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Protecting David-Finding Christopher
--- Chapter 19 ---
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Protecting David-Finding Christopher 19


When we took off the boys were in such a state of excitement I figured they’d be totally nuts by the time we got to Washington.  But about halfway there the events of the day seemed to catch up with them and they started to nod off.  Karen made up beds for them and despite some halfhearted initial protesting they were soon asleep.

We touched down at Reagan National well after midnight and the kids were still unconscious in that total way that only kids can be.

My dads met us at the airport dressed pretty much the way that I always remembered them dressing with Mark in jeans and a jacket and David in his khaki chinos.  They came aboard and helped us carry the kids to David’s SUV.  Mark was carrying Aiden who opened his eyes and stared at him for a second and I was afraid he might freak out because he had never met them like Chris had, but in the end he just closed his eyes again and slept.  Apparently the fact that he was being carried by someone that he’d never met before didn’t even register.

On the ride David said, “We’ve got people getting your house ready but you can stay with us tonight.”  He squeezed my hand.  “I’d like you to stay with us permanently but I know that you’ll be more comfortable in your own house and my plan to keep you guys coming back is to make sure that you’re comfortable.”

Mark was sitting next to the driver and he turned back to us.  “The cops tried to get your security guys to open the gate about an hour ago but the Marine Captain in charge came down to the gate and told him it was a military operation and to get lost.  The last they heard was that the Denver cop was trying to get the state troopers to come out and help em but those guys won’t want to get involved, not with the military there.  Even if they do it won’t matter though.  The Marine’s have got orders not to let anyone in.”  He laughed.  “I told them that if they get the chance that they should try and leave the impression that the house is being checked out as a vacation spot for the president.  Which, by the way, it would be great for, it’s an easy place to secure.”

“General Calder called the Governors aide and told him it was a military operation and if they got any static from the locals he’d appreciate it if they defused it.  That should stop the Chief of Police and it’ll make the Governor feel like he’s part of it.”

David said, “I had Joan get in touch with some personal shoppers and they’re coming over tomorrow.  You’ll need clothes for yourselves and the kids and you might just as well leave that stuff here when you go back.  Then when you need it it’ll be here.”

I said, “How’s Robert?”

David laughed.  “Robert is working the people cleaning your house like an army.  Not that it really needed it but you know how he gets.”

When we pulled into the courtyard in front of my dads house Robert was standing there and grabbed my door handle the instant the car stopped.  As soon as I stepped out he grabbed me and kissed me.  “About freakin time!”  He muttered in my ear.

Then he said, “These are the babies!”  Chris got a panicky look on his face but the twins were still sound asleep.

I introduced Chris to Robert but kept Chris pulled back against me because I got the feeling he was getting nervous.  Larry and Mark carried the twins.  Originally we were gonna put the twins in one room and Chris in another but then he said, “They wake up and they’re gonna freak out.  You better let me sleep in the same room.”

I was very aware of Chris’s problems with panic in the middle of the night even though it hadn’t been a problem for a couple of weeks.  Once we got them settled into bed I told Chris, “We’re right next to you and Robert is leaving on that light in the hallway.  If you need us just come over the door won’t be locked.”  This house is huge and old and probably a lot scarier to a little boy than our house in Colorado.



Larry slid into bed and a moment later shoved his warm hand down the back of my boxers and I started to laugh.  He said, “You know, that wasn’t exactly the response I was hoping for.”

I whispered, “Larry, believe me, nobody wants to fuck more than I do but what if the kids come in?”

He started biting the back of my neck, something that makes me crazy.  I groaned.  “You’re killing me!”

He reached around and grabbed my dick through my boxers.  It was rock hard.  “Alex, they’re not gonna come in here now.  If they come in it’ll be later.  And believe me this isn’t gonna take long.”

“We don’t have any lube.”

“We’ve got spit and you like that better anyway and don’t try to tell me you don’t.”  He started sliding the back of my boxers down and I didn’t stop him.  Then he started lapping at the back of my ear.  His voice was soft, deep and filled with lust.  “You need this as much as I do.  I see that look you get.  That, “Breed me!” look.”  Well, he was sure right about that.  I needed him to cum in me, to feel it, to know it was happening.

