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Protecting David-Christopher Grows Up
--- Chapter 6---
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Protecting David – Christopher Grows Up 6


On Friday, Jeff and I drove to Madison, so I could sign the papers to for the cable company, and it turned out to be a really nice day.  My lawyer Jamie Billings met Michael and me for the signing, and it turned out the company had put on a luncheon and kind of a getting to meet the employees’ thing.  Not that there were that many employees, I think it was only twenty-two or so, but it was nice.

A week ago or so, Paul Riger, the guy we had hired to run the place, had started moving in and taking control, and he generally had positive things to say about everyone.  Before the luncheon, I officially introduced him to everyone, and it all went well.


After that, we drove with Michael to HealthPro Equipment for a meeting Michael had set up with Stanley Nash.  In the last week, Michael had relayed to me information on every part of the business, but I’d never met the owner, and it seemed, for a while anyway, like he wanted to keep it that way.

The factory building turned out to be fairly big, maybe a hundred and fifty feet by three hundred feet, with the front of the building obviously offices.  We were greeted by a teenage receptionist, who took us into a conference room that was clean, but looked like it had been put together in 1950, with a long oak conference table that was highly polished, and the walls were done in oak paneling.  There was a pitcher of water on the table along with six glasses.  The walls were lined with photos and plaques.  Many of the photos were pictures of Marines.

“Mr. Nash will be here in just a minute.”  At the end of the room was a large framed photo of a man and a woman.  The guy had to be Nash.  He looked old and tough.  His wife, on the other hand, looked twenty years younger, but something in her eyes looked long suffering.  She had short blond hair and a hesitant smile.  As soon as we sat down, the teenager took off.

A minute later, a large square head looked into the room, followed by the entire man walking with a heavily pronounced limp.  He looked at me, and by way of greeting, said, “Jesus fucking Christ you look like you’re fucking twelve!”  He didn’t seem interested in shaking hands, and moved slowly with one hand touching the table for support to the head of the table and sat down heavily.

A split second later, the lady from the photo at the end of the room came running to the door.  She looked in anxiously at her husband and said, “I didn’t know where you had gone.  I thought you were gonna wait for me.”

He snapped at her.  “Jesus Christ, Peg, these people were already here. I’m not hanging around while you fix your god-damn hair.”

Peggy Nash ignored that, smiled broadly and extended her hand to me.  “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Bending.  We had deliveries all morning, and it’s been a little nuts around here.  She grinned at Michael and said, “Good to see you again, Mike.”

While Peggy was greeting us, her husband was lighting a cigar.  He tossed the match into a large green glass ashtray, and said irritably, “Peggy, for God’s sake, just sit.”

Then he stared at me and said, “You got twenty million, cause that’s what I want, twenty million American dollars.  No god-damned notes or promises or any crap like that…cash money, cash god-damn money.  I’m up to my ass in people who wanna give me ten thousand down that they’re probably puttin on a fuckin credit card, and pay the rest over forty fuckin years or some shit like that, but that ain’t the way it’s gonna happen.”  He looked at me, and before shoving the cigar between his teeth, said.  “So, you got it?”

I smiled back at him; last night Michael and I had gone over all this in detail, and he had warned me it might be like this, as Nash was in almost constant pain because of his leg; we had also gone over the figures.  Michael told me, “You know, I think that basically he’s shy, and since his wife Peg is very friendly and outgoing, he likes to just sit back and watch her carry the ball.  He treats her like crap when other people are around, but I suspect it’s the exact opposite when they’re alone.”

I stared at Nash for a second. “I got the money.  You let me send accountants in and verify that everything is the way that it’s been presented to me, and I’ll hand you a cashier’s check.”

I slowly got up, walked over to where he was sitting, and held out my hand.  “Give my people two weeks to verify, and don’t screw around with them; and if everything is like you say, I’ll come back here and hand you a cashier’s check for twenty million American dollars.”

I could see it in his eyes; he didn’t really expect it, and I could see the doubt there, like it was written in bold print.  It wasn’t doubt about me; it was doubt about whether he really wanted to do it, if he really wanted to turn this particular page in his life.  He stared into my eyes and seemed to hold his breath.

