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Protecting David-The Brothers
--- Chapter 1 ---
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Protecting David-The Brothers 1

Aiden launched himself backwards onto the bed and yelled, “This is cool!  I mean the state sucks but the room is cool.” 

Andy plopped down next to him and said, “I dunno.  If you want cold weather why not just stay in Colorado?  I mean he coulda gone to school in fucking Florida or someplace.”

In spite of the fact that I was beginning to think that maybe he was right I felt compelled to defend my choice.  “You guys don’t know anything!  This is a way better school than anything in Colorado.”  Actually I had been dreaming of Princeton or Yale but there was no way that I stood a chance of getting into either of those.  Then Alex talked me into the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Since my dads were out in the hall talking to the guy who was in charge of the dorm the twins were acting up.  They were both dressed in jeans and tee shirts and they both looked as hyper-sexual as they actually are.  Aiden looked up at me grinned and then grabbed his crotch as obscenely as a porn star and made a thrusting motion with his hips.

In a soft singsong voice he said, “Someone’s gonna get laaaaiiiid.”  How I wish that they were still small enough for me to beat the shit out of them but by the time they were eleven the were as big as I was and now at fourteen they’re both five inches taller than me and god only knew how much stronger.

In a panic, and not wanting my dads to hear, I leaned forward and said, “Will you shut up!  Just shut the fuck up!”

Andy shook his head and whispered, “Who fucking cares if he gets laid?”  Then he grinned at Aiden and then looked up at me.  “But dude I’m serious, for us, find yourself a fucking guy!  Get some dick!”  For the last year this was all that I heard from them.  I can’t imagine why they’re so interested in my sex life but they seem to be.  They were always pushing me at guys that they thought I should be trying to get to know but the guys they liked were almost always totally straight.  The few exceptions to that were guys that did nothing for me.

“Will you two quit this!?  I got a roommate around someplace and if he hears that shit I’m not gonna get laid I’m probably gonna get beat up!”

Aiden rolled his bright blue eyes and said, “Dude, it’s fucking Wisconsin not that Caribbean place where they beat on you guys.  Everybody’s got a right to get laid.”  They certainly should know!  They’d already fucked their way through most of their female class mates and were working their way up.  I figured that in maybe another year they’d be working on the PTA women.  In the women’s defense they were hot.  I mean even I could see that despite the fact that mostly I wanted to kill them because they never gave me a moment of peace.

Andy’s face suddenly darkened his eyes flashed and he said, “And besides, nobody touches you, not like before!  Anybody pulls some shit on you, you gotta tell us.”  The twins were loyal; I mean I had to give them that.  The thing that they were talking about was the one bad incident that I had in high school where this jock guy called me a fag and tried to slam me around.  The twins appeared outta nowhere and almost killed him.  I never saw people fight like that.  The twins seemed like they had totally lost their minds and were really trying to kill the guy.  They were beating on him and screaming at him that they were gonna bite his nose off and eat his eyeballs.  It was like they went totally insane.  The guy was like a football guy and huge but still he was out of school for ten days and when he came back he avoided me like the plague.   Thank God!  But, the thing was that he was right.  Not that he had any right to beat on me but he was right that I was gay.

That was a horrible day.  I really freaked out.  It was like I had gotten to feeling all safe after all the shit that had happened in my life and then out of nowhere that guy did that and it was like it really shook me.  I couldn’t stop crying.  Somehow the twins got me home and they got in bed with me and held me until it was over.  And they never told my dads, that would have been even more humiliating than it already was because I had made a big deal out of not wanting security people watching my every move.  After that the twins changed a bit.   I guess they became kind of protective of me.  Unfortunately it did nothing for their constant talking and their constant harassing of me.  Of course they mean it to be good natured, it’s not like they’re really trying to be mean.  The twins are intense about everything.  It’s just their way.


 The door to the room opened and my dads were standing there still talking to the dorm guy and with the door open the sounds of the teeming masses in the hall got loud but then they came in and closed the door.  Alex came over to me and said, "Maybe we oughta stay tonight and go back tomorrow.  We could check into a hotel and then all go out to dinner.  It'd give you a chance to ease into this."  This was exactly what I didn't want.  Them all being here just made it harder.

