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Protecting David- Christopher Grows Up
--- Chapter 11 ---
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Protecting David-Christopher Grows Up 11


I looked up into Andrews’s eyes and smiled again.  All I could think was, “Who the hell would have thought it, this big lummox tripping all over himself because of a boy.  I mean, there had been plenty of women he’d slept with, and with each of them he was enthralled … at least, until they’d been bedded.  But this looked different.  For one thing, with those girls he never had this gob smacked look on his face.

We got their bags out of the car, and I led the way into the house.

Andrew said, “Holy shit!  I can’t believe how different it all looks.”

“I know.  And frankly, two days ago no bathrooms were working upstairs, but we got em to finish one so you guys won’t have to come downstairs to use the john.”

I took them up the new but unfinished stairway to the second floor.  “Obviously, none of this is done, but I had them put a couple of mattresses in one of the bedrooms, so you’ll be okay.”

Andrew and Tyler were looking around at the unfinished rooms.  Andrew said, “We’ll be fine, but where are you and Nick?”

“Our bedroom will be downstairs.   The room at the front of the house on the right of the foyer is the library slash office, and our bedroom will be behind it… well, kinda…  Actually, they added a wing to the east side of the house for our bedroom and bathroom, and crap.  None of that is really done, so we’re sleeping where the old bedroom was.  If I’d known it was gonna be like this, I would have rented a house somewhere, but we’re too far along now to abandon ship.”

While there were two mattresses, they both put their bags on one bed.  “Sam has dinner about ready, and Nick is due any second; so, when you guys get settled, c’mon down and we can have a beer and stuff.  You never met Sam, did you?”

Andrew shook his head.  “No, but I am starved.”  Tyler just smiled and nodded his head; and while he did that, Andrew unconsciously rubbed his back in the way that people in a relationship do.  I had to give Andrew credit, Tyler was gorgeous, and those grey eyes were wild.  Considering Andrew’s sexual appetite and endowment, I hoped Tyler was stronger than he looked.   I wondered what Aiden thought about this development… or for that matter, if he even knew.

I introduced the boys to Sam, who got them drinks and things to munch on, and got them settled in the family room - or what was left of the family room.  I got a text from Jeff telling me that Nick was less than a minute from home; so while the boys were eating and drinking, I headed towards the garage to fill Nick in before he met Tyler. I caught Nick just as he was getting out of his car in the garage.  He looked tired holding his briefcase in one hand along with his coat.

He bent down and kissed me.  “What’s up?  You never come out here to greet me.”

“Andrew’s roommate is more than his roommate.  I’m like ninety percent sure they’re boyfriends.”

Nick gave me a puzzled look.  “You sure?  I always figured the twins for straight.”

I shrugged.  “Mostly.  Although when we were growing up, there was a lot of humping goin on in the mornings.  I never really thought that meant anything, but maybe I was wrong.”

He grinned.  “So, how cute is this Tyler?”

“Pretty damn cute.  And Andrew looks besotted.  I’ve never seen him look like this; and he’s got this whole alpha male attitude happening, like he’s gonna start to growl if anybody messes with Tyler.”

Nick shifted his briefcase to his other hand and said, “So, what’s the plan?  Are we pretending that nothing’s happening, or are we supposed to mention all this?”

“Fuck, if I know.  I guess the main thing is to make sure Tyler isn’t embarrassed.  After all, he’s the guest.  But if I know my brother, we’ll know by morning exactly what’s going on.”

We’d started to walk back inside when I got an idea.  “If you do get Andrew alone, just ask him what the fuck’s goin on.  Or I’ll do it … it’s just that sometimes he figures I’m fucking with him, and he gets pissed; but he trusts you.”

Nick laughed and said, “So, you pretty sure Andrew’s doing the topping, not getting topped?”

“God, yes!  At least, he was always humping me.”

Nick grinned and shook his head.  “Twisted … just twisted.”  Then he put his arm around my shoulder and said,   “Although I do understand the urge to hump you.”


We spent a couple of hours talking to the boys, but by the time they went to bed nothing was any clearer.  But then at about three in the morning, I woke to the faint sounds of moaning.  I slipped out of our bedroom and moved quietly to the bottom of the staircase, and there the moaning was much louder; especially, because the upstairs bedrooms didn’t have doors on them yet.  It was pretty clear someone was getting fucked.  I thought about waking Nick up, but decided against it, because we had to meet my dad’s plane in the morning; so I just slipped back into bed and fell back asleep.


