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Protecting David-Finding Christopher
--- Chapter 25 ---
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Note: This is the last chapter in this series but the story will continue.



Protecting David-Finding Christopher 25


The next morning the sky at the Geneva airport was a dead gray and a sleety snow was clicking at the windows of the limo.

My dad said, "Don't worry.  Bass will be out by the end of next week."  Didier's father had called for a special meeting of the board of directors of Bass's company.  Bass would be voted out as Chairman of the Board and CEO but it really didn't seem like enough.

"I'm not worried about that.  I just want to make sure that he doesn't try something else.  And I really want him to pay for this."

"He'll be investigated, the cops won't just forget about it.  There's a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing to him and I'll be pushing for them to do something."  I nodded but I was sure he'd get out of it.

I kissed my dad goodbye and said, "It's okay.  I'll try not to think about it, at least for the next week or so." Intentionally or not Didier had already given me an idea on how to make Bass pay.  I would just have to work out the details.

 I pushed open the door of the car and a razor sharp blast of the snow sleet mixture stung my face but I ducked my head down and ran for the steps of the plane.  As soon as I got through the door Jared was closing it.  Mike was next to him. He handed me a towel and and while I was wiping the melting snow off of my face he clapped me on the back.

He grinned.  "It's really good to have you back.  We were worried."

I laughed.  "I was too, believe me."  The plane was warm and I could smell coffee.

He said, "Well I got a call from Larry last night telling me to get you back as fast as possible.  He sounded lonely."

I shook my head and grinned.  "And horny too."  He laughed.

I worked my way into the main cabin.  Mei was already there looking through a magazine and Karen was over by the table that I liked to sit at.  She held up my laptop computer and then put it into a storage cabinet.

She indicated my laptop and said, "Connie said that you'd want this."

I said, "God yes!"  I felt like I was totally out of touch without it.

As the engines began to come up she said, "Well I better get buckled in.  I stopped at the Four Seasons and we've got poached eggs on Rosti potatoes and sausages for breakfast.  Or there's pastries.  And the coffee is unbelievable."  I love my plane.

Moments later we were thundering into the sky and then after following the lake for a bit and coming up to altitude we made a wide arc that turned us around and headed us west across France towards the Atlantic.

After breakfast, which was indeed unbelievable, I turned on my laptop and watched as my desktop came up.  My wallpaper is a picture of Larry that I took one day when we were going riding.  He was standing with his right arm up on the saddle on the horse.  When we were going to college in California Larry mostly wore loose jeans but when we moved to Colorado he started wearing more of a cowboy style jean that he said was more the real him anyhow and the picture I was looking at made my dick hard.  His smile was bright and wide while his eyes squinted a bit against the sun.  But my eyes were drawn to the bulge in his jeans and, like a self-conscience teenager, I instinctively glanced around to see if I was being watched and then hurriedly brought up my email to get the notion of sex out of my mind.

When I brought up my email there were a dozen from Connie many of them with attachments.  She had been making real progress with the new building and had sent me floor plans for approval, but frankly, because her judgement is usually better than mine, I just approved everything.  My new office had an apartment attached to it that looked out across the city of Denver that was pretty cool but beyond that it would be basically like it was now with all the same people around me.  There were already double crews working on getting at least two of the floors operational and Didier's second in command would be arriving there next week with his own team to start hiring people.  My dad had sent me copies of committments he had received that virtually oversubscribed the first fund.  This was really going to happen and it was going to be huge.

Shortly after we had moved out over the Atlantic Mike came aft and asked if I had a moment.  He looked a little uncomfortable.

"Alex, do you have a minute?"

I closed my laptop.  "Sure, Mike.  Have a seat."  He slid into the seat across the table from me.

I said, "Problem?"

"Alex, it's just that we were wondering...well...I know a lot of people are getting laid off all over the country."

I grinned at him.  "You're not going to get laid off."  I saw relief flash across his face and then the muscles of his face relaxed.

He smiled back at me and almost stammered.  "It's not...well I didn't want to ask that bluntly, it just kind of came out.  There's so much stuff in the news."

I said, "So far that stuff hasn't had any effect on us and I don't think that it will.  As a matter of fact I'll be expanding some of my real estate activities.  I was going to suggest that you get with Connie and put a down payment on the new Gulfstream."  Mike's eyes lit up and he began to grin broadly.

