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Protecting David-Alex's Story
--- Chapter 9 ---
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Protecting David-Alex’s Story 9


David is looking sternly at both of us. “There’s a limo outside and I want you both to go over to the St. Francis. The room is in my name but they know that you’re coming. No sex! Larry hasn’t slept, Alex and he needs to” then turning to Larry, “Larry, he’s too banged up for sex so just cool it, rest.” David turned away and then swung back on Larry. “What’s your shoe size?”

Larry stammered. “Uh uh uh, twelve…..I think. Yeah, twelve.”

David said, “I’ll have a pair of topsiders sent over to you.” He paused to think. “Mark and I are going to Palo Alto to check on the condo and talk to the school.” He looked at us both and then waved his finger again. “Today is about resting. If you need anything call room service. Okay?”

We both stammered, “Yes, sir!”

After they left I turned to Larry. “He’s kind of a take charge guy.”

Larry smiled. “You mean like, General Rommel?”

I started to move and grimaced despite trying not to. Larry was all over me.

“What’s the matter? You’re still hurt aren’t you? Should we be staying here at the hospital? You want me to get a doctor?”

“Noooo, Larry! Just relax, it’s gonna hurt me for a while. I’ll be okay. Kiss me.” Larry brought his lips to mine like I was made of glass and we kissed. Damn I love his tongue. I whispered to him. “Let’s just got to the hotel and do what David said. We can send out for room service and just chill. I need to be alone with you.” Actually I did look like hell, lots of bruises and every muscle in my body felt like it had been stretched to the point of tearing and then beaten with a baseball bat. They gave me pills but I took Tylenol instead.

Even though I had slept most of the night as soon as Larry and I slipped between those cool sheets at the hotel we were both out like lights. I was afraid that I was going to dream about the accident but I didn’t, neither did I remember it. The last thing that I remembered was Larry calling my name.

I woke to Larry kissing me. His nose bumped mine and he looked at me and smiled. “I know that I don’t have to wait for you to go to sleep to kiss you anymore but…………..sometimes I do.” He was lying on his stomach with his arms folded beneath his chest like he didn’t trust himself not to touch me and like that would hurt me or something. His breath was on my face and I wanted to drink it like water.

I lifted my head slightly and kissed him on the lips and said quietly, “I love you.”

He smiled and lightly touched his forehead to mine. “I know………I love you too.” The little green dots in his eyes were flickering like small flames.

I asked him quietly, “Did you ever feel this way before?”

He took a second to answer. “I thought I did………at the time…….but I realize now that it was something real different from this. It’s like then it was just me and………well…… know, that other guy…….but it was never an us. But now everything that I do, everything thing that I think, I’m like thinking, well how would you feel about it……..or what can I do that would make you happy.” He gave me a goofy smile. “Normally I’d advise you to take advantage of the situation while it lasts but to tell you the truth I’m pretty sure that this is never gonna change.”

I spoke softly. “When I’m in class or just walking around the campus, all I’ve gotta do is think about you, not even like a sex thing but just think about you and I’m hard as a rock. It’s getting embarrassing.” I sighed and then lifted my head and kissed him again. I smiled. “You’re making my prostate crazy.”

“Larry laughed. “That’s what I live for.”

“You know what we could do?”

Larry said, “No sex!”

“Well I was just thinking……….”

“Alex your dad said no sex and I agree with him! You could have all kinds of internal injuries and shit like that!”

I smiled at him. “Actually my dick is the only thing that isn’t bruised.”

He leaned forward and his warm lips touched mine. He whispered, “Kisses………..all you get are kisses.”

I whispered back. “Kisses are good.”

His voice was deep and throaty. “You can have as many as you want. I’ve got an unlimited supply.”

“Larry, I am so fucking hard!”

“Alex………forget about it! Okay let’s talk about other stuff. Is your dad really serious about the condo?”

I smiled. “David is serious about everything. If he said it it’s a done deal. Besides they had time to talk and if Mark was against the idea that would probably have killed it but apparently he went along with it.”