"Dad it's okay.  I'm gonna be just fine.  If anything goes wrong I'll email you but nothings gonna go wrong."  This whole thing was actually harder on my dads than it was on me and Alex looked like it'd be okay with him if we all just went home.

Larry walked over and kissed me.  Then said softly, “You’re going to be okay.  Just remember, you gotta take your studies seriously.  Work hard.”  He smiled.  “I know that I don’t have to tell you about booze and drugs.”

Alex put his hands on both sides of my face and kissed my forehead.  Then he pulled me even tighter to him and wrapped both of his arms completely around me but didn’t say anything for a long time, he just held me.

Finally he said, “Just a phone call away.”  He kissed the side of my head.  “If you need anything locally you’ve got the number of the bank and Roger Billings number.  Will you be okay?”

I nodded against his chest.  “You know I will.”

He kissed the side of my head again.  “Yeah, I know.  For God's sake email your grandpas.  They're gonna be all over me if they don't hear from you and I'm pretty sure you don't want them showing up here and believe me that could happen.”  He was right, and when David and Mark went anywhere it always ended up being a three ring circus.

"I promise that I'll email them tonight before I go to bed."  This was the university that David had attended and he was pretty well known here.  The fact that my last name wasn't the same as anyone else’s had saved me lots of times from having to answer a bunch of questions and hopefully it would be the same here.  People were always looking for a way to get to David or my dad, usually with some business deal.  I didn't want to be known as David Kerry's grandson or anybody's anything.  I just wanted to be me.

Larry took Alex’s arm and pulled him away.  He looked at me and then at the twins and said to them.  “Alex and I’ll be down in the car.”

When my dads walked out I took a deep breath and looked at the twins.  They were both six feet tall with shaggy blond hair and bodies that had been conditioned by every conceivable sport and for the first time in forever they looked like lost little boys again.

They lunged at me and pulled me into a crushing twin sandwich.  In a rush Aiden said, “Don’t stay here!  Just come back with us.  Just get on the plane!  The dads won’t care!”

Andy wiped a tear away with the back of his hand and said, “You can go to school in Denver!  It’s just like here!  But closer!”

I shook my head and said softly, “You know I can’t do that.”

Aiden rubbed his forehead against the side of my head and said, “Awe shit!  I knew it’d be like this!”

Andy said softly, “We love you!”

Aiden said, “It’s like you’re our fuckin mom or some shit!”

"Look, you guys know that I gotta do this.  You don't need me anymore!  It's not like you're still seven years old.  And besides in a couple of years you're gonna be doing the same thing.  At least you will if you guys don't get thrown in jail for screwing some guy’s daughter."

They laughed and the bear hug eased.   Then they both sighed at the same time and stepped back.

Andy said, "You need to fuckin email us every night!  Every single fucking night!  Seriously!"

And then they were gone and I was alone.  I sat down on my bed and looked around.  Across from my bed was another just like it.  At the ends of the beds in front of the window were computer desks that faced each other.  Mine already had my laptop on it.  The bathroom was on the same wall as the door.  The room was painted in three tones of beige.  The floor was covered in an industrial carpeting that was a lot of different colors but somehow ended up looking blue.  The bed across from mine just had a bare mattress on it because you were supposed to bring your own sheets.  Somehow it looked lonely and unloved and it made me a little sad.

I grabbed my suitcase and fished around in it until I found the heavy manila envelope that I had put there before I left home.  I pulled open the flap and looked inside.  Ten thousand dollars in crisp one hundred dollar bills and all bound together by a paper band.  Alex had given it to me when I was a little kid so that I wouldn’t be afraid about not having any money.  I never spent it, not a dime of it and the truth was that I’d probably never have to but it calmed me just to see it, to know that it was there.

I dug around in my bag until I found the small roll of masking tape and then I pulled out the bottom drawer of my dresser and taped the envelope to the bottom of  it.  It made me feel better, lots better.

I knew that in one respect I should be scared but the fact was that I wasn’t.  This was something that I was good at, surviving on my own and this time I wasn’t broke.  Well, anyway it’s not like someone had dropped me into the middle of the Sahara or something, it was Madison, Wisconsin.  On the plane ride here Alex told me that his dads, Grandpa David and Grandpa Mark, still owned the house in Milwaukee where he grew up and that if I ever got over there I could use it. I couldn't really imagine that I would, at least not for a while.

