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Protecting David-Finding Christopher
--- Chapter 3 ---
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Protecting David-Finding Christopher 3


I slid outta bed carefully so as not to wake Alex, pulled on my boxers and walked to the kitchen. Mrs. Colby was leaning against the wall with the exhaust fan going, smoking a cigarette. Seeing us in our underwear or for that matter even naked has never seemed to faze her. It was something we stressed as likely before we hired her and she is a remarkable housekeeper.

I grinned sleepily at her and mumbled, “Those’ll kill ya, ya know.”

She took another puff and said, “Larry, nobody gets outta this life alive no matter what they give up.”

I filled two mugs with steaming hot coffee. “K, just don’t say nobody warned ya.”

She grinned, “You boys want anything particular for breakfast?”

I couldn’t think of anything that seemed important to be eating that morning other than Alex. I yawned and said, “Nope, just the usual, I guess.”

I went back to our room, sat the cups on the nightstand, stripped off my boxers and slid carefully into bed behind Alex. He was lying on his left side with his back to me. His hair isn’t as platinum blond as it was when we first met, it’s gotten a bit darker but that’s really just even sexier and his sensational body is still the same. I move gently against his back until we’re pressed lightly together with my mostly soft cock pressed against his thighs. He makes a little sound in the back of his throat and wiggles back against the warmth. I lick his hair. His ass is pressed to my crotch. Alex’s ass may be the most perfect thing that I’ve ever seen. I could cum just from looking at it. He pushes it back against my dick. He’s awake and we both know it.

Finally he slowly turns over so that he’s facing me and we kiss long and slow, his hard body is totally pressed to the front of mine. We decided a long time ago that morning breath could just go fuck itself, we weren’t giving up this kiss and even in the morning his breath is simply never bad. Alex doesn’t wake up fast and I know that he’s not totally there yet, he’s still gathering himself.

He mumbles in my ear. “Who do I gotta fuck to get a cup of coffee?”

I always laugh at this because it always strikes me as funny and my answer is always the same. I kiss his temple and whisper, “That’d be me.”

He nuzzles my neck and says, “K…but don’t tell my boyfriend.”

I run my right hand slowly down Alex’s back and butt. His insane training regimen, that he considers normal, has kept him sleek. My fingers linger lightly at his beautiful ass slowly teasing their way forward thru the mounds of hard muscle. There’s a smile beginning to form on his lips and I slide my legs between his and roll him onto his back. I kneel over him with my cock rigid and flat against my stomach waiting for a signal to go ahead. His ankles move behind my knees and lock us together as his eyes close slightly and his cock inflates to full harness. He wants this as much as I do if that’s possible. As he pulls my face down to his I feel his legs sliding up the outsides of my thighs.

Later after our shower I grab the tube of toothpaste and using it as a microphone prance around and sing a made up song to a rap beat, “Ahhm coolness, ahhm coolness, ahhm coolness per..sahn..oh..fide!” I dance wildly for Alex while he cracks up. Alex just does not laugh enough! I start tickling him and we wind up on the bathroom floor rolling around naked and laughing like six year olds.

Finally we get to our feet and continue the bathroom business. I smile at him in the mirror and kid him. “You really think I’m cute as James Bond?”

He laughs and it lights up my morning. “Cuter! A lot! He’s not what ya’d call classically handsome. Although damn Larry you can’t sing for shit! And what rap song did ya ever hear with the word personified in it?”

I plant a Colgate fresh kiss on his shoulder. “Don’t over think it, Babe. And since when have you been looking at 007’s dick?”

“Saw it on the Oh La La website. He’s got a great body but it’s not better than yours and you’ve got a much bigger dick.”

I giggled. “Boy, you checkin out dick on the web again?”

Alex smirked. “What again…still! Besides, you don’t have anything to worry about. You hold up really well in the dick department.” Alex turned my head and kissed me on the lips. “And you’re a great kisser and I love you.” Alex loves me. I can feel my heart expanding. It’s all that I need for the day.


I flicked the lights on in my office and sank down into the beat up old desk chair. I reached under the desk to turn the computer on and when I looked back up there was a familiar six year old blond girl leaning against my desk.

