissed and while most of the time he’s like this total puppy dog some things can really set him off. His upper body seems to expand and he gets this nutzo look in his eyes.

“Whadya mean?”

“You’ve been crying! Did that asshole from down the hall come here?” I’ll kill that fucker!” He was referring to a jerk down the hall how had made a veiled anti-gay comment, the only one we had heard so far.

I laughed. “No no…………..I just talked to Mark and it made me homesick. I miss him.” Then I turn back to him. “You think that I’d cry over anything that asshole down the hall could say?” Besides I was saving Nutzo Boy for myself, for some time when I’d had a really bad day and needed to kick the shit out of somebody.

He was simmering down and walked over and took me in his arms. I looked into his eyes and laughed. “I feel like a fucking little kid who’s lost his parents.” I wiped my eyes. “This is stupid. I didn’t even realize that I missed them this much.”

He buried his face into my shoulder. “You’ve got me.”

“Mmmmmm.” I kissed the side of his neck. “Mark said to say hi to you.”

I put my hand on the back of his neck. “Larry, I don’t want you goin ape shit on the guy down the hall. He’s an idiot but he’s a harmless one.” I could feel his body tensing.

“Okay now don’t get yourself all worked up! That weasel would call the cops if you punched him out!” I didn’t mention that I was fully capable of taking care of myself. For one thing Larry knows that but on another level he feels this need to take care of me and frankly that feels good.

I turned my head and whispered directly into his ear. “If you’ve got so much extra energy we could always have more sex.”

He mumbled in a dramatically pathetic tone into my shoulder. “You said that it hurt too much.”

I pulled him even tighter to me and said, “Well, it’s been getting better. I don’t have any…………soreness………..from what we did this morning.”

He started sucking on my neck and I started to laugh. His hands were everywhere. “Larry! Down boy!” He was rubbing my ass. “Larry, you’re making be fucking horny!” I pulled away from him but he grabbed my belt.

I was laughing as I said, “Larry! Larry, we’ve gotta eat breakfast!”

“I’m not hungry. Let’s fuck!” He smiled and kissed me while he continued rubbing my butt.

My arms were resting on his shoulders and I broke the kiss. “Okay, here’s the deal. Let’s eat breakfast while it’s still a little bit warm, then we can go for a run, you know, exercise, healthy body. Besides” I smiled, “I think that it’s better if we have sex when you’re a little tired.”

He looked at me with those soft brown eyes with the green flecks. “That’s the best deal that I’m gonna get?”

I spoke softly. “I got a feeling that by the time we get back from that run I’m really gonna need your cock.” Actually all this fooling around had gotten me to the point where I wouldn’t really have minded skipping the run.

He smiled gently at me. “You like my cock?”

“I love you…………..aaaaaaaannnnd you just happen to have an outstanding dick.” But right now we need to eat. You may not think so but if you don’t eat you’re gonna wish you had later on.”


Larry is kneeling next to me on the bed the muscles in his legs and butt are straining as he bends forward and takes my cock into his mouth. His hair looks to be a very dark brown in this light but it’s also very fine and the softness of it always amazes me, I can’t keep my hands off of it. I run my fingers through his hair and thrust my hips up. He’s stroking my legs and then gently pulls them apart his left hand moves down my inner thigh until he reaches my butt. He kisses me as he slides his finger into me. I moan because of the way that it feels and because I need him soooo bad.”

He says quietly, “Does that hurt?” His voice is thick with lust.

“It feels fantastic.” He adds another finger. “Still okay?”

I reach over and start jacking his cock up and down. I push back against his fingers. He looks into my eyes. “You ready, Babe?”

I nod yes and pull my knees up as Larry moves slowly between my legs and positions his cock. He leans forward and kisses me while his cock begins to move into me.

He looks at me lovingly and whispers. “I fucking love you!”

I’m being filled and I gasp, “I love you too.” I drop my head back on the pillow and I’m almost dizzy from the pleasure. “Fuck that feels good!” He bends over and kisses me and even when the kiss has ended he stays there whispering to me as he moves in slow short strokes in and out of me.

