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Protecting David-Finding Christopher
--- Chapter 20 ---
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Protecting David-Finding Christopher 20

It was Saturday afternoon and things were quiet, well, pretty much quiet.  The first floor of the house still had a half dozen people working in the offices but that was nothing like it was during the week.  Sunday evening it would begin again as the Asian markets began coming in and they began running reports to my dad.

That afternoon two engineers from Mr Tam’s organization flew into Washington with their recommendations for confronting the latest threats.

Roger Kalderman was the guy who originally put together the security for the estate and he seemed to be the senior of the two.

“Basically, gentlemen, there are two ways onto the property assuming we don’t let them in.  Trained climbers could do it with relatively little effort or helicopters could be used.  Actually the helicopters are more easily dealt with.  We’ve already installed the radar and as soon as the military gets out of there we’ll be installing…ah…defenses.”

“For the possible threat from climbers we’re installing sensors on the rock face, three miles of them.  It’s a pain to do and certainly expensive but it’s the only way.”

“Of course ideally we’d be able to stop the threat before it got to your doorstep and that’s the problem right now.  This Chief of Police problem came out of the blue and we need to move to correct that.  I’m recommending that we put someone in City Hall that can keep us informed.  Relatively speaking the cost isn’t significant and we’ll at least be getting an early warning.”

“The other thing is your image.”

“My image?”

“Exactly…how you’re perceived.  Now you don’t ever appear in the media so you’re basically only known to people at a certain level.  That makes it easier.  You’ve also got powerful friends.  That makes it easier too.  On the downside is that fact that you’re gay and that you’re not inclined to hide it.  If you were living in New York it wouldn’t even be an issue but in the west it is.  And while the problem at this moment is in the west we’ve also got to be aware of the fact that you’ve got homes in other places.   Here in Washington you pretty much fall under your dad’s security umbrella but there’s also Palm Beach, Monte Carlo and New York.  Certainly the problems wouldn’t be the same in those places but there can still be problems.”

“There’s a firm here in Washington that we like to use, the same one your dad uses.    They’re basically a PR firm but they go a bit beyond that.  Their job is to see that the people in power know who you are and that you’re thought of favorably.”

Larry smiled and then asked, “How much of a “bit” beyond it do they go?”

Mr. Tam’s people hate to talk about what Larry was asking because it’s mostly illegal.  Kalderman glanced at me.  Then turned to Larry.

“We do what needs to be done.  The client isn’t given specifics…and generally doesn’t want them.”  Hey, it works for me.

I stood up.  “We’ll take it, all of it.  Mostly I wanna see that the kids are safe.  Particularly because these boys have kinda become targets.”  I looked at Larry.  “Are you okay with it?  I don’t see we have a choice unless we want to be taking all these people on ourselves.”

He shrugged.  “You’re right.  Let’s do it.”

Then he grabbed my arm.  “Hey, wait a minute, we don’t own a house in New York.”

“Yeah we do!  That place we stayed in last year.”

He furrowed his brow.  “That bigass apartment on the park?  That’s yours?”

“Yeah…well I mean ours, it’s ours.  I own the building.”

“You own that building?”

I said cautiously, “Yeah.”

He laughed and shook his head.  “Why do I work?”

I shrugged.  “You love the law?”

He sighed.  “I guess.”

Kalderman looked at us and said, “We go ahead with this?”  We both nodded yes.


Later that evening while Larry was watching basketball and the twins were trying to conquer Mark by basically climbing on his back and trying to strangle him, David and I sat at the other end of the room with his laptop.

“Did you think about my idea to use Krueger et Cie?”  My dad has got this idea to start a real estate fund, something really huge.  I’m of two minds about this.  On the one hand it’s a pain in the ass but on the other hand there is something competitive in me that gets triggered when I think about it.  The thing is that when David thinks it it tends to happen.

I nodded.  “Yeah.  It’s fine with me but my organization isn’t anywhere near large enough to handle the type of fund that you’re thinking of.”

David said, “No, I know.  You could use it for acquisitions in Europe but you’d need a major new office here in the states.  The thing is that there’s so much money out there looking for a stable ten or fifteen percent return.  The amount of money is almost unlimited.  I’m tired of watching our clients go somewhere else for that type of investment.  Gerhardt and I have talked about it and we both think that your company could handle it.”

“Would I be able to keep what I’ve got now separate from all that?  It seems like I should keep what my dad wanted me to do off by itself, you know?”

He nodded his head.  “Sure.  What we need is organization and your people can put that together.”

Chris, who didn’t seem to be interested in Larry’s basketball game, came over and plopped down next to me.  He gave me a bored looked and slumped against me.  I dropped my arm over his shoulder and gave him a little hug.

I said to him, “Bored or tired?”

“Tired.  We walked like forever today.”  They saw a ton of stuff and got introduced to a lot of important people who they’ll never remember.