It was the Monday before Thanksgiving, and it had turned cold.   We had been enjoying an unseasonably warm fall, but it had come to an abrupt end.  There was no snow and the sun was bright, but the temperature was right at freezing.

We were being driven by Jeff and another of his team in one of the big Chevy SUV’s, and Jeff was not thrilled with the idea of me travelling without him.

“Jeff, just relax.  This is your holiday, too.   Go home and enjoy your family.”

He grinned and shook his head.  “I will.  It’s just that I get paid to worry.  I’ll make sure your new office is all set by the time you get back.  And we’re working on some other things.”

“Good.  Let Gavin do whatever he thinks best in terms of style and layout.  I wanna see what he comes up with.  Oh, and Jeff, make sure your guys spend some time with Puppy.”  I was already regretting the decision not to bring him with us.

“You think Gavin’ll be okay?”

I nodded.  “That’s my gut feeling.  There’s something about that guy. It’s like he’s got this strange quality, and I’m pretty sure he’ll do a good job.  Besides, Connie is never wrong about people.”  And I was sure… well, pretty sure - it was almost as if Gavin could read my mind.  He seemed to understand exactly how I was thinking about something.

We could see my dad’s plane from a block away as it turned in on the north side of the airport.  Unfortunately, Mike wasn’t our pilot today.  Four years before, Mike and Jerod had been given the new G650 to fly - they were the only ones to fly my dad - but were sometimes sent out when an important client needed a lift.  The plane waiting for us was the older plane, but I still loved seeing it.  After all, it had flown me to and from some important moments in my life.
The pilot was Kyle Harrigan, who introduced himself, and then introduced Tony Baris, the copilot, and the flight attendant Nancy Connors.  Kyle looked like the ex-Navy pilot that I knew him to be with a trim muscular body and short brown hair.  When it came to pilots, my dad liked military guys, because he said they knew what to do when things got bad; then he always told the story about he and granddad getting shot at in Sicily.  I’m pretty sure that story has gotten embellished over the years by my dad, because Grandpa David has never had much to say about it.  I asked Mei about it once, but she just said, “Don ask me, that before I come here.”

As we took off, the four of us were belted in around the main table; and as we started to level off, Nancy brought us coffee and handed us breakfast menus.

Tyler looked at the menu, then looked at Andrew and said, “You’re kidding, right?”

Andrew said, “What?”

“Menus on a private jet.  My parents aren’t poor, but this is something else.”

Andrew smiled and touched the tip of his finger to the back of Tyler’s hand.  “I woulda been happy to fly commercial, but my dad has this thing about security.”  He shook his head.  “But the only time I live like this is when I fly on his plane.  I mean, you know I don’t live like this at school.”

Tyler smiled at him, and then looked to Nick and me.  “He does work like crazy when it comes to school stuff.  I gotta pester the crap outta of him just to get him to go with me for coffee or something.”

Finally Nick said, “Soooo, are you guys just friends, or is it something more than that?”

Tyler glanced quickly at Andrew, and finally Andrew said softly, “More … actually, quite a bit more.”

Nick and I spoke at the same moment, and both said, “Congratulations.”

Then I said, “Does your brother know?”

Andrew laughed and nodded his head.  “He knows.   At first, he thought I must be on drugs or something; but he knows, and he’s good with it.  He knew better than anyone that I wasn’t exclusively straight, it’s just that I’d never met any guys that affected me like this before.”

I’d been playing with my phone bouncing back and forth from a stock market app to Facebook, then onto my email.  While I glanced at my email account, a new email came in.  The sender was shown as C. Fraser.  I didn’t recognize the name… but I knew - I knew without even touching the keyboard.  It was Charlene.

Nick had just said something to Tyler, then looked towards me.  He looked in my eyes, then turned to Andrew and said, “Why don’t you take Tyler and show him the cockpit.  Maybe they’ll let you guys fly the plane.”

I wasn’t at all sure that Andrew was buying it; but even if he wasn’t, he went along with it; and when they were gone, Nick said, “What is it?”