“Why does Mark keep hugging me?”

I laughed. “Well, he’s kind of a touchy feely guy. He’s really warm hearted and he was always the guy who held me if I was hurt………..stuff like that. He’s probably figuring that because your family isn’t here that you need some attention. Does it bother you?”

“Well I didn’t understand it at first but then it started to feel good.” He sighed. “My dad used to do stuff like that. You know if you did something he liked he’d grab me and hug me. He wasn’t afraid of being close then.”

I wanted to distract Larry from thinking about his dad and said, “Look at this.” I pulled the covers back and pulled up my tee shirt and pushed down my boxers. “Some fucking bruising isn’t it?” The bruising was beginning to come into full color and I looked pathetic.

Larry reached out and touched my hip with the tips of his fingers. “Why didn’t this happen to me?” Why did you get all this shit?”

“Larry you got it too. You’ve got bruises all over you.”

His hand moved lightly over the surface of my skin, just barely touching it. “Not as bad as you.”

I reached over and ran my hand over his chest feeling the softness of his chest hair as my fingers moved over it. His body has this total magnetic attraction to me and touching it just puts me in this……….blissful place that I never wanna leave. I whisper. “You’re like the most beautiful thing that’s ever been in my life. When you hold me and your arms are around me………’s like that’s the only thing that I’d ever need.”

Larry leans forward and wraps his arms around my head and leans in close. “That’s because we were meant to be together. I felt it the first day that I met you. Despite the nuttiness on my part I knew that you were the guy for me.” He dropped his head kissed me and then grinned. “When I saw those blue eyes I knew that I was a goner.”

“Lemme hold your dick.”

“Alex! Will you forget it? Besides every time you mention it I get hornier and we don’t need to go there.”

“Okay………well lemme just look at it. Come on, Larry! I’m going fucking nuts! We’re not in prison, just lemme look at your dick………..hard.”

Larry leaned over me and glared. “It’s a good thing that you’re not well or I’d strangle you.”


“Ohhhhh, fucking okay!” Larry sat back and slipped his boxers off and then kneeled next to me. His cock was about half hard and I reached out and held it in the palm of my hand as it continued to grow.

“God I love this dick!” I looked up into Larry’s eyes. He kept looking down at my crotch and then I reached down and pulled my hard cock out of my boxers and he reached over and gently took it in his hands.

He sighed. “Oh what the fuck?” He looked down at me. “Don’t move. Let me do the work.” Larry stood up and stripped off his boxers and then got behind my head and then bent forward so that he was on his hands and knees and his cock was lying on my face.

“Larry you gotta lift your butt up a bit or I’m not gonna be able to get your cock in my mouth. He raised himself up and I started to lick at the head of his cock while I felt his hot mouth engulfing mine.

Larry’s cock is a thing of beauty and something that I’ve come to love and maybe need but the downside to it is that it’s hard to suck. The most that I can get into my mouth is about three or four inches and then I feel like I can barely breathe. I lick the underside of his cock from the head up as far as I can go without screwing up my neck. The muscles there are kinda strained from the accident. But I can’t resist those balls that are resting on my forehead and I tilt my head back and suck one into my mouth. Larry moans and I smile although you wouldn’t be able to tell with my mouth full of one of his balls.

Meanwhile Larry is doing a spectacular job of sucking my cock and making sure that I don’t hurt myself. While he’s sucking he’s also massaging my butt hole with his finger and that’s pushing me close to the edge.

While I’m sucking on his nuts I’m also stroking Larry’s cock and by the sounds he’s making things could start happening pretty quickly.

“Larry, don’t cum yet!”

“He gasps. “Whadya mean don’t cum yet?”

“Push your dick down! Shoot in my mouth!”

He mumbles something about all the sex requests but lifts up quickly and shoves the head of his cock down in the general direction of my mouth and as soon as it’s in my mouth he’s shooting and I’m swallowing. I don’t know what I enjoy about this. While cum may not taste bad it doesn’t taste good but I guess that it’s more a matter of whose cum it is that makes it hot. He shoves his finger all the way into my butt and I’m firing into his mouth.

