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Protecting David-Finding Christopher
--- Chapter 2 ---
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Protecting David-Finding Christopher 2

It sure is hell being grown up but we both had responsibilities. I ended up having a reluctant Larry drop a reluctant me off at the shelter while my horned up, very frustrated boyfriend, went back to work. Okay, I was pretty horned up too and I could still feel his lips on mine as I walked into Ann’s office where she was on the phone arguing with a supplier. She grinned and motioned me to the chair next to her desk.

She reached over squeezed my hand and mouthed the words, “How was your trip?” Then indicating the phone, “They’re driving me crazy!” Finally she hung up the phone. “We were disconnected! Why can’t they just tell me that they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing!”

She pulled my hand to her lips kissed my fingers and said coquettishly, “I wuv you.”

I groaned. “No to whatever it is!”

“Alex, you’re the only one who can deal with her.” I wasn’t sure what she was going to ask but I was pretty sure that I knew who this was about.

“Ann! Don’t do this to me!”

“Alex, if I have to deal with the woman one more time I’ll kill her! You’re young and cute and a man, she goes easier on you.” We almost never disliked someone who ends up at the shelter. For the most part they’re decent people that have had bad things happen to them and they deserve better. Then there was Charlene.

“That’s so not true, Ann! She knows that I won’t hit her but she’s not that sure about you. Besides she also knows that if I tell her something that she doesn’t like she can always go back to you for a veto.”

“Alex, she’s leaving, this is her swan song. The only thing you gotta do is help her load some of that crap she brought in here. And I promise I’ll back you on anything that comes up but nothing is gonna come up. That creep she got engaged to is bringing a small trailer to carry the crap she smuggled in here. They just need a little help loading and to make sure she doesn’t steal anything. With anyone else it’d be nothing but you know she’ll make a production out of it.”

Charlene had gone from being a battered girlfriend who practically had to crawl in here to being visiting royalty who couldn’t lift a finger. She was the most aggravating woman on the planet and she was young with a lot of time to get worse. The guy that she was moving in with looked a lot like he was going to be just as bad as the guy she left but after a few minutes with Charlene you started feeling sorry for him.

I sighed. “Okay, okay… win! When is all this supposed to happen?” We all wore a lot of hats at the shelter and were used to helping each other.

Her hand tightened on mine. “Thank you, Alex! Tomorrow morning, maybe something like ten o’clock. Pull George away from washing the floors and get him to help.” She leaned back in her chair. “Now, do you understand what the state is looking for with the feasibility study that they’re asking for?”

“Yeah. It’s just like…I dunno….like a prospectus would be for a stock. It’s where you want to go and how you get there. When do they want it?” This was because Ann wanted to start a shelter in Boulder and there were funds available from the state. My dads would have totally funded it but they didn’t want Ann to think she had a blank check and I wasn’t free to tell her. It wasn’t that Ann would waste money but she was inclined to over-commit herself and the shelter, trying to take in more people than she could afford and she often ended up using her own salary to pay for things. It was one of the things that I was trying to stop but I hadn’t been able to get it thru her head that she was entitled to a paycheck.

“Well, theoretically we’ve got a hundred and twenty days but, of course, I’d like to finish it before then.”

I grinned at her, knowing the answer to my question. “So you want me to do it?”

She grinned back. “Could you?” Ann had been to my office downtown and had met Connie Wilder who ran it. She knew that we more than had the ability to do it.

“Yeah, I told Connie that we’d probably be doing it and she’s been searching for someone to handle it. I have to go there in another hour so I’ll find out how she’s doing with it.”

Five years ago when my dad told me that I needed an office and he wanted Joan to hire someone to set it up I thought he was pretty much nuts but I realize now the he really knew what he was doing. Connie was amazing. She had spent most of her married life living in New England and a couple of decades as the executive secretary to the CEO of a major telecom company. After his death she and her husband decided to move back to Denver and David’s assistant Joan got hold of her a month after they had moved back here and hired her to run the office.

While the shelter might be called Spartan and my office there, well, primitive, the office downtown was, I dunno, handsome maybe. I can’t imagine what it cost because Joan had a way of having David pay for some things and hitting my trust fund for other things but the result was great with a lot of wood and leather and it was a place that I really felt comfortable in. An added bonus was that the law offices that Larry worked at were only a couple of blocks away and it wasn’t unheard of for sex to happen on the couch in my office in the evening after Connie and the staff had left. The offices were on the eighteenth floor and late at night with the city lit below us it felt like Larry and I were alone on the planet, just the two of us. In a strange way it was almost more intimate than being at home, maybe because there was no housekeeper or security people around.

