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Protecting David-Growing Up
--- Chapter 2---
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                                         Protecting David – Growing Up 2


Mark is like a rock, like this big solid thing that is always the same and is always there for me, for everyone.  But now……… he wants to know what I did……..what I feel and the truth is that I wanted this to happen, wanted him to want to know.  Like the big  jerk that I am I led my dad to this place where he’d ask me what he asked me and be waiting for an answer and no matter what I say I’m gonna come off like a the total asshole that I am.

I rolled back over and looked up at my dad.  “I don’t think she expects it to be anything………I mean it’s not like she’s my girlfriend or anything.”

Mark was looking down at me and slowly reached out and touched my hair, he didn’t ruffle it like he always used to do, just touched it lightly with the tips of his fingers.

“Alex………………please tell me that you used a condom.”  I couldn’t read his face, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, if he was mad at me or disappointed or what.

“I did, Dad, honest I did.  She had them, I didn’t even know……………….I didn’t even know it was gonna happen but she had that stuff.  She said they were her dads.”

Dad groaned and dropped his head back against the headboard of the bed.  Then he patted the bed next to him.  “Come up here, Alex.  We gotta talk.”

Ohhhh fuck!  God, what’s he gonna ask me?  I pushed myself up until I has sitting next to him with my back against the headboard.  “Dad, are you mad at me?”

He looked quickly at me and gave a short laugh.  “Fuck if I know!  Although there’s room for it, my fifteen year old son screwing my neighbors daughter and if I’m understanding this correctly you’ve got feelings for Tommy.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just dropped my head and looked down.  “I dunno, maybe.”

Mark looked at me and sighed deeply and then leaned his head back and rolled it toward me.  “Kiddo, I may not know much about straight relationships but I do have a basis in gay ones and I see the way that you look at Tommy and the way that you talk about him.”

Dad, wrapped his hand around my wrist and just held it, his hand is a lot bigger than mine and stronger too but he just held my wrist lightly, like just to make contact.

“Sweetheart………oh……..sorry, it’s just that you still are that to me…………you’ll understand it when you get older but I can stop saying it but I can’t stop feeling it.  Anyway there’s a few things we have to think about, first of all there’s you having sex with Monica.  Now you say that she isn’t thinking relationship but believe me, you probably wouldn’t know if she was.  So we need to know what she’s really thinking, maybe Tommy will give you some clue.  Then there’s the whole Tommy thing.  Does he feel the same about you?”

“I dunno, Dad.” 

“Well, you must have some clue.  Does he date girls?”

“Girls really like him and he talks to them and flirts with em but…………it’s like he’s holding back…………maybe I’m the only one who sees that but I know him really well and it’s like when they get too close, like emotionally, he kinda mentally steps back.  Like this girl Corine, she was really after him and he talked to her a lot and they even went to a couple of movies and shit but after a few weeks when she was getting really wound up he just stopped.  They were suppose to be going to another movie and he called me on my cell and says why don’t we go to the mall and I said well what about Corine and he goes like “Oh her” and then he just drops it and starts talking about the stuff we were doing before he met her and it’s just like she never happened.”

Dad was still holding onto my wrist and I looked up at him and said.  “You mad at me for having sex with Monica?  I shouldn’t have done it, I see that now.  It just makes everything sooooo much more complicated.”

Mark sat up and then swung his right leg over my legs so that he was straddling me and he sat back slowly not resting all of his weight on me.  He looked me straight in the eye and then dropped his chin to his chest.  When he looked back up at me there was a faint smile on his face.

“Well, on the one hand I should be pissed but on the other hand I did the same thing when I was your age and probably most people have done the same thing or something very like it.  Course you’d never get most of them to admit it.”

Mark reached forward and took my face, well actually my whole head in his hands.  “Remember our rules, Alex.  No drugs, no cigarettes and no alcohol.  I’m adding one more to that and that’s, always, always, always, wear a condom.”  His face softened.  “I won’t ever stop loving you, Kiddo but I will be very disappointed if you screw up on any of these four things.”

Mark swung off of me and grabbed my hand and pulled me up off of the bed.  “Let’s go eat.  And you gotta be thinking of a way to tell David.”

“I gotta tell David?”  I could hear my voice going ultrasonic.

Mark looked back at me.  “Unless you want me to tell him.”

“Ooooooh, Dad!”  I was beginning to whine.  I hate it when I do that.  Besides I knew from the second the words came out of his mouth that there was no way that I was gonna win.                                      


I was cooking steaks but I was thinking about Jamie and Emi.  We had become a victim of our own success at least in the sense that some of our partners had made enough money that they had all but dropped out of the company and even for the rest of us it just wasn’t the fun that it used to be.  Then came the email from New York.  Ralph Fedders, officially retired, unofficially the personal representative of the largest shareholder of a major investment banking house with his suggestion that we get together for lunch.  According to Emi their man in Zurich was already telling his clients that they were buying us.

I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life, well at least my business life.  Mark and Alex took care of the rest.  I was tired of doing the big deals like the ones that I had done for Frank and others, it was exhausting, it used to be fun but it was just tiring now.  I guess that if I could have my druthers I’d stick with investing individuals money for them, family money that actually meant something to real people and to somehow keep my involvement with Jamie and Emi.  The rest didn’t care anymore and the joy of the work was being involved with people you liked and trusted.

Mark came striding onto the patio with Alex in tow.  “David, we got any food for this kid?”  Alex had an odd look on his face but then he’d had an odd look on his face ever since he hit puberty.  Mark gave me a goofy “I love you,” grin while he made a sideways grab for Alex.  They were perfect for each other, they both loved playing rough and Alex was never happier than when Mark driving him crazy.

