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Protecting David-Finding Christopher
--- Chapter 6 ---
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    Protecting David-Finding Christopher 6

“Alex………please don’t do anything.  Nothing good can come of it.  Just let me see what I can do behind the scenes.”

“I won’t do anything stupid, Connie, but I want to know where he lives…and his social security number if you can get it.”  All that I had to do was hand his name and address to Mei and tell her what he did.  There wasn’t the slightest doubt in my mind that she’d bring me his head if I wanted it but I also knew that I couldn’t do that…not yet anyway and not in that way.  I didn’t even know him, not really but with a nod of my head I could eliminate his life…scary.

“Alex, it’s important that you use money to solve this and not force…at least not you personally.  Let me work with Mr. Tam to find out about this man and then you can decide.  I’m assuming that you’d rather use Mr. Tam than Stanner’s guy for this.”

“Yes…definitely Mr. Tam but just have them watch him…and let me know.”

“And what about Mei…coordinate?”

“That’s fine, Connie, coordinate it with Mei, just don’t tell her what you think this guy did.  And get me an appointment for next week for Chris with a pediatrician and a Pediatric Psychologist.”  Then I remembered the fucking car.  “Oh and Mei wants me to get a car, the old BMW died.  Would you talk to her and then take a look at what she wants me to get.  I don’t want anything too stodgy or Larry’ll never let me hear the end of it.  Get with her and pick something out.  Just have it delivered, I’ll be happy with it no matter what it is.  Oh and have them repair the old BMW and we can give it to Ann to give to someone at the shelter.”

She laughed with glee and I could imagine her rubbing her hands together.  “I love shopping with your money!  Do you care what I spend?”

“No…No, hell it doesn’t matter but somehow I’m thinking that this needs to be a sedan because all three of us will be in it from time to time so it probably can’t be too sporty.  Think family car.  Besides, we’ve always got Larry’s car for sporty.”  I sighed.  “Mostly I don’t want to have to decide about this so I’ll like whatever you pick out.”

After I hung up with Connie I sat back in my desk chair rubbed my hands over my face and tried to clear my mind of the anger I was feeling.  The boy didn’t need to see that, right now he needed peace and stability, not some half crazed nut running around wanting to kill someone.  On my way back to the dining room I was dreading telling Larry about what may have happened to Chris and then an idea popped into my head.  Stopping behind Chris’s chair I put my hands on either side of his head and tilted his face up to mine.

“How’d ya like to go to Disney World next Saturday?”  I glanced at Larry.  “You don’t have to work do you?”

Chris’s whole body jerked and he started to yell, “Wow” but I could see something in his mind lock down almost immediately, something that started telling him that there was no way that it was really gonna happen, like some heavy hand clamping down hard on any grain of happiness.

Larry grinned and shook his head no.  “I’m totally free.  We could leave Friday night.”  It’s weird but we don’t ever go anywhere.  Our life is pretty much work and each other and really we could go anywhere we wanted and suddenly it seemed important to be showing the world to Chris, like somehow that would make up for some of the crap he had been thru.

Chris’s initial reaction had been wildly little boy happy but a second later that dropped like a mask and he was back to his, it can’t hurt me if I don’t believe it, face.  I looked at Larry who was shaking his head slowly.  I ruffled Chris’s hair and then rubbed his back.  I was sure that I could feel the scars underneath the thin cotton fabric of his pajamas.  “You’ll have a great time!  We can stay as long as you want, we’ll see everything.”  I figured that once we got him there there was no way that he could keep from getting caught up in it.  I mean, it’s fucking Mickey for heavens sake!

Chris was smiling and nodding now but I was certain that it was only on the surface.  It was pretty obvious that he wasn’t committing himself until something actually happened but it was also obvious that he felt the need to make the adults in his life feel like everything was okay and maybe that was the hardest thing to watch.  Somebody had taught him that not only was he supposed to have a life full of shit but he was supposed to make everyone else think that it wasn’t a problem.

“I’ll call Joan tomorrow and arrange for the plane.”


Mei is very distrustful of couriers.  She never quite said why but some time ago she did heavily imply that she had run into one who had murder on his mind.  In any event she didn’t cut them much slack and the skinny young guy that brought me the papers from Connie was forced to sit in a chair by the front door while she stared at him and I looked things over in the family room.

Everything was fine and I signed off on all of the contracts.  Then in the Hammersly Estate folder there were a group of large photos and a hand written note from Didier Masarac, the handsome Frenchman who worked for Gerhardt and managed the group who managed my real estate investments.

Please consider keeping this property for your own use.  It would also come in quite handy for entertaining clients of Kerry, Froedtert and Blair.