I wondered what happened to my roommate.  His name is Maximillian De Luca. This was the day that he was supposed to move into the dorm too but things did happen and it wasn’t unheard of for people to be late.  We had emailed back and forth a couple of times in the last two months and he asked me to please never call him Maximillian, that he strictly went with Max, which I thought was a pretty cool name.

I decided that it was time to explore.  For one thing, I needed to get a car.  I had written the address of the Honda dealer on a piece of paper.  Alex had set it up that no matter which brand of car I wanted within reason all I had to do was pick one out and then call the lawyer, Mr. Billings.  Then I guessed he would take care of it.  But I also need all kinds of other crap, like toothpaste, which for some reason, I had forgotten to pack.

The noise coming through the door told me that the hallways were still crammed with people.  When we got here it was like the whole world was trying to do the same thing at the same time, move into their dorm rooms.  The halls were full of students in tee shirts and cargo shorts lugging overflowing cardboard boxes up stairs and into rooms.  The sound of gym shoes squeaking on tile floors was a constant.  

 I decided that if I was going out there I better check myself out.  There was a full length mirror attached to the wall and I checked to see that I wasn't looking too pathetic or anything.  I was too short, at 5'7", definitely too short but I was thin and I had good hair, a dark brown.   And not that it mattered at the moment but a good butt too.  I figured that I wasn't like ugly or anything.  I was even pretty sure that I could pass for cute. 

At home Alex worked the twins and me like we were at boot camp or something.  Every day was a workout day and just before it almost killed me Larry got him aside and told him that we weren't supposed to be in training to be ninjas or anything.  But while it was hell for me the twins ate it up and pretty soon Alex had turned them into a special project and he pretty much forgot about me.  And while I never got anywhere near having the muscles that the twins had my body was at least firm.  Well, firmish.

I walked over to the window and looked out.  There was a lake out there.  It must be Lake Mendota, or Minona or something like that.  When I was checking out maps I noticed that everything seemed to have an Indian name.  I checked the map I had printed out.  The student union must be east of here.  Now to find it.

My fellow teenagers are incredibly clumsy and when you're short and don't weigh very much crowds of them carrying heavy boxes are best avoided.  I waited for a lull in the traffic and then shot down the stairs and finally out into the warm early September sunshine.  The air was still hot and dry in the way that it can be at this time of year.  The trees were all covered in dark green foliage but it was getting a dusty dry look to it.  I walked just fifty feet from the building stood under a tree and looked around.  There were cars everywhere unloading kids that were trying to look nonchalant but had to be just as uncomfortable as I was.

I don't know why I'm standing here.  It's not like anything is gonna happen.  I'm too shy to go up and talk to anyone and besides, everyone is too busy to talk to anyone who isn't actually helping them move.  I'm pretty sure that if I volunteered to help anyone that they'd look at me like I was some weirdo so I decided to just concentrate on getting the car and the toothpaste.

I got my phone out and searched for cab companies.  I suppose that I could take a bus but I didn't know where anything was, all I had was an address.  They told me that it'd be twenty minutes before they could get to me so I sat under a maple tree and waited.  The cab driver was a Sikh, you know, one of those guys that wears a turban.  When I asked him if he could find the address he looked like he was about to get mad but then he laughed and told me that he used to drive a cab in New York City and that compared to that, driving a cab in Madison was like driving around in your backyard.

On the ride to the dealer I asked him how he got from New York to here and he said that his son who was a graduate student was involved in something to do with genetics and it was only being done here.  And since his wife had died a few years before he decided to follow his son here because if he drove a cab his son could concentrate on his studies and not have to worry about money.  He did say that he liked this dealer because they had given his son a good deal.

 The twins and I had spent one whole evening on the computer figuring out which would be the best car for me and we came up with the Honda Civic and that was what I was here to buy.  I was really hot for that car.  The twins wanted matching Lamborghini's when they were sixteen or something like that but I wanted a car that I knew would be reliable.  I'm not a very flashy person.

The first car that I saw when I walked into the showroom was Civic EX-L in silver, my dream car.  My heart skipped a beat.  I walked over to it and slowly ran my finger over the glistening paint and then looked inside.  The soft black leather was calling my name.

"It's a great looking car isn't it?"  His voice was all bright and upbeat. 