There was disbelief in his voice.  "You're really gonna buy the G650?  Will you need it?"

I laughed.  "Need?  Probably not.  But delivery on those is a few years away and we've started a new company, well, new in a way, and by the time we get the new plane I'm pretty sure that they'll be ready for something.  I figured that we could sell them this one and we'd take the new one."

He grinned and said, "There's some terrific new stuff that you get with that plane.  Not to mention how fast it is."

"Get with Connie and pick out the options.  Whatever she wants with upholstery and colors and that crap.  She's got way better taste than I do."

Mike went back to the cockpit a happy guy and while he didn't say anything to Karen I'm sure she got the message from the expression on his face and she perked up too.

The next email from Connie had a photo attached.  It was a photo of a Bentley Brooklands automobile.  I had to laugh.  Connie wrote, "Jamie Wintour, the son of the bank guy bought the Bentley dealership here and he wants to sell you this.  I don't want to try and influence you but I think that this is the most beautiful thing ever made and if you bought it I might get to sit in it if we ever went to lunch together.  Anyway, it's supposed to be a limited edition but he said that he'd hold a slot open for you for a month.  The price?  A lot.  But think about the happiness that you'd bring me."

For a few seconds I thought about Googling it to find out the price but in the end I knew that if I did that I'd never buy it and it was gorgeous.  I answered.  "Okay, you win, pick out the colors.  Just nothing too girly.  And whatever it costs send that much to the Children's Hospital too, so that I can at least sleep at night."  That had become my way of dealing with spending money, at least for things that were frivolous and this certainly qualified.  If what I was spending for something was really bothering me I just sent an equal amount to a charity that I liked and the Children's Hospital was a favorite.  This was turning out to be an expensive flight.

I caught Mei's eye and waved her over.  She slid into the same seat that Mike had been in.  She grinned and said, "You buy the car?"

I was surprised.  "How did you know about the car?"

She laughed, "Connie ask me if it be okay for security.  She don wanna recommend to you if it's not good for security.  It's really good and bad.  Big, heavy, fast...all good.  Maybe too flashy but everything compromise.  You gonna buy it right?"

I grinned.  "I guess."

She said, "Nice car.  Mr. Tam have one." Somehow I never thought of Mr. Tam as owning anything luxurius and expensive although I was aware of a fair amount of money that he had invested through my dad's company and my dad had implied that it was just a token amount, about five percent of Mr. Tam's net worth.

I brought up a web site on my computer and turned it around so that Mei could see it.  It was the very grand facade of the Carlton Hotel in Denver.  "I'm buying this hotel."

She raised an eyebrow and then said cautiously, "Okay."

"Every Friday evening Mr. Bass has dinner in the Colorado Room of this hotel by himself.  Then he goes upstairs to a suite and plays cards with his buddies until well after midnight.  It's always the same suite.  They keep it booked."  A slight smile appeared on her face.

"So this is my idea." I layed it all out for her.


 We landed at National Airport in Virginia.  Larry and the boys were still staying at my dad's place and we'd all fly back to Denver the next morning. Mark was driving the SUV and Larry was sitting next to him.  The kids were in the back seat but they didn't stay there long.  As soon as I walked down the stairs of the plane the back doors flew open and the twins came barreling towards me with Chris behind them but at a more dignified pace.  I've learned from Larry's twin nephews that with little kids the wise thing is to protect your balls and just as the twins got to me I bent down and scooped them up before they could slam into me.  They were two squealing monsters that  talked both loudly and non-stop and when I tried to turn from one the other one grabbed my face and turned it back.  They both wanted undivided attention.  It felt great to be holding them but when Chris got to us I set them down and hugged him.  I knew that he needed it more than the twins.  The twins seem to be impervious to harm and even the heavy emotional stuff they'd been through seemed to bounce off of them but it wasn't that way for Chris.  While he had tons of inner strength because God knows he would have had to to get through everything, he paid a price for it and he never seemed to relax.  So I kept him near me and always tried to have my hand on his shoulder to let him know that everything was okay.

When Mark and Larry got to us my dad wrapped me in his arms and hugged me and then Larry got me and buried his tongue in my mouth.  That felt so incredibly good.

