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Protecting David-Finding Christopher
--- Chapter 1 ---
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Protecting David-Finding Christopher 1

I wondered if I could die from this. Okay, not die but this can’t be good for a guy, even my balls felt weird. I lifted my head while I threw back the covers. My cock was pointing straight at me. I rocked my hips back and forth but it didn’t sway or bounce, it didn’t eve feel like it was a part of me. A week without sex! Well without sex with Larry. How the fuck does anyone go a month? I felt like I could cum from thinking about running my tongue over the soft depression just under his ear.

I took a shower and with the help of cold water got my dick soft enough to pee and that took the pressure off. After I shaved I pulled on a pair of my favorite old Levi’s and sighed in relief. For the last week it had been nothing but suits, dress shirts and ties and the jeans felt just sooo fucking good. I stopped back in the bathroom and ran my fingers thru my hair and it dropped into place. I’ve got good hair, not as good as Larry’s but good. Larry’s is a lot sexier and the smell is fantastic. Actually the back of his neck is……. Fuck, I gotta quit thinking about that or I’ll cum in my pants! I was relieved that I didn’t have to haul all those dress clothes back to Denver, that I could just leave a few suits at Emma’s, or well I guess that now it’s my dad’s house.

I grabbed my briefcase stepped in the hall and practically walked straight into Robert. He stopped and gave me a hands on the hips stare. Well, one handed. “I was bringing you coffee!”

“Robert, don’t be mad at me but I gotta get back to Denver early. I gotta go into the shelter and bring their books up to date and do all kinds of other crap there plus I gotta do a written report of what happened this week for David and that’s gonna take a while and then Connie wants me in my office to sort out our problems there. And I hate getting home in the afternoon cause it doesn’t feel like there’s time to do anything and believe me everything is backed up!”

He handed me the coffee and grinned. “So what your saying is that you’re horny for Larry.”

I took a sip of the coffee. “Like you wouldn’t believe! I can’t even sleep right without him but it’s true about all the work crap.”

“How was your cocktail party last night? Did your Australian meet the people that he needed to?”

We started to walk down the hall to my dad’s bedroom. “It was fantastic, Robert! Thanks. I dunno how you managed to get all those people together. Tom spent like an hour talking to those guys from Defense that you brought in.”

“Alex, for one thing most of them remembered you, it wasn’t just me. Emma did a good job of making sure they would and besides those people’ll go anywhere for free drinks and a little something to eat.” Before her death Emma had made sure that she introduced me to many of the people she knew and most of the time introduced me as her grandson. Emma really knew how to work Washington.

“We’ll I could never have brought it all together.”

We stopped in front of my dads rooms. Robert hugged me. “You know, Emma wanted you to have the carriage house so that you’d keep coming back to Washington, so that you’d have a home here,” He waved his arm around the elegant hallway “well beyond this place.” I started to say something but he waved it away. “I know you’re not going to leave Denver, at least not yet but don’t forget we’re here. Your dads miss you. I know that you talk to David a lot and email back and forth but it’s not the same as being here.” I know that Robert misses me. We’ve known each other for as long as I knew Emma, which was from the time I was a really little kid. He’s is almost like a third parent.

“I know, Robert. And now that I’m doing more with David’s company and he’s moved everything here, you probably will see me more.” I grinned at him. “You know the planes also fly from here to Denver. It’s not like you couldn’t come visit. Larry would love to see you, he’s your biggest fan.”

He laughed. “Oh, Honey, I am tooo much a political queen to ever leave here! It’s even hard for me to believe that there IS anything beyond the beltway!”

Stepping thru the door to my dad’s rooms you move first into a sitting room, then straight ahead is their bedroom and to the right is a small dining room. It’s basically the same setup that Emma had but without as many closets. Emma had been true to her word and left David and Mark her house. At first they were inclined to either donate it to some charity or sell it outright but in the end David, since he was spending so much time there anyway, decided to move his main office from Milwaukee to Washington and to locate it in the house. The ground floor with all of the public rooms was left exactly as Emma had it and the second floor was devoted to office space for both David and Mark with living space on the third floor. In the end after tons of remodeling it really worked beautifully but not having Emma here still had a way of washing over me unexpectedly and leaving me depressed. Emma had been the only major woman in my life ever and I had become as attached to her as if she really had been my grandmother.

I ducked my head into my dads little dining room. “You guys decent?”

Mark was sitting at their table wearing sweat pants and a tee shirt and David just had on a white Terry cloth robe. Mark laughed. “When did you start caring about that?” He patted the chair next to him. “Come on. Grab some food and sit.”