“Hi, Kathy, what’s up?”

She slid herself slowly along the edge of the desk until she was only a couple of feet away. Her eyes never left mine. “You got any cash, Alex?”

“Kathy, you’re only six, whadya need cash for?”

She rolled her eyes. “My mom says that I can pick out my sheets and drapes…ya know…for my room. But she thinks it may be awhile till we got the dough.” She seemed to be thinking for a moment. “You do know that we’re moving don’tcha?”

Kathy and her mom have been thru more shit in the last year than most people see in a lifetime. I nod yes and say, “Lemme, look.” While I’m digging thru my pockets I ask her, “So what color you gonna get?”

“I’m not sure, Alex, pink maybe or yellow. I don’t want nothin that looks like the stuff we used to have. I’d like to get some nice sheets for mom too.”

I come up with twenty-two dollars. “Not much, Hon but you take it.” I give her the money and she holds it tight. I reach into my desk and get a business card. “You think you could do your shopping at Foley’s or Macy’s or whatever it’s called now?”

“I s’ppose. How come there?”

I show her the business card. “That name is Mrs. Henderson. She works in the department where they sell that stuff. You gotta give her this card or if you forget it just tell her to call me and you can get all the stuff you need.”

“I don’t gotta give her any money?”


“How come?”

“Cause we want ya to have the stuff you need and beside, somebody else picks up the tab. Pretty good deal, right?”

“I’ll say! So I can get whatever I want?”

I nod. “Yep. And be sure and get all the stuff you need, Kathy, for both you and your mom. Don’t forget stuff like towels and table cloths and all that little stuff. Mrs. Henderson will help you, she’s really good at this.” I guess Mrs. Henderson could be considered a friend of the shelter even though to the best of my knowledge she’s never been in the place. She’s always bent over backwards to help our clients.
“ And then she’ll take you to the furniture department and hook ya up with somebody to help ya get the furniture you need.”

Kathy’s look changed from glee to suspicion. “Furniture too? Now you’re messin with me, Alex!”

I held up both hands in surrender. “Honest to God I’m not, Kathy!” Slowly the scowl was replaced with a smile.

She grinned at me, something that you don’t see much of around here. “Alex…do I gotta give ya the money back?”

I smiled and shook my head no. “I’ll find some sucker to buy me lunch.” I reached over picked Kathy up and sat her on the edge of the desk. “You lookin forward to leaving us?”

Kathy looked down and said softly. “Pretty much. Not that I don’t like you guys but it sure will be nice to have our own place again.” Kathy was a very little girl on the one hand and about forty on the other. I just hoped that she be able to forget the stuff that brought her and her mom to us. “My mom feels bad that we gotta live here.” We dealt with a lot of parental guilt.

I picked up her hand and held her small fingers in mine. “I know how she feels, Kathy, but it’s not her fault and sometimes people just need a little help.” I wiggled her hand and finally got her to look at me and I grinned at her. “Everybody needs their friends at one time or another.”

“I could come back and visit, Alex. If I can get my mom to drive me.”

“Well, see that you do. I’ll tell ya what, once you guys get settled if you and your mom wanna come back and see us I’ll take you out to lunch.” Nobody ever came back unless the absolutely had to and I didn’t blame them one bit.

Just as Kathy was about to say something Charlene appeared in the doorway with an irritated look on her face. “Alex, how goddamn long are we gonna have to wait? I told you people when I’d be here!” She was a woman given to excess and every part of her body showed it. Charlene couldn’t see little Kathy roll her eyes and make a face.

By five o’clock I had gotten the shelter’s books back to where they needed to be, all the bills had been paid and the payroll completed. I grabbed the phone and punched in Larry’s cell number.

Larry came on the line. “I’m pickin you up, right?”

“I sure hope so.”

“What’s with your car?”

“I dunno, it sounded all strange and Mei didn’t want me to take it. So I get to ride in the batmobile.”

“Alex, I’m sensing some antagonism towards my wonderful new car.”

“I think I’m jealous.” That’s really strange that I said that because I think it’s true.

