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Protecting David-Finding Christopher
--- Chapter 22 ---
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Protecting David-Finding Christopher 22


Larry and I have very different ideas about the right time to get up in the morning and even after six years I’m still not used to getting up at the crack of dawn.

My head is under my pillow and my hands are holding it down but I can still smell coffee.  Mrs. Colby makes amazing coffee.  Larry is sitting on my butt while he kisses my shoulders. 

His voice is fake whining.  “C’mon, Alex, come out and play!”

He rotated his hips forward and gently humped my butt.  “You know, Alex, me sitting on your naked butt and humping you while you sleep makes me look like a real sicko but if you wake up then it’s all romantic and shit.”

I mumbled, “Unnnnngggg.”

Larry pried one of my hands off of the pillow and shoved his head under next to mine.  He whispered, “Cool cave you got here.”

I didn’t get up or even take my head out from under the pillow but I did stretch, at least as good as I could with Larry lying on top of me.

“Alex, one of your minions was by and dropped off some stuff on that guy Bass.  By the way, how many minions you got working for you and how do you get someone to deliver crap at five in the morning?”

I clenched my butt and squeezed his cock.  He laughed and said, “Now you’re talkin.”

He slid off of my back but wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled our heads together.  His face was pressed to mine in a comforting way and he said softly, “Good to me home isn’t it?”  Larry doesn’t much like to travel and I’ve done so much of it that I’m not all that crazy about it either any more.

I nodded and turned my head towards him just enough to press my lips to his.  In a half asleep way I mumbled, “It’s good being home with you.”  Larry kissed me again and this time shoved his coffee flavored tongue into my mouth.

I wrapped my left arm around so that I could hold Larry’s head and run my fingers through his hair.  He got fantastic hair that’s a deep rich brown and while his hair is thick it has a wonderful feel to it, all silky.  I mumbled, “I gotta go into town.”

“No, Alex!  C’mon, stay here!  We can play all day.”

I held his earlobe in my mouth and sucked on it for a moment.  “I can’t.  There’s shit to deal with on the new building, I’m not done with stuff at the shelter and I gotta get caught up at the office.”

Larry ran his hand down my back to my ass.  I whispered, “Three o’clock…tops.”


Connie is the most organized person that I’ve ever met and she runs my office and a good part of my life with unbelievable precision.  But today and for the next few days she would be visiting her sister in Minneapolis.  There were other people in the office that I could talk to about almost anything that would come up but no one that understood the whole picture like Connie does so I was feeling a little bit at loose ends.

Mei and I took my car and left the house about quarter to eight.  The wind was whipping around our plateau with a brutal slashing feeling the skies were dark grey and it felt like snow was a certainty.   For the first time that winter I wore my heavy leather coat and was glad that I had it. 

I was supposed to meet Richard at the new building to block out for him how I wanted it set up but he never showed up.  I called his cell and found out that he was out at the site of the new house he was building which is way out in the country and on the way back he had a double blowout of his tires.  He was waiting for the guy to come out and fix them and I told him I’d talk to him later, that Mei and I were going on to the shelter.

Ann was off today and while there wasn’t a ton of stuff to do there were records to bring up to date and always more bills to pay.  Mei and I spent a few hours there and then headed downtown to my offices.  The strong horizontal wind now seemed to be carrying a light snow with it and it felt like it could cut steel. Mei was wearing a relatively light coat but didn’t show any signs of being cold.

“You’re not cold?”

She grinned and shook her head.  “Invigorating.”  But then that’s the way she is with everything.

Amazingly as I was headed for the parking garage I spotted an open space right in front of the building and immediately pulled in.

Mei said, “Why not park in garage?”

“Cause it’s right in front of the building!  It’s like finding a hundred dollar bill on the street.”

She shook her head in a men say the dumbest things way.

We got out of the car and I said, “Let’s go across the street, I wanna get a sandwich, that great Pastrami that Leo’s has.”

She ducked her head against the wind but I’m pretty sure she said, “Ugh…disgusting.  Too much red meat!  You should eat more fish.”

After lunch we walked out prepared for a blast of cold air and just as we did three police cars pulled up in front of my building across the street.  The started to walk quickly inside but then one of them seemed to notice my car and pointed at it.  Two cops in their group pealed away and started examining the car.  I started to say that we should go over there and see what’s wrong but just then my phone rang and a split second later Mei’s phone rang too.

I flipped open my phone to find a text message from Larry.  It said, “COPS STAYAWAY.”  I felt confused and for a moment figured that Larry was kidding I even started to laugh but it froze in my throat when I saw the look on Mei’s face as she talked on her phone.  I looked up at Mei but she was still on her phone and then seconds later hung up.

Her voice was firm, commanding.  “Give me your phone!”