I went to the sideboard and loaded up a plate with scrambled eggs and bacon and sat down. David folded his paper and set it aside. “How did things go with Tom?”

“Great!” Tom Davis directly and thru relatives controlled about three hundred million dollars that we managed for him. His father had been an old friend of David’s but had died six months before and because Tom was pretty young David wanted me to spend some time with him and his family. One of Tom’s main concerns was getting some attention from our Defense Department for his plant that made armaments. “He and the Defense guys hit it off.”

Mark looked up. “What’s this guy make?”

David said, “Some little thing for rockets or something.”

I added, “The fins and the whole steering apparatus for small missiles and a bunch of other miscellaneous little gizmos.”

Mark laughed at David and my lame ass explanation. “You guys are a big help.”

David said, “Well, while it’s good business to help Tom with this, the bulk of the family money comes from other things, coal mines, grocery stores and banks. But this armaments business has been growing.”

Mark turned to me. “Will this guy let you know if he has a problem with Defense?”

“Probably and I can always ask him. Why, would you help him?”

“Yeah. I mean within reason.”

“What if he wanted you to rep for their company?”

“Did he say that?”

“No but what if?”

“I don’t think so.” Mark looked at David for a second. “David and I are trying to untangle ourselves from this stuff. But if it were just making a few phone calls and a little advice I’d do that.” Mark’s business had grown slowly but steadily over the years and he now represented a dozen or so major defense contractors.

David leaned over the table. “Alex, how are you coming with the shelter and your rehab plan?” The rehab plan was what I hoped would be a way of getting our clients at the shelter into a more stable way of living. The thing was that when women came to us their entire support network was usually gone because they rarely came to us before then. Typically both the woman and her children, and there usually were children, would be stunned in the same way that you would see in a war zone. They had gone thru maybe the toughest thing that people can go thru and they’d be pretty shell-shocked when we got them.

If I heard it once I heard it a thousand times. “What do I do? Oh my God what do I do now?” No money, usually no job or vastly underemployed and no more relatives willing or able to help, that was the typical situation. We’re not talking about something being a little too expensive to afford at the moment, we’re talking dead broke. It wasn’t unusual for these women to have less than five dollars. The alternatives to the shelter were living on the streets or going back to the guy that abused them in the first place. And the problem didn’t end with the mother because the kids being raised in that environment would be damaged in ways that weren’t always obvious but usually involved learning and self-esteem problems and often the kids had been abused too. But whether it’s parents or children or both no one is the same after that experience. The absolute worst thing was the faces of the kids; they didn’t smile and seemed to be silently aware that the world of adults had betrayed them.

We did a lot of work getting people situated in apartments with subsidized rent and social workers to help with the kids but it wasn’t enough and that’s when Larry and I began talking about the advantages of getting people into houses that they would actually end up owning, something that would provide stability and ground them. Then two years ago we tried putting three families into their own homes and enlisted the university to provide psyche students to work with the children. The kids really needed psychological help and often needed someone who could mentor them and make sure that they weren’t letting all this crap derail them for the rest of their life. The women also needed someone to turn to often with problems as simple as how you get the electricity turned on or even, especially if they were young, how to get their kids signed up for school. The results were amazing or at least as amazing as a three family sample could be and we followed it up with five more the following year.

Then early this year my personal attorney, Charles Stanner called me and told me the city had eighty-three units it wanted to sell. These were virtually all really really run down houses, sometimes drug houses that it wanted to sell and that the price would be nominal if we rehabbed them and underwrote the resale to needy families from the shelter. In many cases the houses would need to be leveled and rebuilt and in some cases they were literally vacant lots. I asked Chuck to put together an organization to handle the rehab and I contacted Gerhardt and made arrangements for the money. Larry had donated money and tapped his family for additional money to supply furnishings for the houses. These people needed everything from furniture to dishes.

The thing is that we didn’t do this because we’re some big humanitarians, the amount of money involved compared to what I have is small and I’m sure that if I had asked, David would have paid for it. Larry and I did this to help people that we had come to know. We both spent a lot of time working at the shelter and the other staff people there, especially Ann, the person who started the shelter and who still had the final word on everything, were really our friends and the clients of the shelter became important to us. Although now that Larry was going into third year of law school he was spending more and more time working at Bob’s dad’s law firm where he was interning. He was really beginning to do a lot of regular lawyer stuff and now that I was doing more and more with David’s company our time working with the shelter was pretty much just confined to a couple of nights a week but that didn’t change the commitment that we felt we had to the people.

I explained the situation with the land to David and he just smiled and said, “Good.” I knew that he wanted to see how Larry and I did with this. I grinned at him knowing that I knew that he knew that I knew.