Larry trots to the bathroom and returns with a damp towel and cleans us both up. He flops down next to me. “Don’t tell your dad that we had sex!”

I pull hid head over and kiss him. “You think that I’d tell them when we have sex?”

He laughed. “You’ve got cum on your breath.”

“You too.” Larry swung his leg over me and, supporting himself with his arms and legs on either side of me, his balls were resting on mine his cock lying on my stomach and the rest of his body suspended a fraction of an inch above me. His nose was touching mine and then he kissed me slowly and pushed his tongue into my eager mouth. I wrapped my arms lightly around him and felt the muscles tensed in his back.

I speak softly, my breath on his face. “I’d like you in me.”

He groaned. “Alex, I’m trying not to think about that.” He dropped his head and kissed my shoulder.

“It’s okay. I know that we can’t.” His cock is still pretty hard. “What we really need to do is take a shower. It’s about four o’clock and Mark and David are bound to be back soon. I need you to help me with the shower.”

Larry started to gently pump his cock against my stomach and smiled. “I’d love to help you with your shower.”

Larry’s got really beautiful warm brown hair which he’s been letting grow a little long and I run my fingers through it and say, “You can scrub my back. Hell, you can scrub anything you want to.”

He stares down at me. “Are you really doing okay? I mean really okay? It’s not a big deal to go back to the hospital and check with one of the docs if there’s anything that feels weird to you.”

I pull his head down to my shoulder. “No, I just feel like I rolled down a long flight of stairs. Do you snowboard?

Larry laughed. “You kidding, I’m from Denver.”

“Well, like a bad fall, except maybe without the benefit of the snow.”

Larry pushed himself up and then swung off of me. “Lemme help you up.” He held out his hand and I took it and edged my self over to the side of the bed and then with Larry’s help stood up.

Larry had one hand on my arm and on hand on my waist. He looked into my eyes with a look of concern like he was trying to be really careful. “Let’s loose the underwear out here, it’ll be easier than in the bathroom.”

“Okay, Larry, I think that I can do it, just kinda stand by in case.” I pushed down my boxers and got them to my knees and tried pulling off my tee shirt but that was gonna be harder.

Larry was incredibly gentle and pulled my shorts off, carefully lifting each foot and then slowly pulled off my tee shirt. Actually I felt a little sorer than I expected to feel but at least it didn’t feel like anything was wrong on the inside.

Larry got me into the shower and slowly and gently washed the parts of me that I was having a problem reaching. He did pay an inordinate amount of attention to my ass but neither one of us wanted that situation to get out of control.

Finally when we finished and got back into the bedroom we realized that the only clothes that we had were the torn and grundgy ones that we had on during the accident. I called David’s cell and surprisingly he answered within a fraction of a second of the ring.


“David, we’ve only got the clothes that we were wearing and we just took a shower!”

He laughed. “So what, you’re both standing there with towels wrapped around you and there’s nothing to wear?”

It was my turn to laugh. “Dad, we’re not wearing towels and we’re running out of ways to pass the time.”

“Oh. Well put on towels because we’re just pulling into the hotel and we brought clothes from your dorm room.”

“Did you get us clean underwear too? I don’t wanna put these back on, they’re torn and bloody and disgusting.”

“Alex, do you really think that I wouldn’t bring you clean underwear?”

I sighed. “No, Dad, I guess not.”

“Well guys, be ready to go. I picked up another car for you and we’re driving it. We’ll take you down and show you your condo tonight and we can have dinner down in Menlo Park, there’s a nice restaurant down there that I ate in last year. Alex, are you gonna be able to do that or do you want to stay in the hotel?”

“Yeah, Dad, I can do it! I’m not sitting in this hotel while you guys go see the condo.”