When Larry and I broke our kiss I still had my hand on the back of Chris' neck and he looked up at my dad and said, "They always do that."  My dad laughed.

When we turned to go to the car the boys raced ahead and my dad grinned and said, "When we get home I can occupy the boys if you guys want to be alone."

Larry and I looked at each other and I could tell that we were both thinking the same thing.  Larry said, "Thanks, Mark but we can wait.  We don't want the kids to think that they're somehow not important to us."  His hand dropped down my back and the tips of his fingers pushed under my belt.

I said, "Anyway, they'll be in bed by nine."  I laughed.  "And besides, at this point I can't really get any hornier."  Larry's hand that had been pushing under my belt dropped to my butt and I knew he was anxious to help me solve my problem.

Back at my dads house the kids were all over me for the first hour.  While Andrew was hanging onto my back Aiden climbed up on my lap grabbed my face in his hands and said, "We decided that you shouldn't go away anymore!"  

I glanced over at Larry who was sprawled at the other end of the huge leather sofa.  He smiled nodded and said slowly, "Yeah....we decided."  It was fine with me.

I said, "So I can assume that you guys were really behaving yourselves while I was gone?"

Both twins shot my dad a a glance to see if he'd contradict them and when he just smiled they both yelled.  "We were good!" 

At hearing this Chris just flopped dramatically back on the sofa in disgust and said, "They're never good!  And they never shutup!"  That was not a total exageration on Chris' part.  The twins were enthusiastic to the point of chaos and even at seven they were totally self-confident.

It was almost nine-thirty by the time we got the kids in bed and had spent some adult time talking to my dad and bringing him up to date with everything that had happened.  We were sitting in his office which was on the same floor as the bedrooms but at the front of the house.  The room was a military man's dream.  The paneling mahogany and the furniture was mostly dark leather.  There were models of weapons everywhere.  I picked up a chunk of steel that had been finely machined.  It was really beautiful.

"What's this thing, Dad?"

He lifted it out of my hands and turned it over.  "One of my clients has designed a new ejector mechanism for a fifty caliber machine gun.  They want me to get the Army to look at it."  He sighed.  "They're going to look but they'll never change."

He sat down in a brown leather sofa facing a large unlit fireplace.  "I'm getting tired of this.  I love the military, love being around all the guys that I've known for years but I'm tired of selling this shit."

Larry asked, "You gonna retire?"

Mark said, "Maybe not quite that but close.  Aside from my secretary this has pretty much been a one man show....and it's been wildly successful.  But it's time to get some younger guys in here to help me run it."  He grinned.  "Then I really can just concentrate on golf and skeet shooting."

His expression changed a bit and then he said, "Did David get a chance to talk to you about us selling this place?"

I had never guessed at that.  "You're gonna sell it?  No, he never said a word but really we didn't have a lot of time together."

Mark held up his hands and gestured in frustration at the walls of the room.  "It's all just too much.  It's too big and too overdone.  We were thinking of buying some land in Virginia.   Not so far out that you can't get into the city when you need to but still be, you know, away.  Anyway, David was going to talk to you about buying your house next door so that we'd still have a place in town to stay in."

 I said, "You don't have to buy it!  Geez, just use it.  We never spend any time there.  I mean when we're here we want to be with you guys not in another house so it's been a kind of a waste.  So what kind of a place do you want in Virginia?"

He grinned.  "I dunno.  Big and rambling maybe.  David wants to move his offices there too and you know what that takes.  So there's gotta be some sort of an office complex but hopefully not part of the main house.  He's got some architects working on it but we still gotta find the land.  And we're looking for at least thirty acres.  That's getting harder and harder to find.  But anyway, we've been approached by a couple of governments that are interested in turning this place into an embassy."  He gave me kind of an odd look.  "It wouldn't freak you out that we'd be selling Emma's house?  I wasn't sure how attached to it you were."  Oh, so that's why he was acting so odd about this.

I smiled at him and shook my head.  "I miss her but I think that she'd approve of this place being an embassy.  For one thing there'd be big parties in the downstairs rooms.  They were really made for that and you guys go to bed at like ten o'clock."  He laughed.


Larry practically pushed me through the bedroom door but then grabbed me and pulled me back against him as soon as the door had closed.  His chest was warm against my back and his arms were wrapped around me.  And for the first time in what seemed like forever, I relaxed.  I felt like I could just turn over control to Larry.  Besides, he loves being in charge.