The guy was about forty and was one of those guys that you just knew had been a good athlete back when he was in high school but now all that muscle had a pretty thick layer of fat over it.  Not that he was bad looking or seemed mean or anything, just that he had been around the block and his face was kinda chubby.  His name tag said "Jack."

I never know what to do about sales people.  "It's wonderful!” was all I could come up with.  Okay, even to me that sound all little kid so I added, "Consumer Reports said it was about the best."

In one smooth back handed motion that I would never be able to do he opened the car door and said, "Why don't you try it out.   This car looks like it was made for you."

While he was telling me the high points of the cars construction I slid into the black leather seat and sighed.  I wanted this car more than I had ever wanted anything. 

While I was sitting there with the steering wheel in my hand staring transfixed at the dashboard he held out his hand for me to shake.  "Name is Jack Walsh and you are?"

His hand felt like it was twice the size of mine, like my hand could be swallowed up by his.  I wondered how many footballs that hand had thrown in high school.  "Ahh, Christopher."

His voice was all jovial.  "Hi Chris!  What's your last name?"

"Bending."  I knew that he was mentally filling out the salesform.

He spelled my name letter by letter just to be sure that he had it right and then said, "So can we sell you this car?"

I looked up into his dark blue eyes and said softly, "Yes."  The second the word came out of my mouth I knew all of the car buying mistakes that I had made because they were dancing around in my head like Indian warriors around a camp fire.  Everyone had told me not to commit to anything right off the bat but to make them work for it and to negotiate.  If this was the twins buying this they'd be bouncing off the walls.

So I figured that I'd fix it and quickly said, "You'll gimme a good price, right?"

He smiled at me brightly and said, "The best!  We give every customer the very best deal in town!"  Because I'm an idiot that made me feel better.  "Why don't you come to my office and we'll write up the paper work."

As we walked to his office he draped his arm over my shoulders and said, "You're a college student right?"  He didn't wait for an answer.  "Well the last thing you need to be worrying about is keeping your car running and we've got an extended warranty that takes that worry away.  Let's you concentrate on your studies.  I mean that's the whole point of going to school, right?  Hey for an extra fifteen hundred bucks now you can breeze through the next four years without a worry in the world."  It made sense to me.

Actually his office was more of a glass cubicle set in the middle of a dozen other glass cubicles but business must not have been good because there were only two other salesmen there.  They were both staring at us while trying to look like they hadn't even noticed us.  They both had that look that you see on television programs about wild animals where one animal has just killed something big and the other animals are trying to figure out how to take it away from him.

Jack sat behind his desk and immediately started typing on a computer.  After he had been typing for a minute he said without looking at me, "Business has been a little slow so you're gonna be gettin a great deal on that car.  Lemme see how this works out.  Okay, the car itself would be $22,599 and with the delivery and prep that comes up to $23299 and the extended warranty, which by the way you're gonna love, brings it up to $24799 then you can't forget the government so with tax and registration we got a grand total of $26,387."

He looked at me hard.  "You're gonna need to talk to our finance guy, right?  Don't get mad if I guess your age wrong but I also figure that your dad is gonna have get involved in that."

I said, "I'm seventeen.  But my dads are on a plane going back to Denver."  I pulled out my wallet and got the card my dad had given me.  "I'm supposed to call this guy and he's gonna handle that stuff."

He reached over and took the card from me.  Out loud he read, "Roger Billings...Billings, Billings and Beyer, Attorneys at Law."  His face dropped a little and he said, "Lawyers." like he had just discovered rats in his house.  He put his elbows on the desk and said, "You sure you're gonna be able to do this?  I mean are these guys gonna drag this out for a month?"

This wasn't the reaction I was figuring on, I thought that we'd just call and it'd all be fine.  I felt like he was beginning to think that I was just a kid who was wasting his time.  "Yeah, sure!  They told me that while I can buy a car in Wisconsin it's just that you gotta be eighteen to register it.  I mean I got the money and everything.  I could pay for the car!  Well, you know, if you take Visa.  I mean I never charged anything like a car but still……"  I hate it when people think that I’m just a kid and can’t possibly know what I’m doing.

He tossed his pen on the desk almost in disgust, at least that's what it felt like.  He said, "Just put it on your Visa card, huh?"