I was actually just getting to the point where I was getting comfortable with the money that I had been given. That may sound strange but in the beginning I found it overwhelming. I tried to act like it didn’t bother me and that I was taking it in stride but then I’d think about how much it was, how much even that it had multiplied since I had gotten it and David had taken over investing the majority of it. I guess that that may have been the reason that I liked staying close to the shelter. In a way it was a shelter for me too, because however tragic, I was dealing with normal human sized problems. Larry, my lawyer Chuck Stanner, the accounting firm that I used and Connie were the only ones outside of Washington that knew about the money in Europe. Gerhardt and David had devised a plan to transfer ownership of the trust tax free to Alex Chauvet-Kerry, yes if you have enough money and clever enough people advising you you can do that. It did require putting the assets into a new Monaco based company they named Krueger et Cie, and the shares in that company were held in a trust at HSBC. But despite that Gerhardt’s bank still managed the real estate and Kerry, Froedert and Blair still managed the rest. I did however maintain my German passport because my father had wanted me to and his watch never left my wrist.

The number of apartment buildings that I owned had grown from seven to twenty and Gerhardt had just emailed me a detailed proposal to acquire two relatively small hotels, one in Cannes and one in Antibes. A Parisian lady’s husband had died and she wished to sell. The bank was building up its hotel management division and I wouldn’t have to do a thing except sign the papers. I forwarded a copy of everything to David and then set out to read every word.

A little after five o’clock Connie popped her head into my office to see if I needed anything before she left and to fill me in on her plans for the shelter’s feasibility study.

“Alex, I’ve got the law school sending someone first thing next week, a second year law student and his professor is backing him up. I figure once he finishes it we can run it past Mr. Stanner and his people but involving the school could be helpful.”

“Sounds great, Connie!” I handed her part of the information on the hotels that Gerhardt had sent me. “Connie, see that Richard and Darleen get this tomorrow and have them get me any typical profitability figures that might be available for resort hotels in Europe. There’s gotta be something out there that gives average return on investment.” Richard and Darleen were a husband and wife team of researchers that we hired on Joan’s recommendation. They had originally worked for David in Milwaukee but, like Connie, had returned to Denver. It was kind of neat having them because they knew my dad and that made things easier especially when I needed them to work on something that I’d be presenting to him. The accounting firm could also get this information but Richard and Darleen always seemed to go deeper and come up with a truer picture.

Connie looked behind her down the hall and then turned back to me smiling. “Your significant other just walked in and he’s looking tense. I think I better get outta here and leave you guys alone. Nite, Alex!” She ducked back down the hallway and I heard as she greeted Larry brightly as they passed.

Larry walked in, turned and closed the door and locked it. He stared at me with his hand still on the doorknob. His tie was loosened and his hair was a little messed up. I knew the look, he was insanely horny. “Don’t even think about telling me that we’ve got anything else that we have to do tonight!”

I got up from my desk and walked over to him. My cock had started getting hard as soon as Connie said that he was here and now it was a rock. He glanced down at it for a split second and then looked up into my eyes. He blinked and parted his lips. His arms came around my back as mine went around his, his hands were hot thru my shirt and I could feel their strength as he pulled us together. Our mouths molded together and I sucked his tongue into my mouth as his hands dropped to my ass.

We finally broke the kiss and I rested my chin on his shoulder with my eyes closed while we held each other and I soaked him up. After about a minute of us just holding each other I said, “Originally I was thinking we’d fuck here then go out to dinner and go home and fuck again. Would you mind if we just went home though? We can call Mrs. Colby, she’s always got something she can throw together. I wanna spent the evening naked with you.” Mrs. Colby was our housekeeper, she and Mei shared the back apartment that Marie and her mother had used.

Larry pulled back his head and grinned at me. “You get to ride home in the coolest car in Denver.”

I pulled him back for another kiss. “What, you went out and rented something?”

Larry held my face with both hands. “RENT? I’ll give ya fucking rent!” He was backing me up and when we hit the wall his face came in and his lips fastened to mine.

After a few minutes of breathing the same air and groping each other we broke away and I mumbled, “Maybe we should shower here so that we’ll be nice and clean when we get home.”

Larry was already stripping off his jacket by the time the last word was out of my mouth. I tore off my shirt and then thought of something. “I’ll call Mrs. Colby and tell her we’ll be home in like an hour or so, or ahh maybe two.” While I was talking to her a naked Larry was pulling off my pants.

When Larry thinks that the possibility of sex exists he starts herding me, it’s kinda cute actually and it makes me hot as hell. I’d be really surprised if he’s even aware that he’s doing it and I used to wonder what in the hell he was doing but then it dawned on me. He won’t let me out of reach as soon as that begins, even if we’re both stripping off our clothes and there’s like no chance in hell that I’m goin anywhere he’s gotta have me within like two feet of him. While I used to wonder about it it never really bothered me and like I said it makes me incredibly hot knowing that he wants me that bad.

So I’m trying to get my pants all the way off, Larry stopped once the got them down to my knees and started playing with my cock, I tried stepping on the cuff and pulling my legs out while he had a death grip on my dick.

“You’re gonna make me cum before you let me get my pants off!”

He ignores my problem because he also kinda likes having me like this, his voice is soft and throaty against my neck. “So you think ya might shoot in my hand?”

“It’s possible.”