Then his cock was gently pressing at my butt, tiny gentle thrusts but steady.  I had to concentrate on it to open myself as much as possible, then he finally popped through and my whole body seemed to sigh.  This was so right.

He pushed me over onto my stomach and stayed right with me his cock lodged deep inside of me.  His left arm was under my chest and his right hand was on top of my head. 

His voice was a deep rumbly whisper.  “God I love fucking you!  I could fuck you every minute of the day!”  My whole body seemed to open up to him.  It always feels like I’m giving him permission to do anything.  He gasped in my ear, “I know you’re horny, Baby!”  He bit the back of my ear.    “I can feel it!””  His hand was cupping my chin in his hand and then he shoved a finger into my mouth and I sucked on it while he pounded away on my ass.


When I opened my eyes Chris’s head was on the pillow next to mine.  He was staring at me then he lifted his head and yelled, “He’s awake!”

It took about three seconds to become aware that while there was a blanket covering me my underwear was still down around my knees.  My ass felt pleasantly used but Larry’s load was wanting out.

From across the room Larry said, “Let him sleep, Chris.”

“But David said he should come.”

Chris’s face plopped down on the pillow again.  “Your dad says that you should come and eat.  You don’t gotta get dressed or nothin, just come.  The twins are already there.”

I groaned and rolled over onto my back while trying to slide my shorts up without it seeming obvious.  “Chris, go back to breakfast.  I just gotta go to the bathroom and I’ll be right there.”

“Okay, I’ll tell em you’re coming.”  He scampered off of the bed and out the door.

I could feel Larry climbing onto the bed and then his head was next to mine.  He looked down at me and smiled.  “It got to be nuts around here about six o’clock.  Sometimes those twins feel more like quadruplets.”

I pulled his head down and kissed him.  “I gotta go to the john.”

“Okay.”  He kissed me again and then casually ran his hand down my stomach barely touching my cock and finally shoved his fingers under my balls and touched my hole.  I thought he was gonna say something about fucking but he just smiled and then kissed me again.

“I better go.  See you in a couple of minutes.”  He grinned.  “Don’t beat off or anything.”

He started to get up but then suddenly he rolled me over on my stomach pulled my boxers down just off of my butt and bit my ass lightly. He sighed.  “God I fucking love you!”


Emma’s house is huge.  When I was little it felt like it was about the size of a museum. The hallways are wide and have a high arched ceiling and when you’re only like four feet tall it’s a little overwhelming.   My dads have separated out a type of apartment on the second floor.  I walked down the hall to it bare chested and wearing only my suit pants.  I mean it’s just family and they did say come as you are.  Besides these are the only clothes I have here.

There are double doors leading into the apartment and the room right in front of those doors is their dining room.  Then off to the right of the dining room and overlooking the street is their sitting room.  To the left is their bedroom and it overlooks the huge gardens at the back of the house.  The dining room also overlooks gardens but to the side of the house and then beyond them is my house.  It’s mostly hidden by trees but you can just see the slate roof from their dining room.

I peaked in.  “S’it okay if I’m underdressed?”  The twins were between my dads and Chris was to David’s right.  There was a seat open between Chris and Larry.

Mark looked up and grinned.  “Why the hell not?”  He pointed at the side board that had a huge spread of food on it.  “Help yourself.”

I pile scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast onto a plate and poured a cup of coffee.  Larry was done eating and was nursing a cup of coffee.  As soon as I sat down he draped his left arm on the back of my chair.  I almost smiled because I recognized the possessive gesture.  It made me feel good and very safe on some deep level.

David glanced at my plate and said, “We don’t normally eat this much but I figured with the boys here it’d be a good idea.”

I squeezed Chris’s shoulder and said, “These guys can eat their weight in wildcats.”

When I looked over at Mark he shook his head.   “You’re too damn thin.”  Then instantly he laughed and said, “I can’t believe I said that!  Forget it.  I used to hate it when people said that to me.”

“Dad, I eat like a horse!”

Aiden said to no one in particular, “We’re gonna get horses.  Alex said so.”

That reminded me and I looked at Larry.  “You think Bob would get us a couple of ponies?  I got no idea where to get em.  I suppose that there’s auctions and stuff.”

Larry laughed and looked at the twins.  “You guys want a pink one and a blue one?”