Larry laughed. “Buy a new fucking car, Alex! That thing is almost six years old and you’ve got what a hundred and ten thousand miles on it? You never spend any money on yourself…get yourself a decent car. It’s not like you can’t afford it.”

“I dunno. I’d feel strange about showing up here in a new car.”

I could hear the frustration in Larry’s voice. “Alex as much as I love you there are times when I could strangle you. Buy a new fucking car!”

I had to laugh at how determined he was. “Okay, okay, I’ll think about it. So when will you be here?”

“Like fifteen minutes.”

“Don’t be mad at me, Larry.”

He sighed. “Alex, I could never really be mad at you and I’m sure not now but you’ve gotta come to grips with all this money. I mean how many times have we had this conversation? You didn’t kill anybody to get it and you do a lotta good. You’re entitled to relax with it.”

My phone started ringing and I grabbed it. “Alex?” It was Charlene, again. She was irritated. “Is there anyone senior there?” She knew that such a person didn’t exist, this was all to goad me. She had made it pretty clear in the past how she felt about “Fags.” “Okay, okay, never mind that. I need something done.” I looked around to see if she had left any of her servants behind.

“There’s nobody here, Charlene and I’m on my way out.”

“Alex, I left my checkbook at the apartment and you’ve got to get it for me!”

“What apartment? Here? You mean you left it in your room?”

“No, Alex!” Her voice was dripping with irritation. “My old apartment! I had things stored there and we were there this morning. I remember having it on the kitchen counter and I must have left it. You need to send someone over.” She was insane. “I need the give the landlord here another check. Just send someone!”

Charlene I don’t have anyone to “send” anywhere. It’s just me here and Ann is coming in any second to take over. There’s nobody around to run errands for you.”

She sighed heavily. “Okay, never mind I’ll call back and talk to Ann. She at least knows what she’s doing.” I could kill this woman. The problem was that Ann’s way of dealing with her was to give her anything that she wanted and I didn’t want Ann to be running around some lousy neighborhood just as it was getting dark. Just because she’s a lesbian doesn’t make her immune to getting mugged or raped.

“Okay, okay, what’s the address?” I’ve never understood people who ask for something by attacking but it did seem to work for Charlene.

By the time I had shut off my computer, locked the office and walked to the front door Ann was walking up and Larry was pulling over to the curb.

Ann took one look at his new car started shrieking and ran over to him as he was getting out. “Larry, where did you get this? It is sooooo fucking cool!” She stopped and put her hands on her hips. “It’s for me, right? You’re getting in touch with your lesbian side and you just thought I oughta have it!”

Larry put on a totally put upon look and said, “Jesus, you’re not gonna start talking about vaginas again are ya? And I do know what you oughta have and it’s not this car.”

Ann reached up and put her arms around Larry’s neck. “Gimme the car and I’ll turn you every way but loose.”

He kissed her forehead and squeezed her. “I already got somebody that does that for me and he’s got a dick.” Ann really liked Larry and I often wondered if it couldn’t be more than just platonic. I wasn’t too worried about it though because Larry really liked cock.

Basically, Larry bitched at me all the way over to Charlene’s old apartment and I had to admit that he was totally entitled to.

“She wouldn’t do this for you, Alex. She wouldn’t fucking piss on you to see it splash.” We were moving rapidly into a really bad part of town. “If my cool new car gets fucked up down here I’m gonna be really pissed.”

“Larry, if I didn’t do this she was gonna get Ann to do it and you know goddamn well that Ann would. I didn’t want her crawling around down here. If something happens to the car I’ll pay for it.”

He sighed heavily. “You know it’s not the money.”

“I know but I really didn’t have any other option. Well, I suppose I could have sent Mei down here with a few of her guys but I really didn’t think of that.” I reached over and took his right hand in mine. “But I do agree that this sucks. Look, all ya gotta do is pull up to the place and I’ll run in and get the checkbook. You don’t even have to shut off the car.”

He was shaking his head no. “I’m goin in with you, Alex. Whenever you go someplace by yourself some horrible shit happens.”

