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Protecting David-Finding Christopher
--- Chapter 13 ---
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    Protecting David-Finding Christopher 13


After Chris fell asleep and after I had been sleeping for what felt like only a few minutes my cell phone on the bedside table went off.  It took me awhile to realize what it was and by then both Chris and Larry were beginning to sit up and rub their eyes.

I grabbed the phone and took off for the bathroom.  “Go back to sleep you guys, it’s just my phone.”  I never get calls at night.

“Alex?”  He was slurring his words pretty bad.


“Look,” I could hear him inhale deeply, “don’t be mad.”  He was drunk.

“Richard, what the fuck are….?”

“I got it, Alex.  I got the deal.  But don’t be pissed.”


He giggled.  “Yep, that’s where I am.  Just don’t be mad, okay.  I hate it when people are mad at me.”

“They signed?  Really?  How much?”

“Eighty for a third but no they didn’t sign…well….that’s the thing.  They wanna have you sign.  You gotta come here…like now.”  I could hear him moving things around and could hear the clink of ice in a glass.  “I promised them you’d be here today….or is it tomorrow….whatever day this is.”  There was another long heavy sigh.  “They were here at the hotel.  “We had dinner, then we celebrated.  I been spending your money, Alex.  Lots of it.  We’re gonna need lawyers too…but we shook hands and I gave…..I gave….whatsisname…anyway…I gave em money….to buy a boat.”

“To buy a boat?”

“Wha’s his name?  The President of the company.  I told you his name, Alex.  Can’t you remember it either?”  He giggled.  “You been drinkin, Alex?”

“What about the boat, Richard?”

He was breathing heavily into the phone and I wasn’t sure how long he was going to stay awake.  When he spoke his voice was getting heavy.  “Boat was the key.  That fuckin boat.  Soon as I figured that out…was easy.  “Two hunert grand,” he giggled, “on my expense account.” 

He was silent for a long time and then said loudly, “Bring lawyers, Alex.  An you gotta be here by nine.  Please come, Alex.  They won’t sign unless it’s you.”

“Richard!  You’re killing me!  I’m here with Chris.  We promised him!”

“Alex, all ya gotta do is sign your name…maybe be back there by noon or maybe one.”  I could hear a loud crash like he had knocked something over.  “Ooops.  Sorry bout that.”

“Richard, you don’t even have something to sign.  That’s all gotta be done!  Can’t we make it Tuesday or Wednesday?”

“Competition, Alex!  They’re crawlin all over the place!  That bastard Conley from Carlisle is already here at the hotel.”  He was silent for a moment.  “God I’m fuckin tired!”  He inhaled deeply and then coughed.  “We haven’t been the only one talking to em, Alex.  And like usual there’s people in the company that don’t want us to have the deal.  But Carlos is a guy of his word and if we don’t mess him up with his troops he’ll stick to the agreement.”  He sighed.  “S’why I paid for their fuckin boat.”  Well at least I finally understood about the boat.

“Okay, Richard.  Larry can take Chris.  Everyone is gonna be pissed at me but I’ll do it.”  I looked at my watch, 4:15.  “It’s gotta be a three hour flight.  If we get outta here by six we should be okay.”


When I went back in the bedroom Larry was lying on his side watching me and still semi-asleep his dark brown hair was feathered out against the white of the sheets.  He said softly, “Wassup?”

I knelt down on the floor rested my elbows on the bed next to him and whispered, “I gotta go to Boston.  Richard got the deal I told you about but he needs me there to sign.  They’re insisting on it.”  I reached over and touched my fingertips to his cheek.  “They’re counting on me showing up.  I gotta do it.”

Larry took my fingers and pressed them lightly to his lips while he said softly, “Chris’ll miss you.”  He grinned sleepily.  “I kinda like having you around too.”

I grinned back at him and said, “Well don’t make this any easier on me than you have to, will ya?”

Larry pulled my head down to kiss him and I glanced over to see what Chris was doing but he seemed unconcious.  I pressed my lips to Larry’s and when his tongue pushed into my mouth I sucked on it, suddenly wanting to pull all of him into me.

Just as Larry put his hand on the back of my head we heard Chris mumbling into the pillow in a sleepy voice, “Dog lips, dog lips, dog lips!”

Larry started to laugh and then mumbled into my mouth, “Yummy dog lips.”

I reached over and shook Chris.  “You gonna hate me if I miss this today?”