David said, “What’s Larry up to? How’s the intern thing going?”

I laughed. “Actually he loves it. He likes the guy who’s mentoring him and he likes Bob’s dad although he says that he never sees him because he’s just an intern and Bob’s dad is like God. He also told me that he bought a new car but he won’t tell me what brand or anything. He’s pretty worked up about it. He said that he had to fight with Mei over picking me up at the airport.” Mei was the last and only personal security person I had, they just weren’t needed anymore. She was the lady that had stood over me when I collapsed in Washington five years before and for whatever reason she had become fiercely loyal to me. She was capable of being a scary if beautiful lady and even the hulking guys who guarded the house were terrified of her. David told me that the only thing that he knew about her was that she was Mr. Tam’s granddaughter but the she had been more or less expelled from the family. David also added that he was pretty sure from his conversation with Mr. Tam that she remained his favorite grandchild.

The talk about the car got Mark’s attention. He grinned and asked, “He give you any clues about the car?”

“No but he’s been trying to talk himself into something really sporty like…I dunno, a Porsche or something.”

David said, “Alex, what are you planning to do with the carriage house?” Emma had left me the carriage house although calling it that didn’t do it justice since it was now a six thousand square foot free standing Georgian style house sitting on a half acre of ground.

That kinda caught me off guard. “Ah..I dunno. Why what were you thinking?”

Mark said with a smile, “You could always talk Larry into moving to Washington and you guys could live in it.”

I laughed. “Gee, Dad, why don’t you lay a little guilt on me!”

He grinned. “You don’t look all that guilty.”

“Oh believe me, I feel guilty but right now the horniness is winning out over the guilt.”

David lowered his paper and smiled. “So tonight you guys are gonna fuck yourselves silly?”

“That’s the plan.” It’s funny, a few years ago I would never have been able to have this conversation with them. They were both smiling and I decided to toss it back at them. “Hey, I remember how you guys used to act when one of you had been away. Practically had to hose you down.”

Mark squeezed my shoulder. “Hey, it sounds like a good plan you’ve got there. Even with all this other stuff you’ve got going don’t forget to make time for Larry.”

I turned to David and said, “I know what you’re thinking about the carriage house but I could never sell it and I wouldn’t feel right about leasing it out and having strangers live there. Emma felt odd about having strangers taking it over.”

David said, “Well it doesn’t really matter if no one is in it. Just seems like a waste though. It’s gorgeous now that the decorating is done and it’s furnished.” I had walked all thru it four days ago and it was perfect. David had me bring Eli in from California to handle the decorating and after having decorated two houses for Larry and me she had a pretty good idea of what we liked. But as attractive as the house was I had never spent a night there because it felt like it was somehow missing something and then, after a while, I realized that what it lacked was Larry and that the place would never feel like home until he and I had spent time there as a couple. I could feel the shiny new brass keys to the house in my pocket.

“Dad….what I’m thinking here is that as Larry gets further along in the whole lawyering thing it’s just possible that he’s going to have to come to Washington to…I dunno…sue somebody or something. The thing is that when we had dinner with his boss the guy practically started to salivate when Larry mentioned that we had a house here. Well, the whole point is that it could happen that we’ll be here more than you think.”

David and Mark looked at each other and smiled. My head was swiveling from David to Mark and then back and I figured that I better jump back in. “Quit grinning you two, that’s all pretty iffy.”

I was so anxious to be going home to Larry that I was almost jumpy, well, maybe more like horny nervous. When I was getting on the plane, Debbie Marx who’s the flight attendant looked at me and said, “You’re not nervous about the flight are you because the weathers great and Billy says it’ll be a really smooth trip.”

That was really the first moment that I realized that what I was feeling from missing Larry was bad enough to actually be seen by other people. I sighed. “No Deb, just glad to be going home.” She didn’t look like she totally bought that but it didn’t really matter. I held up my briefcase. “But I got a couple of hours work here so that ought to take up most of the flight.” After we were airborne and flying over West Virginia Deb brought me coffee and some pastries while I typed out a report for David about Tom’s trip to Washington. I had just started to type when the computer made the new mail sound. I clicked on my email and then clicked on the attachment from Larry. It was a large detailed picture of him with his hard cock gripped firmly in his hand and a huge grin on his face. I laughed and looked around to make sure that Deb couldn’t see it then breathed deeply, sighed and saved it to my documents. The evil bastard.

It’d be pretty hard not to know that you’ve landed at Denver because the terminal looks like a bunch of circus tents. I wondered for like the millionth time what they had been going for with that but ended up mentally shrugging like I always do. But it was good to be home, really good. The sun was bright, the sky was clear and the mountains had a deep bluish green cast to them.