“Man you’re so fucking beautiful!” I reach back and rest my hands on his butt feeling his muscles moving. “When my cock is in you you get this fantastic look on your face, it drives me fucking wild!” I move my hands up and pull his head down for another kiss. I suck on his tongue and his tempo picks up slightly. “Alex, I wanna be in you forever!” He lays his forehead on my shoulder and he’s making these little sounds in the back of his throat as he thrusts steadily into me. He’s mumbling almost to himself. “Love you. Fucking love you.” And all of this time the touch of his hands, moving over my body was electric, soothing, exciting and communicating love.

Larry’s thrusting is becoming more urgent, more frenzied and I reach down and start jerking myself off. I look up into his eyes and whisper, “Fuck me, Larry! Fucking cum in my ass!” He bends down and we kiss like we’re both insane and then he’s suppressing a scream and he’s gasping into my mouth and I can feel the contraction in his body as he unloads. I twist my fingers around the head of my dick and start shooting into my hand before I pull it away and shoot between us.

In the stillness our breathing sounds really loud. Larry is kinda lying on top of me but his elbows and knees support most of his weight. I laugh and say, “You are gonna take it outta me aren’t you?”

Larry kisses my neck. “It really likes being there.” But he slowly withdraws it.


I was combing my hair as Larry stepped out of the shower hung up his towel and then turned and kissed the back of my neck. I looked into the mirror at Larry looking at me in the mirror and I smile. He puts his chin on my shoulder and says, “Tell me that I’m not gonna hate this afternoon.”

I look at him again in the mirror. “Larry, you’re gonna like these guys. Chris is the grandson of my dad’s boss, Mark’s first big time job, the job that really got him into making important money and a lot of other things. But more than that Mark and David first met Chris after he and Jason had become a couple and Chris’s family was goin nuts about it. Anyway, thanks to Mark and David’s involvement things worked out okay.”

“And when they’d come to visit us, which they did a lot they always played with me. That’s a big deal when you’re a little kid, to not be ignored. Now they’re in their early thirties.”

Larry had a faraway look on his face and I said, “What? What’s the matter?”

He looked down. “Thinking of my dad……………..and my mom.”

“I wanna hear about them. You like bury them and kinda pretend that they’re not there.”

Larry looked at me and made a face. “Alex, the mistake that you’re making is in thinking that I understand them.” He pulled on a pair of boxers. “It’s funny……………well, maybe that’s the wrong word but I don’t think my dad would feel the way the he’s feeling if my mom wasn’t pushing him in the background.”

I pulled on a pair of cargo shorts and said, “Why would your mom do that?”

He pulled on a tee shirt and said, “She never used to be this nuts but she got all religious a few years ago and she’s driving everybody crazy. And, of course, gay guys, faggots, queers………..whatever………are like the worst thing in the world and then she finds out that her own son is one.” He gave me an odd smile. “I honestly think that my dad has gone along outta self defense. I really don’t think he feels the way that he’s acting like he feels.”

I tied my shoes and then went searching for a bathing suit. “Does your dad have email?” I picked up a Speedo and shoved it in my pocket. “That is email that your mom doesn’t see.”

“Yeah she never sees his email at work. He’s got his regular work email address and then he’s got an address that he uses for his friends from outside of the company, golf buddies and shit like that.”

I lay on my bed and watch Larry finish dressing. “What if you just started sending him emails. Just little stuff like, “How’d you like the game yesterday?” crap like that.”

He looked up at me. “You think that’d work?”

“Well, Larry, what father doesn’t want to talk about sports with his kid? And it gives the wound a chance to heal, for things to return to normal. Once you’ve got him emailing you on a regular basis you’ve got a whole different ball game.”

Larry came over and laid down next to me with his hand on my chest. “My dad is pretty bright. He’d know what I was doing.”

I covered his hand with mine. “Sure he would. He’d know that you wanted to open a communication channel to him and that you were intent on being discreet or maybe subtle would be a better word. Either way he’s gotta like it. Besides you gotta talk to him eventually about tuition and cell phone bills and whatever.”

“Well actually that’s taken care of by a trust fund set up by my Grandfather, one for me and one for my sister although he is one of the trustees.”

I get up and grabbing Larry’s hand I pull him up. I wrap my arms around his waist. “Email him. It’s worth a try.”


Chris and Jason’s house is just outside of the little town of Woodside. You drive up a two-lane road for a few hundred feet and they’re near the top of a small hill.

Larry was standing next to me as I knocked on the door, his hand brushed mine and we instinctively interlocked little fingers. Chris swung open the door and stared at me grinning. “What handsome young men!” He pulled me into a hug. He was dressed pretty much as we were, shorts and tee shirt. I remember Chris when his hair was almost platinum blonde but it’s gotten darker as he’s gotten older and now is more of a light brown.