He turned his head in the pillow a bit and peeked out at me.  “You said that you didn’t have a choice that they really need you to be there.”

I climbed over Larry and put my hand on the back of Chris’s neck.  “They did, Chris.  You haven’t met Richard but he works for me and this is a deal that he’s been working on.  It’s an important deal for me but just as importantly, Richard’s commission depends on me being there to sign the papers.”

“It’s okay, Alex, Larry and me’ll be okay.  Besides we got your dads too.”

In the meantime, without Chris being able to see it, Larry had run his hand up my underwear and wrapped it around my balls.  I started to laugh and tried to push it off of me but his grip was too good.  I said, “Larry!”

He said innocently, “Maybe you could leave these here.”

I laughed again and shook my head.  “Something tells me I’m really gonna need em.”

I also needed a quick shower and I had just stepped in and begun lathering shampoo into my hair when I heard the bathroom door open and close.  A moment later I felt Larry press up against my back.

His hands pushed mine off of my hair as he said, “Lemme wash your hair.”

There’s something about someone else washing your hair.  It feels great and is very intimate and usually, for us, leads to sex.  Larry’s cock began to grow immediately and I could feel the head of it as it tried to force its way between my legs.   I moved my legs apart and it quickly moved up until it was stopped by my balls and perineum.

I asked, “Where’s Chris?”

Larry’s fingers were massaging my scalp and he began an almost imperceptible thrusting motion with his hips.  He lightly bit the top of my shoulder and then licked it.  He said softly, “He went back to his room.”  His swollen dick made it feel like I was straddling a log and I wondered for like the millionth time how I ever managed to get that thing into me.


“I know, there’s no time but it’s not like there’s an on/off switch for my dick.”  My own dick was so hard that it was pointing at the ceiling and was beginning to hurt and while I knew there was no time I really needed Larry inside of me.

He pushed my head under the shower and rinsed shampoo out of my hair.  Then with me pulled back against his chest and his arms around me he began to wash my front.  I reached back pushed my hand between us and pulled the head of his cock up to my asshole.

Larry said, “What about…..?”

“I need it.  Just do it.”

“Hang on a second I gotta loosen you up.”

“Can’t you just do it?”

He kissed my neck.  “Depends on how you feel about screaming.” 

“It’s okay, just go a little slow.”

As he moved into me I almost passed out but not from pain but pleasure.


I knocked softly on the door to my dads bedroom and then opened the door and slipped in.  Just as my eyes were getting accustomed to the dark David was sliding out of bed wearing just boxers.   His body was small and thin but beautifully proportioned, his hair, as usual, was a tangle.

We both looked back at Mark who was still asleep.  David said quietly, “What’s happening?”

I whispered, “Dad, Richard called me from Boston.  He got that deal but he needs me there to sign and I need to scare up some lawyers so that there is something to sign.”

David pulled me out into the hallway.  “You’re going, of course.  Take your plane, we’ll use mine to go the park.  Is Stanner capable of handling this or do you want to use my guys?”

“Yours.  He may be capable but my guess would be that it’d be a stretch.  Besides, your guys are pros at this.  Can they throw something together this quickly?”  These papers were something that battalions of lawyer would normally worry over for months.

David’s eyes flashed, lawyers made him crazy.  “Absolutely!  Not that they’d ever admit it but it’s all boilerplate anyway.  Don’t worry, they will do it.” 

We stepped into a corner of the huge living room and sat in two facing chairs.  “How much is the deal?”

“Eighty for a third but they’re probably gonna need some financing beyond that.”

He nodded.  “Count on it.  But you can also count on their not believing that…at least not yet.  Mention it but just mention it.  Tell em that when they’re ready for it we can supply any amount of money they need and tell them that when they get to the point of manufacturing that we can help them with the details.  Make sure that they understand the importance of infrastructure, good human resource people, top accountants.  In the early stages nobody wants to spend money on that but it’s always the thing that ends up biting you in the butt if you don’t have it.”

Then he smiled at me.  “This is your first deal.  Nervous?”

“No…I guess not.  I mean I’ve helped you with a few, that helps.  And then all the stuff I do with Gerhardt.  That doesn’t have the element of risk that this does but I guess I feel prepared.”  And I did feel prepared.