“We sure do!  Just sit yourselves down and dish out the potato salad the steaks are almost done.”  Alex looked preoccupied, and didn’t see Mark’s arm reaching out to him, probably that girl on his mind.  Well, I guessed that it was to be expected, he had turned into quite the stud, all arms and legs at the moment  but I figured that that would smooth out.  Geez he looked thin.

“David, don’t forget to leave mine rare.”  He had his arm around Alex’s neck and had pulled him into a hug and Alex was trying to struggle free.

“Mine too!”  Alex gasped as he managed to pull himself free from Mark.

“How the devil you guys can eat this stuff practically raw is beyond me.   What’s the point of starting the fire at all, we oughta just get the cow to lie down in the sun for a while.”

Alex was wolfing down his food like this was his last meal.  God!  Was I ever able to eat like that?  It suddenly occurred to me that I needed to talk to Frank.  He was the perfect guy to put everything in perspective and now that he was officially retired he was bored out of his fucking mind.

“David!  David!”  Oh fuck!  Mark was talking to me while my mind was on another planet.

“Yeah babe?”

Mark smiled at me, smiled that funny little smile that says I know what you been thinking, or in this case I know that your preoccupied.

“Hon, it’s only business.”  Mark ran his hand up my arm and then squeezed my shoulder.  “For five minutes let them do the worrying about their own money.”

“Dad!  Screw em.  Why do you have to think about that crap all the time?”  Alex was bouncing his leg up and down with the nervous energy typical to fifteen year olds.

“Guys!  I like it.  I mean I know that I shouldn’t think about it all the time but I really do like it.  It’s what I do.”  Alex had tilted his head sideways in a way that he had of showing sympathy.  I wanted so much for him, so much wanted his life to go well.  Geez, I hadn’t talked to Frank in a couple of weeks.  I wondered if he still was in town or if he and Marcy had taken off for somewhere.  “Alex!  Not just steak and potatoes!  Eat some vegetables too, have some of those green beans.”

Alex made a “yuck” sound.

Mark was smiling at Alex.  “Your dick’ll fall off if you don’t eat vegetables.  And I know how important that’s become to you lately.”

“Dad!”  Alex gave me a pleading make him stop look.


I could kick the ass of just about anybody in my school.  Not that I ever had to, actually just the opposite.  When I was little and like in first grade, some of the other kids gave me a little shit about Mark and David being gay but once I got further along in school it became kinda cool to have to two dads.  It maybe helped that they didn’t really seem gay but guys would come over to the house and make a point of saying hello to Mark or David and you could tell that they thought it was cool.

When I was a really little kid I used to sit on Mark’s shoulders while he did pushups and then when I got to be seven or eight he let me start to exercise with him and then when I turned twelve he started to teach me martial arts and hand to hand combat.  I know, it sounds scary but it’s really not.  Mark is like really gentle.  I mean he’d totally kick the shit out of a bad guy but with normal people he’s like this really peaceful guy.  And the stuff that he taught me, well it was almost like meditation, like these really precise movements that had a calming effect on me.

When I got to be fourteen Mark started teaching me how you could use all of that as a defensive or even aggressive thing.  But I never had to use it.  By the time I got to high school I had developed so much, muscle wise, that nobody ever seemed to want to give me any shit.  I dunno, maybe they were afraid that Mark would come and beat em up.

Actually, if they had to worry about anyone it was David.  Maybe cause David isn’t really big he never felt like he had to hold back like Mark sometimes does.  David is the one who looses his temper and when he gets totally pissed he’d take on about anyone no matter how big they were.  I know that Mark worries about him getting in over his head and he’s usually there to back him up just in case somebody figures they can beat on him just cause he’s small.

Anyway, I didn’t have to worry too much about having gay dads.  Everyone tells me that that’s weird but I guess that it’s just the way it worked out.  What I did worry about were guys, well more like guy because I mostly thought about Tommy.

I didn’t want to be thinking about guys I wanted to be thinking about Monica or any of the girls that I knew but when I closed my eyes at night the first image that came to me was Tommy’s eyes and the way that his breath felt on my face that time we fell skiing.

Sometimes, well actually a lot of times, Tommy would be over at our house and we’d be in my room or downstairs in the game room or the workout room and he would be lying down watching tv or something and suddenly he’d roll over onto his stomach and look up at me.  He wouldn’t say anything, just look up at me with those warm brown eyes and I’d say.  “What?  What?”  Tommy would just smile and his eyes would crinkle and he say.  “Just checkin to see that you’re okay.”

What the fuck does that mean?  Who says stuff like that?  Not to mention that when he rolls onto his stomach his pants are always riding up in his butt and holy shit how the fuck am I suppose to put that outta my mind?  I want soooo bad to just reach out and touch his face with my hand, just to let the tips of my fingers feel his skin and then to see those eyes coming closer to mine and feel the heat of his face.

And then there were the times that we be walking somewhere, going to the car from the mall or just cruising around school and he’d sling his arm over my shoulder and just kinda hang on me and my mind would be exploding with the picture of him changing out of his swim suit after practice and how white and hard his ass would be and then he’d turn and those dark brown eyes would flash again.

With that thought still crashing through my brain I used the back of my thumb to push my balls up and to press against my perineum just as I began to shoot, spraying cum up on my chest and stomach.  My heels were digging into the sheets as my legs tensed and the last stream of cum shot out of my dick.  God!  Oh fuck!  Maybe I would be able to sleep now.







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