Finally, he glanced at his wife, exhaled, took my hand and said, “You got a fuckin deal.”




Back at the office, Jack and I talked the deal over.

He said, “You think he’s being straight about the figures?”

I nodded.  “Mostly… I mean like ninety-five percent, and the other five is just because he probably hasn’t kept up with progress offered by the more sophisticated computer systems.  The place feels like it’s trapped in a mid-century time warp.  My hunch is that you could improve the bottom line by twenty percent with some new computers and software.  But I love the feel of the place, all the welding machines and chop saws.”

I looked across the desk from him.  “Put together a good management team, people who won’t screw up what’s there, but will bring it forward.  I want to keep the manufacturing here, and not bring that stuff in from overseas.”

Then, “Have we got the people we need to keep track of these businesses; I mean here in our office?  Because, frankly, I never in my wildest dreams thought that we would be at this point this quickly.  And if problems come up, and they sure as hell will, we need to be able to support the management of those two companies.”

Jack nodded.  “For the moment, we do; but I’m looking for a few more people too.  The thing is I don’t want to just hire anyone.  I want people who are good, and who will stay with us.”

“On another subject, Connie says she might have found a housekeeper for you.”

“We’re not quite ready for one.  We gotta make more progress on the remodel before there’ll be a place for them to live.  Who’s she got?”

Jack grabbed a note from the other side of his desk and read a name.  “Sam Lau.  He used to be a cook in the Marines, which is unusual, but that was in Washington. So he cooked for officers, and by officers, I mean generals.  And he’s gay.   Lives with his partner of twenty-five years.  So I guess he won’t want to live in.”  Jack stopped reading for a moment, looked at me and raised his eyebrows.  “His partner is a tenured professor at UW Milwaukee, the English department.”

The only thing I could say to that was, “Huh.”  Then, “What’s he look like?”

Jack held up a photo.  The guy looked like a fireplug, stocky with a heavy head and almost no neck.  He looked tough, like someone you’d want on your side in a fight.

“Why did Connie suggest him?”

Jack smiled.  “They’ve used him for security in the past, he’s trained in martial arts.  But he’s not all that interested in doing that.  He likes to cook, and Connie says he’s a great cook and a fanatic about cleaning.”  Jack grinned.  “That can’t hurt.  His father was Chinese, and his mother was Portuguese.  Also, she said she talked to Mrs. Colby about what your dads liked in a housekeeper, figuring it would be basically the same for you and Nick.”  He smiled.  “Apparently, being able to walk around in their underwear is a big part of it.”

I laughed, “No lie that!”

“Well, from what she says, it’s not a big deal with Mr. Lau.”

“When can we meet him?”

Jack said, “I’m sure you’ll want to meet him at home with Nick, so just let me know when.”

I pulled out my cell phone.  “Lemme see if there’s been any disasters.”  I checked my texts and there was nothing from Nick.  “I guess tonight would be okay… like seven.  If that won’t work for Nick, I’ll call.”  I could have called Nick at work or texted him, but I hate to bug him.  He really is a very busy guy.




As it turned out, Sam was nothing like I would have guessed from his picture.  He turned out to be soft and well spoken, and Connie was right about his penchant for neatness.  All the while we were talking to him, he was, seemly unconsciously, straightening the room.  It started with the kitchen table, and continued to every room we took him to on a tour of the house.

Finally, back in the kitchen, I said to him, “We have a service that comes in during the week and does the heavy cleaning, and we send our laundry out.  Although, we’d want you to supervise all that and make sure they’re doing what you want.”

He nodded and said,  “What kind of food do you like?  I mean, I’m pretty good at French, Italian, and passable with Mexican and Cuban.  There’s also a handful or so of Asian dishes I’m pretty good at.  I mean I know it’s odd, what with me having a Chinese name and all, but I grew up in Los Angeles, then spent a lot of time in D.C., I didn’t grow up in an Asian household.”

Nick said, “That’s fine.  Chris and I mostly eat American food… meatloaf and stews, stuff like that.  Although, lately we have kinda gotten into French food more.”