“They’re going to have a million questions for you.  You may not know all of the answers but don’t try to fake it.  If you don’t know just tell em that you’ll get back to them with the answer.  You only get into trouble if you’re bluffing and they know it, nobody can have all the answers.  And remember, you don’t need the deal.  They need the money, if not from you then from someone else but you don’t need them.  If you do the deal do it because you want to be in business with them, no other reason.  And trust, if you get the feeling that the top guys can’t be trusted, walk away no matter how good it looks.  The other thing is, if they’re assholes, don’t do it.  Some people are just too much work.  You’re gonna be involved with these people for a long time and if your dealing with assholes it’s just not worth it.”

He laughed and stood up.  “So much for fatherly advice.”

I stood up and pulled him into a hug.  “I’ll take all the advice I can get.  I miss you guys a lot.”  It felt so good to be held by him.


I got to the airport at five thirty and Mike was standing at the foot of the stairs leading up into the plane. 

“Sorry to drag you out so early, Mike.  This wasn’t supposed to happen today.”

“Believe me, Alex, it’s not a problem.  It’s our job to get you where you need to be, at any time of day.”

Jared came down the stairs and took my small carryon bag.  “Morning, Alex!”

“Hi, Jared.”

“Karen has a pot of coffee that’ll be ready as soon as we’re in the air.”

I laughed.  “I’m gonna need it.  I’ve been up since four.  Can you guys get me there by nine?”

Mike said, “Not a problem, Alex.  But we better go now so that we know that we’re okay.  Let’s put you into Karen’s capable hands and Jared and I will get you to Boston.”

We took off into the rising sun and then as were arcing to the north I looked at the menu Karen had just handed me along with a cup of coffee.

I smiled up at her and tapped the menu with my fingertip.  “You got a favorite here?”

She grinned.  “It’s all good but the hash with an egg on it is spectacular.  But if you want something lighter we can do all kinds of toast, regular white bread, whole wheat and rye or bagels and all kinds of cereal.”

“If this day goes the way that I’m afraid it’s gonna go I may not see a decent meal until I get back on this plane.  Gimme the hash.”

While I was eating I flipped open my laptop and went into my email.  I had called Connie before we left Palm Beach and asked her to coordinate what we would be doing today.

In her email she told me that Darleen had been up since four-thirty dragging details out of a very tired Richard and that at about the same time that I was leaving Florida a lawyer named Cassie O’neil had flown out of New York for Boston.

Connie’s email said, “I know this woman, Alex.  Both looks and brains but like with all lawyers you must watch that she doesn’t try so hard to improve the deal that she kills it.  She is very aggressive.”  Well, aggressive could be good…or horrible.

Connie went on, “On another note, I got a call from Ann at the shelter.  She said that Charlene had been in and was threatening to sue her because when she moved into the shelter Ann had told her that there was no room for Chris and that now he had run away.  Of course we all know that’s bullshit but you might want to keep your shields up.  Ann said that they would have taken Chris in in a heartbeat but Charlene had never mentioned him.”  I knew that to be true and I had been pretty much expecting something like this.

I was tempted to call Richard but I was certain that he was already up to his butt in people hitting him up for details, plus Darlene had to be murdering him for getting drunk.  I didn’t want to pile on.  The fact was that despite his easygoing almost surfer boy manner Richard had a remarkable grasp of details and a personality that won people over almost instantly.   So I was confident that while there might be a few rough edges to the deal I’d be really surprised if there were more than just a few.

I clicked open the files that we had gotten from Mr. Tam’s organization regarding the men that I’d be meeting today.  Connie had instituted the practice of checking out everyone that we were going to do business with and everyone that worked for us.  It was expensive but I agreed with Connie that it’d seem cheap compared to what one crooked employee or business associate could cost us.

Richard’s friend Carlos who was the top guy owned twenty-two percent of the company and according to the report that I had he was a very responsible guy.  He was married and had a little girl.  None of the other people owned more than twelve percent and most seemed to have eight percent.  Nothing highlighted about any of them, just normal people.  Well, maybe not so normal if their research paid off.

The thing was that I viewed this as an eighty million dollar crap shoot.  My dad had some supposed experts look over the research that the company had done and they said it looked solid, great even but there was no guarantee that one of the major drug companies wasn’t working along the same lines. 

But that was looking at it from my position.  Like my dad said, “They needed the money.”  To them it was more.  To them it was the sum of their careers to date, everything was riding on it.  I got to wondering if there wasn’t some way for them to hedge their bet.

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