“Your phone.  We gotta get rid of phones.  That horrible minister that molested Chris has been murdered….with your gun” She shook her head..  “Bad luck that I didn’t get the chance to kill him.”

“What?  My gun?  Where….?”

She grabbed my arm and pulled me forward and away from my office building.  After we turned the corner the pedestrian traffic thinned out and she tossed both of our phones in a trash can.

She looked up at me.  “No talk now!   They can find where we are with phones.  We mus not walk together either.  You too big and I too little…all too obvious.  I walk ahead you follow hundred feet behind.  Someone do many things to make you look guilty and me too.  We gotta get away.”  It was beginning to sink in and that seemed to make sense in a crazy life changing way.

I had about a million questions form in my mind as we walked.  Like which gun of mine was used because I’ve got a lot of them and how did the gun get taken from our house.  One question that I didn’t have though was not who did this nor was I wondering why.

Mei turned quickly into a phone store, the kind that isn’t an ATT store or Verizon but the kind that sold all kinds of phones.  When I reached the store I didn’t go in but just looked at the phones in the window.  Inside I could see Mei paying cash for two phones.  When she came out she paid absolutely no attention to me and continued walking in the direction she had been going.  I followed behind her.

After about twelve blocks she stood in front of a Chinese restaurant and waited for me to catch up.  Inside she spoke in rapid fire Chinese to and older woman who seemed to be the owner.  She was obviously not thrilled that we were there but she waved us into the back room.  She had us sit at a tiny table near fifty pound bags of rice.

“She not happy to see us but she will do what I ask.  We need to hide until truck get here.”


“They sending van.  Take us away.  Give us time to think.”

I stared at her.  “He was murdered?”

“Shot twice in the head with your forty caliber Glock.  Probably no head left after that.”

“How did my gun get there?  It was locked up at home.”

She made a face and said, “Ahh…that’s the problem…one problem anyway.  We think one of our men do it…steal the gun.  You know red headed guy?”  I nodded yes.  The guy was about six feet six inches tall and was built like a tank.  His hair was bright red.  “He gone.  Been sick for a few days and now nobody can find.”  She shook her head.  “Very bad.  Mr. Tam is very upset.”

“You mean at you?”

She shook her head.  “No not at me but all mens is approved by one of Mr. Tam’s sons personally.   Very bad.  This never happen before.  Very bad.”  She shook her head again.  “Would not wanna be red head man when Mr. Tam find him.”

“Well, look, the cops must know that we didn’t do it!  We were at the site of the new building and waiting for Richard and then over at the shelter.”

She shook her head.  “I think we find Richard’s tires not accident.  And no one see us at shelter except for few seconds.  I don’t think this accident that it happen when Connie away.  Some one work very hard make you look guilty…and me too.”

I leaned forward and said quietly, “What if this woman that owns the restaurant calls the cops?”

She looked at me and smiled slowly.   “She not do that.”  The look in her eyes seemed to say that if she did call the cops on us it’d be the last thing she did.

Then I realized that if they thought I killed a guy and was on the run they might try to freeze my bank accounts.  I wasn’t worried about Krueger et Cie because those bank accounts were in Monaco, Austria and Switzerland and as far as everyone there was concerned I was a German citizen living in Monaco and I had a German passport.  But thanks to my real father I also had a passport from Monaco under the name of Alexandre Krueger.  My U.S. passport was under the name Alexander Chauvet-Kerry.  Even if they tracked all that down those banks would delay forever.  My account with my dad’s firm was another problem and their main bank was in London.

I held out my hand to Mei.  “Let me have one of those phones.  I gotta call England.”  She looked at me like I had just told that I was going to fly around the room.

She handed me the phone.  “England?”

I nodded and took the phone.  I could have called Washington or New York just as easily but I figured that this would be better, harder to follow.

I punched in the number and the computer answered with the voice that sounded amazingly like Emma Thompson.  The computer gave me eight choices but I punched in a number that brought up a ninth choice.  When the computer asked for it I entered a twelve digit number.

The computer said, “Are you aware that this action is irretrievable?  Please press one for yes or two for no.”  I pressed one.

The computer said, “Please enter your personal code.”  I entered a nine digit code.

Several seconds later the soft British voice came back, “That action is now complete.”  My account with my dad’s firm had been reduced to cash and then like an exploding sun the bits and pieces were sent rocketing around the world at almost the speed of light in a computer generated tangle that only the computers at the Bank Haussman in Salzburg could ultimately decipher.  No matter what happened now I would have access to money.



Ten minutes later we heard a truck in the alley behind the restaurant and moments after that we were climbing into it.  The sign on the side of the truck said “Good Luck Asian Foods Company” and the driver was also Chinese.  In the back of the van was a wooden picnic table that was bolted to the floor and I couldn’t begin to imagine what this was usually used for and I didn’t ask.  The driver of the van seemed to be trying very hard not to look at us.