I laughed. “Ya got a point there.” He tightened his hand on mine.

We were going thru a neighborhood of four and six flat apartment buildings but there was no indication of any kind of prosperity. The small front yards were mostly filled with various types of trash and deadeyed people looked up to stare at us as we passed. I was really wishing we were in an older and way less expensive car. We circled around a bit and finally found the address we needed. Larry insisted on turning the car around so that we were facing the way home.

We both laughed nervously and looked around the neighborhood before getting out of the car. I checked to see that I had my cell phone and then not seeing any threat we got out and walked into the four flat apartment building.

The hallway ran from the front to the back where there was a rear entrance. The hallway wasn’t as dirty as I expected and other than some obviously recent trash it was fairly clean. We took the stairs cautiously to the second floor where Charlene’s old apartment was located. I ran my hand over the top of the door and the key that she told me would be there dropped to the floor.

I opened the apartment door and looked in carefully. The failing evening light didn’t do much for the space and didn’t do much for the stench of rotted food that hit us. I felt the wall next to the door and flicked the switch I found there. Nothing. The electricity was off.

I stepped into the apartment with Larry plastered tight to my back and his breath hot on my neck. As soon as I closed the door I heard a faint scratching sound.

Oh fuck! “If there’s a goddamn rat in here I’m killing that woman!” I hate fucking rats.

Larry was moaning. “What is that fucking smell?”

“My guess is that Charlene didn’t bother taking out her garbage when she was leaving. Irritating fucking woman!”

With the door closed we were feeling bolder and Larry walked over to the counter between the kitchen and the small dining area. “Here’s the fucking checkbook, let’s get outta here.”

There was another scratching sound and what sounded like a closet door moving. I looked at Larry and he rolled his eyes in resignation.

He glared at me and whispered, “We could just mind our own business!” I really don’t know why we didn’t.

I tiptoed over to the bedroom and listened at the open door. I thought I could hear muffled sobbing. I gave Larry a questioning look and nodded towards the bedroom while I began inching my way forward.

The bedroom was totally empty but the indentations in the dirty beige wall to wall carpeting told the tale of where all the old furniture had been placed. The closet was to the right of the door and the closer I got the more the sound made me think of keening, it was almost a heavily muffled and very quiet wail. It seemed to get less and less muffled as I got closer to the closet and I tried to prepare for any kind of attack but I was pretty sure that there was a person in there. Larry moved over so that he was off to the side of me and wouldn’t necessarily be seen by anyone in the closet when I opened the door. I was really hoping that there wasn’t some sort or wild animal in there because when they’re cornered even a squirrel can do a lot of damage and I really didn’t want to think about it being a rat.

I steadied my body for a fight and jerked the door open. Pressed cowering against the far corner of the closet was a young boy. He was pretty dirty but even in the bad light I could tell that his hair was brown. He looked small but I couldn’t really tell his age. Shiny tears were running steadily down his cheeks, his fists were pressed to his mouth and he was vibrating with fear. He was wearing dirty sweat clothes and gym shoes.

The only thing that came outta my mouth was, “Oh!” Followed quickly by, “Oh, shit!”

Larry came around and looked. “A kid!”

I didn’t know quite what to say but finally said, “You okay?” That mustn’t have been the right thing because it didn’t help with the crying. There wasn’t anything else in the closet including shelves. I walked into it and put my hands lightly on his shoulders.

“You don’t have to be afraid. We’re not gonna hurt ya.” He was impossibly thin and felt like he was going to explode, like the vibrating fear was gonna make him fly apart. I did the only thing that I could think to do, I wrapped my arms around him. His head was pressed to my stomach and then I could feel him begin to quiet down at least a little. I ran my fingers thru his hair, which was filthy and pressed his face to me. I looked back for Larry but he wasn’t there.

And then suddenly Larry reappeared. “Alex we gotta get the fuck outta here! There’s like a damn street gang in front of the building and they’re looking at my car!”