I laughed as his lips began working on the back of my neck and his hardening dick started to push against my butt.  "We gonna do it here?"

He mumbled, "How is it that your hair always smells so good?"

I laughed.  "Soap and water."

He started pushing me slowly towards the bed while he was unbuttoning my shirt.  By the time we got there my shirt was completely unbuttoned my pants were open and I had a pretty good idea of where he wanted to go with this.  Larry's got this thing where he likes me to be completely naked while he's still dressed, it turns him on.  And frankly it turns me on too.  I sat down on the bed and pulled off my pants and then my underwear while Larry stared down at me.  My dick was pointing straight up and I scooted backwards on the bed while Larry followed me and pushed open my legs.

I woke up to loud whispering.  My head was under my pillow with just a small gap bringing in fresh air for me to breathe. 

Chris whispers frantically,   "No!  Lemme go!  I didn't wanna wake you guys up!"

Larry says quietly, "You didn't wake anyone up!  Just c'mon."

"No!  Alex is still asleep!"

Chris makes a grunting sound and somehow I know that Larry has just picked him up.  A second later he's dropped next to me.  I'm aware that under the covers I'm naked and my butt is throbbing in a way that reminds me of last night.

Larry says, "I'm gonna get us coffee."

Chris tries to scamper off of our bed but without lifting my head my arm shoots out around his waist and pulls him back.  He squirms wildly but then takes a deep breath and settles down.  I lift my head just enough to look at him.

My voice is soft and a little gravelly from sleep.  "You always sleep in briefs?  What about your pajamas?"

He says, "I didn't wanna wake you up but Larry made me!"

I scrunch up the pillow and rest my head on it.  "It's okay, Chris.  You're not bothering us."  I gave him a sleepy grin.  "We like you, ya know."

He said, "I know but...  Well, I just feels like I shouldn't bother you."

I yawned and shook my head.  "You remember when you and the twins had to go see the judge with me?"


"He made Larry and me your dads.  So this is where you come when you feel like you should.  We wouldn't have done that if we didn't want you to be here.  So you gotta get used to that because I really think of you guys as my kids and so does Larry."

Six months later, Denver.

 I brushed my hair up and forward into what looked like the latest style that college kids were wearing.  I really needed to look as young as possible.  It was dyed a medium brown and looked incredibly odd to me.   I was hoping that it would wash out as easily as the package claimed.  It was something that I should have tested before now but didn't.  I wasn't sure if I had made my eyebrows dark enough but then decided that more might be going to far.  My stomach was doing flip flops and I really wanted this to be over. 

I slipped on the blue jacket that the Carlton Hotel had all of it's Guest Service employees wear and checked myself again in the mirror.  I looked young, younger than normal anyway and I didn't think that I looked anything like me.  One thing that I had no way of knowing was how familiar Bass was with how I looked but I figured him for being someone that didn't much care.  Besides, if I was right about him and it was kind of confirmed by casual conversations with other staff members, he wasn't the kind of guy who paid much attention to the help.

My cell phone rang once.  Finally!  That was the signal that Bass had left the restaurant and was headed for the elevator.  I slipped out of the room and quickly crossed the hallway to the staircase that would take me up to the tenth floor.  The room I had just left was strictly for changing clothes and for a place to hide out if needed.  On the hotel computer is was listed as unavailable due to repairs.

Luckily the hallway was empty.  A guest spotting me wouldn't stop what was about to happen but it might cut down on my getaway time if there was someone around to talk to the cops that were sure to be called.  I didn't care if someone reported me because the front desk wasn't a problem.  It had taken a couple of months but Mr. Tams's people were in charge of the front desk for this shift.  I took the stairs three at a time.  I came out on the tenth floor and hurried down the hallway.  Just to my left was the room Bass was headed to.  He wouldn't make it.

At the end of the long wide hallway the elevator opened up and Bass stepped out and then started walking in my direction.  There was something arrogant about the way he walked, the way he looked around.  When we were ten feet apart I held out my hand.

"Mr. Bass!  Thank god I could catch you!   We've had a problem with the plumbing and I'm afraid your room is flooded."