“Okay, relax, Kiddo, I just wanted to be sure that you were feeling well enough. I’ll run up to your room with the clothing and Mark can sit downstairs with the car. I don’t want them to have to park and all that shit, it’d take forever, so be ready to get dressed and then we’ll take off.” Larry walked up behind me while I was talking on the phone and wrapped one hand gently around my waist and cupped my cock and balls with the other.


Larry, David and Mark all helped me out of my new replacement car, a dark blue BMW of the same model as before, and then they helped me hobble into the restaurant. David and Mark looked exhausted and Larry looked incredibly handsome and sexy.

In a public place and with a little rest under his belt Larry became as charming with my dads as he always is with me and it made me feel good to see it. He had Mark laughing at his jokes and surprised David with how much he knew about his father’s business and about business in general. And every few moments his eyes would look down and then up where they’d meet mine and there would be this fantastic electrical connection a meeting of the minds or maybe more accurately of the hearts. I was falling more in love with him than I would have ever dreamed possible more than I ever dreamed that people could be in love and in those warm hazel eyes there was a promise that he was already there that he was just waiting for me to catch up with how much he already loved me. I wanted to be in his arms more than just about anything.

David finished his salad and said, “There’s an interior decorator over at the condo now…….hopefully.” He flipped his hand back and forth. “I picked out the paint and the furniture. If you guys need to change anything you can but it needed to get done……………… I………I think you’ll think it’s okay.”

Mark said, “Hope you guys like Victorian.”

I sputtered. “Victorian!”

Mark laughed and waved at me to calm down. “Kidding, Alex!” He looked at Larry and said, “He’s so easy.”

David smiled and said. “You guys’ll like it, for one thing it’s better than the dorm.”

David looked at Larry and said, “I’ve met your mom and dad, Larry. Well your dad more than your mom. It was at a business dinner last year. I spent some time with your dad………..he seemed like a nice guy.”

Larry was still smiling but his face was wooden. “Oh. Was he okay? I mean he’s usually really nice but lately…….he’s been different.”
David cut into his steak, looked up and said, “He was fine, he’s got a great personality, great sense of humor.” David paused and took a bite of steak. “I think that he knew that I was gay, I talked a bit about my partner, about Mark. I’m pretty sure that he understood what that meant.” Mark sat there like the warm hearted heavily muscled guy that he is, if somebody bombed that place we could all hide behind Mark and everything would be okay.
Mark said, “David didn’t say anything about you Larry, because he didn’t even know that you existed at that point.”
“ And I won’t say anything now.” David said. “I’m probably gonna be seeing your dad from time to time, on business. The thing is this; I can say nothing at all about you guys or I can do what I would normally do and that is just to respond to whatever questions come up.”
David shifted in his chair. “The thing is that if he asks me about my son then I’m gonna tell him the truth, not more than he’s asked, but the truth. Is that a problem?”
Larry got totally serious for the first time that evening. “You should tell the truth. If the subject of Alex and me comes up then just tell him the truth because that isn’t gonna change and he might as well get used to it.” From the look on Mark’s face, he was screaming, “Yes!” on the inside.
David moved his knife and positioned it exactly perpendicular to his plate and said carefully, “The opportunity may arise for me to kinda pave the way for you guys given the context of the business relationship that your father and I have.” Sometimes David talks like Greenspan only more carefully and you have to kinda read between the lines of what he’s saying. As I was reading this David was saying that from a business point of view he was in a position to have Larry’s dad by the balls if he wanted to and that he might listen to reason because of that and the question was did we want him to use that.
Since it was I instead of Larry who was able to translate this code I was the one who answered. I glanced first at Larry. “Dad, if there’s anything that you can do to improve the situation without causing any more problems between Larry and his dad that’d probably be good.” I looked at Larry again and said, “Right?”
Larry fidgeted with his napkin and said, “Right.” He dropped his head and then looked at David. “I really love my dad. I know that right now things aren’t good between us but that doesn’t mean that I’ve changed the way that I feel.”
David relaxed and smiled warmly. “I won’t do anything that would hurt that relationship.”

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