I grabbed the sobbing boy and pulled him with us towards the front door. When I jerked it open there was a guy reaching for the doorknob. He was startled but recovered quickly took one look at the boy and said, “There you are you little fucker!” He grabbed for the boy who seemed to be intent on crawling thru me to get away from the guy. I grabbed the guy’s wrist before it got to the boy and as he was pulling back his other arm to punch me Larry’s right fist connected with the guys jaw. There was a loud snap as his head flew back and he staggered backwards until he hit the other wall of the hallway and slid to the floor.

Larry said, “Okay we gotta get outta here big time. Just make it to the fucking car, don’t stop.” We ran down the stairs dragging the boy with us and as we hit the front stoop the four guys around Larry’s car turned and started coming towards us.

Larry yelled, “Your buddy took the money and ran out the back way! He’s got my fucking money!” The boy and I ran to the car as Larry’s remote control unlocked the doors. There was an old yellow Cadillac sedan parked on the other side of the street facing the other way.

The guy who seemed to be in charge of the little gang yelled, “That dirty motherfucker!” and they all took off towards the back of the building. I was pulling the boy onto my lap and pulling the seat belt over us both as Larry was sliding into the driver’s seat.

I could hear the mob returning from the back of the building and looked up to see the guy Larry hit stagger out of the front of the building. Larry was just sliding into his seat when I laughed and said, “They obviously were very upset when they heard that their friend had broken the law.” I was amazed that he could think that fast.

While I pulled the boy tight back against me and tried to get the seatbelt totally fastened around both of us Larry had hit the gas and we were flying down the street. I turned my head back in time to see the old yellow Cadillac that had been parked across the street wheel around and knock over a trash can in its broad attempt to turn around before flopping back onto the street and taking off after us.

I looked at Larry and said, “Better step on it or we’re all gonna be sex slaves and that’s if we’re lucky.” Just then the rear window of one of the cars parked on the side of the street ahead of us exploded as we heard a gun shot and our anxiety skyrocketed. In my arms the boy smelled of old urine, sweat, and grime. His hair was matted and dirty and I could literally feel how afraid he was. I put my mouth right next to his ear and whispered, “Don’t worry, Larry’s a really good driver.” I wrapped my arms more tightly around him. The fine leather seat of the car almost seemed to mold itself to my back and held me steady.

Two blocks down, the street dead-ended into the six lane Worth boulevard with a stop light which thankfully had just turned green because by then we were going almost seventy. We needed to turn right and as we were sliding sideways across three lanes the inside of the car seemed so eerily silent you could almost hear the ticking of the clock. Larry’s face was frozen with the muscles in his jaw and neck tight and his eyes staring straight ahead. The only movements were his left hand on the steering wheel and the movement of his right hand as he worked the shift lever. He downshifted and the big V12 engine made a deep throated roaring sound that turned into a shriek, like some huge wild animal that had been speared, while the tires started to dig and smoke came peeling off of them in an angry swirling vortex, then they caught and we were off like a shot with the old Caddy a half a block behind us.

I grinned at Larry. “Ya gotta turn left in three blocks.” He hated it when I told him stuff like that and he was actually remarkably good at this.

“I know, Alex, I know! I was born and raised in this town!” I checked behind us and we weren’t making any progress at increasing the distance between us and the Caddy as it fishtailed wildly onto Worth boulevard. While we had amazing speed we really couldn’t use it in the city but the freeway was only a few blocks away. Larry was mumbling to himself, “Just stop and get her checkbook. That’s what he said. I’ll run in, you just need to pull over. It won’t take a minute.”

I whispered in the boy’s ear, “When he’s talking to himself it means he’s happy.” He was rigid with fear and my feeble attempt to make him relax wasn’t doing much. My right hand was flat against his stomach and I could feel shivers of fear going in waves thru his body. There was reason to be afraid but really it was more reason for Larry and me to be afraid than the boy, unless of course he knew these guys better than I realized.

We lucked out on the next turn too and soon we were rocketing up the onramp to the freeway which was relatively empty. Just as we got on the freeway I looked back to see that the Caddy hadn’t made the ramp as elegantly as the Aston-Martin and some part of the tail end of the car was now hitting the pavement and throwing up an impressive plume of sparks.