He stopped dead and stared at me for a moment, then he exploded.  "Goddammit I knew you people would fuck up this hotel!  The minute I heard this place had been sold to fucking Italians I told myself that you'd never spend the money to keep the place up!"  The fact was that the hotel had been sold to Italians or at least to an Italian company.  But the Italian company was owned by a Luxembourg trust which connected to another trust which eventually connected to Krueger et Cie.

I tried to look as humble and concilliatory as possible.  "I am terribly sorry, Sir but we've put you in this suite."  I gestured across the hall towards a door to one of the large suites.  "It's larger's of course there's no charge.  And I'll have some free drinks sent up.  We're very very sorry.  We had already scheduled the plumbers to check your room before this happened but it just didn't happen in time." 

He pulled himself up for a moment and then sighed heavily.  "Alright alright."  He waved a hand in dismissal.  "I guess that I can't expect any better out of you people.  I just hope it won't be a disappointment."  Something in his tone implied that no matter what the room looked like it would be a disappointment.

I pulled a key card out of my pocket and gestured towards the door of the suite.  "Let me show it to you and if it isn't satisfactory we'll try and find something else."

He started walking towards the door and said, "There'll be six of us you know.  You better send up a couple of bottles of Scotch and make it something good, not some swill."

I opened the door of the suite and gestured him in.  I followed close behind him as he entered and as soon as the door close behind us I slipped my hand into my jacket and pulled out the Taser.  I touched it to his back and as he started to turn his head to see what I was doing I pulled the trigger.  It made a sound like a wire shorting out and Bass let out a loud yelp and collapsed like the air had been let out of him.

He dropped to the floor of the suite on his hands and knees moaning and gasping.  At the same moment Mei slipped out of the bathroom dressed in a maid's uniform.  She had a syringe in her hand and before Bass could struggle to his feet she knelt and carefully slid the needle into the skin of his neck.  Bass seemed to freeze for a moment and then he sank flat to the floor.

I said, "How much time we got?"

She grinned.  "At least an hour."  But we really didn't because his friends would be arriving and while the card game wasn't scheduled to start for forty-five minutes Bass was rarely late. 

I said, "Okay, let's see if we can lift the son-of-a-bitch."

She stepped over his body and we both grabbed an arm.  She said,  "He's bigger than I figure.  Very fat."

I don't think that I've ever tried to lift anything heavier or more awkward.  It was like trying to lift a two hundred and fifty pound plastic bag full of guts.  We'd just get one part of him up on the bed when another part of him would go sliding off in the wrong direction.  Finally we got him into the middle of the bed and lying flat on his back.

I said, "Okay, now his clothes."

Mei sighed.  "Okay but I nah touching nothin.  We get his pants off an that up to you.  He's disgusting!"

In this state he was disgusting.  Strange, because up and walking he didn't seem that bad, just a fiftyish kinda paunchy guy but like this he was just a way overfed mass.  If you've ever tried undressing someone who's past out you know what we were facing, everything was dead weight and with a muscular guy things at least kinda stayed put but all this fat was something else.  It took forever to strip him.  Mei kept rolling his body back and forth as I pulled his shorts down off of his butt but we finally got it.

I said, "Okay, you got the panties?"

She shook her head.  "I hope they're big enough."  She handed me a pair of bright red ladies panties that looked big enough to tent the building.

She made a disgusted face.  "You gonna have to cram his stuff in."

I really didn't care about handling his "stuff" but inadvertently she did have a point.  Ladies panties aren't designed for testicles and while Bass's dick was little his balls were big.

"Fer God's sake, Mei, they don't bite!  And for crap sake, we gotta be able to get em into these."

She laughed.  "I dunno, maybe those do bite."

Fifteen minutes later I was sweating but Bass was dressed in a bright red mini-skirt that matched his red panties.  We had thought that we'd have to create boobs for him like drag queens do but it really wasn't necessary because he already had pretty big man boobs.  In the end though we figured that a cross dresser wouldn't be satisfied with average size breasts and we used the breast pads that we brought.  Besides I had gone through hell to find out how to do it.  It involved talking for an hour to a drag queen named Rosetta Stone who did everything but rape me while Larry stood there laughing and encouraging her.  He turned out to be a great guy named Todd but I guess that I just embarrass too easily.

After I got his boobs right and the tight red blouse buttoned I stood up and looked at Mei.  I said, "So whadya think?"