I started to say something to my dad when the door opened and Roger Kalderman, the engineer from Mr. Tam’s organization who was with us earlier and Mei came in with one of my dad’s security guys.  The security guy was huge.  He walked over to the window, looked out and then closed the drapes. 

Mei and Kalderman came over to us and Mei said to Chris, “Christopher, we need to talk your Father…by himself.”  By the look on her face I knew it was something bad.

I kept my arm around Chris and asked her, “What?  How bad is it?”  I could tell by her face that something serious had happened and I was mentally counting heads but the absolutely most important people in my life were in the room with me.

Kalderman said, “Your office.”

I said to Chris, “Chris, go sit by Larry for a second.”  I knew that he’d feel excluded so I added, “Lemme see what this is, Chris and I’ll tell you about it later.”  I could feel my dad next to me sitting up.

Chris left reluctantly and looked back at us while he walked over to Larry.  I looked at Kalderman and said, “What?”

“Someone bombed your office, maybe fifteen minutes ago.”  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Larry and Mark looking up.

My first thought was for Connie because she had a habit of going in to the office at odd hours.  “Was anyone hurt?  Connie, was she there?”  Then it dawned on me that it was Saturday night, there shouldn’t be anyone there, probably not even Connie.

He shook his head.  “Nobody there.  Connie is on her way there now.  He glanced at Mei.  “Her guys have flooded the place with security.  We’ve also got security headed to everything you own, because while we believe we know who’s doing this, at this moment we can’t be sure.”  I wondered how whoever did this even knew our offices were there.  There is no sign on our office doors and we’re not even listed on the building directory. 

I looked at my dad and said quietly,  “I gotta go.  I gotta be there.”

He said, “Why?  Let Mr. Tam’s people handle it!”

“I can’t do that!  I’ve got employees and they’re gonna be scared to come to work Monday!  To come to work someplace where they might get blown up.”

I looked at my watch.  Nine o’clock and then I looked over at the boys as Larry and Mark got up and came over to us.  The twins were aware now that something was up and they headed for Chris.  When they were uncertain they always headed for Chris.

“Mei, call Mike and tell him I need the plane for early tomorrow, like six or seven.”  We filled in Larry and Mark.

Larry said, “I’m goin with you!”

“Larry, you can’t.  You gotta be with the kids.”

Mark said, “We’ll take care of the kids.  They’ll be safe here.”

I looked at David.  “I gotta make like a million calls, can I use your office?”

“Of course!  C’mon.”

We started to head downstairs and then I remembered the boys and looked back at them.  They were standing together watching the adults leave and looked a little worried.  I held out my hand and said, “You guys wanna see your grandpa’s office?  It’s like the Starship Enterprise.”  I hated to be left out when I was a kid.  They came running.

Even when I was little I was amazed by David’s office and actually it was Mark that started calling it the Starship Enterprise.  Even years ago David understood the need for the best communications and over the years he had perfected it.

On the first floor we trooped through the formal rooms of the palatial old house until we came to David’s office.  Unlike the house itself everything in his office was as ultramodern as could be imagined and everything was designed to get things done.

Everyone found a spot in the office to sit and the twins were as close to sitting in Larry’s lap as you could get.  Chris had come over and was standing behind my chair.  I wanted him to know what was going on but not to be afraid because I knew that the twins were going to adopt whatever his attitude was.

As I slid into my dad’s chair behind his desk I got that weird little boy feeling like I was doing something that maybe I shouldn’t be doing.

With my dad’s help we did a conference call with Stanner, Connie,  and Richard but first we talked to Mei’s top lieutenant who had actually seen the damage at the offices.  He assured us that the damage was superficial and that the inner doors had held.  All of the office doors have plate steel cores and while no one would have been able to get to the inner offices the front door was blown in.

Our security cameras showed the guy planting the bomb but apparently it wasn’t really possible to tell anything and the people that had been following Halander and his group didn’t come up with anything at least nothing that we could take to anyone.  But we’re pretty sure that Halander is aware that he’s being watched and that group of nuts that he’s in charge of are more than willing to play James Bond games.  There is nothing so appealing to them as paranoia but we’ve started to look deeply into his finances to see if we can find a trail there.”

I said to Richard, “Richard, do you remember that Greek guy that you were telling me about.  Remember that guy that built that office building?”

“The one just off the freeway?  Yeah…I can’t remember his name…it was long and Greek but I remember the guy.”

“You think he’s sold that yet?”

“In this recession?  I’d be surprised.”

“Talk to him, I want it.”

“You wanna rent office space?”

“I want the building and the land.”

“Alex, it’s twelve stories.”

“I know, I remember.  And it’s on like ten acres, right?”

“Yeah, something like that.  He thought he had a lock on an insurance company and then they went another way.”

“What I’m thinking is that then we can at least have security.  I can’t have employees afraid to come to work   But with that much land we can fence it and have our own parking and we can control who comes in and out.”

