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Protecting David-Finding Christopher
--- Chapter 12 ---
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                                  Protecting David-Finding Christopher 12


“What if they don’t like me?”  Chris had turned in his seat and was looking up at me.


“Your dads.  They’re gonna be there, right?”

I grinned because I knew there was like zero chance of them not liking him.  “Chris…they’ll like you.  They already like you and they haven’t even met you yet.”

Larry leaned across the table and rested his chin on his hands.  “You’ll like em, Chris.  They’re both good guys and they’re gonna be crazy about you.”

Chris sighed.  “But sometimes people don’t like me.  That’s just the way it is.”

Larry gave him a crooked grin and said, “Cause mostly you been runnin into assholes!  But look at Alex and me, we like you fine.”

Chris was staring at the table top and said softly, “I guess.”

I put my hand on the back of his neck and said, “Chris what other people may think about you isn’t gonna affect the way that Larry and I feel.  As far as we’re concerned this is a done deal, so don’t get too worked up about what other people are maybe gonna think.  My dads are gonna like you right off if for no other reason then cause we like you and because you’re a member of the family now.  But the thing is that I know them, I know what they like and they’re gonna love you because of what you’re like.  And you know something, you’re gonna love them.  They’re good guys and they’re both good with kids.  They like kids.”

In the distance, as we taxied, I could see my dad’s plane parked and a bunch of cars around it.

Larry laughed and said, “Limo convention.”  There were three, plus two SUV’s.  Of course Connie had no way of knowing about the bank sending one too.  Even though Chris had moved back to his seat on the other side of the table I could practically feel him shrinking into himself as we got closer.

After we had parked and we all stood up Chris looked we were sending him to the lions.  Karen had started to open the door but I asked her to wait for a second and I pulled Chris into a hug.  He felt scared to death.  Larry came up behind him and put his hands on Chris’s shoulders.  I broke the hug and bent down and whispered to him.

“Just relax.  Larry and I aren’t gonna let anything bad happen.  Okay?”

“I guess.”

My dads were dressed in jeans and Polo shirts and were leaning against one of the cars talking to a blond guy in a tan lightweight suit.  Billy was still in the cockpit of my dad’s plane but he waved when we came out of the plane.

Mei was the first one out and was eying the huge guy standing near David who was also eying her.  I had my hand on Chris’s shoulder and we were walking down the stairs together with Larry right behind us.

It took us all of ten seconds to lose Chris to my Dads.

Mark stepped towards us and bent down to Chris and with a huge smile on his face said, “Chris, we are so glad to meet you!”

Chris opened his mouth but nothing came out and anyway by that time Mark had pulled Chris back against him and held him there while he kissed Larry and Me.  Then he bent down and said to Chris, “C’mon I want you to meet David.”  And he dragged him off to David who was already walking towards us.

Mei who had walked over and said something to David’s security guy was now back behind me.  I nodded towards David’s guy and grinned at her.

“Think you could take him?”

She lifted an eyebrow smiled and said, “Maybe yes, maybe no.  Nah matter, he nah walk away no matter wha.”

David put his arms around me and hugged me and then pulled me over to meet the guy from the bank.

David said, “Alex this is Peter Maas from the bank.”  He tilted his head and then added, “I don’t know if you remember meeting him in Berne a few years back.  You were meeting a lot of people then so maybe you don’t.”

I shook Peter’s hand and said, “I do remember.  You were the manager of the branch in Berne, weren’t you?”

He had just the suggestion of a German accent.  “Yes, Alex.  It’s wonderful to meet you again!  I just got back from looking at the two buildings going up and I hoped that you’d let me show them to you.”

“That’d be great if we could hit them on the way to the house.”

“It’s what I had planned, Alex.  And they are on the way and relatively close to each other.  The first one is almost finished and with the second it’s just the iron work up.  But then you’ve seen the photos.”

Even on Saturday the construction sites were busy and we parked well back from the men working and the steady movement of heavy equipment.  We were standing well back watching the movement of workers over the building.  Mark was standing with his arm slung over Chris’s shoulders.  The wind off of the ocean had picked up and the air smelled of the sea.

Peter said, “This building, I’m happy to say, is one hundred percent rented.  The next one almost seventy percent.  Both should be very profitable.”

David stepped forward and said to Peter, “I’ve been thinking about putting together a fund.  A type of REIT.  I’d like to send you some things I’ve put together, some ideas.”