Larry tapped the gas pedal and we were flying up into the mountains. His car had a way of hunkering down and almost becoming one with the road and there was no way they were catching us. I flipped open my cell phone and called Mei.

“Mei, we’re just coming up into the mountains and we got some guys chasing us in an old yellow Cadillac.”

Her voice was all business and her accent heavy. “How far away from home?”

“About twelve miles.” I didn’t have to say that it was mostly up. “Can you have the gate open?”

“Alex, any reason believe they might have someone ahead of you?”

“No, Mei, I’m sure they don’t.”

“Ah right, we ready no matter wat. I open gate, we ready.” Then in frustration. “Ayeeah, why you no listen, Mei? Mei should drive you work! No bad stuff happen with Mei there.” This was a conversation that could go on forever.

“I know, Mei, I know but I gotta go now.” I cut off the phone.

Larry laughed and said in a singsong voice, “Alex is gonna get yelled at, Alex is gonna get yelled at.” I groaned. I wasn’t gonna get yelled at but I was gonna hear about it endlessly. Larry was right, Mei loved me and treated me like I was her kid or something. It was something that I thought I should do something about and yet I realized that there was also some part of me that liked the mothering I got.

By the time we reached the turn off to the house the Cadillac wasn’t even visible anymore. The gate was open and two of Mei’s burly security guys were standing there with her. All three of them were holding assault weapons.

Mei, came over to the car and gesturing towards the radio in her other hand said, “Police arrest them. No worry anymore. No worry they come here, they not get past mens.”

She opened the passenger side door and looked at the boy but didn’t say anything about him. Instead she stood on the door sill and said, “You give old lady ride.” And we drove up to the house with Mei standing on the door sill holding the door tight to her body. I glanced down and saw that she was still wearing those impossibly tall high heels.

Once in the house she turned and putting her hands on the boy’s shoulders she looked at me and said, “He guest?” It was her delicate way of asking what the fuck was going on.”

I nodded and said, “Yes.” Then realized that we didn’t even know the boy’s name yet.

I turned his face gently up to me and asked softly, “What’s your name?”

He said in the smallest imaginable voice, “Christopher.”

Mei said to me, “Clothes?”

I shook my head. “Just what he’s wearing. We’ll have to get him some stuff tomorrow.”

Mei wasn’t fazed in the least and looking at Christopher said, “You come, Mei take wery good care. You need bath and food right? Right, Mei take care of.”

She turned to me and said, “Alex,” She pronounced it Ahhl ex, “your car not so good. Time for new car. I tell man at car place you pick out.” She handed me a brochure while in the background Larry was convulsed with silent laughter. She pointed at the picture. “This car you pick out. Need to decide color. Bright color no good. People remember bright color. You nah want people remember your car. Silver color okay, every peoples have silver color. Car must be heavy and wery wery powerful engine.” She looked at me like she had been explaining to a five year old. “You unnerstan?” Larry grabbed the brochure with one hand and me with the other.

“I’ll s’plain it to him, Mei.” He pulled me towards the bedroom “Hey you get to pick the color. Ya oughta be happy.”

“What the hell is she buying me?”

He laughed and looked at the cover of the brochure. “A BMW 760Li. Good thing you’re rich.”

“How much….?”

Larry wouldn’t let me finish. “Don’t fucking ask!”

It suddenly seemed really important to assure Christopher and I turned and hunkered down in front of him as he and Mei caught up to us. “Christopher, Mei will take real good care of you and Larry and I will see you in a little bit. The thing is that I don’t want you to worry…..about anything. Those guys can’t get you here, you’re totally safe and nobody here is gonna hurt you.” The crying had stopped and the shaking but it was like he was reserving judgment. I did notice that his eyes were very blue.

When I stood up Larry was standing there smiling and I said, “What?”

He shook his head grinning. “Nothing, Dad. Come on, we both need about three showers and then I really do want to eat.” He started to pull me towards the bedroom again and talking all the while. “Ya know, ya really gotta feed me once in awhile if you expect me to keep performing at the elevated level that I do. I mean, fucking car chases, Alex! Fucking car chases!”

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