She shook her head.  "I can't believe."  She lightly touched her chest.  "He's way bigger than me!"

I grinned.  "Hey, I can introduce you to Rosetta Stone, she'll show you how it's done." 

Mei had been applying garish make up and a side benefit of it was that it covered up the mark where the needle had gone in.  I was pretty sure that they'd figure it out eventually but the more time the better.  We handcuffed his wrists to the bed and then finally we were done.

"Okay", I said, "we gotta get outta here."

She said, "Remember, the RV two blocks over.  Don't wave or anything.  Jus walk up to it and open door.  Attract less attention that way.  Act normal, never run.  Once I leave hotel the phone calls will be made to police.  But I gotta get rid of prints too."  There would also be phone calls made to the press to make sure they didn't miss it.  The room had been staged to look like a robbery.

I said, "You'll be okay?"  A car would take her to Fort Collins where her grandfathers jet would pick her up.  She would be in Hong Kong in twenty-four hours and would be gone for two months.

She laughed and her eyes lit up.  "I be fine.  In Hong Kong I pick out the wonderful piece of priceless jade that you will be buying me for helping with this horrible man."


The RV was just to give me a place to rinse out the hair dye and change clothes.  It dropped me off on the western edge of the city in the parking lot of a shopping mall where I had left a beatup old Ford pickup.  Two hours ago I had slipped out of the Governor's Annual  Bar B Que that was being held at his three thousand acre ranch southwest of the city.  There must have been a thousand people attending it over the course of the day so it wasn't like my absence would stand out and Larry was still there supposedly covering for the fact that I wasn't.  I had ridden a horse to the far western border of the huge ranch where it came near a small country road.  I had tied the horse in an area where some enormous boulders had come together to form something like a round room about fifty feet in diameter.  I had left plenty of food and water but I was hoping that Larry would be waiting for me. His job was to circulate and somehow make people think that I was there somewhere too.  Since the ranch house and out buildings were spread across probably twenty acres and people were coming and going constantly it wasn't the impossible job that it sounded like.  A lot of people liked to go riding and the Governor had added about fifty horses to the twenty that he already had and how anyone could make sense of the chaos was beyond me.  Guests were getting on horses and riding all over the place without anyone telling anyone else where they were going.  Larry told me that he had talked to the wranglers who were doing the actual work of getting the horses ready and taking care of them when the were returned and he said that they were totally clueless about who was where and when they left.

I pulled the pickup over to the side of the road.  I had been very careful about finger prints and the truck couldn't be traced to me but I wiped off the steering wheel anyway.  No sense taking chances.  Being mid summer it was still almost light out but not quite.  It was that deep blue period before total darkness.  I was scared shitless about snakes so I walked very carefully through brush towards the boulders but halfway there Larry appeared riding a horse and leading mine.

It was getting so dark that I could barely tell that it was him but then he laughed and yelled, "Hey cowboy, need a lift?"

I swung up into the saddle.  I leaned over towards him and our lips touched for a split second until the horses moved.  I said, "I didn't know if you'd be able to get away from the party.  How's it going?"

He laughed.  "I told him you were out in the weeds puking from his cheap booze.  Everything go okay with Bass?"

"I guess."  That sounded too tentative.  "Yeah it went fine.  Pretty much as I hoped."

We turned our horses back towards the ranch house.  Larry said, "So what's the problem?  I figured you'd be all hopped up and the adrenalin'd be pumpin."

"I dunno.  I mean I know that he deserved it.  I coulda easily ended up in jail or even dead.  The kids coulda been taken away from us and all kinds of other shit could have happened but somehow it's just not workin for me."

Larry said, "That's cause it's just not the way you are.  It's him for sure but not you.  If this was all reversed he wouldn't be giving it a second thought."

"I know.  I thought it was gonna feel worth it but it doesn't."

Larry pulled his horse closer and pulled me over into another kiss and then said, "I like you better that you didn't like it.  You know?"

"I know."

He was still holding my hand and he pulled it to his lips for just a moment.  I couldn't see it but I could hear a smile in his voice when he said softly, "Will you let me drive your Bentley?"

I laughed.  "Of course!  You want to?"

He pulled me towards him and kissed me again and then said, "Let's go home."


The End









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