“Alex! It is so fucking good to see you! Leaving his left arm hooked around my neck Chris held out his right hand to Larry. “You gotta be Larry! Alex’s email said that you were good looking.” Larry kinda ducked his head for a second. Chris smiled and said, “C’mon in you guys.” Chris got out of the way and we filed into the house. “Jason is out back fighting with the grill let’s go watch.”

Jason was hunkered down trying to change the propane cylinder on his grill and was looking at the wrench in his hand like it was the first time he had ever seen it. I bent down behind him and gave him a hug from behind. His free hand came up and hugged my arm.

“You do know that’s a wrench don’t you?”

Jason turned his head and gave me a twisted grin. “Nobody likes a smartass, Alex.” He got up and walked over to Larry with his hand extended.

“Larry, I presume?”

Larry shook hands with him and said, “Can I help with the grill?”

Jason laughed and pushed his glasses up on his nose. “I guess that it’s pretty obvious that I suck at this. Okay, I’ll leave it to you guys and Chris and I will get us all something to drink.

Chris came back with a tray full of two kinds of chips and salsa and dip and Jason was right behind him with a bucket filled with ice and beer and soft drinks.

Jason yelled over to us. “You guys can handle a couple of beers?”

Smiling he handed them to us and said, “Don’t tell your dads that I gave you beer and for god sake don’t tell Chris’s grandfather.”

Larry looked at me and asked, “Is that the Frank that you talk about?”

After we finished the grill we ended up in lounge chairs on the patio. I answered Larry. “Yeah but to tell you the truth I don’t think he’d care that we’d had a couple of beers.”

Chris said, “No he probably wouldn’t but he might tell David and he……………..might be mad………maybe, maybe not.”

Larry said, “Is David that strict? You guys all seem to be apprehensive about him.”

I said. “That’s odd really because I don’t really think of him that way. I mean it’s not like he’s gonna throw a fit or anything. It’s more like nobody wants to disappoint him.”

Chris turned to Larry. “If your world was totally falling apart and all of your friends had deserted you when you looked up David would be standing there offering to help. And when you get to know him there’s just something in his nature that seems to make everyone want to live up to his expectations.” He laughed. “And then there’s those eyes!”

Larry laughed. “Yeah, I saw those!”

Chris said. “David’s the only one that my grandfather really listens to………..and that includes my father.”

I sighed. “That reminds me………..I gotta call Frank. David gave me some money to invest and I need advice. Mark said Frank would be the guy to ask.”

Chris asked? “You guys wanna use the pool?”

“We brought our bathing suits.”

Larry looked at me. “Where’s yours? I brought mine but you didn’t bring yours.”

“I got it in my pocket.”

Larry says, “Your pocket?”

I reach into my pocket and pull out my yellow Speedo. “See?”

Larry groans. “You’re gonna wear that in public?”

I laugh and lean over and kiss him. “Chris and Jason have seen me naked.”

Chris says, “Of course you were six.”

Jason laughs. “I imagine that it’s gotten bigger by now.”

I’m pretty sure that I’m blushing. “You guys are embarrassing me.” I look at Larry. “This is the same Speedo that I wear at the pool at school.”

Larry said. “You’re thinking about high school.”

“Larry, I haven’t gained an once since then.”

“Alex, I wasn’t thinking about your weight.”

“Oh geez!! I’ll put the thing on and if you guys think that it’s too………..revealing……I’ll wear a towel over it.”

I went into the pool house and changed into my suit. I pull the waistband away from my body. Fits the same. Leg bands………the same. Hmmmm, no mirror. I grab a towel wrap it around my waist and walk back out onto the patio.

Chris says smiling, “The towel fits well.”

I’m feeling really foolish now but I pull the towel off.

Larry drops back in his chair and Jason smiles and says, “It’s weird, on the one hand I have this almost paternal feeling toward you and on the other I’m thinking that that’s one hot fucking body.”

Chris shakes his head slowly from side to side and says, “My oh my, you have grown up.” I grab the towel and wrap it around my waist.

Larry says, “See?” He pulls me down onto his lap. “I need to keep you locked in our room.”

I kiss him. “You really think that that’s gonna happen do ya?”

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