He rubbed his forehead hard against mine, nuzzling me, while his lips brushed against my face. Finally he released my cock and held my face steady and stared into my eyes, suddenly he was serious. “It makes me crazy when your not here. I always think…imagine, especially late at night, that maybe you’re gonna meet somebody that you’re gonna like better than me.” His thumbs are rubbing my temples. “And I’m gonna get this call in the middle of the night and you’re gonna tell me that you’re not comin home.” He sighed, blinked slowly and just touched his lips to mine. His voice is soft. “Don’t say it. I know. I really do know that you love me. It’s just a fear…you know…like a nightmare…but I’m not asleep. Even when it’s in my head I know that it’s not true but,” he grinned, “it’s just something to beat myself up with.”

I didn’t expect this, didn’t see it coming, my throat seemed to be closing and I could feel the tears beginning to form. “Oh, Lar…please….”

He kissed me softly to shut me up. “I don’t want you to feel bad, Alex. I didn’t tell you cause of that. I just said it cause I want you to know that I understand how important what we have is…the love that we have for each other. Maybe I don’t say it enough…I probably don’t…but I do think it, Alex. I think it all the time.”

I held my face to his and wondered how I ever got this lucky. After a minute when I got myself pulled together I whispered, “That’s never gonna happen, Lar, that’s one nightmare you don’t have to worry about coming true. I’m never gonna leave you.” His arms were warm around me and our hearts were beating together. “You’re the most important thing in my life. I couldn’t live without you.”

We kissed again and then when we pulled apart he got a sheepish grin on his face and said softly, “Well enough of that shit. I’m so fucking horny I feel like I could explode.” We’re going to do what Larry does best, what his body and mind are perfect at and what he really loves to do.

He pulled me over to the sofa and pushed me gently down to a sitting position while he knelt down in front of me. He ran his hands up my thighs and then stared up into my eyes and said, “Just relax and let me drive. Let go, Alex.”

It’s like he won’t rest until I’m entirely open to him, naked, spread open with his tongue exploring every crevice. My legs are draped over his arms while he probes me and watches me. He’s waiting for that moment that exact moment that I give up the tiny amount of resistance left in my brain, that last remaining bit that refuses to give up control. Then as he moves up onto me kissing me deeply and gently touching my asshole with the head of his cock I gasp and my head thrashes from side to side and he seems to know. He enters me slowly, the head of his cock stretches me and while I’m dealing with that he watches me intently only occasionally shutting his eyes tight to ward off orgasm. He doesn’t blink, he’s watching for any sign of pain afraid to hurt me and then finally he’s all the way in. He waits for something in my eyes to change and when he sees it he begins to slowly fuck me, with long steady strokes. This is a slow loving fuck while my body adjusts and while he watches me he finally smiles because he knows that I’m ready for more.

He pulled me over onto the floor kneeling in front of the couch my chest lying on the seat cushions and wrapped his arms tight around me, one arm around my shoulders and one around my chest, holding me in place as his hard cock moves slowly back into me. His mouth is working on the back of my shoulders and his breath is hot on my neck. It isn’t long before his first orgasm hits and he squeezes me hard and drops to my back panting. He’s still for a few moments breathing hard and regrouping and then begins thrusting again as a pulse of his semen gushes out of me and runs slowly down my inner thigh. He’s alright now, he can go forever now and as he lifts off of my back I can feel him shake his head like a dog as he adjusts the thrust of his cock and forces it to brush lightly against my prostate. It’s not a direct hit more of a suggestion but it starts me slowly down the path I want to be on and I begin pushing back against his thrusts needing all of his cock in me, needing him to dominate me now, really needing it and he does. All that I can think of is his cock slamming into my stretched asshole and then almost as a surprise I’m shooting hard, my cum splashing against the front of the leather sofa.

When he finally cums again it’s explosive and his arms are so tight around me it almost feels like he could break something as his cock is getting ready to explode his semen deep into me. His chest is anchored firmly to my back and only his hips are moving, slamming forward his big nuts slapping against mine as he grunts and gasps for air and drives into me. Then in great shuddering breathes it’s over as I feel his cock spurting deep inside of me. He’s still for a long time just lying there, then slowly he begins to move, to lift himself and then it’s like he’s aware of me again and he starts kissing my back and kneading my muscles with his hands as his softening cock moves slowly out of me. I start to get up but he tells me to wait and his hand presses me down lightly. He runs to the bathroom and comes back with a hot damp towel and he wipes me off slowly, lovingly. This is something that I know he loves to do, to clean me up, to take care of me. I suddenly wonder where these towels come from, who washes them and will they see the evidence of our lovemaking. We have a small kitchen here but I can’t remember if there’s a washing machine but decide that there isn’t. They must send these out to someone; some unknown stranger will see these towels and maybe realize what we did. It almost makes me laugh. He wipes off the front of the sofa but then makes a sound like he’s not sure it’s enough and then does it again.

We’re better now, the sex has changed us, reaffirmed us as humans and reaffirmed our relationship. We move together, like some choreographed dance, showering, combing our hair and always near, touching, hands bumping hands, the sudden kiss, caressing, being in love. He’s giddy now, we both are. He nuzzles my throat, nips at me lightly with his teeth, brushes his lips against my face and all the way to the car he’s pulling me to him, laughing like a kid while he kisses me, not letting me go.

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