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Protecting David-Christopher Grows Up
--- Chapter 9 ---
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                                          Protecting David-Christopher Grows Up 9


Jeff came into my office and put two pieces of paper on my desk, nodded at them and said, “Joe Plankett is working for a lawyer named Alfred Fry.  The second sheet is a brief outline of what he does.  Mostly higher end clients, but not so high end that they want a large firm.  He’s got a secretary and a legal assistant, that’s it.  Nice office though.  In that new high-rise by the lake.”

I looked up at him, then grabbed the phone and asked Jack to join us.

After we filled him in I looked at him and asked, ‘So now what?  How do we find out who he represents?”

Jack stared at the desk for a moment and then said, “I know of this guy.  Well, kinda.  Lemme make a few calls and see if I can get a handle on this.   This guy doesn’t necessarily need business, but he can’t afford to get crosswise of the large firms here in town and the firm you use is the largest.  There may be a quiet way to handle this.”

Then he looked at me and asked, “If this is your sister, why would she do this?  I mean, go so far as to hire a lawyer to find out stuff about you?”

I shook my head.  “I dunno.  She was a monstrous bitch when I was a kid, but I don’t understand how anyone could sustain that.  But who the hell knows.”

I picked up the papers Jeff had put on my desk and turned them over.  “Why don’t we just call the guy and find out what the fuck he’s up to?”

Jack was shaking his head.  “We don’t even know for sure that he represents her, what if he’s working for that Cory guy or someone interested in the property we just bought?  Let me see what I can find out, then we’re not going in blind.”

I smiled at him.  “You’ve spent a lotta time with lawyers, I think it soaked in.”

He laughed.  “You’re probably right, but they taught me that it’s good thing to know what kinda crap you’re about to step in.”

Jack sat down in the chair across from my desk and smiled.  “Okay, so how about some good news?  Doug at the cable company just called me, and sales jumped like twenty-five percent in the last couple of months.  They’re all really pumped.  We paid off the suppliers and paid all the salesmen bonus’s that they’d been holding off on and everybody’s really responding to that.  And I was talking to Connie today and your dad’s got a company in Minneapolis that would give us a lotta business if we could build a warehouse up there.”

I leaned forward and said, “What does my dad own that we’d get that business from in Minneapolis?”

“It’s that HVAC company, the German one.  Anyway, they’ve started assembling stuff there and they need those wire sets.  It’d be a good business.”

“How’s HealthPro doing?”

“Fine and we’re doing an equipment financing thing for their customers through the bank.  They never tried that before and our guy there says it’ll make a difference.”

I said, “It goes through our bank?”  He nodded yes.

Jack leaned forward.  “One other thing,” He glanced up at Jeff and said, “This’ll interest you.”

Then he looked back and me and said, “Like we talked about, we’ve been looking into moving offices around for security reasons and that got me talking to Larry Hamilton who manages this building.  It could be for sale.  You interested?”

That surprised me.  “Why do they wanna sell?  This is a great building, I mean, shit, it’s mostly doctors.  They gotta be great tenants.”

“They are, but almost a year ago the guy that built this and continued to own it died and his family has been fighting ever since.  His wife is still around, he had six kids and his girl friend, who his wife didn’t know about, just got in on the legal wrangling.  It’s turning into a serious mess.  Anyway, the executor would just as soon convert everything to cash, or rather, something convertible.”

“Did you run it by George?”

Jack nodded.  “He’s checking it out now.  He also asked me if you’d be interested in other properties.  Apparently there are a number of buildings that he’s kept an eye on over the years waiting for them to come on the market.  Which I guess means that he’s been waiting for people to die.”  He grinned and said, “Well, lets hope it’s not usually that.  Anyway, he figures that the big project downtown is going to take a couple of years and these other things would be immediate, or as immediate as any real estate transaction is.  But I think the more important thing is that these things are projects that make him salivate.  He can taste these, and that makes me think that they must all be gems.”


Halloween was fast approaching when I got an email from my dads telling me that they expected everyone to be in Denver for Thanksgiving.  He specifically said, “I will have the plane in Milwaukee at nine in the morning on the twenty-first of November to make sure that you, Nick and Andrew get here in plenty of time for all of us to enjoy the holiday.”  Then he put a smiley face and said, “If that sounds like an order, it is.  Then he added,  “Don’t put me in the position of trying to explain to your grandfathers why I failed to make this happen.”

I forwarded it to Nick and got back, “LOL, I’ve already gotten my orders.”

From Andrew I got, “I guess I’ll be at your place on the twentieth so I don’t miss the freakin plane.  Geez, I coulda just flown outta Chicago, I mean it’s not like I can’t figure out how to get to the airport.  It’ll be good to see the granddads though.”

From Aiden, “I miss you guys!  Besides, I need a break.  With school and work I’ve barely had time to whack off, and dad is a lot harder to work for than I figured.”

Well, I could have told him that.  Alex liked things to be perfect and even though he was nice about it there was pressure to get things just so.  But when you think about it he’s the same way with the way he physically trains and the way he makes the twins train.  Thank God I don’t have to do that anymore.


When I got home Sam was practically apoplectic.  I had made my way through piles of lumber and asorted building materials that were sitting in what would eventually become our new kitchen.  Sam was standing there watching me.