Andrew yelled, “No!  We want real horses!”

Larry explained to my dads, “Bob breeds them.  He can get us a couple of ponies.”

I said, “We just need like regular horses not thoroughbreds or anything.”

Larry said, “Bob and Becky raise American Saddlebred horses.  He’ll have a couple of ponies or know where to get em.”

David looked at his watch.  “I’ve got someone coming over from Sak’s with some of the basic stuff you’ll need and there’ll be a couple of personal shoppers here in a little while too.  But at least with the stuff from Sak’s you can get into fresh clothes.”

Larry looked at his watch.  “Sak’s is open this early?”

David smiled and said, “They’re helping us out.  Somebody from their men’s wear department is bringing the stuff.  Connie guessed at the measurements.”

I laughed.  “I wonder if she’s got a clue to our sizes?”

David glanced at my waist and said, “I think she’s pretty close.  And she said that she already knew the boy’s sizes.” He grinned.  “You could probably wear my pants if you were like a foot shorter.”

“Oh and I talked to Larry Palmer at the bank.  He’s having a breakfast meeting with the mayor to explain the facts of political life to him and the necessity of reining in the Chief.  I mean it’s not like we’re asking for anything but sensible behavior.  My understanding is that the governor has already talked to him.”

I asked, “You think it’ll work?”

David said, “It should work but you never know.  If the Chief is seriously tied to that nut case contractor there’s no telling what’ll happen.  But the mayor is in a position to take him out of his office.”

I was tired of thinking about it and had basically wolfed down my breakfast.  “Well I better shower.”

I looked at the boys.  “How are you guys doin?”  It was amazing to me how accepting of everything they were, especially the twins.  It was like this was an everyday occurrence.
And the fact was that it wasn’t all that long ago that they were living under a bridge but they just seemed to accept whatever was going on.  And yet I got the feeling that there was a toughness in those little guys.  After all, they had been through a lot.  Chris on the other hand was more affected by this chaos but even he was holding up well.  Sometimes though, he looked up at me with quiet eyes, like he was silently asking me if everything was going to be okay.

I found myself straightening Chris’s hair with my fingers until I realized what I was doing and I looked across the table at Mark and he laughed and said, “It’s only the beginning, son.”

I stood up and said, “Okay, Guys, lemme get a shower and then I’ll be ready for whatever.”

I had just made it to the door when I heard Larry get up and say to my dads, “Will you guys watch the boys?  I gotta help Alex get dressed.”

I was already in the hall but I burst out laughing at about the same time that my dad’s did the same thing but then Larry’s hands were on my shoulders pushing me towards our room.  In the background I heard Chris say, “They’re gonna kiss and stuff.”


The guy from Sak’s was about fifty years old and was one of the most organized people I’ve ever met.  They had emailed Connie who had asked Mrs. Colby to check the clothes in our room and gotten our exact measurements.  The guy had even come up with Navy blue blazers that didn’t need to be tailored and basically a whole casual wardrobe for Larry and me.  And the boys all got almost duplicate wardrobes to what they have at home. 

The personal shoppers took off to get us a couple of suits each and some miscellaneous stuff and then we took the boys over to my house, well actually, our house because I thought of it as being Larry’s too.

We got the kids together and Larry said, “Okay guys, this is the thing.  We’re gonna be here for a couple of weeks and then we’ll be goin back home so you guys can start school.  But your grandpa’s, David and Mark, live here and you’re gonna be coming back here, probably a lot, so pick out bedrooms you like.”

The kids went tearing off through the top floor of the house but in the end Chris ended up next to us and the twins next to Chris, just like at home.

Every time I turn around I bump into Larry because for some reason he’s slipped into herding mode and is touching me at every possible moment.  We fucked last night and again this morning and it feels like if he could put me in his pocket he would.  I kinda like it as long as he doesn’t go too far.  Actually it feels good to know that someone feels that way about you.

Robert has gotten us a housekeeper and a cook but I’m not sure how much we’re going to need them because my dads are going to want us over there a lot but still I fill them in on what everyone likes to eat, which, fortunately, is pretty much anything.

Later Robert and a bunch of security guys took Chris and the twins on a tour of Washington and Larry, I and my dads, met with some of Mr. Tam’s people and plotted our return.


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