"Yeah!  Well I figured that the lawyer would do it but we could put it on my Visa.  I'm not tryin to cheat you!"  It doesn’t take much to make me feel like I’m twelve again.

He chewed on his thumb nail for a moment like he was thinking about my Visa card and then said, "We better call."

He picked up the phone and punched in the numbers.  While he was waiting he said, "This is Saturday you know.  These clowns may not even be working."

Then he seemed to be listening for a second and then said, "I got a young guy here who wants to buy a car and says that I'm supposed to talk to Roger Billings."  He listened for a moment and then said, "Christopher Bending.  Oh.  Oh...okay."

He turned off his phone and tilted back in his chair.  "There sending somebody over."

Suddenly he sat up and said, "Hey you want some coffee?  We got a machine back here."

Fifteen minutes later I saw a guy walk up to the receptionist.  He was dressed in khaki pants a polo shirt and a navy blue blazer.  It looked like he had been doing something else, maybe bar-b-quing and had put on the jacket just for this.  He was a nice looking guy about thirty-five years old with dark hair.  But even from fifty feet away he had that look.

Except for the real bad stuff when I was little I've never had sex with a guy.  And even that sex wasn't really sex, at least not as far I was concerned.  The most that ever happened to me was that I got fingers shoved up my butt and a nasty old cock shoved in my face while they beat the crap outta me.  And then that crap with my psycho sister and her excon boyfriends.  But I been thinking a lot about sex and I've pretty much decided that if I don't get some soon my dick is gonna fall off.   I've also noticed that some guys just have that look.  I don't necessarily mean a gay look but just a hot look.  There's just something about some guys, they just look like they want to fuck, need to fuck.  The only thing is that so far they never looked like they wanted to fuck me.

The receptionist pointed the guy in our direction and he worked his way through the glass cubicles.  When he was a few feet away he smiled broadly and stuck out his hand.

"You must be Christopher!  I'm Jamie Billings.  My dad would have liked to be here to meet you but he's in St. Louis with a court case.  But mostly I'll be working with you anyway so this probably is good."  Jack, the salesman was standing there and started to extend his hand.  Jamie grabbed it and said, "Chris has picked out a car?"

Jack was recovering quickly and said more confidently than he looked like he felt, "Yeah, I just printed out the paperwork.  We got a deal we just need you to do your thing with the registration.”  He bobbed his head up and down.  “But, you know, we agreed on price and everything.  He’s getting a good deal."

Jamie was studying the paper and then turned and flashed me a warm smile.  His eyes were a deep blue.  He was just so hot!  He shook his head. "Gotta be a rough day for you.  Fly across the country, move into your dorm and buy a car."

I shrugged.   "I guess."  When a guy looks like this I feel like I'm gonna say something really stupid, like beg them to fuck me or something and make a complete ass out of myself.  So to stop that from happening I tend to just shut down.

Jamie had been studying the contract and had started to frown.  Then he turned to Jack and grinned.  "Is Warren here?"

Jack said, "Warren?"

"Yeah, Warren Comecki, you know, the owner."  Jack got an "Oh Shit!" look on his face and sighed and maybe it was my imagination but it sounded like he even groaned. 

He put his hands on his hips lowered his head and said, "Yeah he's in the office."

Jamie looked at me and said, "I just gotta get this contract straightened out, Chris.  In the meantime,"  he looked at Jack, "maybe Jack'll get the car ready."

I little defensively Jack said, "That's exactly what I was planning to do!"

In the end Jamie got the bill reduced by about $4000.  He said that there was no way that I'd ever need the extended warranty and that in this market they needed to be giving me a hefty discount off of the list price.  He also invited me back to his house for an the end of the summer bar-b-que he and his wife were in the middle of but the whole wife thing kind of killed my interest in his being anything but my lawyer.  He got me a map and showed me how to get back to my dorm and he told me that his office would take care of everything with the university as far as me having a car.  He also told me that he'd be sending me some stamped envelopes so that I could send any bills that I got for anything to his office.

Using my assortment of maps I found the college book store, the big Union over by the lake and managed to get all of the things that I forgot to bring and figured that I needed.  There are tons of places to eat around here including a place on the ground floor of my dorm building.  By six o'clock I had run out of emergency things to do and was sitting in my room staring at the empty bed.  Finally I got my phone out and sent Max a "what's up" text message.

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