I said, “It’s my understanding that you wouldn’t be living in, is that right?”

He nodded, “Yes, Sir.  My partner teaches at the university downtown.  We live a couple of blocks away from it.”  He smiled.  “He likes to walk to work.”

Nick waved his hand around indicating the whole area and said, “As you can see, the house is a disaster, and it’s going to be that way for a couple of months, maybe more, so if you wanted to wait until then to start, we’d totally understand.”

Sam looked around quickly and smiled.  “Sir, if you don’t mind my saying so, I  think you need me now.”

I laughed.  “You’re probably right.  Did Jack talk to you about the salary and benefits, that sort of thing?”

“Yes, Sir.  It was all fine.”

Nick said, “Sam, you don’t have to call us Sir.  Nick and Chris would be just fine.”

Sam opened his mouth for a moment, then said slowly, “I’ll try.  You see this is the first time I’ve ever worked for young people, who were also… you know, gay.  Mostly, I’ve worked for generals, so it might take me a while to adjust.  I hope that’s okay?”

I said, “It’s fine, Sam.  Just relax with the whole thing, and we’ll take it as it comes.  If it helps, you’ll be meeting my granddad Mark, he’s very military, and they used to live in DC, but now they’re in Maryland.”

“Was he a general?”

“No, but he used to hang around with a lot of em.   Maybe you ran into him, Mark Chauvet.”

He smiled, “The name is familiar, but then I met so many people.  Perhaps when I see him.”

I sighed and looked around.  “Well, that won’t be until this place gets finished.”


It was decided that Sam would start the following Monday; and after he left, Nick took my hand and pulled me out to the pool area.  This time of year, the weather can often be colder than expected, but the day had been warm and dry, and the evening was comfortable.  Nick sat in a big wicker chair facing the lighted pool and pulled me down onto his lap.

He laughed and buried his face in the side of mine and exhaled.  He said softly, “You’re okay with Sam?”

I nodded, “Yeah.  I’m a little surprised.  I mean, looking at him, you’d maybe think he was a boxer or something, something involving violence, but he’s not like that at all.”

“So, now you’re about to be the proud owner of a gym equipment company?”

“Maybe… well, probably.  Nash is a certain type, you know?  Old school straight shooter, his word is his bond, that type.  I’d be really surprised if it didn’t turn out to be exactly as he’s told Michael.”

Nick moved a little to get more comfortable, and also managed to drop his hand down and covered my crotch with it.   It made me laugh, which caused him to kiss my neck and squeeze my dick with his hand.

Nick said, “I called our branch manager in Madison, and he tells me basically that same thing.  He also said that Nash has been toying with selling the place for about five years.  Apparently, he took a fall at home, and it screwed up his leg even more than it had been.  The doctors told him they could operate, but while they were ninety percent sure they could make it better; there was also a pretty good chance that it wouldn’t make much difference.  He said the pain has been wearing him down.  His wife wants to get him to Florida, away from our winter weather.”

I grunted.  “I can’t imagine him sitting around a swimming pool… he’s not the type.”

Nick had begun a steady pulsing of his grasp of my cock.  I twisted my head around and shoved my tongue into his mouth.  When we broke the kiss, I said, “So, whadya think of the real estate deal?”  I’d given Nick a copy of everything I’d given my dad, but we hadn’t had a chance to talk about it.

Nick said, “Big… especially ‘big’ for Milwaukee.”

“Too big?”

“No, not necessarily.  George has done the figures?”

I nodded.  “What you saw was from him.”

“Well, if he thinks it can happen, and your dad agrees with it, then I’d say that’s as good a recommendation as you’re likely to get.  Your dad is actually a very conservative real estate guy; in all the time I’ve worked for him, I’ve never seen him even close to being over extended in any way.  He doesn’t try to do deals he doesn’t personally understand well; and when he does them, he puts up more cash than he would need to put up.  Even when the economy went into the tank, he was a buyer, not a seller.”

I heard a scratching sound coming from the sliding glass door, and when I looked, there was Puppy.

Nick slowly bit, then licked my neck, and said softly.  “I’ll let him out to do his thing and meet you in the shower.”  I love shower sex…

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