The pictures showed a large beach front home in a Spanish style with a red tile roof in what apparently was Palm Beach.  I leaned over and handed them to Larry.

“Do we want a house in Florida?”

Chris was sitting next to Larry and they both looked at the pictures and then Larry studied the description.  He ran his fingers thru his hair and turned to me as his hair drifted back over his forehead.  “Did you buy this?” 

“Yes but not me personally, the company did.  The thing is that when we figured our bid we really only calculated the value of the commercial property when we were figuring what we’d be willing to pay.  Anyhow we got it and this is part of it but it’s kinda like it’s free.  Should we keep it?”

“But you could sell this and keep the money.  It’s four freakin acres on the ocean!  Gotta be worth a lotta money.”

“I suppose......”  I laughed and nudged his hip with my foot.  “still it’s kinda like it’s free, so whadya say?”

He was staring at the photos.  “It’s a beautiful beach.”

That sealed it for me.  “We’re keeping it!  Besides I can see you and Chris standing on the beach and fishing with those rods with the big reels…whatever they’re called.”  Chris turned his head and looked up at Larry with a grin and for the very first time I saw something in his eyes, a glimmer that he might be beginning to accept us as a reality.  I scrawled a note to Didier asking him to transfer the property to my name and then took all of the papers back to the courier.

When I got back to the family room I hunkered down next to Chris and asked him, “Did you ever go horse back riding?  We’ve got horses.”

His eyes got big and he said softly, “Horses?”

I patted his knee.  ‘Nice ones, not mean, more like big dogs.”    I wiggled his knee and glanced at Larry too.  “But I’m thinking that showering and getting dressed maybe oughta come first.”  I grinned at Chris.  “Riding horses in your pajamas….not a cowboy thing.”

I looked at Larry and said, “Connie’s gonna get me a car.  She’ll get with Mei and figure out what’d be best.”

He smiled and shook his head slowly.  “You can’t spend the money yourself but it doesn’t bother you if she spends it for you?”

I gave him a lopsided grin.  “Complex, aren’t I?”

He was still shaking his head.  “Nuts..aren’t you!”  But the thing was that there had been a change, that in a way it was like I was spending the money for Chris because…well…we needed a car to take him places and we’d need the car to go places together and somehow that made it okay, complex, or maybe nuts.


We took Chris to his room and helped him dig out a pair of jeans from the stacks of freshly washed clothing that Mrs. Colby had put there and then left him to shower and get ready for the horses.  I wanted to get a better look at those scars on his back, to run my hands over them and tell him that they wouldn’t last that they’d go away, that I’d make them go away, that I’d make it all go away.  But we were walking on the proverbial eggshells, not wanting to make it worse, wanting him to get used to us.

When we walked into our bedroom Larry grabbed my hand and pulled me slowly down onto the bed wrapped his arms totally around me and shoved his right knee between my legs.

His voice was husky and soft.  “I’m not used to going this long without us kissing.” He pushed his knee up firmly against my balls and mumbled, “S’like a deficit.”  Larry’s got bedroom eyes even though I’m not sure that I could explain exactly what those are but he’s got em and at moments like this they make me crazy.  He brought his lips so that they were just a fraction of an inch from mine.  I was breathing the warm air that had been in his lungs when he kissed me so lightly that I wasn’t even sure that it had happened and then he grabbed the back of my head and molded his lips hard to mine. 

After a few moments I pulled my mouth from his and whispered, “Man, we can’t be doin this!  We gotta shower and get with Chris.”

He smiled and said, “You sure?”  Then giggling he pushed my head over and shoved his tongue into my ear.

That’s the number one thing that short circuits every nerve in my body and I jerked away from him.  “Larry, you’re killin me!”  I slid quickly off of the bed and then grabbed his hand and pulled.  “C’mon, we gotta get ready!”

He leered up at me from the bed.  “Take your sweats off, gimme a reason to join you.” 

I stripped off my sweats to shower with my cock doing the railroad crossing thing and Larry just laid there watching me his eyes moving slowly over my body.  “Lar, you gotta get ready!”

He grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards the bed and then dragged me down onto it.  He shoved his hips against mine his big cock moving under the fabric of his sweats and he whispered throatily in my ear, “I’m ready already,” while his thighs started trying to climb mine.

I muttered, “We have no time, Larry!” but he wasn’t buying it and I didn’t really want him to.  Sometimes it’s just easier if he makes these decisions.  Sometimes it’s something more than easier.

He was pushing me over onto my stomach and I guess that I was letting him, knowing where this was going and neeeding that to happen as much as he did.  “Believe me, Alex, this isn’t gonna take long.”