While we were taxiing to the terminal Deb was moving around the cabin getting things together. She stopped and looked at me and then smiled. “You’ll be seeing him in like a minute!”

I laughed. “Now what makes you think that I was thinking about him?”

She grinned. “Alex, you look like you want to get out and drag the plane to the terminal.”

I forced myself not to look out of the windows and to concentrate on getting my computer shut down and put away and getting my bags together. Then I stepped back into the bathroom to rinse off my face just as we were coming to a stop. I looked up into the mirror and I even looked spazzed out to me. I heard and felt the door opening and the stairs being lowered, my heart was beating so hard it felt like it could explode.

Then when I looked up he was standing there in the doorway of the bathroom and I exhaled a breath that I had been holding too long. He had on a dark blue pinstriped suit, one of the suits that we had had made in England, that David had bought for us. His dark brown hair was hanging slightly over his forehead and curling a bit at the collar of his white shirt. His hazel eyes were mostly deep green now and looked as emotional as mine felt. I walked into his arms and they tightened around me, my arms were around his shoulders and my face was pressed to the warmth of his. I inhaled the sexy smell of his hair and choked down a sob. He pulled back his head and then pressed his lips to mine until our tongues met and we tried to suck them in frantically. With our lips locked together Larry pressed me back further into the bathroom and slammed the door shut with his foot. I could feel his hard cock pressing against mine and I wanted him inside of me so bad it was like a burning ache, the same ache that had been with me all week.

I reached down and held his hard cock thru the silky wool fabric of his pants feeling the weight of it, the thickness and length. His hands moved down and kneaded my Levi covered ass while I swallowed as much of his spit as I could get.

We finally broke for air and I stammered, “We can’t fuck in here.”

Our lips parted but his never left my face and brushed slowly around it to my ear. He groaned into the side of my neck and said, “Why?” His breath was warm and sweet.

I put my chin on his shoulder and pulled us as tightly together as I could while his body heat soaked into me. I mumbled, “Flight crew.” Then, “Fuck! I hate being separated from you!”

Larry spoke and I could hear a smile in his voice. “They probably think that we’re in here fucking anyway.” He was shoving his legs between mine and I felt his tongue run up the side of my neck as a shiver ran thru my body.

I pushed away from him and took a deep breath. I started to say something but Larry grabbed me and pulled me back into a deep kiss that went on and on as his hands worked on my back. Finally we could hear two people talking on the other side of the door.

Billy was saying, “I’m pretty sure that they’re fucking, whadya think, Dave?”

This was followed by Dave Kellerman the co-pilot saying, “Gotta be! Wait, do I feel the plane moving?”

I looked up at Larry, grinned and said loudly enough for them to hear on the other side of the door, “See what fucking happens when you get too close to the help!”

Still in Larry’s arms I jerked open the door, they were leaning against the bulkhead on the other side of the corridor smiling. I stared at them and then said, “Shitheads! What have you guys got against young love?” We had known Billy for a long time and had been thru a lot with him and Dave was a happily “married” gay guy. Maybe to my dad they were help but I just couldn’t think of them that way.

A grinning Billy said, “Nothing, Alex, I’m totally cool with young love but I just got a call from your dad and he’s all in a panic for me to pick up one of your customers in Vancouver.”

The crew had stacked my baggage next to a low wide very sleek dark blue Aston Martin DB9. Larry was staring expectantly at me. “Alex, is this fucking cool or what?”

It was beautiful and had a jewel like quality to it. I said softly, “It’s gorgeous! Why Aston Martin, I thought you were goin all Porsche on me?”

With Larry’s lean muscular handsomeness and dark blue Saville Row suit he did look all 007ish to me. “One of the lawyers at the firm knew of a business guy who had gotten himself into some trouble and needed to sell it. I fell in love with it and it’s only got like eight thousand miles on it and I got it for a really good price. Well, as good as you could expect for an Aston Martin.” It was pretty obvious that Larry wanted me to tell him that he did the right thing and after all it was his money and he could afford it and it wasn’t like it was something he did all the time or for that matter, ever. He said almost shyly, “You don’t think I made a mistake do ya? I fell in love with it the second I saw it.”

I grabbed his hand while we looked at the car. “Babe, I love it too. It’s what you really wanted, right?” By the time I was twenty I was pretty much over my car phase but Larry loved them.

He grinned like a little kid. “Alex it’s a V12, 450 horsepower, 0 to 60 in less that five seconds, I fucking love it!”

I laughed. “Well, I can’t imagine what we’d need all that speed for but she’s beautiful.”

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