“Of course, David!  I’d be very happy to take a look.”

David turned to me.  “That’s something we need to talk about.”

I must have gotten an odd look on my face because he added, “I’m not saying you should stop doing what Helmut wanted you to do.  This would be in addition and would address a different market.  But this would also be bigger, much bigger.”  David can’t stop, he can’t even rest.



Chris came running out of his bedroom in his swim suit and a tee shirt and barreled into me.

I caught him in my arms and steadied him.  “Hey be careful.  You’re gonna hurt yourself.”

“I gotta hurry!   Mark and David are waitin for me.”  I had my hands on his shoulders and he was practically vibrating.

“They’re nice aren’t they?”

“Yeah, they’re not mean or anything.  I was really scared they might be mean.  I gotta go!  I told em I’d be right there!”

“Okay, well have fun.  You know how to get to the pool?”

He looked around and seemed to realize that he really didn’t know how to get there so I steered him into our bedroom which had a pair of French doors leading onto the pool area.

“Cut through here.  I’m gonna scare up some suntan lotion and I’ll meet you out there.”  He went tearing through our room and I yelled after him, “Be careful by the pool!  Remember you’re not the greatest swimmer yet!”  I heard a splash a split second later but when I looked Mark and David were in the pool with him and I relaxed.  How do parents live through this?

Looking out the window I saw that David was wearing a tee shirt too and then I remembered that he had scars on his back like Chris did, although not as bad.  I didn’t remember him ever wearing a tee shirt to cover them up though.

While I was watching my dads in the pool with Chris I felt Larry’s hands on my waist and then the warmth of him pressing against my back.  He kissed the back of my neck while his hands were rubbing my stomach and then whispered.

“I guess he figured out that your dads like him.”

I nodded and laughed.  “The trick is gonna be keeping them from taking him back to Washington with them.”

Larry ran his hand up my chest and then, gently cupping my chin, tilted my head back against his shoulder and started kissing my throat.  When he does this it’s like getting plugged into an electrical outlet and my muscles get all twitchy.

I closed my eyes, sighed and mumbled, “You know there’s no time.”

He gently pulled me back until the side of the bed was behind my knees.  He steadily pressed me backwards until I was lying on the bed and he was straddling me with his mouth clamped to mine.

He lifted his lips from mine and they parted reluctantly.  He rubbed his forehead against my cheek and said, “We gotta make time.”



“What about…..?”

His voice was a hurried whisper.  “They’re watching him.  They won’t let anything happen.”

 In one movement he peeled my shirt off over my head.  He pushed me down firmly and stared down into my eyes.  Looking up at him, his eyes heavy with lust, he still takes my breath away.  His fingers were pushing through my hair as he stared down at me, his thumbs making small circles at my temples.

Slowly he brought his legs over mine separating them as he slid between them.

He slowly kissed the end of my chin and then dragged his lips up to mine and engulfed them.  He closed his eyes slightly as he buried his tongue in my mouth.  He was grunting softly deep in his throat.  His hard cock was still buried in the fabric of his jeans as he thrust it rhytmically against my crotch.  Even though I still had my jeans on I slipped my legs behind his thighs to hold him as I pushed up against him our cocks grinding together.

Larry released my mouth and then reached between us and fumbled with my belt and zipper.  He sat back on his heels while he pulled my pants and underwear off of my legs.  My cock slapped against my stomach and layed there while Larry pushed his jeans down and freed his cock.  As he struggled with his pants I reached forward between my legs and wrapped my right hand around his thick hard cock.  My left hand cupped his heavy balls and when I glanced up at his face his eyes were squeezed tightly shut.

His hand grabbed my wrist.  “Careful!  I’m close.”

I couldn’t believe it.  “You’re close?”  He’s the one that can always go forever.

He looked defensive then he laughed.  “We didn’t do it this morning, Alex!  Besides, planes make me horny.  Nothing to do but sit there and think about your butt.” 

He spit on his fingers and then while staring into my eyes lowered his hand and pushed them slowly into me.  He bent forward and kissed me and as he did his cock moved carefully into me.



I sat bolt upright every muscle frozen.  If there had really been a sound it was gone now.  I looked at the doors to the patio and the pool.  There was a faint light coming from a few pool lights that were left burning so that no one would fall in but nothing alarming.  Then I heard it again, a faint keening but so full of pain.  It was coming from the hallway and knew that it had to be Chris.