He sighed.  “They tore the walls out of your bedroom!”   He looked like he was on the verge of melt-down.  “They tore down all the bedroom walls!”

I grinned at him and made a downward motion with my hands.  “Relax, Sam, it’ll be okay.”  I edged past cartons that seemed to be filled with our new kitchen cabinets.  “They’re ripping out the bedrooms down here and then there’ll be a large bedroom for Nick and me, but the front of the house on that side’ll be a kinda library office thing.”

“Actually, while they’re not going as fast as they promised they’re going faster than I figured they would.  So, in a way, we’re ahead of the game.  Anyway, I’m not gonna worry about it.  Jack, the guy in my office is yelling at em every day, but with construction it’s hard to know what to do.”

“But I can see how it’d be hard for you to even cook anything.  So just order things in.  You got a list of the restaurants we like so for dinner just have it delivered and in the morning we can just have toast or cereal or whatever.”

He sighed and dropped his arms to his sides.  “But cleaning!  It’s impossible!”

“I know, but just chill about it.  There’s no way you’re going to be able to keep this place any kind of clean, so just roll with it.  Believe me, when this is finished you’re really gonna have your hands full because it’ll be twice the size it is now.”

Sam rolled his eyes and then smiled.  “Okay, if it doesn’t bother you guys I guess I can live with it.”




The walls around our bedroom really were gone, replaced by canvas that had been hung from the ceiling joists.  Strangely all of our furniture was still exactly were it had been although covered in drop clothes. All of the clothing that had been hung in the closets was on rolling racks pushed off to one side.

I sighed.  “I had no idea.”  I felt like I was to blame for this.  “Should we just go to a hotel?  We coulda even rented an apartment for a few months.  I mean, I didn’t think it’d be like this.”

He walked over to me looking a little tired, but with horny glint in his eyes,  Puppy looked up at him and whimpered.  I knew how he felt.

Nick leaned down and kissed me lightly on the lips.  “Is it that you hate this that much or is it that you think that I hate it?”

I said, “I can see the progess they’ve made and  I can even see that they’ll probably be done in a month or six weeks or so.  It’s just....I dunno.   A big part of it probably is that I worry about how you feel, but it’s also that it’s just so much of a mess.”

He laughed and pushed me backwards on the bed, then with a quick move jerked my underwear down and off.  Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

“C’mon, I was gonna take a shower, but let’s make it a nice hot bath for the two of us.  Maybe I can distract you.”  He slid his hand up my bare leg and cupped my balls.

I grinned up at him.  “We haven’t done that for a while.”  His hand left my balls and pushed further south.

He bent over me, kissed me and whispered, “I promise you a good time.  Besides, there’s something I wanna try.”

The puppy sat in the middle of the bathroom floor watching us as we filled the tub with hot soapy water.  Nick got in and leaned slowly back sighing as he went.  The top of his chest and his head and shoulders were above the water and his hard cock stood straight up like a periscope.
I started to get in, but he said,  “You’re gonna need lube.” 

I did need the lube, the amazing penetration and then lying there, my back to his chest with just his throaty slightly hoarse voice whispering to me while he throbed inside of me.  He never moved, never thrusted, just was there inside of me, whispering and being in me, driving me crazy.  I came twice and both times the puppy whimpered, like he understood, and then, after what seemed like forever, Nick followed me, shooting deep inside of me, still without moving.



The following morning both Jack and George were waiting for me when I walked in.

Jack said, “One of those deals George was talking about will be hitting soon and if you’re interested, we really oughta move before then.”

I waved them into my office and we sat around a small conference table.  George had a file folder in his hand that looked like it had been around since the flood.  He laid it carefully on the table and opened it.

“Gloria Morgan is eighty-nine and, reportedly has recently had a very small stroke.  Anyway, her children are pushing her to turn over control of the family corporation to them.

I have a friend that lives in her building and he says that the family has been wearing a path to her door, which apparently they never did before.  She a bit contakerous and except for holidays and special occasions they pretty well avoid her.”

I leaned back in my chair and Puppy jumped up onto my lap.  I looked into his eyes and said, “Try not to shed.”  He licked my hand.

Looking at George I asked, “What’s she got that we want?”

“Lots.  Let me give you some background.  Her family was one of the early families here in Milwaukee.  That eventually meant grain elevators, cattle, and leather.  That was followed by banks and real estate.  Somewhere in the mid-twentieth century that all got consolidated into a family corporation.  Right now they’re holding lots of stocks, bonds, and cash but the thing we need to think of is the real estate.

For instance, there’s an eighteen story building just north of downtown that is the premier high end building in the city.  It’s a gem.  There’s also an industrial park in the western suburbs that is a consistant earner and probably twenty smaller buildings around town.  I don’t know if you’re interested in farming of any kind but she’s got Morgan Farms about twenty miles west of here that is on the order of a thousand acres and is amazing.”

I picked Puppy up put him on the floor then leaned forward and asked, “So how do we get the details on this?”

George said softly, “I can call her.”

That and the way that he said it surprised me.  I smiled at him.  “How well do you know her?”

He sighed, slowly readjusted his glasses and leaned back in his chair.  “I used to work for her father.   That was a very long time ago.  Actually I helped him acquire or build most of those buildings.”





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