“Alex, it’s twelve stories!  The most we’d need would be one.”

I looked at my dad and said to Richard, “We’re working on something that’ll need office space.  We’ll fill it up.”  Besides, it was about five miles closer to home.

After I hung up with Denver I decided to just tell the boys generally what had happened and explain that Larry and I were going to fly back and then they’d follow us as soon as things settled down.

Chris looked worried.  “What if they kill ya?  Those bad guys, what if they shoot ya?”

I grinned at him.  “That’s not gonna happen, Chris.  We’ve got lots of security guys and it’s gonna be alright.”

Aiden said, “But what if it does?  What if they run you guys over with a truck or something?”

Andy said, “What’ll happen to us?”

Larry said, “Nothing is gonna happen to you guys cause you’re gonna stay here with your Grandad’s and David and Mark are gonna see that you’re okay.”

I looked over at the twins and knew that we could have a problem.  I said to Mark, “They’re gonna have to be closer to your bedroom so that they can find you at night.”  This house is great for little kids in a lot of ways but it’s a little like living in a museum and the bedroom that the boys were in now was almost a hundred feet from the door to my dad’s apartment.

Mark said, “I got a better idea!”

He turned to the boys.  “Whadya say you guys camp out in our living room.  We’ll get sleeping bags and it’ll be just like you’re cowboys out on the range.  And then if you need anything you can just yell or come in and get us.”  I had told my dads about the twin’s cowboy leanings.

He looked at me.  “Kids can sleep on anything.  You were always sleeping in your sleeping bag.”  That was true.

Aiden slid away from Larry and went over to Mark.  “Whadya mean like cowboys?”  I knew it was a done deal.

As my dad was talking to Aiden Andy peeled away from Larry and went running over to join his twin staring up at Mark.  I looked at Larry and shrugged.  “I guess they got a better offer.”

Chris said, “Tell em that doesn’t mean that they can stay up talking all night!”



As soon as our bedroom door closed Larry started working on me, grabbing me, kissing.  He gently pushed me backwards until I was sitting on the bed and he started to undo my belt.

His face was inches from mine and I started to say, “Wha…..?” but he kissed me to shut me up.

He was unzipping my pants and his lips were next to my face when he whispered, “Don’t resist, your boyfriend knows best.”

All that I could think of was the boys coming in and interrupting us and then in the background all of the problems with the bombing that I’d be dealing with tomorrow.  I started to say, “But the boys’ll……”

Larry’s lips were only a fraction of an inch from mine and his breath was warm on my face.  He kissed me lightly on the lips and then said softly, “Trust me.  Just let me handle it.”


He whispered, “Don’t think!  Just stop!  You worry way too much.  Just decide that it’s gonna be my problem, not yours.  If the kids want to come in I’ll handle it.  I don’t think those boys are all that fragile.”  He pulled his head back and grinned at me.  “They lived under a bridge for God’s sake!  I think they could handle seeing us kiss.  Besides, I’d bet that Chris knows exactly what we do.”

I exhaled and really relaxed for the first time in an hour.  I leaned back on the bed and looked at him.  “Tell me what to do.”

His hands slid to the waistband of my pants and he grinned at me.  “All’s you gotta do is lift your butt.”

I smiled back at him.  “That seems simple enough.”  I lifted my butt and he pulled off my pants and my underwear in one move.  I glanced quickly towards the door.

Larry dropped my pants on the floor and said, “Don’t even look there, it’s locked, I made sure.”

He laid down next to me and gently wrapped his hand around my cock.  I said, “You’re staying dressed?”

He grinned at me.  “I like it when I’m dressed and you’re naked.”  Larry has a faintly dominant side to his nature and I had to admit that it felt weirdly hot to have him still be dressed.

He rolled over and slid between my legs pushing them out and up with his jean covered legs.  My ankles locked behind his thighs as he spit on his fingers and then began to massage my hole.

There was definitely something about him still being dressed and when I reached to unzip his jeans he watched as I pulled first his dick out and then had to fish for his balls.  His pants were open and the front of his underwear was up under his fat balls with his cock pointing towards the ceiling.

He ducked down and sucked on my cock for like two seconds.  He grinned.  “Still tastes good.”

I moved my hand slowly up and down on his cock.  It’s amazingly thick and hard and frankly it still surprises me that I get to play with it.  Larry’s eyes have gone from hazel to a deep emerald green. 

I say, “You can have more than one lick ya know.”

He wet his fingers with spit again and moved them back to my butt.  “Don’t worry, I’m gonna be paying it a lot of attention.”

He nudged my legs higher and I pulled them up while he lined his cock up and pressed the head gently in.  His eyes shut for a moment and then opened.  He looked at me and smiled.  “Every time I do this I wish that I could get you pregnant.”

I grinned back at him.  “Don’t quit trying….you never know.”



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