I yelled into the mattress, “Lube!”

His fingers were working me and he mumbled, “Spit!”  And then in a moment he was moving into me, slowly at first, stretching me and then him lying down onto my back and his cock moving steadily down filling me totally his arms wrapping around my head holding me in place.  His thrusting was long slow and deep and I was pushing back against him meeting his every thrust.  My feet hooked behind his knees holding him in place, making sure that he stayed, wanting his orgasm, needing to feel it filling me.

The weight of him pressing down onto my back, his hips thrusting forward, his teeth found the muscle on the top of my shoulder and clamped down not hard but firm his whole body screaming with the need to breed and then with a yelp and a growl his toes dug frantically into the sheets, he went rigid and came hard.

Afterwards in the shower he was laughing and grabbing me, kissing and nuzzling and squeezing me hard to him.  After sex Larry is one happy guy and very possessive, even dressed his fingers are grabbing my belt in the back while he nuzzles the back of my neck with his lips and he pulls me tight for an unexpected kiss.

I break from the kiss and grin at him.  “I’m not runnin away, Lar.  We can kiss more later.”  I sighed, slumped against the wall and told him what might have happened to Chris while his face just seemed to collapse into sadness.

Finally he seemed to mentally shake himself and said, “Shoulda killed that fucker while we had the chance…..but there’ll be other chances.  Let’s get Chris.”


 We were down at the stable which is about a hundred and fifty yards away from the house and down the hill a bit.  The house sits on one end of the plateau looking a bit like some sort of a flattened Star Wars battle cruiser come to earth and from there the land dips down in a shallow bowl shape creating a valley where the stable is located, then coming out of the valley on the other side the land climbs to the tree line.

Larry said, “Chris, this is Dixie, she the littlest horse we got and she’s also the nicest.  She likes everybody and she’s gonna like you too.”  Chris was definitely reserving judgment on that statement and he kept looking nervously from Larry to me like he wasn’t quite sure that we weren’t gonna just leave him here with this horse that probably looked huge to him.

Chris said, “I dunno…maybe I shouldn’t ride a horse today.  Maybe I oughta just feed the horses today cause they look like they’re grownup horses not boy horses.  You think maybe we should do that?”

Larry ignored the request and looked Dixie straight in her equine eye and said, “You just be on your damn best behavior today!”  For her part Dixie looked to me like she was thinking, “Bite me!”

Larry hunkered down in front of Chris and said, “Chris, it’s gonna be okay, now I want you to get your left hand onto the saddle horn up here and then swing your right leg over.  And to do that I’m gonna have ya put your left foot into my hands and I’ll give you a boost.”  He grinned at Chris and Chris grinned back.  With that crooked grin of his Larry could talk anyone into anything and when they tried it it worked perfectly.  Chris was sitting proudly atop Dixie grinning wildly and looking like he’d been voted best new cowboy of the year but couldn’t believe it was happening.

With Larry and I riding on either side of him Chris was beginning to act like he was an old hand at this so we rode slowly up to the border of our property.  He had just entered a bid on the forty acres on top of the plateau that we didn’t own and we were waiting to hear about it.  We took Chris up to the tree line that divided our property from David Thornton’s, not that there was much to see other than pine trees although looking back you had a great view of the house.

Chris looked nervously at the trees and said, “Are there bears?  Do ya ever see bears here?”

I leaned over and squeezed his shoulder.  “No bears, Chris, at least not that I’ve ever seen.  And all those big men that are down by the gate and that you see walking around the property, all those guys have guns and their job and Mei’s job is to protect you.”

I decided to amplify the point.  “You’re safe here, Chris.  Nobody can get in here unless we want em here and nobody’s getting in that’d hurt you.”

Larry added, “And when you do have to leave here like for school and stuff Mei’ll see that you’re safe.  Whatever happened before is over, Chris.”

That evening the three of us curled up on the big sectional sofa in the family room and watched Pirates of the Caribbean which Chris loved but he fell asleep during the movie Breach and we carried him to bed.

Chuck Stanner called me about nine thirty and told me that everything had been taken care of and the people from Family Services were briefed on what was suppose to happen.  We were to meet them at the shelter along with a representative from the police department.  Family Services would give us paperwork to fill out and Chris would be allowed to stay with us until it could be made official.  A done deal.

In bed Larry and I talked about some of the things we still needed to do with Chris, like getting him really settled in and maybe changing his room, redecorating it so that it suited a young boy a little better and about how we’d need to introduce Chris to Becky and Bob and their kids and I was certain my dads would be flying in to meet him.  Finally we were too tired to keep talking and just held hands and cuddled and finally slept.

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