I took a deep breath and said, “Maybe nothing.  Let’s see.”  I clicked on the message.
I know you hate me; and frankly, if I was you, I’d hate me too.  Try and think about emailing me, it’s important.  I might be in over my head - and there’s more at stake than you know.        


Char was the name that I used to call her when we were little.

I turned the computer, so Nick could read it.

The first thing he said was, “Don’t trust her!  Remember all the shit she did to you - and if she’s in trouble now … it’s her own fucking fault.”

I said, “Don’t tell the twins!  There’s nothing they can do; and they’ll just make me feel worse.  They never let shit like this go.”

Nick stared at me and said, “You’re not gonna email her, are you?”

I shook my head and stared at my hands.  “No!  At least, I don’t think so.   Whadya suppose she meant by that bit about there being more at stake than I know?”

“She meant to do just what she did - and that’s to draw you in.  Fer Christ sake, Chris, you know better how she can be than anyone.  Do you honestly think she’s gotten religion?”

I sighed.  “She makes me feel guilty.”

Andrew and Tyler had come back from the cockpit, but stopped and sat next to each other closer to the front of the plane.  Their backs were to us, but their heads were turned towards each other; and they were talking softly and staring at each other in the lingering way of love.


It wasn’t snowing in Denver, but it obviously had snowed, and there were small patches of it stuck in the grass at the edge of the runway.  It was too early for serious snow … but that would come.

There was a large black Chevy Suburban next to the hangar with my dads leaning against it.  There were two other smaller SUV’s with security guys waiting for us.  It always seems so crazy to me that somehow we’re targets; at least, as far as some people are concerned.  I knew that not all of this was my dad’s idea.  It’s just that when you run a lot of companies, you have obligations that go beyond what’s normal - and part of that obligation is to stay alive.  David once told me, “Chris, beyond any gut feelings I might have about my security, you have to remember that people who have invested money with me have a right to expect me to take my personal security seriously.”  I could see his point.

My dad’s security guy was the first one up the stairs and into the plane.  He gave everything the once over, and then went back down and stood near my dads.  I guess you never know when a killer might have slipped onto the plane.

Larry was dressed in a dark blue suit, and looked like he was headed into his office; but Alex was dressed in jeans, sweatshirt, and a bomber jacket.  They both looked well.  Alex looked relaxed, and Larry looked like he always did when he was on his way to work … like there was an intensity building in him.  And he told me once that it was always like that when he had a packed day ahead of him.  Lawyers tended to be alpha-males, and Larry had that look - like he was preparing himself for the battles that he knew awaited him.  It’s weird, because at home Larry was always the calm one … like it was his job to keep Alex from getting too upset.  I guess he burned all his aggression up on the law.

My dads came over and hugged us all, including Tyler.  Alex made a point of telling him how glad he was that he could come.  Andrew stood there with a look on his face that was a mixture of relief, pride, and something that I wasn’t quite sure of.

Then my dad turned to me and said, “Aiden will meet us at the house.  He had some things he needed to clean up at work.”

Larry said, “And speaking of work, I’ve got a shit ton of it to do today, but I’ll see you guys later.”   Then he put his hand on the back of my neck and shook his head.  “My God, you look more grown up by the day.”  Then he leaned forward and kissed my forehead.

My dad said, “Let’s get you guys home.  There’s a chance of more snow this afternoon.”

During the drive home, my dad was on one side of me and Nick on the other.  They talked for a while about the bank, and then finally, my dad said to me, “Did you check your email in the last half hour?”

I shook my head no.

“Connie was talking to Jack, and it looks like they’ve got an agreement on the Morgan properties.  He said he’d sent you the figures.”

I said, “Did she have a figure?”

“A billion two.”

“That’s in the same basic neighborhood that George was talking about.”

“Apparently, Jack was excited.”

I said, “Whadya think I should do?”

He smiled and shook his head.  “It’s your deal Chris, what do your guys tell you.”

I smiled at him.  “You’re not gonna tell me what you think?”

“What would you do, if I wasn’t around?”

“Buy it, but you are around, and I’m committing your money too.  Not to mention David and Mark’s money, and the twins.”

“The key is picking good people and learning to trust them.”

I sighed.  “Okay, I do trust them.”  I said as I smiled and pulled out my phone.  I sent Jack a text telling him to move quickly.






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