In the hallway and twenty feet to my left  in the corner Chris was standing pressed against the wall with his fists pressed to his face like he was the first time that I had ever seen him.  The moonlight coming in from a skylight caused his white briefs to almost become incandescent.  A high-pitched whine was coming from deep in his throat as he tried stifling his sobs.  It seemed like he wasn’t even able to move, like he was frozen with fear.

I called to him softly, “Chris.”  He seemed to be looking at me but it was like something was holding him.   As I walked to him he seemed to become aware of me and where before he was crying without tears as I reached him it was like he now felt safe enough to give in to the emotion and the tears began to flow.

I reached out to him and he ran into my arms sobbing.  “I couldn’t find you!  I didn’t know which door!”

I held him for a minute and then whispered, “Bad dream?”

He nodded against me and said, “Yeah…but don’t be mad.  Okay?”

I kissed the top of his head and whispered, “Don’t worry about that, Chris.”

Then I heard a sound and looked up to see Mark standing there in sweat pants and a tee shirt.  “Hi, Dad.  He’s okay.  Just a bad dream.”

Mark leaned down and put his hand on Chris’s back.  His voice was strained and a little scary.  He said, “Was it about CC?”

Chris just nodded against my stomach.

Mark said softly, “You don’t have to worry about him anymore, Chris.  I’ll take care of him.  He’s not ever gonna bother you again.” 

Then he looked up at me sighed and said, “Well…you guys better get some sleep.”

My concern was what Mark might have planned for CC.  Not that I gave a damn about CC but I didn’t want my dad on trial for hurting the guy.

I said, “Dad……”

But he put his hand and my shoulder and whispered, “Tomorrow…plenty of time to talk about it tomorrow.  Go to bed.”

I led Chris into our dark bedroom and pulled back the blankets while he climbed in.  Suddenly Larry sat up abruptly and said, “S’up?”  If he was actually awake it was just barely.

I said, “Go back to sleep, Lar.  Chris just had a nightmare.” 

Larry looked around for a moment, trying to get his bearings and then reached over and rubbed Chris’s shoulder and muttered, “S’okay, Chris.  Sleep.”  Then he collapsed backwards and rolled over onto his stomach.

I lay down on my stomach next to Chris.  His face was lying on the pillow facing me.  The room was very quiet except for Larry’s soft breathing.  Chris’s voice wasn’t so much a whisper as it was just quiet, each word clear.  He said, “I don’t think Larry was really awake.”

“Larry gets up really early but when he’s asleep he’s really asleep.”

Chris said softly, “Does he get mad cause I bother you guys so much?”

“No, Chris.  We know that once you get used to being safe that those dreams’ll stop.”

He seemed to think for a moment like he was trying to decide if he should tell me something.  Then he said, “My dad used to let me get into bed with him and my mom.  He knew sometimes I got scared.  I was real little then.”  I could only think of what a cruel, impossible place the world must seem to this little boy. 

“You must miss him and your mom.”

“Yeah.  It was real nice then.  It was real long ago.”

“Do you ever go to where they’re buried?  We could go there and put flowers and stuff.”

“I never did that.  I guess I wouldn’t know how.  Is there something that says where they’re buried?”

“Sure.  I’ll get someone to find out.  We’ll figure it out but we better get some sleep now.”  I leaned forward and kissed his forehead.  “We’re gonna have a busy day tomorrow.”



Chris’s voice was soft.  “Why do you like me?”

It was a surprising question and I was even more surprised that I didn’t really have an answer ready.  “Well, Chris, at first, I guess Larry and I felt bad for you.  But then we got to know you and found out that you’re a pretty good kid and now we like you cause of who you are not just because of what happened to you.”

“But…what if………”

I hadn’t intended to bring this up now but it seemed unavoidable because Chris was clearly worried.  “Chris…Larry and I don’t just want you to be our foster kid, we want to adopt you as soon as we can.  We want you to really be our kid.  Then it won’t be a case of…what if, because you’ll really be ours and nobody’ll be able to change that.  Would you want that?”

He laid there without saying anything then after what seemed like a very long time said quietly, “When I come home from school would you tell me to sit at the kitchen table and do my homework?”

I was certain that he wanted me to say yes.  “Yep.  And then I’ll go over it with you and we can talk about it.  You can tell me how school was and if the teachers are nice and all the stuff that the other kids are doin.”

His voice sounded very small.  “Okay.  That’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

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