It’s weird riding in a vehicle when you’re not facing forward and you can’t see outside.  I seemed to become more aware of the sounds of traffic and every bump the truck hit but after about fifteen minutes we were obviously on the freeway and making very good time.

After two hours we pulled into a rest area that the driver said was south of Pueblo.  After we had all used the facilities the driver pulled the truck down to the very end of the parking lot.

Mei said, “Dillon Lee is coming here.  He will know what’s happening.”

“He’s coming here, now?”

She nodded.  “He fly in to airport here.  Driver said he’ll be here soon.”  We had taken care to not draw attention to ourselves and Mei and I never did anything together because she was right, I’m tall and she like five feet tall.  Now we were sitting in the back of the van waiting.

Dillon is one of the best dressed people that I’ve ever known but today he looked frazzled.  He got out of a Chevy Impala that he had apparently rented and carried over two suitcases to the van and he climbed inside.

He looked at Mei and me and then spoke to the driver who then got out and disappeared.

Dillon turned to me.  “Mei has no doubt already told you but you’ve been set up.  And what’s particularly irritating is that they got to one of my men.  That has also made Mr. Tam insanely angry.  Well…insanely for him.  He doesn’t ever lose control.

Well, the point is that we’re pretty sure that he supplied the gun and also fed information about your comings and goings.  And we’re more convinced than ever that the person he fed that info to is Mr. Bass.  For one thing this minister Gerry Woyer was becoming a bit of an embarrassment to Bass and to Halander.  Chris wasn’t the only kid he’d gone after and people were beginning to talk.  So I’m sure they figured that if they could get rid of Woyer and blame you for it it wouldn’t be a bad deal.

“Okay, enough of that.  Mr. Tam is now in Denver and is supervising this operation.  Your dad told me that he’s sending his assistant Joan to Denver to make sure that your office runs okay while you’re gone.  He is also sending Avery Bennett to head your legal team.”  Bennett was a former Attorney General and one of the most respected lawyers in the country.

“Oh, and while I know that it probably doesn’t matter to you, Mr. Tam is charging you nothing until everything is back the way it was.  Believe me, he is seriously pissed and your dad is on his ass.”

“Anyway, we figure that until we can be absolutely sure of what else Bass may have planted it’s probably best if you get out of the country.  We figure that they’ll be expecting that and will be keeping a sharp eye on all the airports and small airstrips but that won’t extend to Mexico.  From here you’re about ten hours to El Paso.  The driver will take you to the Juarez airport.   A plane will meet you there.”

He gestured towards the suitcases.  “We packed a few essentials that you made need, a couple of changes of clothes and your passports.”  He dug around in his suit coat and came up with two stacks of hundred dollar bills.  “You made need this at least until you get to Europe.  Oh and your laptop is in there.  One of my guys had the presence of mind to grab it before the cops could get to it.”

He looked at Mei, “The same for you.  Oh and we were able to get your jewelry out of the house before they found it.  It’s in the office.”

Mei nodded but just said, “Good.”

While Dillon took a breath I asked about the thing that I was most worried about.  “How is Larry handling this?”

Dillon laughed.  “As you can imagine he’s pissed.  For a while there we thought he might punch one of the cops so we hustled him out of there.  He’s with Bob and Becky and the three of them are putting a fair amount of pressure on the cops.”  Bob’s dad was the senior partner at the law firm where Larry worked and was a pretty powerful guy in his own right.  “He doesn’t know that I’m seeing you right now, no one knows except Mr. Tam.  Until I’m absolutely sure that Red was the only bad apple I’m playing this very close to the vest.  We’re flying in a whole new security team from California and basically everyone that you’re used to is under suspicion until I can clear them.”

“So far the cops are not issuing a warrant for your arrest.  I think mainly because they don’t know where you are but also because what happened the last time has made them nervous.”  He paused for a minute to phrase his next statement.  “My hunch….is that they don’t totally buy what they’re seeing.  Why would you murder someone with your own gun and then toss the gun into the nearest sewer?  The cops always check those.  So I think that they’re beginning to feel like the recipients of too much luck.  The Governor’s office is taking a hands off approach.  Mainly they’re just not sure what to do.  On the one hand they like the money but they also have no desire to get caught up in this if you’re guilty.”  He shrugged.  “And that’s where it stands.  The other thing and the reason for getting you outta there is that I’ve got the feeling that they really want you in custody.  I don’t necessarily mean the cops but the people who set this up.  Bass and Halander.”

Ten minutes later we were on our way to Juarez.  Mei dug around in the suitcase Dillon had brought her and came up with a deck of cards.  She held them up. 

She smiled sweetly and said, “Nickel a point?”

I groaned.  Playing Gin Rummy with Mei is always a mistake but we did have ten hours to kill.


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